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Of Blue Belles and Magic Shells
drama, h/c
Someone has kidnapped the Nereid and Poseidon asks Hercules and Iolaus to assist in finding them. However, locating the missing sea-nymphs is the least of their troubles after a raid on a village leaves Iolaus wounded and Hercules on his way to the sacrificial altar. Xena and Gabrielle also make a timely appearance in this tale. [Part 2]

The Crown
Iolaus, Hercules and Jason are faced with how to deal with Alcmene's death.

A Child's Legacy
Hercules and Iolaus try to help a child in an abusive situation.

The Wolf and the Hunter
Iolaus is attacked and wounded by a small group of bandits. He takes refuge in a cave where he meets a similarly wounded wolf. They must befriend each other if either of them is to survive.

Spirit Talker
drama, h/c
Iolaus is injured by a frightened horse and awakens a special gift he was unaware he had.

h/c, drama, Answer to the IWC Responsibilities of Strength Challenge
Hercules and Iolaus happen upon an orphan girl and vow to stop the men who made her an orphan. Only their leader turned out to be someone from Iolaus' past.

h/c, drama
Iolaus is befriended by a wolf

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