The Texas Iolausian Quilting Bee

October 19-22, 2000, Austin Texas. 5 members met at Hawthorne Suites to quilt the quilt. It took 5 people over 27 hours to complete the quilting.

Ceryndip marking the quilting lines precariously balanced atop 3 folding tables in the basement of Jane's church.

Jane and her great niece, Maggie (age 8), basting the quilt. Maggie completed the underside of the stitches when Jane's arms weren't long enough.

The quilting bee, Electra, Bwell and Ceryndip

Ceryndip's niece and nephew playing under the quilt. Quilt frames make great tents!

Bwell sounding one of the various Iolausian battle cries on her didgeridoo

Aly (age 9) learning to quilt.



Nearing the end!!!!

The front after quilting.

The back after quilting.

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