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List of Story Codes and their meanings

A Dialog Between Hercules and Iolaus While Trapped in a Mine Shaft
Can Hercules free both of them before their air runs out?

Hercules: As Seen Through the Eyes of Iolaus
After a really bad day, Iolaus writes his thoughts about his friend.

Keeper of My Heart
A poem about Hercules facing Iolaus' death.

Dagger of the Mind
drama, h/c
Ares and Discord conspire to invade Iolaus' dreams and encourage him to begin hating his best friend. Xena and Hercules have to work fast to stop the process before it drive Iolaus insane.

episode related, drama, h/c
Written after seeing the episode Faith, this is White Raven's idea of what the cave scene might be like in Resurrection.

Hero's Heart Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge
IWC Hero's Heart challenge response.

Watch Over My Son
challenge, h/c
IWC Alcmene's Ghost Challenge

Broken Connection
IWC Responsibilities of Strength Challenge response.

Loyalty Between Friends - Book 1: Motivations
Co-written by White Raven and Whiterose, YH, drama, arc, YH
Iolaus' father comes to visit at the Academy and Iolaus overhears something that shatters him emotionally.

Loyalty Between Friends - Book 2: Catalyst
Co-written byWhite Raven and Whiterose, YH, drama, arc, h/c
A terrible accident at the academy compounds Iolaus' problems

Loyalty Between Friends - Book 3: Tempered Spirit
Co-written by White Raven and Whiterose, YH, arc, drama, h/c
Iolaus feels desperate measures are his only solution in a world that has betrayed him.

The Test
drama, h/c
When Hercules is confronted with a decision of honor, that decision could cost Iolaus his life. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be a hero.

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