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The Man From Thebes
PG, drama
A story written in script style. Iolaus goes home for a family reunion and finds trouble. With Joxer.


Iolaus dies again, and Hercules learns a secret about his friend.(slash warning)

The Iolaus Nibun no ichi saga:
A crossover between the premise of Ranma 1/2 and Hercules the Legendary Journeys. Each chapter is rated separately, but the whole series is PG-13 for slashy subtext, some gender bending situations:

Iolaus Nibun No Ichi?
Hercules and Iolaus are sent by Circe to a strange place far, far away. (slash warning)

Things get worse... and worse... and worse...
Hercules begins dealing with Iolaus' cursed state, while Iolaus finds an ally. (slash warning)

Iolaus learns a lesson... or two
Iolae's flirting get Iolaus in troubles. (slash warning)

You I love, You I kill.
Cupid's arrows gets in the game, and Iolaus finds himself in the middle of the trouble. (slash warning)


Home Coming


Kings and Jokers
Hades has a small task for Hercules and Iolaus: retrieve Cerberus from Ares.

Joanne Alich

The Captive Princess
A bard's tale sends Iolaus and Hercules to the rescue of a Princess.


The Megara Chronicles: Beginnings


A Hero is Born
A story set before "My Best Girl's Wedding" Gabrielle confronts her guilt over Iolaus' death, and Iolaus 2 finds a way to truly be a hero.


The Erl - King (broken link)
A story about the sacrifices that Iolaus has had to make, including his wife and child, to be by Hercules' side.


Perpetual Dreams

The Price of Loyalty

The Many Faces of War
Herk and Iolaus have to restore peace ... while dealing with some peculiar circumstances

Dangerous Games
Iolaus, Sura and Arete suspect strange happenings in a small town


Born Brave

Iolaus finds an unexpected friend, and then finds they have even deeper connections. Disclaimer: Hercules the Legendary Journey is not mine, I just play with the characters occasionally.

By the Candle's Flickering Light

Ares decides it is time to pick on Iolaus.

That's What Friends are For
Young Hercules and Iolaus visit friends, but visits are never peaceful with these two.

Heart of the Lion (co-written by Pythia)

Hercules needs help and Iolaus struggles to the rescue.

All Through the Night
A Solstice tale, Hercules tends his wounded partner though the night.


Hydras, Pumpkins and Fools, Oh My!
YH, challenge 10-2001, holiday
Answer to the Library's October 2001 challenge

The Life of Another
YH, h/c
Hercules deals with the results of having to kill someone.


Just A Little Experiment

The Ashen

Law of the Underworld
What if Hercules had been a 1920's PI? No need to imagine in this story and half the fun is picturing our fave H:tLJ and WP characters in the down and dirty streets of gangsterland Chicago.


Choices (broken link)
Another story involving Iolaus' "missing" child/children. Hera kidnaps Iolaus' children and forces him to make a choice between them and Hercules.


G, drama
A short story that proves that love does indeed conquer all.

Twas the Night Before Winter Solstice
poem, holiday
Herculean version of "The Night Before Christmas"

Jake Atkins

Survivor of Cirra
A long time ago, a boy named Atreus had his parents taken from him in Cirra, later in life his adopted parents are killed by Callisto in her quest to find Xena. Now Callisto must stop the survivor of Cirra from claiming his bloody vengence on both herself, and Xena the warrior princess.


Once of Us...
Episode 3 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

All in the Family
Episode 22 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2


The Pains of A Family<
Episodes 4 and 5 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Being Me, Being You
Episode 10 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

The Secret in Artemis' Temple
Episode 21 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2


The Greeting
After Iolaus' return from "The Light" he and Hercules go to Corinth and discover Dahak left something very important behind.

Fish Out of Water
When Nautica and his son disappear, Iolaus2 seeks Hercules and Iolaus help.

Three Men Walking
An answer to the April 2000 challenge to write a story inwhich each paragraph begins with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet.

Father-Daughter Chat
After Dahak is dispatched by Hercules and Iolaus he is greeted in his realm by daughter Hope. They discuss recent happenings ... and their future.


Highlander/Hercules: Hostile Takeover


Bev's Contribution to AID


What purpose do Iolaus' many deaths have in the grand scheme of things?

