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*****Note: This marks the end of The Real Legendary Journeys for the time being. The staff is taking a well deserved hiatus, if there is interest in continuing in 6 months to a year, we will see where that takes us at that time. In the meantime anyone who would rather write stories set in the RLJ Universe (where things happened a little differently) is welcome to do so and we highly encourage you to do so. But for the time being the official RLJ story ends here.

These are the stories of a time long ago…

A time of myth and legend, when the Earth was still young. The ancient gods were petty and cruel, and they played mankind for their sport, plaguing them with suffering, besieging them with terrors. For centuries, the people had nowhere to turn-no one to look to for help-until he arrived. He was a man like no other, born of a beautiful mortal woman but fathered by Zeus, King of the Gods. Hercules possessed a strength the world had never seen, a strength surpassed only by the power of his heart. But everywhere he went, he was tormented by his stepmother, Hera-the all-powerful Queen of the Gods. Hera’s eternal obsession was to destroy Hercules, for he was the constant living reminder of Zeus’ infidelity. Despite her constant harassment, no matter the obstacle, as long as there were people crying for help, he would never rest…

But, the demigod did not stand alone. Regardless of the dangers, one courageous mortal stood with the Son of Zeus, to face evil and destroy the wicked, to safeguard the innocent and stand for hope in adversity. That mortal was Iolaus of Thebes, son of Skouros, former thief, the Golden Hunter, champion charioteer, valiant warrior, the loyal heart-brother to Hercules …a mortal who inspired others with his example and who would one day come to be honoured and worshiped as a god in his own right…

These are the stories of their adventures, the stories of myth and legend that inspire through the ages-the stories of a friendship that knew no bounds between two heroes who walked side by side and stood together, back to back, to bravely defend the helpless from whatever evil threatened…

The Real Legendary Journeys

A virtual series which will rewrite history and right what once went wrong.

This time WE are in charge!

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Season 1- Love and Loss

#Episode Title Author Air Date (posted on the evening of) synopsis
1Amazon Womenby Arianna19 September 2003Hercules returns home to attend his best friend's wedding and gets called away to help out a village with some mysterious 'monster' attacks which result in dire consequences for both our heroes.
2 Circle of Fire by Melinda 26 September 2003Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to man but what if the gods took it back?
3 In Sickness and in Health by Ceryndip3 October 2003This is what happens when a demigod and his best friend decide to settle down and be regular citizens....
4 Underworldby Owlharp10 October 2003Hercules is asked by a beautiful nurian maiden to help a village where a huge, smoking hole has opened in the ground.
5 Maze of the Minotaur by Melisande 17 October 2003 Hercules and Iolaus set out to have a little adventure on their own but things are never quite what they seem
6 Beyond the Eastern Horizon by Arianna 24 October 2003 After the death of his son, Iolaus decides to journey East
7 The Wrong Path by Rhiannon 31 October 2003 Hercules' family are brutally murdered and he must find his way again alone.
8Eye of the Beholder by Caro 7 November 2003 Hercules tangles with an angry cyclops and 50 women who want to have his baby while Iolaus takes care of things back home.
9 The Road to Calydon by Margui 14 November 2003 Hercules stops to help some villagers find a new home while Jason arrives in Thebes to pay his respects. Neither man gets quite what he bargained for...
10As Darkness Falls by Quiet Wolf21 November 2003 Hercules attends the wedding of an old friend and ends up dealing with racism, attempted murder, kidnapping and blindness.
11March to Freedom by Arianna 5 December 2003 Oi-Lan and Cyrus, a young, newly married, couple in search of a new future are enslaved. When Hercules and Iolaus try to help, their motivations are misunderstood.
12Ares by Quiet Wolf 12 December 2003 Hercules and Iolaus deal with a group of kids that are working for the God of War, or so they think.
13Festival of Dionysus by Bwell 19 December 2003Hercules and Iolaus are called to a kingdom in time for the annual festival to bless the new wine.
14Pride Comes Before A Brawl by Sandman 9 January 2004Nemesis arrives with her sights on Iolaus. Can Hercules stop her from killing his best friend? And does he need to save him?
15Gladiator by Sandman 16 January 2004 Hercules decides to help a woman free her husband from jail by having he and Iolaus go undercover as prisoners.
16Vanishing Dead by Arianna 23 January 2004 Hercules and Iolaus get caught between two feuding sibblings
17Strife by Melinda 30 January 2004 Hercules, Iolaus and Jason deal with tragedy and racism at home
18Warrior Princess by MaryE7 February 2004 Iolaus meets a woman who isn't quite what she appears.
19Gauntlet by MaryE 14 February 2004 Hercules runs into a Xena that's no longer in charge of her own army.
20 Unchained Heart by MaryE 21 February 2004 Hercules, Iolaus, Xena, and Salmoneus band together to defeat Xena's forces.

