Invisible Friends

by Ceryndip

I loved you
before I ever met you.
When you were nothing more
than words on a screen.
Our friendship was unconditional
it began sight unseen.
There was no mention
of race or religion, there was no need.
You were nothing more
than words on my computer screen.

It was our minds that met
in time our souls intermingled through the net.
You became a part of me
embedded deep inside by being.
A friend I had never touched
yet your words touched my heart without seeing.
Even though we maybe oceans appart
we're so far and yet so near.
That the world was much smaller than I imagined
Soon, became abundantly clear.

We laughed together
and we cried together.
As we shared
our joys and our fears.
A better friend
I never had.
Than the blank face
continually sending the words to my screen.
Then one day you stood before me
alive; breathing in the flesh.
My eyes beheld you
we touched with more than words.
We now knew size and shape and breadth
and none of it mattered at all.
For I loved you before I saw you
when you were words upon my screen.
Our time together was so brief
yet it was enough.
To engrave your image
indelibly upon my heart.

Now I again have nothing more
than words upon my screen.
No, not mere words,
something much more.
The words are what touched me
before I touched you.
Now each word brings a vision to my mind's eye
a face, a laugh, a smile.
Even if I never see you again
your words will always be something more.
For I have touched
and been touched by you
right to my very core.

Oct 1997

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