Hercules Movies

by Ceryndip

Note: These were part of a series of weekly movies called The Action Pack, other series involved were TekWar and Vanishing Son among a couple of other series that never made it to become a weekly television series.

Hercules and the Amazon Women
Hercules and the Lost Kingdom
Hercules and the Circle of Fire
Hercules in the Underworld
Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur

Hercules and the Amazon Women

(April 25, 1994)

Staring: Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn, Roma Downey, Michael Hurst, Lloyd Scott, Lucy Lawless
Written by: Julie Selbo, Andrew Dettmann, and Daniel Truly
Directed by: Bill L. Norton

Three men debate whether or not to turn back or continue on. It seems that no one else has made it through. They are attacked by something unseen and one is killed. A second man is sucked into a hole in the ground. The third man runs for his life.

A child runs up to Iolaus to tell him that someone is coming up the street. The someone is Hercules. Iolaus grabs a staff and approaches stealthily. He jumps in front of Hercules who pushes him down. A scuffle ensues until Iolaus tells him that it's bad luck for the best man to kill the groom before the wedding. Hercules lowers him to the ground saying that he'll kill him after. Iolaus walks Hercules to him mother's house. They talk about Ania and the wedding. Ania is pretty but isn't much of a cook or seamstress, and the animals are afraid of her. Hercules says that this whole love thing is never gonna happen to him.

They hear a child crying, when they talk to her she turns into a hydra. Hercules chops off it's head with Iolaus' sword and it grows two more. He chops off another and now there are three heads. Iolaus grabs the torch off the alter and Hercules uses it to burn the creature. A peacock feather remains. Hercules destroys the alter and tells Iolaus to remember that Hera is a perfect example of what happens when a woman is given too much power.

They arrive at Alcmene's. She is arranging flowers and greets both of them. Iolaus invites the both of them for dinner. Ania is cooking. Zeus shows up. Hercules wants Zeus to talk to Hera and Zeus tells him she's a woman and it's better if he just stays out of her way. Zeus tells Hercules how proud of him he is. Alcmene invites Zeus for a meal and he declines telling Alcmene she is as beautiful as ever.

Alcmene chases Iolaus out of the kitchen. Ania has made extra just for Hercules. Hercules tries it and says it's great but his face tells another story. Ania sees someone in the window. Hercules goes out and grabs him. The man's name is Pithas and he explains that he's from Gargarancia and he was the only one to make it through. He tells them that beasts are attacking his village. They sent out the warriors and they never came back. There are only simple men left. Hercules tells him they will leave at first light. Iolaus wants to come. Hercules says no, he's getting married in a week and his adventure days are over. Iolaus says that's a whole week away and convinces Hercules to take him for old times sake. Hercules agrees.

They walk to the village which is made up of only men. Pithas tells them that the women were stolen by the beasts. The children were left on the riverbank. They tell Hercules that the beasts have the face of a wolf and a hawk. Obviously the men are scared.

Hercules and Iolaus set out through the woods to find the beasts. The beasts are strangely human shaped with masks. A fight begins and the two heroes end up separated. Iolaus pulls the mask off of one of them and is shocked to find the beast is a woman. She uses his surprise to her advantage and stabs him. Hercules runs to him and tells him he can't die, they said they'd go out together, back to back heroes. Iolaus says to tell Ania how much he wanted to be her husband and dies. Hercules is taken alive by the women for the queen to kill.

The amazon queen, Hypolyta, informed him that they are not beasts as the men told him. Hercules explains to her that men do not dominate women they protect them because they are weaker. Hypolyta is amused at the thought. She tells him he will never understand what makes a woman. He replies that she doesn't understand what makes a man. So she sends him back to the beginning to find out what makes him as he is. Hercules is transformed into a baby.

Zeus comes to see the baby after he's born and tells him that the sweetest journey he'll ever take is a woman and he should take a lot of them.

Hypolyta tells him that he is his father's son.

Hercules and Iolaus are fighting in class where they are told that emotions are for the weak and for women. The two boys agree to fight back to back and die together.

Hypolyta tells him there is no room for women in his world.