Season 2 - Friendship and Family Ties

# Episode Title Author Air Date Synopsis
1 The King of Thieves by Llyra 16 July 2004 Iolaus is on trial for a crime he didn't commit. Can Hercules find the real culprit in time?
2 All That Glitters by Margui 23 July 2004 Hercules and Iolaus discover that King Midas has converted his kingdom to a questionable new economy. One that may not be in his people's best interests.
3 What's in A Name? by Bwell 30 July 2004 Hercules meets his brother unexpectedly and opens old wounds.
4 Siege at Naxos by Ziggy 6 August 2004 Iolaus shows Hercules one of his best fishing spots but, as usual, the local warlord is never far away.
5 Outcast by Quietwolf 13 August 2004 Hercules and Iolaus deal with prejudice and hatred first hand when they pay a visit to Deric and Lyla's new home.
6 Under the Broken Sky by Ceryndip 20 August 2004 Hercules and Iolaus go to help Salmoneus with his business and end up helping a whole town. Meanwhile King Jason is dealing with troubles of his own.
7 The Mother of All Monsters by Melisande 27 August 2004 Hercules returns home to find a plot against his life and his mother in the arms of a suitor which brings back memories of the past.
8 The Other Side by MaryE 15 October 2004 Persephone has been kidnapped by Hades and while her mother, Demeter, mourns her missing daughter, the mortals are slowly freezing.
9 The Fire Down Below by Quietwolf 22 October 2004 Salmoneus is in trouble again, only this time he's attracted the attention of the gods. It's up to Hercules and Iolaus to come to his rescue.
10 Prometheus by Ziggy 29 October 2004 Prometheus stole fire from the gods and now he's back in the hands of the gods and men can no longer make fire. Will a hero make the ultimate sacrifice to free him?
11 Cast A Giant Shadow by Marcia 5 November 2004 Hercules and Iolaus again must face the wrath of Echidna
12 Highway to Hades by Arianna 12 November 2004 Hades enlists Hercules’ help to ensure the spirit of King Sisyphus of Patras is brought to the Other Side where it belongs. The mission is complicated by the tragedy of Timeron, who was tricked into taking Sisyphus’ place on his wedding night…
13 The Sword of Veracity by Melisande 19 November 2004 Hercules and Iolaus intend to visit an old friend only to find their friend under arrest for murder.
14 The Enforcer by Sandman 3 December 2004 Hercules meets an old love and Iolaus may have to make the ultimate sacrifice for his partner.
15 Once A Hero by Caro 10 December 2004 Hercules and Iolaus return to Corinth for an Argonauts reunion only to find that the object of their original quest has been stolen. Jason is having difficulties dealing with his recent losses and kingdom politics.
16 Heedless Hearts by Bwell 31 December 2004 Just an average day, Hercules and Iolaus get involved in a local revolution, Hercules nearly falls in love and Iolaus has visions of the future.
17 Let the Games Begin by Sandman 7 January 2005 Hercules and Iolaus invent a new way to settle disputes called the Olympic Games and they work until Ares gets involved.
18 The Apple by Caro 14 January 2005 Hercules and Iolaus attend a wedding only Aphrodite has other ideas about Iolaus and the bride.
19 Promises by Arianna 21 January 2005 When Hercules and Iolaus arrive in Zebron for the wedding of the new King, Beraeus, they discover the bride-to-be has been kidnapped by a man whom Iolaus remembers as a coward from years before…
20 King for A Day: Orestes' Story by Owlharp 28 January 2005 Iolaus meets an identical cousin who is about to become a king.
21 Protean Challenge by Arianna 4 February 2005 Confusion abounds when Hercules and Iolaus begin to fight one another over the attentions of a lovely maiden…
22 The Wedding of Alcmene by Quietwolf 11 February 2005 Jason and Alcmene decide to marry but someone else will have to be king of Corinth.

