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The Price of Honor
[co-written by Jael] PG, humor
Iolaus and the 'no-win scenario'. With Hercules called away, the hunter must decide which pressing problem to solve

Such Stuff as Dreams
PG 13, Drama, AU
Hercules, Iolaus and the 'band' from Fearful Symmetry find they have some loose ends to tie

Queen Jael's Day
G, humor, netpersona?
Many, many interesting folks show up to celebrate a queen's birthday in Corinth

The Jester's Song
PG, poem
Jester Iolaus asks his way in a very different place

poems for Iolaus
G, poem
All of these were written in response to the 5th season episode, "Faith"

What Dreams may Come
PG13, drama
Hercules and friends try to put into action a plan against Callisto and Ares

Prologue: What Dreams May Come
PG13, drama
Hercules decides enough is enough and makes a plan to deal with Ares and Callisto

Fearful Symmetry
PG13, drama, AU
Hercules and a very mixed band of fighters join the fray when a friend's spirit is at peril

Four Missing Scenes from HtlJ and X:WP
PG, drama
How news of two 'deaths' came to friends of Xena and Iolaus

A Score Unpaid
PG, drama
Hercules and his family are given an amazing answer to what's been wrong with their world

The Jester Sings
PG, drama
Jester/Iolaus relates part of his own past to Hercules


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