Nothing is Impossible to Someone Impervious to Reason

by Ceryndip

I heard a saying
the other season
That nothing is impossible
to someone impervious to reason

To my mind's eye
it came clear
The way Iolaus
does persevere

He fights
minotaurs and thieves
Monsters of all kinds
as numerous as the leaves

Yet he is
just a mortal man
In fear of losing
his life's little plan

Noble hunter
is he
Hercules keeps him
busy as a bee

From one crisis
to another
He runs to help
his heart's brother

The golden one
has no divine power
Yet his inner strength
is as tall as a tower

Impossible deeds
are his daily fare
The extraordinary is ordinary
for this pair

His only aim
is to do what he can
Even though
he is merely a mortal man

No one has dared
commit the treason
Of telling him, nothing is impossible
to someone impervious to reason

Written 14 May 1998

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