Season 3 - The Price of Love

# Episode Title Author Air Date Synopsis
1 Second Chances I: When Love Takes A Holiday Nobody Wins by Arianna 8 July 2005 Hercules escorts a prisoner to Spara, meanwhile Iolaus discovers relatives in the strangest places.
2 Second Chances II: For Love's Own Sake by Arianna 15 July 2005 Iolaus continues to deal with what's become a family situation while Hercules is involved in a simple prisoner delivery gone wrong.
3 Mummy Dearest by Barbara 22 July 2005 Hercules and Iolaus meet an Egyptian princess, Salmoneus runs a House of Horrors and a mummy walks.
4 Not Fade Away by Sandman 29 July 2005 Hera sends an Enforcer after Hercules and Iolaus gets in the way
5 Green-Eyed Monster by Marcia 5 August 2005 Being hit by Cupid's arrow makes you fall in love with the next person you see. Cupid loses his tools, Salmoneus finds them.....
6 Prince Hercules by MaryCrawford 12 August 2005 Hercules and Iolaus plan to attend a festival and end up with one of them falling in love and the other falling into a vat of grapes
7 Lady and the Dragon by Ziggy 19 August 2005 Iolaus and Hercules attempt to slay a dragon but things are never what they expect.
8 Long Live the King by Owlharp 26 August 2005 Iolaus returns to Attica where no sacrifice is too great to protect the royal couple.
9 Encounter by Quietwolf 2 September 2005 Hercules and Iolaus arrive in town to slay a monster only this monster isn't what she appears.
10 When A Man Loves a Woman by Quietwolf 9 September 2005 Hercules has fallen in love with a woman who belongs to Ares. Will he sacrifice everything to be with her?
11 Judgement Day by Quietwolf 16 September 2005 Hercules is framed for the murder of his wife. How high will the price of love be?
12 Surprise by Sandman 23 September 2005 Hercules and Iolaus go home for a visit. Hercules' birthday turns into a near disaster.
13 Lost City by Rhiannon 30 September 2005 Iolaus is called away to search for a missing cousin who it turns out has been taken in by a seemingly innocent cult.
14 Crucible of Heroes part one: Before the Legend Began by Melisande 7 October 2005 Hercules, Iolaus & Jason go fishing and relive some of the bad times as well as the good and discuss how they got where they are.
15 Crucible of Heroes part II: The Golden Fleece by Ceryndip 14 October 2005 Hercules, Iolaus and Jason remember their final adventure together from their Academy days.
16 The End is the Beginning by Baisden 21 October 2005 A time traveling crystal and multiple Autolyci spell trouble for our two heroes
17 War Bride by Sandman 28 October 2005 A spoiled princess looking for love, an ambitious sister looking for a kingdom with Hercules and Iolaus in the middle.
18 Rock and A Hard Place by Melisande 4 November 2005 A murderer is dying. Will his death be punishment enough for the victims and the son he leaves behind?
19 Atlantis by Ceryndip 11 November 2005 Hercules and Iolaus discover an unknown civilization just before it vanishes from the face of the Earth.
20 A Star to Guide Them by Barbara 16 December 2005 Iolaus has a vision that sends him north, a confused Hercules following in his wake.

