A Special Weekend in New Greeceland

by Ceryndip

Klio and Ayelet leaned casually against the railing of the sailing ship gazing out at the waves cresting and swelling into the distance.

"This was a great idea, getting together like this while all the rest of the amazons are at the gathering," Klio said.

"Yeah, I guess some of us had to stay behind to keep things in New Greeceland going," Ayelet replied with a huge sigh.

The somber mood was echoed by the few remaining amazons on the ship. They stood at the railings or sat on the steps and tried not to think about what they were missing.

"Would you just look at us? We are pathetic!" Astraea declared. "Come on, how often do we get to take a day cruise? Catch some rays, relax, chat? Let's do something fun!"

Just then a big wind nearly blew dear Asty in her yellow polka dot bikini over.

"Look!" Cleya shouted from her place at the wheel.

The blackest storm cloud any of the Amazons had ever seen hung boiling in the air. Lightning lit the suddenly dark sky. The amazons ran for cover. There was no time to lower the sails. Dulcimer and Cass urged everyone below decks while Sapphire and Plucky Duck joined Cleya at the wheel.

The three tried valiantly to keep the ship turned into the breaking storm. The winds became violent and the waves crashed over the railings. There was a horrible splintering sound as part of the main mast broke away and hung suspended by a partially torn sail.

Then, just as suddenly as it appeared the storm was gone. The sun once again peeked from behind the dissipating clouds.

The amazons hesitatingly emerged from below decks and began trying to pick up the pieces and repair the damage.

Sapphire scrambled up the mast to examine the damage. She shook her head and called down to Cleya. "I think this is too far gone. I can't reach it and even if I could we have nothing to brace it with to hold it in place."

"Well, that's it then, we're adrift aren't we?" Plucky Duck asked Cleya quietly.

Cleya frowned and nodded, "I got turned around in the storm, I don't even know which way we're drifting."

And so the amazons sat and waited. The sun rose high in the sky. Susan and Calee climbed into the crows' nest to keep watch for other ships but none were to be seen. The hours passed.

Finally at the height of dispair, Calee sung out, "A ship! There's a ship coming!"

All the amazons ran to the port railing. There in the distance was a tiny ship. They watched with anxious anticipation as it grew steadily closer. There were two individuals in what they finally realized was nothing more than a row boat. A row boat carrying a large man and a smaller one. Hercules manned the oars as Iolaus waited to tie them off as they pulled alongside.

Both heroes climbed the side of the ship to an ecstatic greeting from the Iolausians.

Iolaus stood behind Hercules ready to go over the side if the Iolausians should get out of hand. But there weren't too many of them. He and Herc together should be able to handle them. At least they both hoped so.

"Having a little trouble ladies?" Hercules asked innocently.

"How did you find us?" Star asked.

"I don't know, I had a vision," Iolaus replied, "I just knew you were in trouble and we kinda followed my nose from there."

"And Iolaus just couldn't leave his precious Iolausians to the neglect of Poseidon. Looks like you got mast problems." he glanced at Iolaus, "Shall we?"

Iolaus nodded with a smile, "Good thing we brought a few supplies."

Desponea, Sei and Castalia helped Iolaus move the extra wood pieces from the row boat to the ship while Lessa, C-Scan and Beth climbed up the mast to assist Hercules in readying the broken piece.

While the repair crews worked, Catstale, Araca, Anastasia, Danae, Astraea, and Ayelet disappeared below decks to see what they could scrounge for dinner.

The galley was so small that Danae, Astraea and Ayelet decided to head over to the hold to see what was there.

Up on deck the two gallant heroes and their able helpers quickly set the ship and sails to right. They wearily climbed down to the deck as Cleya once again got the ship underway and headed back in the proper direction toward the mainland.

The small group gathered for dinner as the sun set. Astraea, Danae and Ayelet were conspicuous by their absence.

"They went exploring," Danae explained, "I'm sure they'll be along."

The meal was nearly over when the three wayward amazons burst through the doors dragging a chest behind them.

"Look what we found!" Danae exclaimed.

Astraea threw open the lid and pulled a dusty bottle out, "Champagne, anyone?" she asked michieviously.

"And since it's virtual champagne, even us younger ones can have some!" Ayelet proclaimed.

