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Days of Light
(Chaper 1) arc, drama, AU
Iolaus seeks help from a woman who is on the run from Hercules

(chaper 2) arc, drama, h/c, AU
Iolaus comes to the aid of Elissa, with some indirect help from Hera

Girl's Eyes
(chapter 3) arc, drama, h/c, AU
Another meeting with Elissa, and all is revealed (almost)

A Legal Matter
(chapter 4) arc, drama, h/c, AU
Iolaus confesses his relationship with Elissa to Hercules

Behind Blue Eyes
(chapter 5) arc, drama, h/c, AU
A monster, a maniac, and a god of war - just an average day

Imagine A Man
(chapter 6) arc, drama, h/c, AU
Chapter 6: After some personal losses, Elissa tries to help Ares

Another Tricky Day
(chapter 7) arc, drama, h/c, AU
Sinis plots revenge on Hercules by way of Iolaus and Elissa

Too Late the Hero
(chapter 8) arc, drama, h/c, AU
Hercules and Ares race to save Iolaus and Elissa

Forever's No Time At All
(chapter 9) arc, drama, h/c, AU
Hercules and Iolaus deal with the aftermath of Sinis' treachery

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
(chapter 10) arc, drama, h/c, AU
Iolaus runs into trouble while searching for Elissa.

Darker Side of Night
(Chapter 11) arc, drama, h/c AU
Sinis ensnares Iolaus and Hercules, and Elissa searches for the key to their release (with a little help from some friends)

One Life's Enough
challenge, atoz
An Answer to the Library's April 2000 A to Z challenge

How Many Friends
challenge, list1, drama, h/c
After Hercules is poisoned, Iolaus risks his life to find the cure

Doing It All Again
challenge, damsel, drama
An answer to the Library's June 2000 challenge to write a story in which Iolaus rescues the damsel in distress in 500 words or less.

Face to Face
challenge, first1
An answer to the Libray's July 2000 story challenge to write a story that begins "The darkness was impenetrable, it surrounded and suffocated him."

Success Story
challenge, ep1
An answer to the Library's August 2000 challenge to write the story of the previous prison break mentioned in Heedless Hearts.

Under A Raging Moon
AU, drama
Chapter 12 in the series, Sinis declares war on Olympus and it's up to Iolaus to stop him

Here For More
challenge, ep2
Answer to the Library's September 2000 challenge to add scenes to "Cast A Giant Shadow" between Iolaus' arrival and the celebration.

Calico Skies
AU, drama
Chapter 13: A grudge against Iolaus results in trouble from a Persian demoness

Naked Eye
challenge, enforcer3, drama, h/c
Iolaus and Hercules battle Hera's latest batch of enforcers

"Alone in the Night
A Halloween Story: A curse backfires on Zeus and the gods, and Iolaus must set things right.

Now and Then
challenge (11-2000), drama, h/c, episode related (God Fearing Child)
November Challenge Response: Iolaus and Hercules have an encounter with Ares after the events from the Xena episode "God Fearing Child"

challenge (11-2000), h/c
The sequel to "Now and Then". Hercules asks a new goddess (who has a revelation of her own) for help when Iolaus is wounded.

A brief look into the mind of Ares

New Life
AU, drama
Chapter 14 of a continuing arc. Hercules and Iolaus must battle a warlord to protect his former captive

I'll Be Home for Solstice
holiday, challenge 12-2000
Answer to the Library's December 2000 challenge

All Shall Be Well
Hercules and Iolaus travel "North" in search of a solstice miracle

The Price of Love
AU, drama, Chapter 15 in a continuing arc
Hercules works to save Hebe from Calais and to rescue a child kidnapped by Zeus

Gladiator Missing Scene
challenge, 1-2001, h/c, episode related
Answer to the challenge to add scenes to the episode "Gladiator".

The Way of the World
AU, drama, Chapter 16 in a continuing arc
After a tragedy in the family, Iolaus and Elissa run into more trouble while journeying to Hestia's temple

Token Hercules
Iolaus has lost his memory (oh no!) and Hercules must coach him through a typical adventure

Until Tomorrow
drama, episode related (God Fearing Child)
Hercules seeks out Iolaus after the events of "God Fearing Child"

Nowhere to Run
challenge 2-2001
"Highway to Hades" challenge response

Oceans Away
AU, drama, Chapter 17 in a continuing arc
Hercules, Iolaus, Elissa, and Jason voyage to Africa to try and save Argeon

The Rock
challenge 3-2001, YH
When trouble strikes during a fishing trip, Hercules becomes aware of just how much Iolaus means to him