He relives Iolaus' death and wakes naked on the floor. Hypolyta realizes that he loved Iolaus and that a spark of humanity has survived in him and asks if he could love a woman as he loved Iolaus. Hercules replies that it's different with women. Hypolyta disagrees and tells him that women deserve respect as well. Hercules offers to try and change. Hypolyta doesn't think he can. Hercules wants to try and tells her that she's become exactly like the men she hates. She lowers a cage around him.

That night several women come to see him. they have never seen or talked to a man before. Lysia comes in and chases them away. She tells Hercules that if it were up to her his be buried. Zeus shows up to offer a little help. Hercules wants to understand women. Zeus doesn't understand them. Hercules admits that there is something about Hypolyta that is different. Hercules is thinking that all the things Zeus taught him about women were wrong.

Zeus warns him that the amazons are Hera's favorites.

Hypolyta speaks with Hera. She wants him dead but Hypolyta thinks he may be different. Hera orders her to kill him and when he's dead they are to carry out an attack on the Gargarencians.

Hercules overhears Hypolyta giving orders and escapes before she can come back and kill him. He warns the men about the attack. They explain to Hercules that the amazons don't kill in their attacks. so Hercules instructs them to change tactics and romance the women.

Hercules confronts Hypolyta and they end up going for a roll in the hay. the next morning Hypolyta blows the horn and they leave. The men are no longer afraid of the women. They want everything to go back to the way it should be. Hercules informs them that that was the attitude that got them into this mess in the first place. The same reaction is occurring in the amazon village.

Hera tells Hypolyta that Hercules tricked her and she's lost control of her women. Hypolyta refuses to follow Hera's order. She commands that the men of the village and Hercules all die.

Hypolyta goes outside and orders the women to mount up and kill all the men. They ride through Gargarencia Hercules tries to stop Hypolyta from killing all the men but she doesn't believe him because Hera is in possession of her body. Hercules leads Hypolyta/Hera out of the village. Zeus want Hercules to leave her alone and come back when it's over. Hercules can't do that. He also, can't do anything permanent to Hypolyta as they fight since she's not acting on her own. Pithas follows and Hera kills him. Hercules won't hurt Hypolyta. Hera won't allow both Hypolyta and Hercules to live. He says that she should kill him instead. He can't live without her. So Hera send Hyployta over the cliff so Hercules will have to live without her.

He carries her lifeless body back to Gargarencia.

Hercules goes to Hera's temple in the amazon village. Zeus tell him that what he wants is impossible. He wants Zeus to make the candle turn back time. Hercules begs him to do it. Zeus does and Hercules finds himself back at the dinner table truly enjoying Ania's stew. Pithas come to the door and Hercules tells him what the men have to do to romance the women and solve their own problem. So he won't have to go with him. He gives Pithas Hypolyta's horn.

Hercules and the Lost Kingdom

(May 2, 1994)

Staring: Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn, Renee O'Connor, Robert Trebor, Eric Close, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Nathaniel Lees
Written by: Christian Williams
Directed by: Harley Cokeliss

Three men come searching for Hercules, one of them stops at a stream and Hera comes up out of the water and drowns him. Another is hit by a rock.

A little girl gets water from the pond and notices that the water is moving. She runs back to the tavern yelling that the giant is coming. Hercules is in the tavern and is trying to eat lunch. The giant picks up the roof and demands that Hercules come out and fight him. Zeus appears in the crowd to cheer his son on as the fight ensues. Hercules makes short work of the giant.

The runner arrives and collapses to the ground. 100 men were sent to find Hercules and only this one survived. The rest were killed by Hera. The man says he's from the lost city of Troy. Hercules gives him a drink from a cup and the man dies and turns to dust. Hercules catches up to his father and asks how to find Troy. Zeus doesn't want to tell but eventually tells him he has to find the one true compass and it will point to Troy.

On the way Hercules happens upon a ritual sacrifice of a virgin to the water god. Hercules informs them that human sacrifices don't work and climbs up to get the virgin down and stop her from sacrificing herself. She doesn't' want him to interfere. He takes her down anyway and tells them if it doesn't rain they should irrigate.

She leaves with Hercules. Deianeira tells Hercules that her father was a king and sent her away when the kingdom was threatened. A blue priest is following her but she doesn't want Hercules to know about it.

