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List of Story Codes and their meanings

h/c, drama
Someone's sending Iolaus nigtmares, terrible dreams that make him believe his friends hate him. Also features Xena and Gabrielle.

Top God - A Missing Scene
episode related
Iolaus and Hercules deal emotionally with the offer to make Hercules a god.

A Willing Sacrifice
h/c, drama
Hercules has to choose between saving Iolaus or Iphicles and condeming the other to a painful death.

An Eye For An Eye
h/c, drama
Iolaus makes a new friend and runs into an enemy from his past, bent on revenge - an encounter that could prove life altering for Iolaus.
Hercules and Iolaus face what may be their biggest challenge yet.

The Levkos Amulet
drama, h/c
Hercules and Iolaus are asked by an old friend to help with security preparations at his wedding. Our heros have to protect the crown jewels with one of Iolaus' childhood enemies, a spiteful princess and the king of thieves in the area.

co-written with Ceridwin, h/c, drama
Hercules and Iolaus investigate a castle that Alcmene and Jason are thinking about buying but they almost find more than they bargained for.

Hatching A Plan
challenge 11-2001, humor
Iolaus and Hercules have to deal with a unique bird and it's eggs.

In the Middle of the Night
challenge 9-2001, humor
Answer to the Sept 2001 challenge to write a story that begins it was a dark and stormy night.

Attack of the Killer Bees
challenge 4-2002, humor, h/c
Answer to the April challenge, the title pretty much says it all.

h/c, drama, xover (Xena)
Iolaus runs into Gabrielle and ends up helping her with some nightmares

The Wrong Path
RLJ season 1, episode 7, drama
Hercules' family are brutally murdered and he must find his way again alone.

Lost City
RLJ season 3, episode 13
Iolaus is called away to search for a missing cousin who it turns out has been taken in by a seemingly innocent cult.

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