Something Evil
When Iolaus ignores Hercules' warnings and decides to track a group of monsters on his own, he discovers something very interesting...

Everyone's Friend
A tribute to Kevin Smith

Bwell and Chrysm

Change Of Heart
A story inspired by the poem Hera's Instructions by scamper


The Gods Slept
A Herc/Xena and Highlander crossover; Gabrielle and Methos face familiar challenges as they search for a lost friend -- Iolaus.


Iolaus' Old Hunter Tips To Camp Side Cuisine


Reflections and Resolutions
Iolaus and Xena must defeat a dangerous magician. To do so, they must confront their past and learn to live with it.


Some Bard's Say
A lovely poem celebrating the life and legend of Iolaus.


Lights and Shadows


Gail Christison

Hercules: The Longest Journey
Hera's plots bring Hercules back to Gargarencia to face a past he changed.


An enemy from Iolaus' past comes back to torment him.

Hercules and Iolaus set sail to battle one of Ares' minions, but will they survive the journey there?

Battle Royale
After being caught in a flash flood Iolaus loses his memory. How will this affect his ability to help Hercules overthrow a militiant prince with his sights set on his brother's throne?

Close Encounters of the Dragon Kind
Iolaus, Hercules and Nebula work to rescue the stolen eggs of the Golden Dragons.

Iolaus visits a festival filled with IML members.

While visiting his older brother Iolaus is captured by a mysterious sorceror.

Poseidon's Trident
Iolaus sails to Naxos in search of the god's legendary Trident.

Return Of The King
Iolaus returns to Attica to warn Niobe of an impending invasion.

The Death Games
Iolaus is taken by slavers who specialize in blood sports for entertainment.

The Mad King
Iolaus and Hercules aid a woman whose infant son is being hunted down by a king.

Change of Heart
Plagued by nightmares Chrysim, and her sister Bwell, head to Hera's temple and meet Iolaus along the way.


The Scroll

The Ring
A collar given to slavers by Hera causes Hercules to lose his strength, and he is taken prisoner. Iolaus must track down the slavers and rescue his best friend.


Brother To Brother
By Deianeira, Iolabeth, and Jopru
Dreams become a frightening reality.


Around Again
vs, humor
First episode in the Virtual Season of Hercules

Get Out of Jail, Sal
fourth episode in the Virtual Season of Hercules


The Imposter
G, poem

Dorsey, John

Joxer Takes the Plunge (broken Link)
PG episode related
A missing scene from the Xena: Warrior Princess episode Comedy of Eros.

Something So Strong (broken link)
PG, humor
This story picks up where the Xena: Warrior Princess episode Comedy of Eros left off. Ares is plotting revenge on Xena and it seems that Joxer just may hold the key to her salvation. Hercules and Iolaus are not included in this story.

Do The Walls Come Down? (broken link)
G, humor
Follow their thoughts as Joxer, Gabrielle and Xena each ponder the paths their lives have taken. Hercules and Iolaus are not included in this story.

Joxer: The Legendary Journeys
PG, humor
All of Greece is talking about it. Joxer, a hero so mighty his deeds surpass even those of the great Hercules! If only someone could explain to Joxer how it all happened. Hercules and Iolaus are mentioned
Joxer: The Legendary Journeys

Reflections of a War God
PG, drama
Ares reflects on Hercules, Iolaus, Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Callisto.


A Forgiving Heart
G, h/c, drama
A woman betrays Hercules and Iolaus pays the price.
A Forgiving Heart [Some Iolausian Scrolls]

Brothers in Arms
drama, Xover (Xena)
Hercules and Iolaus are seperated during a freak accident, and Hercules must fight to rescue Poseidon's children.
Brothers in Arms [Some Iolausian Scrolls]

City of Fear
Hercules and Iolaus take on a evil Queen.
City of Fear [Some Iolausian Scrolls]

PG, h/c, drama
Hercules and Iolaus meet a beautiful women with a mysterious secret.
Ilea [Some Iolausian Scrolls]

G, humor, arc
Hercules and Iolaus meet a beautiful women with a mysterious secret.
Pink [Some Iolausian Scrolls]

Return of Darkness
sequel to "City of Fear", PG, h/c, drama
After Queen Larissa brother Prince Erik returns to Pelinthos Hercules and Iolaus must fight to save Elena's life.
Return of Darkness [Some Iolausian Scrolls]