They reach their destination and the guards won't let them in. The king is dead and the queen only appears in public on the day of the great slave market which happens to be today. They end up climbing the walls to get into the city. Hercules still has to get into see the queen. So Hercules decides to get himself auctioned off in front of the queen for the day. Queen Omphale buys him and declares it a holiday so Hercules won't have to work.

Deianeira collects a huge bag of money for selling Hercules and ends up in a tavern frequented by the Queen's slave Waylon. He invites her to his table and tells her how happy they are to be slaves. She pays the local protection racket what the tavern owes. Waylon tells her they'll just be back for double that next week.

Queen Omphale gives Hercules the compass that will take him to Troy. Deianeira gets thrown out of the castle again and is found by the goons that she offended the night before at the tavern. They give chase. The blue priest saves her from them. He's been following her since she was a child.

She waits at the castle for Hercules to come out. she takes him to lunch at the tavern where he takes care of the protection racket. They say goodbye to Waylon and Deianeira tells him not to be a slave all his life.

Deianeira tells Hercules that she's been followed her whole life. They discuss his possible immortality. Hercules goes to see who is following them and finds Waylon. He wants to be Hercules slave. Hercules orders him to go back to Omphale's kingdom and serve her for the rest of his days. Waylon dedicates his servitude to Hercules.

They continue on toward Troy. They end up at the seashore and reason that Troy is on the other side of the ocean. The blue priest calls forth a sea serpent which promptly eats them.

Deianeira thinks that this is her destiny and she was supposed to be sacrificed by the serpent to the gods. Hercules thinks that's crazy and sets out to take care of the serpent. Hercules finds it's heart and squeezes it to death. The two of them end up washing ashore near Troy.

Deianeira knows it's Troy. She can feel it. They are captured by a soldier from Troy. They have to live in the woods as the city is forbidden to them. They are taken to the king who is Deianeira's father. She realizes he is her father. He sent Deianeira away rather than sacrifice her to the sea monster. So Hera forced them all out of the city. He bids her to lead their people well and dies.

She emerges to tell the people that the king is dead and asks Hercules to help teach them to fight to retake their city.

The blue priest orders the sacrificial chamber prepared.

Waylon arrives in the area to give Hercules one more chance to change his mind. Hercules teaches the people about fighting and killing.

Deianeira makes a pass at Hercules which is refused.

Zeus speaks with Hercules. Hercules asks him to help. Zeus refuses.

Deianeira decides that she can't let this happen. That she can't let these people all die in the fighting. the priest calls to her to come and fulfill her true destiny.

The morning comes and they all realize that Deianeira is gone. One of the men remembers the cow herd's way in and out of the city. They use it to sneak in. They find the place deserted. Hercules goes to find Deianeira and the others stay to face the warriors of the blue cult.

Hercules finds Deianeira just as they are preparing her for the sacrifice. More guards delay Hercules while Deianeira proceeds to the priest.

Waylon defeats the first warrior and shows the rest that they can win.

Hercules arrives just as she is about to be sacrificed. Hercules takes on the priest and ends up chopping off his head. The headless body continues to fight. Hercules throws it over the castle wall. Zeus arrives and tells Hercules that Hera still wants the girl.

Deianeira is raised into the air. Hercules jumps up and pulls her back handing her to Zeus. Hercules is taken by Hera in her place. Zeus assures Deianeira that Hera won't hurt him. She wouldn't dare.

Deianeira returns to her people who have been victorious. She appoints Waylon, Minister of Defense for Troy.

Hercules falls back to earth somewhere else in time for someone else to come ask his help with a fire-breathing monster.

Hercules and the Circle of Fire

(October 31, 1994)

Staring: Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn, Tawny Kitaen, Kevin Atkinson, Stephanie Barrett
Written by: Barry Pullman, Andrew Dettmann, Daniel Truly
Directed by: Doug Lefler

Hercules is traveling through a snow-covered pass and his torch goes out. He finds a woman and leads her into a cave where he finds his father. Zeus closes the door on the cavern. The woman turns to ice. Hercules wakes up. it was a dream. He puts more twigs on the fire and the flames go out.

A young man leads Hercules into a cave where a witch lives. The witch has been demanding the lives of the young warriors in the village for their youth and strength. It turns out that it is the guide that is the witch and he wants Hercules' strength. Hercules stabs the guy's heart that is no longer in his body. He dies. The chained old woman transforms into a beautiful young woman. Hercules takes a small bottle of the liquid from the fountain before they leave. The water in the fountain becomes acid. Hercules carries the girl through before the door slams shut.

