Categories and Warnings

Note to Authors: Unless you have offered to categorize your stories for the Library, a volunteer has categorized your stories for you. Many stories cross into different categories and should be labeled accordingly. The volunteers do the best they can with the time they have. If you'd like to see any changes or updates in your story listings, please send a note to Ceryndip

Note: Challenge story codes may be found on the Challenges page.


[episode related]: Missing scenes, additions or rewrites of specific episodes.

[challenge]: Story written to answer a specific challenge.

[Xover] Crossover: Story in which characters from two or more television series or movies appear.

[AU] Alternate Universe: Story which departs in a fundamental way from the situations or characters established in the series (for example: Iolaus and Nebula are married)

[YH] Young Hercules: Story featuring younger versions of the series characters. Includes stories based on the Fox series and stories not based on that series.

[preseries]: Story is set between Young Hercules and the "The Wrong Path" (first episode of H:tLJ). These stories are usually set around the time that Iolaus was married to Ania and Hercules to Deianeira.

[mary sue]: Stories featuring the author as a character in the story, usually a major character. This does not necessarily mean that the author's character is perfect or always saves the day as it does in other fandoms. It simple means that there is a character in the story with the same name as the author.

[net persona]: Story featuring multiple internet personas but are not specifically Mary Sue stories.

[holiday]: Story in which the characters celebrate a holiday. This category includes birthday stories.

[humor]: A funny story meant to amuse the reader. Includes parodies.

[drama]: A serious story set during the series timeline but not necessarily specific to any episode.

[h/c] Hurt/Comfort: Also known as FSFI (Feel Sorry For Iolaus) and FSFH (Feel Sorry For Hercules) stories. A Story in which a major character is injured or ill and must be cared for by another character. This category includes stories in which characters admit to emotional affection for each other. This may include physical displays of affection but the relationship is not sexual in nature.

[Jester]: Story that includes Jester Iolaus

[Attica]: Story involving King Orestes or Queen Niobi

[arc] Arc: Story is part of a story arc or series of stories. It may be necessary to to read other stories before reading the current story.

[VS] Virtual Season Stories: Story that is part of a virtual season of fan written episodes designed to continue the series.

[adult]: Story involving adult situations between characters of the opposite sex. Story carries the "Adult Content" warning.

[slash]: Story involving adult situations between characters of the same sex. Story carries the "Adult Content" warning if rating is above PG or PG-13. This category also includes stories described as having slashy subject matter but do not involve sexal situations. The Library includes the stories in this category as a courtesy to our readers who enjoy these stories. However, the library staff will not take the time to determine the degree of slash involved in a given story. Either it is or it isn't.

[poem]: Story told in verse.

[misc]: Any item that is not a story or written in prose. Jokes fall into this category.

Signs and Symbols

This story or author has been the recipient of the Iolausian Fan Fiction Award

This sign means that this is the newest story by this author. The date next to the link indicates the month in which it was added to the Library. These will be removed annually in November.

This sign means that the story is not complete.

This sign means that the story is now complete.

This sign meaning stories contain certain situations between persons of opposite or same sex or something of a graphic nature that some may find offensive. This sign may be used as a warning on stories with extreme violence, language or a situation of a disturbing nature.

Warnings and Ratings:

Violence: Story contains acts of violence beyond what you would have seen on the television series.

Language: Story contains language that may be offensive to some readers

NC-17: Story contains graphic content usually sexual in nature that may be offensive to some readers. (All slash stories will carry this rating as well any story inwhich the sex act is described.)

R: Story contains strong language or violence (Sex may happen but it is implied and the act itself is not described.)

PG or PG-13: Some material may not be suitable for children

G: Story is suitable for all readers.

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