PG, drama
To avoid being used in Ares latest scheme, Iolaus makes a decision that will effect the rest of his life.
Sacrifice [Some Iolausian Scrolls]

The Road to Corinth
PG, drama, arc
On the way to Corinth, Hercules, Iolaus and Ilea must deal with a woman set on killing them.
The Road to Corinth [Some Iolausian Scrolls]

The Tail of A Dragon
PG, drama, arc
Ares has a new toy and Hercules and Iolaus need to team up with a old friend to stop him.
The Tail of a Dragon [Some Iolausian Scrolls]

Time To Talk
Iolaus decides it's time that he and Hercules clear up a couple of things.
Time to Talk [Some Iolausian Scrolls]

Trying to outrun a storm, Hercules, Iolaus & Jason find a haunted island.

A Winter's Tale
drama, h/c
During a unusual snow storm, Hercules and Iolaus agree to help stop slavers.

A Hero's Day Off
humor, mary sue
Iolaus tries to take a vacation
The Hunting Trip
PG, drama, h/c
Hercules and Iolaus set out to find some missing villagers and end up battling for their lives.
Valley of the Moon


A Story Worth Saving (broken link)
drama, G
Sitting in an inn, enjoying a good meal, Iolaus and Hercules are witnesses to a discussion involving Herculean solutions.

Isosceles' Cube (broken link)
drama, G
Hercules and Iolaus must help a king save himself from a servant of Hera's by believing in his own decisions.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall (broken link)
drama, G
Iolaus must solve a mystery before Hercules dies of old age before his eyes.


Shared Feelings
rated pg
The story of Hope/Dahak and how Iolaus knows of her guilt or innocence.


The Beginning, the Middle and the End

A dialogue between Kevin Sorbo, Micheal Hurst and Robert Tapert reveals some behind the scenes surprises.


In the Name of Love [broken]
Episode 9 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2


>Deathwatch (broken link)
drama, h/c
Hera had a nasty fate planned for Hercules, but Iolaus receives it by accident. With his best friend near death, can Hercules find the cure? And what of the mystery woman in his dream?


All's Fair in Love and War
PG, drama
After coming to the rescue of a woman in a tavern, Iolaus finds he must keep a sibling rivalry from getting out of hand.


Growing Pains [Chalciope's Corner]

Ares and Aphrodite both have something to learn...but, no one is prepared for the transformation they go through.
Growing Pains [Lessa's Fan Fiction Page]

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?


Hunter's Horse
Mary Sue
What do you get when you put one handsome hunter, a resourceful Amazon, a shipwrecked pirate and a mythical stallion together? The answer is high-flying adventure, Iolausian-style!

Gesner, Deb

Mixed Blessings
On the eve of a bloody battle, Ares receives a surprising supplicant.


An Old Friend
Hercules and Iolaus are enroute to rendezvous with Alcmene and Jason, when Hercules has an unexpected rendezvous of his own with... an old friend.


In Between

Hercules is so overcome with grief after Iolaus died that he has trouble living his life. So, he decides to face his grief the only way he knows how.

Lisa Hobbs

Family Loyalties [Broken link]
xover (Xena)
A modern day young woman comes to terms with learning she is a goddess.


The Enemy Within [broken link]
Episodes 1 and 2 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Crossfire [broken link]
YH, VS, cowritten by Jose
Episode 11 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Past, Present, Future [broken link]
YH, VS, cowritten by Tern
Episode 12 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Mirror Mirror [broken link]
YH, VS, cowritten with Pelee and Jose
Episode 20 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Showndown [broken link]
episode 23 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2



Iolaus and Hercules are called upon to save a kingdom from a demon invasion.


The Disciple
(Part 1 of the Arial TrilogyHercules and his buddy Iolaus are on there way to Corinthe for a welcome break from slaying monsters and protecting mankind. On their way they meet someone who will change Hercules' life forever.

The Spell
(Part 2 of the Arial Trilogy) Hercules' life is about to be filled with love, trouble and gods he doesn't want anything to do with

The Final Battle
The conclusion of the Arial trilogy. Will Hercules live happily ever after or will someone makes his life a living Tartarus again?