Season 4 - The Approaching Storm

# Episode Title Author Air Date Synopsis
1 Hero's Heart by Melisande 26 January 2007 Fortune tries to help Iolaus after he fails to save a woman’s life and doubts himself.
2 Regrets...I've Had A Few by Barbara 2 February 2007 Some memories are bittersweet. Hercules and Iolaus are reminded of this when they visit a friend whose time left on this earth is all too short.
3 Web of Desire by Quietwolf 9 February 2007 Hercules and Iolaus take refuge from a storm in a pirate infested cave but are pirates the only other residents?
4 Stranger in A Strange World by Arianna 16 February 2007 Two parallel universes collide and Iolaus gets trapped on the other side where the only way to save Zeus in both universes is for him to kill his best friend.
5 Two Men and A Baby by Ceryndip 23 February 2007 Hercules and Iolaus are left with a baby and a mother in need of saving.
6 ...And Fancy Free by Quietwolf 2 March 2007 Hercules helps a young dancer make her dreams come true.
7 If I Had a Hammer by Arianna 9 March 2007 A lonely Atalanta builds herself a man and Hercules has a run in with a bunch of grapes.
8 Hercules on Trial by Barbara 23 March 2007 No good deed goes unpunished. Hercules learns the meaning of this when his heroic deeds land him in trouble with the law.
9 Men in Pink by Quietwolf 30 March 2007 Salmoneus and Autolycus take refuge in a most unusual place.
10 Armageddon Now Part 1 by Ceryndip 6 April 2007 An evil entity frees Callisto from her prison and makes a deal that will remove Hercules from Greece forever.
11 Armageddon Now Part 2 by Ceryndip 13 April 2007 After failing to save Alcmene, Iolaus must continue traveling in time into a Greece without a Hercules to stop Callisto and her dark partner from permanently changing history.
12 Let Sleeping Gods Lie by Baisden 20 April 2007 Hercules has a run in with a divine device that has him wallowing in mud?
13 One Fowl Day by Baisden 27 April 2007 The repercussions continue as Hercules tries to sort out a mess of divine mayhem.
14 My Fair Cupcake by Ceryndip 4 May 2007 Autolycus gets a second chance at love but will his own schemes force him to give her to another man?
15 War Wounds by Arianna 11 May 2007 Hercules and Iolaus return to Corinth for a visit but find Iphicles in the middle of a situation with some disinfranchised vetrans.
16 Twilight by Sandman 18 May 2007 Alcmene is dying but is her illness of natural or divine making?
17 Top God by Sandman 25 May 2007 Concerned about what is to come for Greece and his son, Zeus makes a deal with Hercules in order to coerce him to stand by his side against the coming darkness. Zeus chooses the one thing he knows Hercules would do anything for, his mother’s life.
18 Reunion by Sandman 1 June 2007 Iolaus, now partnerless, returns to reconcile with his mother. Godhood, just doesn’t work out as either Hercules or Zeus planned.
19 Medea Culpa by Melisande TBA A flashback story detailing the continuing story of Jason and Medea's life together.

Season 5 - The Heart of a Hero

Note: links for the episodes will not be active until the date specified.