Zeus helps them out of the mouth of the cave. Hercules hopes the potion will cure Chiron's wound. Zeus offers to take Hercules to his private mountain where they can talk. Hercules doesn't' have time to stop right now. He wants to help his friend. Hercules promises they will visit next time. Zeus comments that there may not be a next time.

Hercules arrives at Chiron's tree house. He greets the children and then goes inside. Chiron is a satyr whose wounds won't heal. He drinks the potion and the wounds heal for only a moment. Chiron is immortal. He has regrets about it. He doesn't want to watch his wife, Amalthea and the kids grow old and die. The fire goes out, all over the village, everywhere except Hera's temple.

Hercules goes to investigate. He finds Deianeira (the one he's gonna marry) arguing with the temple guard. She makes a deal with him and Hercules tells her to keep her money and busts open the door. He plans to take the fire. Hercules fights with Hera's servants. Deianeira informs him that they need to negotiate with these people. He lights the torch and a bunch more guys show up to stop him. Hercules eventually prevails. Deianeira is not happy.

Hercules goes back to Chiron's with the news that Hera is destroying all the fire in the world. Deianeira comes to Chiron to ask his help and he informs her that Hercules is the only man who can help her. It just so happens that Hercules is the ruffian who caused the brawl at Hera's temple. She's planning on going to see Prometheus and she'll let Hercules take her there.

She asks about Chiron. Hercules tells her that Chiron's wounds were inflicted by another immortal and won't heal.

They have to climb up a steep rockface to reach Prometheus. Hercules knocks but there is no answer. Hercules pushes open the door and a blast of cold air comes out. Everything is icecovered inside. Prometheus tells Hercules that he must retrieve the eternal torch before it dies out. Hera has taken it to Mount Etheon. Hercules promises to find it.

Hercules and Deianeira find a group of villagers who are sacrificing all the food they have to the gods in an attempt to bring back their fires. Hercules tells them it will do no good but they ignore him. Deianeira give some food to a couple of children. Zeus arrives and gives her a flower. Zeus asks if they are involved. Hercules says no and Zeus says they will be soon. Zeus wants Hercules to forget about going after the torch. Zeus forbids him to do it.

They rescue Faidra, a child, from a trap. She is an orphan who lives in the woods but she won't come with them.

The woods become very dark and evil feeling. They are attacked by a creature that is made of tree roots. Hercules asks Deianeira if she wants to talk to it. She replies that this is one of those things that responds better to fists. The creature is Antaus the giant. Every time it is left on the ground it reforms. It gets it power from it's mother, the earth. Hercules lifts him off the ground and finally defeats him.

It begins to rain and they find a shelter. Deianeira realizes that Hercules was the one who wounded Chiron. He mistook him for the enemy in battle. She apologizes, Hercules apologizes as well for snapping at her when she asked about his father. He explains that he has no relationship with his father. Zeus listens.

They continue on and run into Faidra again. She gives them more directions. They go the opposite when they reach the fork in the path. They travel on a narrow bridge on the side of the mountain. A section of the bridge is out and Hercules makes it across by climbing across the rope with Deianeira on his back. The rope breaks and they have to climb up it to the other half of the walkway. They stay in a village that still has fire before continuing on in the morning.

They get two rooms in the inn much to Hercules' disappointment. Faidra is still watching and following them.

Faidra tells three women in the lobby whose father is complaining about the lack of heat in the rooms that Hercules is here. A woman masquerading as Deianeira gets in bed with Hercules. Faidra knocks on Deianeira's door and she finds some blue flowers outside. She assumes they came from Hercules and steps across the hall to find Hercules with 2 women and a third on the way. Deianeira doesn't' want to see him again. She thought he was somebody special. He grabs his stuff and follows her as the last of the fire goes out.

The three women pass by Deianeira and she realizes from their conversation that Hercules was tricked and thought they were her.

Hercules sees Faidra pass by him and follows her.