The Labyrinth of Light
(Part 1 of The Quest of Light and Darkness - Sequel to The Arial Trilogy) Hercules and Xena team up together, joined by a foe to start the most difficult quest ever: fighting Magick to save the world from its destruction.

The End

A Bard's perspective on the end of Hercules.

A Break From Everyday Life?

Every hero needs a day off. Right?


Brother To Brother
By Deianeira, Iolabeth, and Jopru
Dreams become a frightening reality.


Seal Upon Your Heart [Broken link 2-6-00]
A young woman from Ephesus meets Iolaus in a tavern in Corinth. Jael not only discovers her love for the Hunter, but also some interesting things about herself.

How the Word Came [co-written by Rielle] [Broken link 2-6-00]


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Skyros
Story by Beckers and Jackie, humor, Xover
Iolaus, Gabrielle, Dirce and Joxer are involved in a "comedy of errors" when Aphrodite and Cupid make a bet.

A Nice Place to Visit
VS episode #7, co written with Beckers
Hercules and Iolaus wander into the Friendliest Village in Greece, unaware of the town's tradition of sacrifice.


Golden Wonder Ad[Broken Link]
misc, humor
A commercial written after a small "Oops" on the IML

Jodi Warrior Maiden

Warrior Maiden [broken link 2-26-00]


YH, VS, cowritten by HBKid
Episode 11 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Mirror Mirror
YH, VS, cowritten by Pelee and HBKid
Episode 20 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2


Dry Run [broken link]
Episode 16 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2


A Brother's Sacrifice
Iolaus gives his life to ensure Herc's safety after a fight goes wrong. Can Herc with the help of Persephony and Aphrodite, save Iolaus from his noble, but misguided sacrifice?

Sacrifice's Cost
Sequel to "A Brother's Sacrifice". Iolaus has to deal with his subconscious memories of being trapped inside the crystal.

The Pursuit
humor, challenge
Iolaus persues his dinner with interesting results.

Heroic Deception
Iolaus falls from a hay loft and tries to hide the wound from Hercules who will think it is his fault with dire consequences.

Trial by Fire
drama, h/c
Iolaus receives word that his mother isn't well and leaves Hercules' side with dire consequences for both of them.

The Broom Chase
Iolaus and Hercules go home to visit Alcmene and Iolaus finds himself with more trouble than he can handle.

YH, drama
Hercules finds himself in a dire situation and in need of rescuing but it will be fatal for Iolaus and Jason to make the attempt.

At What Cost?
YH, drama
Hercules once again goes questing for his father’s attention, but is Dad’s recognition worth his friend’s lives?

Trial and Effect
YH, episode related
A continuation of “Ares on Trial.” Hercules and Iolaus hash out some unfinished business.

Divided Loyalties
YH, drama
Hercules' brother Iphicles comes home for a visit and meets Iolaus for the first time.

The Best I Ever Was
Niobe learns of Iolaus’ death.


Farewell, My Love (broken link)
preseries, drama
Iolaus is tricked into believing that Hercules is in danger, and when Ania, Iolaus' wife, learns of the trap she forces Hercules to take her along to help rescue her husband.


Flashback [broken link 3-31-00]

Kelley, Sue

Of Friends and Brothers
PG, YH, drama
A friendly fishing trip turns into tragedy for Young Hercules, Young Iolaus and Young Jason


The White Centaur [broken link 3-31-00]
Hercules comes to the aide of a female centaur being held captive by the evil warlord Lycomedes.


A little Peace and Quiet [author's site]
Iolaus visits a peaceful valley where he and his friend Hercules often relax, only to find that something is dreadfully wrong. Can he find and solve the problem before an innocent is harmed by Hera?

Shadow of Death [author's page]
Believing that Iolaus is dead, and that it is all his fault, Hercules returns to that peaceful valley they loved. Can the nymph of the valley help Hercules come to grips with his guilt?

Sword of Friendship

When Iolaus' mother is held hostage, the hunter surrenders himself to an evil goddess' whims until Hercules and Iphicles can rescue him.


episode related
Iolaus' mother's thoughts after the events shown in "Faith"

Beginnings [broken link]
net persona, drama
Hercules and Iolaus meet Ares' daughter, the warrioress Klio. Hercules wants nothing to do with his half-brother's niece, but when Iolaus is injured, Klio may be the only one who can save him.

