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List of Story Codes and their meanings

Into Germania
Response to the Goldapple challenges – Storm, Laughter, Gods, Breathless, H/C.
Hercules and Iolaus are shipwrecked and then captured by Goths intent on selling them as sacrifices to their gods.

Fate by the Scruff
Little Hercules brings home something unusual from his ramble in the woods.

Worth the Price
Response to the Goldapple challenge – Innocence

Iolaus has been taking care of Hercules since they were children, and it has always cost him.

This is Where I Come From
In Sparta, children who do not meet the standards of the Spartiate do not survive. Yet Iolaus lives.

Drabbles Batch #1
Soul of the East - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Sword] Iolaus encounters an artifact that reminds him of his time in the East.
Periphery of Awe - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Cold] Iolaus complains endlessly about the frozen barrenness of Norseland, but Hercules can only think about how much more cheerful this journey is compared to the last time.
Where You Return - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Solstice] Iolaus faces rejection when he attempts to go home for Solstice.

Drabbles Batch #2
Detour from the Norm - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Detour] Herc and Iolaus fuss over the merits of the “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” N64 video game in the twentieth century.
Only a Joke - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Bug] H/C. Iolaus struggles in his early days at the academy, and Hercules averts his eyes.
Heart of Stone - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Stone] Hercules struggles not to be angry with Iolaus because he is fragile.
Torchbearer - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Fire] The opening ceremony of the Olympics celebrates human athleticism, heroism, and the mortal soul; for this reason, Hercules defers the role of torchbearer to another.

Drabbles Batch #3
Memories of Eyre - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Uncomfortable] Waylaid by the rain, Hercules and Iolaus wedge themselves into an inhospitable shelter.
Dance of the Dryad - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Tree] When Iolaus attracts the divine, Hercules wonders about what he’s made of.

Drabbles Batch #4
Fabricated - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Hope] Young Hercules. All his life, Hercules had wanted to meet his father. Until he had to count the full cost.
Answer Me - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Loneliness] Character death. Trapped in a shallow grave of ice and snow, Hercules waits out a blizzard beside his insensible friend.
Favor of Kings - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Apple] The Mongolian Orlok sends a gift of admiration to a certain blond hunter, and Jason is understandably exasperated.

Drabbles Batch #5
Language is Identity - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Silence] Iolaus is taken to the Venalicium, the Roman slave market.
Forge - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Forge] Iolaus’ son learned about the world through his father’s craft and the power of fire.
The Rock that Concussed Hercules - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Embarrassed] Jason was documenting the events as they took place. He planned to call it “the rock that concussed Hercules.”
Drabbles Batch #6
Fame’s Clout - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Embarrassed] Hercules and Iolaus switch names for a typical post-rescue celebration as an experiment.
Freedom to Wander - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Romantic Intent] Nebula ferries Iolaus to a distant port, knowing good and well he isn’t the kind of man you can keep without sharing.
Dark Methods and Studded Leather - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Warriors] Young Hercules. Jason is King of Corinth a little earlier than planned, though questionable methods.

Drabbles Batch #7
The Cure for Youth - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Mud] Young Hercules. Cheiron attempts to teach his princlings something about hunting and war…by making Iolaus the bait.

Mark of the Beast - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Promise] Someone owns Iolaus’ soul, a fact that binds Hercules too – for all times.
Glory and Going Home - [Response to the Goldapple challenge – Troy] Achilles challenges Hercules during a brief respite on a famous battlefield.

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