Deianeira passes out from the cold. Hercules finds the cave from his dream and Faidra is there. Hercules accuses her of working for Hera. Zeus explains that she is actually working for him. Zeus is trying to protect him from this insane mission that he's on. He explains that Hera has placed the torch in a circle of fire. A fire that destroys immortality. Again he asks Hercules to stay. If he goes through the circle he'll die. Zeus won't open the door and let him out so Hercules opens it instead.

Hercules finds Deianeira and gives her his cloak. Zeus stands in their way. Hercules tells him he's going in. He blasts Hercules back and he approaches again. Zeus call s up a big wind. Again, Hercules approaches and Zeus raises a wall which Hercules pounds his way through. Zeus blasts him again.

Hercules asks about the people. Zeus says he does care for them but it so happens that he cares more about Hercules. Hercules informs him that he loves him too but he has to do this. Zeus lets him pass.

Hercules retrieves the torch and throws it back to Prometheus. Fire is returned to the world. Hercules collapses in the circle. Zeus threatens Hera if she hurts his son. Hera relents and Zeus is able to retrieve him. Hercules gets a torch of the flame to take to Chiron.

Hercules asks Chiron to step into the circle. He lights it and Chiron is healed and is no longer immortal, so he won't outlive his family. He is now a mortal man.

Hercules in the Underworld

(November 7, 1994)

Staring: Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn, Tawny Kitaen, Marlee Shelton, Cliff Curtis, Jorge Gonzales, Timothy Balme
Written by: Andrew Dettmann and Daniel Truly
Directed by: Bill L. Norton

A crack opens up in the ground seeping green glowing smoke. A couple of singing drunks (one is Michael Hurst) walk down the street. One of them plans to pledge his love to a girl in a window but ends up investigating the crack and they both get fried.

A girl baths in milk and is dressed.

A man in town is swindling people to fight Arex the boxer. Arex doesn't just fight them, he kills them. One of the village men sends a kid after Hercules.

Hercules is playing with his own kids in the corn field. He is wearing a lion skin while they hunt him. the boy comes running up and Hercules arrives in town to put the giant in his place. Zeus offers advice to his son from the sidelines. A man gives Hercules a peacock feather. Hercules goes to Hera's temple and asks for a truce. She declines and he destroys her altar. Zeus tells him that this will just make her angrier. Zeus points out all the blessings in his life. Hercules tells him he should come visit sometime. Zeus promises to.

The next morning Hercules is working on a metal harness. Nessus, a centaur gives him some advice on the metalwork.

A girl, Iole, comes up and collapses. She asks Hercules to help her village, Griffin. The earth has opened up and is sending out gas.

Nessus is in the tavern and is tired of hearing all about how great Hercules is. Nessus doesn't think that Deianeira deserves Hercules. He's never home and Nessus is left to take care of Deianeira. He has Hera to protect him.

The girl sees someone out side. Deianeira goes to see and finds Nessus working in the barn. He tells her that she cant trust Hercules alone with that pretty girl. she ends up slapping him and telling him to go sleep it off.

Hercules senses something amiss about Deianeira. She says it's because she'll miss him. Iole gives her the pendant that she's wearing to thank her and they set off.

A woman stops Deianeira in the market and conveys her condolences on the loss of her husband. the old woman then explains that the pendant is the mark of a Neurian maiden who will take her husband away and make him fall involve with her and then he'll do anything for her even though it leads to his death. Deianeira says that she's wrong.

Deianeira sets out to warn Hercules and leaves the kids with her sister, Althea.

Deianeira finds them about to cross the river. She tells Hercules what the medallion means and Hercules assures her that he knew what she was when she first arrived. He sends her home with Nessus to protect her.

Nessus tries to assault Deianeira. She screams for help. Hercules shoots him with an arrow. Nessus bleeds on her cloak and he tells her that if she gives the cloak to Hercules that he will be forever faithful to her. She gives him the cloak and sends him on his way.

They arrive at an inn where a man has gone wild and is tearing up the place. Iole stops Hercules from attacking the man with a club. Iole approaches him slowly and finds out that he burned himself on the food and needs some water.

They continue on the journey. There is a man following them. Iole goes skinny dipping. The man then attacks Hercules. Iole runs up. she knows him. Castus is in love with her but it won't work out as he is not a part of her destiny. They gather up their things and leave poor Castus there unconscious.

They arrive in Griffin. Hercules proceeds on through the village and into the deserted town. He stands at the crack and Zeus comes to speak with him.