Cave of Kronos
net persona, drama
When Pan plays a prank on Ares, Iolaus must help Klio retrieve an antidote in order to stop a war between the gods.

net persona, drama
an FFW Ares, Herk and Iolaus story

net persona, drama
What comes after Retribution? an FFW Ares, Herk and Iolaus story

Dark Water Meetings
Jester, net persona, drama
Warning: this story takes place after the episode "Just Passing through" and accepts Iolaus is dead. Klio meets the “Jester”. What will she think of him?

Point of Honour
net persona, drama
Iolaus helps an old friend regain her sanity.
Nike's Stone
net persona, drama
Can a war be averted before it pits friend against friend?


Thoughts On A Cold Night [broken link 3-9-00]


Star Crossed
preseries, drama
The story of how Iolaus met his wife and of their short life together.

I Will Remember You
A poem dedicated to our beloved Iolaus.

Jester's Lament
poem, jester
A poem in which we hear what the Jester thinks about his new life.

Paying Dues
Gabrielle sorts out all of her feelings about the pain and suffering Dahok has caused in this poem.

Strange Discovery
Young Iolaus finds a new friend whose mere presence could get him killed.

First Sight
Xover (Xena)
Gabrielle finds comfort in an unlikely source after hearing of Iolaus's death.

Soul Dreams
Xover (Xena), drama
Iolaus, Gabrielle, Hercules and Xena experience dreams that may not only be links to their past, but warnings for their future.



An enigmatic, beautiful young woman involves Hercules and Iolaus in a mystery that crosses the boundaries of time.


100% Guarantee

A sequel to "Old Love".

Surf City
xover Andromeda
While visiting a beach community with Dylan, Harper is confronted by a shadowy character who calls himself Iolaus.


find out what really scares Iolaus about Halloween.


Trio For Trouble [broken link]
Episode 15 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2


Season of Disaster

Royal Deception
arc, drama

Royal Convenience
arc, drama

Royal Conundrum
arc, drama

Royal Revelations
arc, drama

Royal Repercussions
arc, drama

Royal Wedding
arc, drama

Royal Alternatives
arc, drama
Part 7

Marit [aka Drudd]

Valley of the Roses (broken link)
PG, drama
Hercules finds a mythical valley and must save it from Hera's wrath.

The Cure (broken link)
drama, h/c
Hercules is injured, and Iolaus must, with the help of a very wise cat, go on a quest for a cure: a cure that is fatal to the one who administers it.


Descent - Missing Scene
episode related

Encounter (Or: Possible Scene From Darkness Rising) PG-13
episode related

Revelations - Epilogue
episode related


Winged Victory
episode 5 of the Hercules Virtual Season by Ambrosia Productions, Hercules and Iolaus head back to Sumeria to aid Nebula...only to find that Sumeria is worshiping a new god.

Knave of Hearts
episode #8 of the Hercules Virtual Season by Ambrosia Productions, Someone has broken Althea's heart...but, is he who she thinks he is?


I Dream of Genie
episode 3 of the Hercules Virtual Season

Tanya Metzger

Amongst Themselves
Iolaus and Gabrielle try to find the Chalice of Power before any of the gods can get their hands on it, while Hercules and Xena suffer the ill effects of a drug that has them at each other's throats.


Lost Soul

Dahak has been defeated but will Hercules be able to rescue Iolaus' soul?


Fair Trade
h/c, drama NOTE: BROKEN LINK
When Hercules gets depressed, Iolaus makes a deal with Hades that allows Herc to spend some time with his family. In return, however, Iolaus ends up in the clutches of a sadistic slaver.


Jagged Rainbow [author's site - PG version]

Iolaus rescues a maiden in distress, with disastrous consequences.Set during season 2 of HTLJ

Closed Circle [author's site]
PG, episode related
A cry for help from a village under siege leads Hercules on his most dangerous journey, where he must battle gods, monsters and finally, the demons of his own past. A sequel to the TV Movie Hercules and the Amazon Women. Set during Season 2 of HTLJ

Ashes of Hope [author's site]
PG, episode related, drama
The missing scenes from "Armageddon Now": In the alternate world where Xena rules, Iolaus learns the history of that realm. Spoilers for "Armageddon Now". Some violence, but not really more than you'd see in the show.

