A Solstice Visitation II

by Ceryndip

Twas the night before Solstice and all around the camp
Not a monster could be heard in the evening, cool and damp.
A thin veil of cloud slips before the moon
Reflecting dimly in the snow-covered, frozen lagoon.
The fire burns warm in the circle of stones
Keeping the chill from the traveler's weary bones.
They sigh contentedly in their sleep
Visions of long-past family watch over them without a peep.
Then a crunch of leaves beneath a mortal toe
Broke the silence of evening in the valley below.
Startled abruptly from his peaceful rest
Iolaus declined to leave his warm nest.
He lay very still, listening to the dark
All he could hear; the fire's crackle and spark.
Hercules snored quietly from the other side of the flames
Oblivious to whomever wanted to play games.
His friend cracked one eye in a wink
There, a man near the treeline, gone in a blink.
Then the crack of a branch under the newfallen snow
Gave away his approach to the hunter reaching for his bow.
He grasped the weapon but left it on the ground
Curious to know what about this man could be found.
He was all alone and dressed in green
But his manner was familiar to someone with senses keen.
Iolaus remained quiet as the fellow went about his work
Stealithy, he laid his bag by the fire with a smirk.
And then he was gone quick as a flash
Iolaus sat up and examined the cache.
It didn't move but remained quite still
With trepidation he poked, but it didn't kill.
He opened the bag and found a note
Upon it was written a cryptic anecdote.

"I found all this, you see
And since the holiday this be.
I thought you two would know
Where best these dinars should go.
To do the most good
For peace and brotherhood.
After all, that's what this day
Is supposed to convey."

Iolaus leaped to his feet and hollared "Wait!"
But he was already afraid that he'd be too late.
"Huh?" his friend mumbled, raising from his bed
Iolaus dropped the heavy sack into his lap "I'll be right back," he said
He followed the tracks in the snow at a run
Halting only when they were all done.
He found himself at the top of the ridge
Below him the thief already crossing the bridge
He took to the trees with a grin and a wave
The hunter knew he wouldn't catch that knave.
Iolaus heard him yell as he merrily swung out of sight
"Happy Solstice to all and to all a good night!"

Written 3 August 1998

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