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Herc and Iolaus: Friendship Forged by Q
Xover (Star Trek Voyager)
A Hercules/Voyager crossover. Q helps Iolaus and Hercules meet for the very first time.

Guardians of the Light
Xover (Highlander), AU
A Hercules/Highlander crossover. Hercules and Iolaus become Immortal...20th century Hercules and Iolaus attempt to save the life of Richie Ryan who has fallen victim to a mysterious plague for which only Hercules knows the cure.

Nebula's Daughter
Iolaus finds out that he has a daughter. Nebula discovers that Iolaus is alive and well.

The Moment of Truth
Xover (Buffy, Highlander), AU
In the 20th century, Hercules, an emergency room doctor (aka Dr.Liam Parker) and Iolaus , a paramedic and fireman, (aka Erik Erikson), go to a medical convention in Sunnydale, California where they help Buffy, the Vampire Slayer slay vampires and demons where truth triumphs over evil....or does it?

Love is Eternal
Xover (Buffy, Angel, Highlander), AU
This story is a sequel to Moment of Truth, Hercules and Iolaus go to Los Angeles to cure Angel of his vampirism and to reunite two great loves...Buffy and Angel...will they succeed in their endeavor? Guest stars: Aphrodite and Apollo. NOTE: You should read Moment of Truth before reading this sequel.

Friendship Forged By Q Part II
Xover (Star Trek Voyager)
A Hercules/Voyager crossover. Renegade Q seeks to destroy the Federation by breaking up the friendship between Hercules and Iolaus. Q sends his half Q, half-human son Chang to Earth to make sure Hercules and Iolaus live to build and found Starfleet...first Iolaus must survive his childhood....

A Winter Solstice for Iolaus
holiday, YH
Little Iolaus and Alchemene bond during this touching Winter Solstice story where an 8-year-old Iolaus learns what having a family really means.

For Evander's Sake
episode related (God Fearing Child), drama
Hercules must learn to forgive Zeus for his past sins. Can Hercules forgive Zeus? or moreover, can he forgive Hera? for Evander's sake? This story takes place right after the series finale Full Circle

Xover (Highlander)
Hercules and Iolaus become Immortal Guardians of the Light. In the 20th century, Hercules and Iolaus must help stop a mysterious plague which causes Duncan McCloud's best friend to disappear and fade away...

A Missing Scene from a Wicked Good Time
episode related
Iolaus discovers why he has been left alone upon a mountain top. Seska gets to put a spell on Hercules and turn him into a dog with hilarious results

The Jester's Lucky Cold
Hercules and Iolaus have a cold. Jester recounts a time when having a cold saved his life.

Unlikely Encounter
Xover (Lois and Clark), AU
Iolaus gets into a car accident. Bleeding to death, who saves Iolaus' life? Is it Hercules or Superman?

drama, challenge episode related (God Fearing Child)
Hercules is being punished by the Olympian Gods for killing Zeus. Can Iolaus rescue him from these mind-numbing nightmares?

Where is Hercules?
Hercules is accidentally shrunk by Hephaetus' ray shrinking gun. Can Iolaus find him in time before Hercules shrinks to nothingness?

Friendship Forged by Q Part III
Xover (Voyager)
Will Hercules die if the Q convinces Iolaus to leave the Academy?

Friendship Forged by Q Part IV

Xover (Voyager)
Can Captain Janeway save Iolaus from the RenegadeQ and salvage a Friendship Forged by Q?

The Prank
(Slight Adult content)
Will our nude heroes make it to Parent's Day in one piece?

Salmoneus in a Dress
challenge, damsel
An Answer to the Library's June 2000 story challenge to write a story in which Iolaus must rescue the damsel in distress in 500 words or less.

The Green-Eyed Monster

The Book Report

Saving the Other Hercules
Xover (highlander and Quantum Leap)
With the help of Quantum Leap's Sam Beckett, Hercules and Iolaus jumps into a parallel universe to help save the Other Hercules' life. This story is a sequel to Keith De Candido's  story "To Protect and to Serve, Cold Winds of Valhalla and Marina Frant's story Old Hunter's Tricks

Unlikely Encounter
Xover (superman), AU
Iolaus gets into a car crash and has to be rescued by an adolescent Superman.

Heart of a Hero part 1
Heart of a Hero Part II
Epilogue to Heart of a Hero, Part II

Aphrodite's Pain

Victory over the Goauld
Xover (Star Gate)

Stacius, the Snob

Whitelighter Warlock

God's Love
xover (Touched by an angel)

God's Love II
xover (Touched by an angel)

No Regrets

It's Greek to me parts one and two

Missing scene from Highway to Hades
challenge 2-2001
Answer to the library's Feb 2001 challenge to add to Highway to Hades explaining what Hercules was up to while Timeron had his body.

Longest Day
xover Andromeda
Can Dylan Hunt, Captain of the Andromeda..really be Hercules?

To Have A Friend part 1

The Show Must Go On
challenge (4-2001)

To Sarah with Love
Xover Andromeda

To Tell the Truth Part I
Xover Andromeda

A New Friend
YH, challenge 9-2001
Hercules tells his mother about a new friend he met at school.

Back to Back Heroes part 1

Back to back Heroes part 2

Cyrano de Bergerac

Peter Rabbit

The Last Olympian part 1

The Last Olympian part 2

The Measure of a Merman

The Trial Part 1

The Trial part 2

The Way of Love or the way of Hate

Another World


Roses are forever
challenge 9-2002
Three points of view about Alchemene's rose bush.

Working Out With Iolaus Gen version
challenge 1-2003,
Twankey's view of Iolaus. Also, an adult version of this story is located Here.

Chip off the old block
challenge 4-2003
This story answers the April 2003 story challenge of how Little Hercules found out that he is the Son of Zeus.

Look what I got in my email Herc!
In this whimsical story, our immortal heroes discover the internet. Well it's more like Iolaus discovers the Iolausian Library and he is thrilled that there are over a thousand stories just about him and in this humorous story he shows Hercules his discovery and he is thrilled to death that he has been "immortalized" and celebrated in over a thousand stories.

Fact of Life
Little Iolaus explains the facts of life to Little Hercules

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