Balance of Power [author's site]
R, episode related, AU
A sequel to "Ashes of Hope", set in the same alternate world. Some of the gods are not happy with Ares' domination of the world.

Shadows of the Past [author's site]
R, violence, drama, Xover (Xena)
Hercules and Xena join forces to battle a warlord from Xena's past, while Ares and Discord plot to rid themselves of a couple of annoyances.

No Second Troy [author's site]
PG, violence, AU, drama
WARNING: This story involves the death of a major character.Set some seventeen years after Shadows of the Past, this story follows Hercules and an elderly Iolaus as they search for Iolaus' daughter...a search which brings them into a city at war, and leads Hercules to a confrontation with Hera and a decision that might change his whole life.

The Raging Flood [author's page]
PG, violence, AU, drama
The sequel to No Second Troy. Xena sets out to punish Ares.NOTE: This story is more-or-less No Second Troy part two. Don't read it if you haven't read Troy first: it won't make sense.

Heroic Heart
PG, AU, drama
A sequel to WhiteCat's "A Meeting of Chance": Justin has trouble coming to terms with his own memories, until a natural disaster forces the four friends face up to their shared past.

Ms. Pooh

Miss Winter Solstice Pageant
net persona, humor
Netforum members enter a beauty pageant hosted by Michael Tucker. Between the demented emcee, Charon the Publicist, and someone who wants to sabotage the whole thing, will any of the contestants live long enough to see a winner crowned?

Valentine's Day Cruise (broken link)
net persona, humor

Go West, Young Hunter
net persona, humor
Convinced that someone faraway needs help, Iolaus and Hercules find themselves in the Old West, where a bevvy of beauties are being run out of town.

Legend of Lord Furstroke; A Regency FFW
net persona, humor
With lords and ladies, damsels in distress, highwaymen and ancient curses involving a long-dead Druid priestess, this high-class tale takes place in Regency England and features at least three different incarnations of our Golden Hunter.

Second Annual Ms Winter Solstice Pageant
net persona, humor
The contestants gather for another crowning in Aphrodite's pageant. This time the guest stars include the Widow Twankey, the Sovereign, and Ares God of Love!


A Few of Our Favorite Haunts
VS episode #6, holiday
It's Samhain, and a local monster awaits his sacrifice.


Mother's Love (broken link)
PG-13, drama
R: Iolaus finds himself drawn to an unusual young woman, who has her own priorities.


When We Meet Again
AU, PG13
Nebula and Iolaus meet after his return from the light. Can they recapture what they might have had or do they start from where they are?


Hera's Pawn [broken link]
YH, VS, cowritten by Tern
Episode 8 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Mirror Mirror [broken link]
YH, VS, cowritten by HBKid and Jose
Episode 20 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Plucky Duck

One of THOSE Days
Iolaus wakes up with memories of a beautiful red-head from the night before. As he searches for her, he becomes painfully aware that the woman has somehow jinxed him.

There's No Place Like Greece...There's No Place Like Greece
AU, humor, h/c
Iolaus gets caught in a tornado and promptly discovers he isn't in Corinth anymore.

Part 1: Orphans of Circumstance (The Orphans Trilogy)
arc, Xover (Xena), h/c, drama
Hercules, Iolaus, Xena and Gabrielle struggle to find a home for several orphaned children.

Part 2: Confinement, Day Five (The Orphans Trilogy)
arc, Xover (Xena) h/c, drama
Battered and bruised, Iolaus and Gabrielle are confined to the house by Herc and Xena, but when Salmoneus brings a circus to town, the two sidekicks manage to sneak off. Will it cost Iolaus his life?

Part 3:Confinement, Day Twenty (The Orphans Trilogy)
arc, Xover (Xena), h/c, drama
After his brush with death, Iolaus spends more time convalescing with Gabrielle. Incorrigible as ever, Iolaus convinces Gabrielle to take a walk with him, against Herc and Xena's orders. This time, however, the two sidekicks are saved by some divine intervention.

The Home
AU, Xover (Xena), h/c
Taking place several years after "The Orphans Trilogy," this story chronicles the efforts made by Iolaus and his wife to maintain an orphanage.

