A Whovian Christmas Visitation

by Ceryndip

T'was the night before Christmas,
and all across the land,
Not an invader could be found
not even a Cyberman.
The Daleks were silenced
by Davros with care.
In remembrance of a holiday
he hadn't forgotten was there.

The TARDIS shifted silently
through time and space.
The Doctor, once again,
having saved the human race.
The tree was trimmed
in green and red.
The companions, anticipating Santa,
went straight to bed.

The Doctor remained; A package
from the cupboard, he pulled free.
And placed it
under the Christmas tree.
He looked tired and worn,
but he'd given his best.
And so, he settled in.
for a well deserved rest.

When out in the Console room
there arose such a clatter,
The Doctor sprang from his bed
to see what was the matter.
Across the room, he flew
the covers floating to the floor.
He tensed ready to spring
as he warily opened the door.

The light illuminating the walls
of the corridor space.
revealed an empty hallway
to the Doctor's concerned face.
Down the passage
the Doctor silently stole.
The invader, he sensed
in his ship, his goal.

A faint glow appeared
beneath the console room door
His hearts were pounding
his ears heard their roar.
He quietly approached,
opened the door a crack,
Took a peak, and what he saw
made him look back.

A second TARDIS had appeared
inside the Doctor's own.
On the far side of the room
it stood alone.
And there by the tree
a man dressed all in red
His features hid
by a beard and cap on his head.

There was something about his manner
that caused the Doctor to fear.
The fellow picked up the card
from the package, he'd found near.
And as he read,
to his eye came a tear.
Which gave the Doctor to know
he had nothing to fear.

He went back in his TARDIS
and returned with a box
And leaving it under the tree
he glanced round like a wary fox.
Then, satisfied, he'd gone unnoticed
that all were still safe in their beds.
He picked up the package,
and the card, he'd read.

He opened the door to his TARDIS
a light shown bright as dawn.
A wheezing, groaning sound,
and then, he was gone.
The Doctor stood quiet,
watching him take his leave.
Wondering to himself
about the tangled web we weave.

The Doctor moved quickly
through the door.
And picked up the package
the fellow had left on the floor.
He opened the card,
and smiled as his read:

"My Dear Doctor,
never fear
I did no damage
while I was here.
And before we again
resume our fight.
A merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night."

Then The Doctor picked up the package,
and went back to bed.


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