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List of Story Codes and their meanings

An Unexpected Gift
YH, PG-13 (some adult situations)
A game of soccer leads to something more between Jason and Lillith.

PG, xover Xena. episode related, God Fearing Child
The thoughts of Xena and Hercules immediately following "God Fearing Child".

Sidekicks 'R Not Us
PG-13, xover Xena, episode related (Once Upon a Future King), The Ring, humor
Guest stars from the past join together to save Beowulf's life during "The Ring".

The Celtic Warrior I
Categories: xover Xena, drama
Xena and Gabrielle are hired by the Britannians to keep the Celts from forcing them off of Eire, but our heroes find there may not be a reason to fight. Meanwhile, Virgil falls for an English woman.

Only the Strong
Drama, AU, Pg-13
Owain, a descendant of Iolaus, fights to survive in the wilderness after he is thrown out of his village.

Echoes From the Past
drama, episode related ("Hercules and the Circle of Fire", "God Fearing Child"
Hercules is reunited with a familiar face from the past, but he is unaware that he's going to be led into a trap.

Truth and Consequences
drama, episode-related ("God Fearing Child"), arc ("Echoes from the Past", "The Celtic Warrior I)
Hercules has some important news to break to Iolaus.

Those We Leave Behind by Trfan
Rating: PG, Jester, drama
When Hercules receives a letter from Iolaus's mother, Alternate Iolaus offers to pose as his double. Set during the fifth season (between "Once Upon a Future King" and "My Best Girl's Wedding").

The Celtic Warrior II
PG-15, drama, arc (“Echoes From the Past”, “Truth and Consequences”, “The Celtic Warrior I”)
Hercules returns to Eire to confront Morrigan.

Might Have Been
AU, drama, Attica, adult, PG-13
Hercules wakes up one morning to a world in which the greatest tragedy of his life never happened. Now Ares rules Olympus, Joxer never realized his feelings for Gabrielle, and a happily married Iolaus falls for a hardened Nebula.

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