Glasses and bottles were distributed. Hercules made the rounds popping all the corks with his superior strength.

Once everyone had been served Hercules asked, "So, what do we drink to?"

Iolaus stepped to the center of the deck and raised his glass. He winked at Hercules, "I'll go first, Here's to the Iolausians, keepers of the kindest hearts in the known world."

End of Part 1

What will happen when they reach the mainland?

What surprises do Herc and Iolaus have in store for our dear Iolausians?

Will the Iolausians be too hung over to enjoy them?

Will they all get passed out drunk?

Will Cleya be arrested for drinking and sailing?

A Special Weekend in New Greeceland

Part 2

The ship sailed majestically into port that afternoon. Cleya masterfully steered it right up to the dock. Calee and Desponea let down the anchor while Pluckyduck and Dulcimer with a little help from Hercules put the gang plank across.

"I guess you'll be leaving us now, huh?" Astraea asked Iolaus, trying to make herself sound as pathetic and sweet as she possible could.

It worked. "Oh, don't be sad. I can't have my special amazons all upset. In fact, we weren't planning on leaving just yet. We kinda had something special to help pass the time in the works." He winked at her as he called the rest of the amazons together. "If you'll all follow me. The next event is about to begin."

All the amazons grabbed the waist of the person in front of them forming a long chain: Iolaus, Astraea, Klio, Ayelet, Hercules, Storm, Cleya, Dulcimer, Cass, Sapphire, Pluckyduck, Susan, Calee, Star, Desponea, Sei, Castalia, Lessa, C-Scan, Beth, Catstale, Araca, Anastasia, Danae and all the rest.

Iolaus began the bunny hop as he cleared the dockside of the gang plank. He led the whole merry bunch off down the beach, hopping all the way.

After a few minutes travel the rowdy bunny hoppers arrived at a small inlet where a huge spread of food was already laid out. There was gooey food and sticky food and tons of creme pies, all of it perfect for throwing.

"Oh, what marvelous hoolie food," Ayelet yelled as she scooped up a handful of blue jello.

"Wait!" Klio shouted. Everyone froze. "Where's Falafel?"

"Not here," Hercules grinned mischievously. "You don't have to worry, the food's safe for consumption and throwing," as he smacked Iolaus in the face with a creme pie.

"Hey! No fair!" Iolaus yelled as he dove across the table after his buddy.

A massive free for all insued as food flew in all directions. The beach looked like a huge piece of modern art. Multicolored splotches covered the tables, the sand, even the top of the canopy!

When the ammunition was completely exhausted the tired hooliers wadded out into the inlet to rid themselves of the stickiness, giggling all the way. The trouble with a bath of this size is that with this many people in the water someone is bound to get splashed and, of course, the retaliation consisted of dunking and the whole thing started all over again....

Hercules and Danae crawled out first and got the fire going. The rest of the Amazons followed and soon all were drying out nicely by the blazing fire.

Iolaus disappeared a moment into the woods and came back lugging an entire, inexhaustible keg of virtual ale. As he passed the glasses around, they all broke into a rousing rendition of "Pour Your brother One More Round" with Iolaus substituting "amazon" for "brother."

They sang through the sunset and beat the drums for Cleya as she danced gracefully by the fire light. Then, as everyone began settling down the bards began their tales...

To Be continued in Part 3.

Special Weekend in New Greeceland

Part 3

One by one the Amazons were lulled to sleep by the melodic voices of the bards. The fire blazed warmly through the remainder of the night.

As the first rays of dawn lit the sky, Hercules crawled over the sleeping bodies and quietly shook Iolaus awake.

Without a word the two heroes silently slipped away. Iolaus stretched as they found the road and started down it.

"Well, they won't have too long to wait before the travelers come home with all the news and lots of new tales to tell."

"Yeah," Hercules replied, "they can handle it on their own now. I really had a great time yesterday."

"You sound surprised? Come on, Herc, These are my people you're talking about."

"Let's just say they aren't nearly so intimidating in smaller groups."

"What? You aren't flattered by a huge group of gorgeous women chasing you through the countryside?"

"Flattered, yes. It's keeping the rest of me intact I'm worried about. Why are you laughing?"

The two friends disappeared into the rising sun and the makings of a beautiful day.

Written by Ceryndip in October 1997.

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