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List of Story Codes and their meanings

For Better or Worse
pg-13, drama
Hercules isn't thrilled being at Anya's baby shower but Iolaus is glad to see him, especially when things go wrong. This story deals with childbirth and may not be for the faint of heart but it is a tender, bittersweet and powerful tale. PG-13 for the medical details.

Rain, Rain, Go Away
G rated
Iolaus hates being cold and wet and he remembers sympathsizing with someone else with that problem.This story is an "ahhhh" story. Cute and sweet. G-rated.

Pride Comes Before A Brawl
RLJ sea1, ep 14
Nemesis arrives with her sights on Iolaus. Can Hercules stop her from killing his best friend? And does he need to save him?

RLJ sea1, ep 15
Hercules decides to help a woman free her husband from jail by having he and Iolaus go undercover as prisoners.

Ania's Turn
Imagine what it's like to be the only daughter in a family where your father wants to marry you off to the wrong man, then Iolaus comes along. Ania's take on the story of their first meeting.

In His Brother's Arms

The Enforcer
RLJ season 2, episode 14
Hercules meets an old love and Iolaus may have to make the ultimate sacrifice for his partner.

Good Night Sleep Tight

Let the Games Begin
RLJ season 2, episode 17
Hercules and Iolaus invent a new way to settle disputes called the Olympic Games and they work until Ares gets involved.

Pieces that Remain
A piece in memory of Liddy Holloway

They Also Ran

The Prodigal Son

That's What Friends Are For

Not Fade Away
RLJ season 3, episode 4
Hera sends an Enforcer after Hercules and Iolaus gets in the way.

RLJ season 3, episode 12
Hercules and Iolaus go home for a visit. Hercules' birthday turns into a near disaster.

War Bride
RLJ season 3, episode 17
A spoiled princess looking for love, an ambitious sister looking for a kingdom with Hercules and Iolaus in the middle.

RLJ season 4, episode 16
Alcmene is dying but is her illness of natural or divine making?

Top God
RLJ season 4, episode 17
Concerned about what is to come for Greece and his son, Zeus makes a deal with Hercules in order to coerce him to stand by his side against the coming darkness. Zeus chooses the one thing he knows Hercules would do anything for, his motherís life.

RLJ season 4, episode 18
Iolaus, now partnerless, returns to reconcile with his mother. Godhood, just doesnít work out as either Hercules or Zeus planned.

Norse by Norsevest
RLJ season 5, episode 5
Following a dream, Hercules stows away on a ship heading east into the Norse lands where yet another plot against another set of gods awaits him.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge
RLJ season 5, episode 6
Will Hercules be able to save the Norse gods from themselves and the dark evil that has invaded their land?

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