A Solstice Visitation III

by Ceryndip

Twas the night before Solstice and all through the Academy
Not a mortal was stirring, not cadet or enemy
Ethereal fingers stirred the visiting King from his sleep
His eyes beheld the figure but his fogged mind could not take the leap
The Headmaster was awakened by a sound in the hall
A voice familiar but he couldn't recall
Jason climbed from his bed and stole to the door
The silence beyond met his ears with a roar
A glow in the passage urged him to follow
His footsteps in the empty hall to his ears sounded hollow
He paused at a turn in the hall and spied the light within
Before his eyes the unearthly light passed through a door therein
Running down the hall, Jason's heart filled with gloom
His best friends lay asleep in that very room
Not knowing what he'd find, he feared the worst
He threw open the door to find nothing accursed
His breath caught as he beheld the vision
More beautiful than he remembered, what could be her mission?
"What brings you here, my love, on this night of all nights?"
She smiled and gazed at him, a silent answer to his plight.
Iolaus moaned in his dreams, she sat on the bed.
Gently, she stroked the curls upon his head
Beneath her tender care, the hunter calmed
Her mere presence, a soothing balm
She stood and reached to untangle and smooth his cover
How many nights had she repeated this act, would they discover?
Why had she come? Had she been there all along?
Soothing their tired, disturbed souls with her calming song
The apparition crossed to Hercules' side
Jason was patient, time he did bide
She brushed a lock of hair from her son's eye
Her soft touch illicited from him a small sigh
She smiled and turned to the man at the door
She held out her hand to him, nothing more
Jason approached, his arm uplifted
As their finger tips touched, he knew he'd been gifted
Her being faded until the light was gone
The room was lit only by the breaking of dawn
Jason's heart swelled in his chest
For his love was there within his breast
She had been with them all the time
And would remain throughout their lifetime
She said she would never go away
That she would be there night and day
He watched the two men sleeping in the bed
Through their lives her soul did thread
How lucky he was on this special day to have his family near
Not just friends but their sons to hold dear.

Written on 5 December 1999

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