The Hunt

by Ceryndip

Through the forest Iolaus did walk
Dinner, he had plans to stalk
His stomach rumbled
"Be quiet," he mumbled
But it persistently continued to mock

"Oh, where are the quail?"
He was determined not to fail
If he did, he'd be sure to catch some flack
For in the teasing arts, he friend didn't lack
Which was certain to make him wail.

There was silence from the nearby tree
Warning Iolaus that he should flee
The hunter slowly turned round
And discovered the reason for the lack of sound
It was a sight he hadn't wanted to see.

There, not farther than a hair
Stood a huge and menacing bear
Iolaus swallowed a gulp
And hoped he didn't end up in a pulp
And hauled to this bear's lair

Iolaus sweetly smiled
To keep the bear from getting riled
He began to back away
"Let's not eat me for lunch, OK?"
He wished this was a girl he could beguile

The bear remained perfectly still
Not jumping to the final kill
When far away, Iolaus had crept
He turned and ran to where Herc slept
In the shade on top of the hill

"Wow! Herc, you won't believe
There was this bear with claws that cleave!"
"Well, I'm glad you were the winner
But where is my dinner?
Did the bear take it and leave?"

"Herc, who can eat?
I'm off on my feet
I'm too tired to cook
You'll have to take my hook
And catch a fish instead of meat"

Hercules rose and sighed
"At least you tried
Guess it's up to me to save the day
But I'm sure we'll find there is a way
Someday, I'll be sure you're cooking's not denied.

Written 30 November 1998

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