Zeus tells him that it is the underworld. Hercules wants to know if he's immortal. He needs to know if he goes into the hole will he make it back to his family. Zeus tells him he is mortal. He can die. Hercules wants to know if he's telling the truth or if he's just saying that to keep him out of that hole.

Hercules returns to Iole and tells her that he doesn't think that he can help them. He has a family and a wife and he has to think of them. Iole offers herself to him. Hercules refuses and tells Castus to take care of her. Iole says that she will die for failing in her mission.

Hercules puts on Deianeira's cloak and it attacks him. He throws it off and it turns into a peacock. Hercules gets angry and throws himself into the hole.

A runner comes to Deianeira and tells her that he was attacked by a cursed cloak and it drove him to jump into the hole. She thinks that she killed him.

Hercules comes to at the bottom of the hole. Charon (Michael Hurst) picks up Hercules in the boat and takes him across. Charon explains that Cerberus has gotten loose and everything's a big mess in the underworld.

Deianeira stands on a cliff and considers her life with Hercules. She sees an image of Hercules that beckons to her and she falls from the cliff a peacock feather floating to the ground where she stood.

Hercules is assaulted by several denizens of the underworld including three women with serpent's tongues, a few guys Hercules killed and other assorted ghouls. He runs into Nessus who asks about the cloak. Nessus informs him that Deianeira is dead and here in the underworld with them. Nessus shows him the Eleysian Fields and explains that it was all Hera's plan to drive her to suicide. Hercules jumps through the window into the Eleysian Fields.

Deianeira doesn't know him. Hades has made her forget the misery that brought her here. Hercules says that he is taking her with him. Hades doesn't have time to deal with this. Hercules makes her remember him and the children. Hades says that they still have to stay. Hercules offers a deal. He'll catch Cerberus and return him to his post if Hades allows Deianeira to return with him. Hades agrees.

Hercules is joined on the hunt by a pack of hunters working for Hades. Hades guys are a little inept. Hercules catches up to Cerberus and tames him with kindness like Iole did the man in the tavern. Cerberus just needed a little love.

Deianeira appears a the gate with Hercules and the hole closes up. Iole apologizes to Deianeira. She and Castus plan to start their own family. Hercules and Deianeira set out for home.

Zeus visits his son and family at home. A man runs up yelling that he needs Hercules.

Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur

(November 14, 1994)

Staring: Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn, Tawny Kitaen, Michael Hurst, Anthony Ray Parker
Written by: Andrew Dettmann and Daniel Truly
Directed by: Josh Becker

Two guys, Andius and Danion, are following a treasure map. They find the opening of the minotaur's cave and go in. One of them is grabbed by the minotaur and the other escapes.

Hercules is plowing and has to stop to break up his two sons fighting. Hercules explains that he fights to keep other people from getting hurt. He tells them about Arex the boxer. (flashback from In the Underworld)

Hercules is putting things away in the barn when he hears his father. Zeus asks him when was the last time he had some fun. Hercules says that it's been a long time since anyone came for his help. Hercules admits that he misses the monster fighting but his life is perfect and he's settled down. Zeus gives him a scale from a sea serpent. Hercules remembers being eaten by a sea serpent (clips from Lost Kingdom)

Hercules wakes up at the table with the dog eating his dinner. He carries his kids in to bed. Ilaya wants to hear the story of when he first met Deianeira. (clips from circle of Fire)

Deianeira asks him if he misses all the traveling around and fighting beasts. He does.

The next day Hercules sees something out of the corner of his eye but there's nothing there. He is attacked by Iolaus who was on his way to get some seed. They discuss the farm and the plants and what to do with manure. They reminisce about the hydra. (clips from Amazon Women)

Iolaus gets Hercules out in the barn so he can show him some moves he learned from a guy from the east. He takes Hercules down a couple of times and they are interrupted by Deianeira and Ilaya. The noise woke Ilaya. Hercules goes to put her back to bed.

Deianeira tells Iolaus that she's glad he's here. She tells him about Hercules being so distracted lately. He's going stir crazy being around the house. Iolaus knows what that's like. He never though it would be so difficult being both a father and a mother. Deianeira tells him that Ania would be so proud of him.

