Stories by Wildkat

List of Story Codes and their meanings

The Meeting
The first meeting between a certain demi-god and his best friend, and Alcmeme's strange prior knowledge.

Shades of the Past
YH, h/c
A Young Hercules story: Iolaus sustains a head injury at the academy and at the same time someone accuses him of theft.

net persona, humor
Wildkat is suffering from severe writer's block and answers the door to discover that Iolaus has come to help her with her story.

A Little Fun Fan Fic
net persona, humor
Wildkat enlists Iolaus' help to plan a fun afternoon for the Amazon Village.

h/c, drama
Iphicles returns to Corinth to find that his mother has died while he was away. Ares decides to give his emotional turmoil a little push. Hercules and Iolaus have to try and stop him before things take a tragic turn.

Warrior Heart
YH, drama, h/c
Hercules, Iolaus and Jason are captured by slavers when they try to free a group of girls. Iolaus has to deal with the first time he takes a life.

Armageddon Now - Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge
IWC Armageddon Now Challenge response <[>Someone to Believe in (Me)
challenge, YH
IWC How Iolaus ended up in the Academy challenge response.

Always A Hero At Heart
damsel, challenge
An answer to the Library's Damsel in distress challenge.

Kat's A to Z, Z to A Challenge
atoz, challenge
An answer to the Library's April story challenge.

I'll Be Home For Solstice
challenge, 12-2000
Answer to the Library's December 2000 story challenge.

Typical Day
challenge, 3-2001, YH
Answer to the Library's March story challenge which was a Young Hercules list challenge.

The Death of Alcmene

Aphrodite's Gift

Guilt Trip

Sins of the Father

Holiday Ball


Woman of Mystery

Chapter and Verse

Hydras, Pumpkins, and Fools, Oh My

Finders Keepers
challenge, 7-2003

Muse challenge

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