The Choice
h/c, YH
While visiting Alcmene, Hercules and Iolaus run into each other's younger selves. Alcmene is thrilled to see "her boys," but why are they there, and who sent them?

For Love's Own Sake
Hercules is being tortured by Hera, and the demigod seems to be a willing victim. Can Iolaus save him without becoming Hera's slave himself?

Little White Lies
YH, h/c
Young Hercules and Iolaus play where they aren't supposed to play and Herc gets hurt. Even as a boy, Iolaus could weave some pretty outlandish tales!

Father of the Bride
Iolaus is mistaken by an old, dying woman as her long lost son. Her last wish is to see her "son" give his daughter away in marriage.

Harvest Fun
Spirits on the loose, gaily-dressed festival goers, and treacherous plots fill the air. Will Iolaus be able to tear himself away from two lovely maidens and save his friends?

The Twelfth Island
Searching for a friend who has disappeared, Iolaus and Hercules visit several islands, the last of which is inhabited by very tall people who mistake the heroes for children!


Heart of the Lion (co-written by Arianna)

Hercules needs help and Iolaus struggles to the rescue.


Testament of the Spirit
The human spirit can be a powerful tool, but is it strong enough to withstand Blasius and his delusions of world domination?  When there seems to be no hope, Iolaus, Jason and Hercules find it in themselves to continue and wake to see another day.No rating, but it is a Young Hercules story.
Alternate Site: Testament of the Spirit

As flies to wanton boys...
Young Hercules and his friends are up against an enemy they never thought possible.  And, unfortunately, this enemy cannot be beaten.  But that isn't necessarily a bad thing.No rating, but this story is what I would have liked to have seen as YH's last episode.
A Mid-Summer's Nightmare
Why is Hercules locking Kora in a closet, Iolaus licking Discord's boots and Jason running around butt naked?!No rating, and it is a Young Hercules story.


Double Indemnity
episode for Ambrosia Productions Hercules Virtual Season


Pendrell's Song


How the Word Came[co-written by Jael] [broken link 2-6-00]
The Quest: A Missing Scene [broken link 2-6-00]

A. Sathe

The Battle for Destiny [1-01]
First Blood[1-01]
The Song of the Sea [1-01]


Do Unto Others

Iolaus remembers two kind souls who aided him when he was a child.

Not One and the Same
Xover (Stargate)
the Stargate team has a little run in with a Greek goddess.

Don't Make Me...
G, humor, YH
While visiting Iolaus' mother and stepfather, Herc and Iolaus are reminded of their youth...and penchant for getting into trouble.

A Fish By Any Other Name
challenge, atoz, humor
An answer to the April 2000 A to Z story challenge


Sorian Witch (broken link)

Iolaus becomes a target when he and Hercules try to help a young witch evade a marriage she does not want.

Scylla (broken link)

Iolaus falls hard for a princess he and Hercules rescue from a sea monster....but their love enrages the sea gods.

Fireside Confessions (broken link)

Iolaus and Xena must save each other's lives, and in the process, deal with their past.

Lost Memories (broken link)

Iolaus takes a blow to the head which erases his memories, giving Ares the perfect opportunity to pit Hercules against his best friend.

Surprise Party (broken link)
Xover (Xena)
Trying to help Xena and Hercules surprise Gabrielle for her birthday, Iolaus ends up a prisoner of slavers.


A Grand Wedding
A natural disaster, a conflict between over a missing item and a little bit of passion (FFSupport list challenge)
Heroes Not Welcome

A town is held hostage by a god's wrath...the villagers must kill Hercules and Iolaus, or be destroyed themselves.

Iolaus must come to terms with the deaths of his wife in childbirth and of his newborn child.

Another loss proves more than Iolaus can bear....


A Tribute to Iolaus (broken link)

Just what the title says - a short tribute to Iolaus.


Valley of the Shadows
Hercules and Iolaus are captured by representatives of a rigid matriarchal society, separated and taken back to the womens' village. There they both undergo a gruelling test of both strength and endurance.


The Part I Hate Most
episode related
A missing scene that takes place directly after Redemption.


Reality and Dreams

A mysterious woman recounts her story of her profound relationship with Iolaus....




The Right Path

When Iolaus returns from The Light, he has to help Hercules overcome his fears of losing him again.