# Episode Title Author Air Date Synopsis
1 Faith by Quietwolf 2 October 2007 Hercules and Iolaus travel to Sumeria to help the people there dispite Iolaus’s misgivings about going.
2 Descent by Quietwolf 9 October 2007 Hercules refuses to accept Iolaus’s death and travels to the Sumerian Underworld to retrieve his partner.
3 Resurrection by Ceryndip 16 October 2007 Having failed in his task, Hercules’s grief takes him north to a new land where a young Druid has been having visions of a coming hero. Can Hercules find the hero within himself in time to save the village from the coming invaders set on destroying it?
5 Norse by Norsevest by Sandman 23 October 2007 Following a dream, Hercules stows away on a ship heading east into the Norse lands where yet another plot against another set of gods awaits him.
6 Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge by Sandman 30 October 2007 Will Hercules be able to save the Norse gods from themselves and the dark evil that has invaded their land?
7 Bliss by Barbara 6 November 2007 The hunter becomes the hunted. While on his journey to the Greek Afterlife, Iolaus comes to the attention of two warring factions.
8 Darkness Rising by Arianna 13 November 2007 Hercules returns to Sumeria to help Nebula defend her land and in hopes of defeating Dahak before he can travel to Greece.
9 Meanwhile Back in Greece by Barbara 27 November 2007 The gods and mortals alike prepare for the coming of Dahak and his horsemen.
10 All You Need is Love by Arianna 4 December 2007 Hercules and Iolaus return to Greece to find it and it’s gods already ravaged by Dahak’s horsemen and Dahak in control of the land and it’s people who cried out for their hero but he wasn’t there. The showdown between good and evil will happen but which side will win?
11 Redemptions and Revelations, War and Peace by Owlharp 11 December 2007 Dahak is gone but his horsemen remain. There is still one more battle to fight. Iolaus has returned to Hercules’s side but he wears the body of an evil entity and the woman he loves must return to her kingdom. Will he stay in Greece or go to be a king in another land?
13 As Fortune Would Have It by MaryE 5 August 2008Hercules and Iolaus finally get back to traveling together but they have a few bad dreams to work through before things can truely get back to normal.
14 Stranger and Stranger by Llyra 12 August 2008Hercules and Iolaus find themselves in the mirror universe where things are not quite as they left them. A wayward Jester decides to try a new life.
15 Just Passing Through by Baisden19 August 2008Back in Greece Hercules and Iolaus try to explain what it means to be a hero to Iolaus.
16 Greece is Burning by Jane 26 August 2008Hercules and Iolaus run into Twanky who, as usual, has her share of troubles.
17 We'll Always Have A Wicked Good Time at the Academy Part 1 by Quiet Wolf 2 September 2008Iolaus stops by Kora’s and The Academy on his way home to visit with some old friends and discovers that Cheiron needs a little assistance with some students who manage to conjure a god from the nether-regions.
18 We'll Always Have a Wicked Good Time at the Academy Part 2 by Quiet Wolf 9 September 2008Summoned by Iolaus; Hercules, Iolaus, Jason and Alcmene arrive at the Academy to assist their old Headmaster in getting the Academy back on track again. Jason discovers that he has a daughter and finds a new job.
19 Love on the Rocks by Gem 16 September 2008Hercules and Iolaus continue traveling together. Hercules continues to help Iolaus learn to defend himself while learning that this Iolaus is really a different person from his own Iolaus. Hercules gets called away leaving Iolaus to meet the love of his life.
20 Fade Out by Llyra 23 September 2008Strife is back and he has plans.
21 My Best Girl's Wedding by Bwell 30 September 2008Iolaus and Nautica plan to marry if only they can convince her father that it’s a good idea. (Please note that this episode is a PDF file and you will need a plug in for your browser that will allow you to view it online. Alternatively, you may download the episode by right clicking on the link and "saving as", then you may view the episode through a program like Adobe Acrobat Reader.
22 There's Always A Bigger Fish by Ceryndip 7 October 2008After a quick honeymoon, Iolaus and Nautica set up housekeeping under the sea. But Iolaus is plagued with bad dreams about his friend and feels he must return to Hercules to make sure he’s alright. Meanwhile, Iolaus’s ship crashes on the rocks during a storm. He is rescued by Nautica who doesn’t realize this unconcious Iolaus isn’t her husband. Mayhem insues.


Managing Editors: Ceryndip, Quietwolf

Season Betas: Rhiannon (season 1), Arianna (season 1), Quietwolf (season 2 and 3, and 4, and 5)

Final Notes:

Hey all

The final 10 episodes of Real Legendary Journeys are complete at last. We will begin airing 1 episode a week beginning Aug 5. We're a year later than planned but we got here.

It all began in 2003 with a basic outline written by me, Bwell, Jane and Margui for how we thought things ought to be fixed but an outline is a fluid thing. It changes and grows. Each author that joined us had something new to bring to the overall story and each twist changed things down the road and made the whole better. Eventually we disembarked from making little fixes in the original series and created our own alternate universe to play in. We hadn't intended that really but it was a welcome outcome when it happened. And now we come to the end of the story.

At this point, I believe this is the end of Real Legendary Journeys. I say that because it has taken an extra year to complete these last 10 episodes and over half of them have passed through multiple hands. And even before that we've had writers dropping out, muses drying up, computers melting down, hurricane evacuations, you name the real life crisis, we've probably had it. In short, at this point, we don't have enough writers left on staff to even consider a season 6. If that changes in the future, we might consider continuing the official story in a limited way, maybe movies or a miniseries but for now this will be the end of the official story.

Anyone is welcome to play in the universe that we have created. Consider this a jumping off point where individual authors may continue the adventures of Herc, Iolaus and co on their own outside the official RLJ series framework. We created this universe as a place to play in where the events of season 5 that so many of us thought could have been so much better happened differently.