A guy runs in looking for Hercules and telling him that it got his brother. Hercules has to go to Alturia to help his brother. Hercules refuses him. Deianeira tells Hercules he should go.

Hercules and Iolaus set out for Alturia. they reminisce about lots of stuff (clips of Gargan the Giant from Lost Kingdom)

They hear a call for help and fins Zeus in a bush. He teases them about having settled down. (clips from Circle of Fire when Zeus tried to stop Hercules from entering the circle)

Zeus tells them they act like kids when they have kids themselves. Hercules says yeah, us with kids, funny, huh? Iolaus comments that it's not so funny when you go to change them and they spray in your face. Hercules doesn't remember the ground being so hard. Iolaus asks why bugs. Zeus replies because birds like to eat them and invites them both to a party that Hades is putting on. They decline they have to get to Alturia to defeat this monster. Zeus tells them he wouldn't go, the food is bad there.

Two young lovers meet near the cave to plan their running away together and get themselves taken by the minotaur. He puts them in a cocoon and smears green slime on their faces. He tells them that he is the next ruler of this world and they will come back renewed and ready to exactly as he has planned.

Hercules and Iolaus arrive in Alturia and ask about the monster. A woman tells them that those brothers are crazy and they are looking for nothing. Hercules offers to buy Iolaus a drink.

The minotaur is pleased that Hercules has arrived and he plans to teach Hercules about humiliation and death. Zeus comes to see him. He hasn't changed. The minotaur has learned to live on hate. Zeus threatens to kill him but can't. The minotaur wants Zeus to live with as much pain and hate as he has had to live with.

Hercules and Iolaus order drinks at the tavern. A woman asks for their names. She is unimpressed. It seems that they get several Hercules' a week in this place. Iolaus tells her about this guy who came from Gargarencia to ask Hercules to help them with beasts that were attacking their village. (clips from Amazon Women clips that never really happened so Iolaus shouldn't remember them.)

A big guy comes up wanting to fight this so called Hercules. Hercules tells Iolaus to show this guy how they fight in the east. He does and knocks the guy out. Another guy come up to take up where his friend left off. Everybody gets in on it then.

Iolaus gets knocked out by a chair being busted on his head. Hercules finishes the rest of them off and returns to his drink. The first man has come to and comes after Hercules with a club with spikes on it. Hercules picks up Iolaus and tells the innkeeper that they'll take two rooms. He dumps Iolaus in bed and goes to his own.

Outside Three of the guys from the tavern decide to get Hercules anyway. the minotaur kills them brutally. Hercules wakes and goes outside to check out what he heard. He finds the bodies just as the villagers come up and they think he did it. Hercules takes refuge in the tavern. He runs up and wakes Iolaus. They bust out the back wall of the tavern into the alley. They end up in a dead end and their exit is blocked by the villagers. Suddenly the ground opens up and sucks down a villager. Then, it takes Iolaus the same way.

Zeus is waiting the Hercules outside the cave. He needs to talk to Hercules. Zeus tells him the thing that is down there wants to kill Hercules. The monster wanted to challenge the power of the gods and so he was made as ugly as his heart. Now he wants to hurt Zeus. Hercules knows he isn't getting the whole story. Zeus asks Hercules to kill him because he can't.

Two other villagers want to go with Hercules to help. He has the second man mark their path by dragging the shaft of the spear on the ground. He gets scared and leaves. The first man is staying with Hercules. the second man finds every path marked with the trail. the minotaur kills him and he dies in his friend's arms. Hercules and the first man continue. They pass between two rocks and the man is too big to make it. He gets stuck and the minotaur slits his throat.

Hercules is sucked into the ground and comes out of a chute where the others did. The minotaur gloats and explains his plan for world domination. Hercules fights him. Hercules knocks off a stalagmite and is about to kill the minotaur when the minotaur reveals that he is his brother. This gives him the chance to get the upper hand again. Hercules won't kill him and he won't fight his own brother.

So the Minotaur says that he can watch his own friend die and pulls Iolaus' head from one of the cocoons. Hercules attacks him and the minotaur ends up impaled on another stalagmite. Zeus appears. Hercules says he understands why Zeus couldn't explain. The minotaur doesn't want to die this way. Zeus releases him from the curse.

Hercules pulls Iolaus from the cocoon. They release the others and head for home.

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