A Solstice Visitation

by Ceryndip

Art by Garysevn

Twas the night before Solstice and all about the castle
Not a monster was lurking to give anyone a hassle.
Preparations had been made by Falafel with care
Tacos, and pudding and chili dogs, all laid out fine and fair.
Hercules was sleeping, peaceful dreams filling his head
While ghostly images of Deianeira and his children watched silently over his bed.
The rest of the family, Alcmene, Jason and Iphicles, all lay sleeping.
The whole castle was quiet, not even a mouse was peeping.
When down in the main hall, there arose a terrible crashing.
Hercules leaped from his bed wondering who could be doing all the smashing.
He opened the door without making a sound
And bounded into the hall to see what could be found.
Nothing unusual met his eyes in the torchlit dim.
Down the stairs he proceeded, his expression grim.
The moon shown through the windows, lending the place an eerie glow.
Another clatter in the main hall, Hercules prepared to deliver a blow.
He glimpsed a silhouette against the fire's embers that gave him pause.
The fellow's shape seemed oddly familiar but he didn't have peacock feathers or claws.
He was dressed all in leather and his size was quite small.
His pack was so large, it kept threatening to fall.
A few blond curls strayed from beneath his floppy, red cap.
Hercules hid behind a chair and peered through the gap.
Hopelessly overbalanced the fellow collapsed in a heap.
A few wrapped boxes from his pack began to seep.
He arranged them carefully all in single file.
The fellow sighed and rearranged again, this time in a pile.
Then he stood and looked round the room with a grin.
Hercules ducked as the fellow paused on the spot where he'd been.
The room became quiet as silent as a tomb.
Hercules sprang from hiding and peered through the gloom.
The fellow had gone, leaving a scroll atop the packages in the dawn.
Hercules sat and read and soon knew he had nothing to fear
For it had been a friend who was here.
Hercules examined the packages that had caused all this late-night folly
And smiled as he wondered, if his friend had gone a bit du-lolly.
To the window Hercules flew
And called to the fellow leaving tracks in the snow, fallen new.
And he heard his friend shout as he ran from sight,
"Happy Solstice to all and to all a good night."

Written by Ceryndip December 1997.

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