A Mother's Love


Thief of Hearts [broken link 12-12-00]
mild romantic situations. Autolycus falls for a childhood friend of Hercules and Iolaus


Twilight [broken link 4-2-01]


The Pythian Games (broken link)
mary sue, drama
A wandering minstrel helps Hercules and Iolaus restore the Pythian Games.
The Pythian Games

Untitled #1
drama, PG
possible title "Charmed"; Hercules and Iolaus, on their way to a festival, come across the sole survivor of a destroyed village. But all is not as it seems.


Making Peace
Nebula bids farewell to her lover.


Fool For Love [broken link]
YH, VS, Story by Medea and Tern, Teleplay by Tern
Episode 6 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Hera's Pawn [broken link]
YH, VS, cowritten by Pelee
episode 8 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Past, Present, Future [broken link]
YH, VS, cowritten by HBKid
Episode 12 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Love, Larceny and Lies [broken link]
Episodes 17 and 18 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2


Birds of a Feather [broken link]
Episode 13 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

It's Greek to Me [broken link]
Episode 19 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Gerald L. Tonne

The Choice of Heroes
R, Drama, X-over Xena, H/C,
Hercules begins acting strangely after Iolaus is injured when aiding Xena in the rescue of abducted children from being sacrificed to Hera. When Hercules disappears mysteriously, Xena goes to find out why.


Iolaus and Callisto
Plagued by nightmares of Callisto dying, Iolaus returns to the cave to find answers to the dreams that haunt him but instead he finds Callisto alive and well. Can he sort through his feelings over the blonde immortal while seeking answers to his nightmares about her demise. Events of this story take place after "Survivor of Scirra" by Jake Atkins.[Caution, this one may contain some adult content in later chapters.]


Another Place, Another Time (broken link)
PG-13, AU
A what if story. In this reality the events in the episodes The Gauntlet and Unchained Heart never occurred. Xena has found her own way to the side of good, however Hercules and Iolaus are unaware of her conversion.

An Undying Tale (broken link)

Daughter of soulmates, student of Xena, Damiea sets out to catch her father, so that they may, together, avenge the murder of her mother...or die trying


An Undying Tale (broken link)
PG-13, AU
Set long after Hercules and Iolaus have finished their journeys, this story tells of what became of Iolaus and his family.


challenge, atoz, 04.00
Answer to the April 2000 A to Z story challenge - Iolaus feels edgy and can't explain why.


The Battle for Athens
drama, G
Ares and Poseidon decide to rid themselves of Athena by using her talisman against her. Only the hidden talisman just happens to be hanging around Iolaus' neck.

Eyes of a Serpent [Broken Link 3-9-00]


Iolaus and the Slave Women (broken link)
humor, PG
Iolaus is having a bad day. Finding that Gabrielle has been taken prisoner by slavers, he sets out to rescue her and finds more trouble every step of the way.


A Sister's Point of View
Challenge, 9-2003. Write a story from the point of view of an extra,
Warning, this story contains a rape scene that happens off "camera". Those who are squeamish should avoid. Iolaus is my hero. He has been for as long as I can remember. He's saved me more times than I can count physically, emotionally and spiritually. He's my inspiration.


Meeting of Chance (broken link)
AU, Xover (Xena)
What would happen if Hercules, Iolaus, Xena and Gabrielle were reincarnated in the twentieth century with all their memories buried? What would their meeting be like? Find out.

Honorbound (broken link)
Xover (Crow)
A unique mixture of Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and The Crow, a story by James O'Barr, which is famous for the film that cost actor Brandon Lee his life.

November Rain Video Clip (broken link)
misc, YH
A beautiful mixture of song and images concerning the death of Iolaus' father.

Rewards of the Heart (broken link)
Hercules remembers his friend, Iolaus.

Aftershocks (broken link)
drama, h/c
Written before Faith. Hercules has to come to terms with Iolaus' death, with the help of a little girl and Zeus.

Prometheus - White Cat's Surreal Offering (broken link)
challenge, episode related, misc
IWC Prometheus Challenge response.


Greeks, Gods and Gifts [broken link 3-16-00]


The Burden of Guilt [broken link3-9-00]


A Blast From the Future
Iolaus leaves the academy and meets a man that will change his life.

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