I know that if I should write anymore for this fandom, it will be in the RLJ universe where things happened the way we wanted them to.

Before we begin airing these last few episodes, there are a few people that I'd like to publically thank without which this series would not have reached completion.

Our audience for sticking with us for the long haul. Without a reader there is no reason for a writer to write.

Our writers for being the brilliant, talented people you are, without you there would not be a RLJ and RLJ is something we can all be very proud of. Thanks to the following for their participation: Owlharp, Melinda, Melisande, Rhiannon, Caro, Margui, Sandman, Pythia, MaryE, Ziggy, Marcia, and Mary Crawford

Special commendation to Barbara, Llyra and Arianna for stepping up when others backed out. Llyra was the only author of these last 10 to even come close to making the deadline and even long after the deadline had passed and she thought she was done, she took up yet another episode at the last minute and still wasn't the last to finish. Bless you, it's good to know that there are folks who will say yes when I say, "can you do one more, please?"

Gem, Jane, Bwell and Baisden for hanging around long enough to do one more episode in spite of real life and nearly non existant if not completely dead muses. Thank you for sticking with us until the bitter end.

My biggest thank you to Quiet Wolf who has become the chief beta and co editor for the series, who remembers all the little details of the tv and RLJ series and which is which, I don't anymore, it's all a jumble. You willingly shared the editing duties and the dirty jobs. You knew when to sweat the small stuff and when not to. (I think we both discovered what a valuable skill that is for managing editors to have. We'd have gone crazy or committed hary cary otherwise, I'm sure.) You jumped in and volunteered to do whatever needed to be done. You kept me going when I was ready to throw in the towel. Most importantly, you could always be depended on to share an honest opinion and I depended on that more than you can know. You may not have been there in the very beginning but we'd never have gotten to the finish without you You have become a good friend. I have no idea what we're going to get up to next but I sure hope that it has fewer trials, then again, it's the journey that's the most important part. It's not where you're going, it's how you handle the bumps in the road. It's good to have a partner in mischief. Thank you, my friend.

Real Legendary Journeys has been a journey and an adventure and a highly educational experience on several fronts. I think we accomplished what we set out to accomplish. I think we righted the wrongs and we did it with style. What more could we have asked for?

I count 21 writers who between them wrote 100 episodes of the Real Legendary Journeys in 6 years.

Well done Everyone.

Thank you.
Ceryndip (7-25-08)
soon to be retired managing editor of RLJ. It'll be good to just be the Librarian again.


Hey all.

It has been a long ride, with more than a few "tearing out your hair moments", but it's also been a lot of fun. The whole project never would have happened without everyone who participated, and I think together we've managed to create something we can all be intensely proud of.

I would also like to thank the readers who've stuck with us all this time, especially the select few of you who always offered up encouragement and feedback and even dropped a few subtle hints that you were patiently waiting for the next installment

And I would definitely like to give thanks and praise to all the writers. This wasn't an easy project to write, because while everyone had input, ultimately authors had to sometimes push their own muses aside and write their story according to the plan the group put in place. Especially with season five, where we completely went off in our own world and the episodes were so interconnected - it was vital to stick to the plan and I'm still amazed we pulled that off with so few problems.

And my super special thanks to all the authors who read the season plan and followed it - not just for their own episodes but for the eps surround theirs so they could adjust their stories accordingly, and my intense thanks to those of you who followed the spelling list And for those of you who didn't, thanks to you as well for making those corrections in a timely fashion with such good grace! ;)

And of course, to Ceryndip. She's stressed before that this was never "her" project, but she was definitely the heart and soul behind the whole thing. She kept all of us going and I don't think anyone could have asked for a better project manager. She definitely did a lot of work behind the scenes and maintained her sanity through it all. Or at least kept up appearances I learned a lot by watching her handle the various situations that cropped up, and I'm extremely proud to count her as my friend. After all that, we were going to come out as either friends or enemies - glad it was the former!

In summary, I hope everyone here has gotten something out of RLJ. It was never easy, but it was a labor of love for us, and I hope it gives our readers some measure of satisfaction or closure when season 5 wraps. Please feel free to play in this world, and thanks for indulging us all these years.

Quiet Wolf (7-31-08)

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