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Stories by Ceryndip

A Little Thanksgiving Story
An answer to Angie's Thanksgiving Challenge

A Sentinel Night Before Christmas
Jim discovers an intruder in the loft on Christmas Eve.

An answer to Angie's Christmas Challenge

TP, Fertility Gods, and Crickets, Oh My!
An answer to CT's New Year's Eve/New Year's Day challenge, 1999.

Commiseration Loves Company
Sick Blair, sick Jim, a meddling Captain, an iced-in ex-wife and a desperate need for Jell-O and straws.

Hunter Prey by Ceryndip
A story told by beginning each paragraph with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet.

Who Believes in the Easter Bunny?
An answer to CT's Easter challenge 2000.

What's Good for the Sentinel is Good for the Guide
An epilogue to "Crossroads"

Second Chances Epilogue
An epilogue to "Second Chances".

A drabble. Jim helps Blair get his homework done.

It's A Sentinel Guide Thing
A flu-ridden Blair needs some comfort.

An Herb A Day
Jim has ideas about keeping his guide healthy.

A Life's Work
A missing scene and epilogue from The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

An answer to the CT Halloween challenge 2000. Ellison and Sandburg sit on stakeout in an abandoned house on Halloween.

Snow Day
An answer to the CT Thanksgiving challenge, 2000. A snow storm and the electricity goes out.

It's Just A cold
Blair's home with a cold and he stops answering the phone.

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