A Sentinel Night Before Christmas

by Ceryndip

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the loft
Not a sound could be heard except the snow falling soft
The lights on the tree continued to twinkle and fade
As through the balcony doors did the lights of Cascade
Blair had hung a pair of stockings on the fireplace wall above
And pasted a glittered name on each one with love
Then sleepily both friends had gone to their beds
While visions of panthers and wolves filled their tired heads
Suddenly, sentinel senses came on-line
Jim waited and listened for another sign
A handle turned and a balcony door swung
A blast of icy air filled the room and around Jim's heart clung
He rolled to his stomach and peered through the rail
Trying to see how many criminals he'd have to send to jail
But what met his suspicious eyes gave the detective pause
There in the moonlight stood Santa Claus
Jim blinked but the red suited man remained
And beyond him on the balcony deer were reined
The man's pack was filled to the brim
With brightly wrapped packages outfitted with trim
As the Sentinel watched, the man went about his work
He filled both stockings from his pack with a smirk
Jim rose from his bed and stole down the stair
As quiet as a panther leaving it's lair
He knelt behind the sofa and continued to watch
The cool air making him wish he'd turned the heat up a notch
When the job was done, the intruder turned and gave the Sentinel a wink
Then out the door he bounded before Jim could blink
The balcony was empty when Jim got there
How was he ever going to explain this one to Blair
The door opened and a blanket was wrapped round his shoulder
"Jim, what's the matter, don't you know it's getting colder"
"Chief you won't believe me, I don't think I do"
"Come on, Jim, can't you give me a clue?"
Silently The Sentinel pointed as the sleigh flew out of sight
But his heightened senses heard distinctly, "A merry Christmas to all and to all a good night"

6 December 1999

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