Soul Searching

Hercules and Iolaus journey to Eire in the hopes of convincing Rael to return with them and stop a deadly plague that's sweeping through Greece, but their trip is hardly trouble free

AU, drama, chapter 18 in a continuing arc
Hercules and Iolaus try to protect a queen with a powerful necklace

AU, drama, Chapter Nineteen in a continuing arc
Iolaus becomes an unwitting pawn in a deadly game

The Sea Refuses No River
YH, drama, challenge 4-2001
A conflicted Iolaus runs into trouble while running away from the Academy

YH, drama
Iolaus reveals why he never learned to swim

Near to Surrender
challenge 5-2001, episode related (Judgement Day)
"Judgement Day" missing scene

Miracle Cure
YH, drama
Iolaus works to save his friend after Hercules falls victim to Ares' trap

GrecianPD Blue
drama, Xover "NYPD Blue"
Iolaus has been killed, Hercules is the prime suspect, but the gang at the 15th squad are on the case

A Friend is A Friend
drama, challenge 6-2001
June 2001 Challenge Response

Things Have Changed
AU, drama, Chapter 20 in a continuing arc
While trying to cure a mysterious epidemic, Elissa is confronted by a surprising proposal from Ares

Time the Healer
Missing scene from "The Academy", drama
Overwhelmed with memories, Hercules grieves for Iolaus

The Heart Has Its Reasons
challenge: 7-2001
While trying to stop a monster in Carthage, Hercules and Iolaus run afoul of Ares

Life to Life

Bridging the gap between TLJ Iolaus and the mythical Iolaus

Trick of the Light
YH, drama
A very young Iolaus receives a visit from a band of Heavenly emissaries

Til the Rivers All Run Dry
Chapter 21: Niobe's plea for help summons Hercules, Iolaus, and Elissa to Attica

After the Fire
Strange mishaps and a sinister feline plague the gang during the Harvest Festival

Walking Into the Memory Circles
challenge 9-2001
Write a story in 500 words or less beginning, "It was a dark and stormy night."

Hydras, Pumpkins, and Fools, Oh My
challenge 10-2001
Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason have to contend with Ares' interference during the Eve of Hecate

Would A Stranger Do?
challenge 11-2001
Iolaus tries to help a young mother-to-be

Join Together
challenge 12-2001
Iolaus and Autolycus reluctantly team up when the call for help comes from Father Solstice

Selling the Drama
challenge 1-2001, YH
Young Iolaus finds a novel approach to attracting female attentions

arc, drama, AU
Chapter 22: The gang gathers in Acheron to celebrate a special occasion, but problems soon arise, starting with an attack by a madman

Giving It All Away
Challenge 8-2001
Hera has cursed Plinth, and trying to help has deadly consequences for Hercules and Iolaus

Challenge, 2-2002
Hercules' secret almost costs Iolaus his life

One Day
Iolaus tries to rescue a damsel in distress, at the request of Ares

Miracle of Love
Chapter 23 of a continuing arc
Elissa's labor is complicated by Hera, forcing Hercules to set off on a dangerous mission to try and save her and the baby

Brothers Unaware
March 2002 Challenge Response
Iolaus tries to make peace between brawling brothers Hercules and Iphicles

Precious Time
April 2002 Challenge Response, h/c
Iolaus is stricken with an insidious illness, and Hercules is at a loss over how to save him

Teach Your Children
May 2002 Challenge Response
Hercules imparts a few life lessons to a group of Academy students

Hearts That Wake
August 2002 List Challenge
The Jester inspires those around him with the power of his heart

Silly Bits
A collection of H:TLJ-themed Monty Python parodies

Good and Evil
A charming man offers Hercules and Iolaus shelter from a storm, but Iolaus soon begins to suspect there is something sinister about their generous host.

Believe In You
challenge 6-2002, episode related "King of Thieves"
An epilogue to "The King of Thieves": Hercules hears the details of the Erebus Test

Take Me Home
challenge 9-2002,
Alcmene's house as seen by Jason, Hercules, and Iolaus

challenge 10-2002, drama, h/c
Hercules, after arriving home to find Iolaus hasn't returned from a hunting trip, sets off to find his missing friend

The Facts of Life
challenge 11-2002, YH
Young Iolaus has to explain to Hercules that yes, even sainted mothers follow the facts of life

A "Very Special" Solstice Story
challenge 12-2002
Worlds collide as everyone bands together to save the Bard's Orphanage

January 2003 Challenge
challenge 1-2003
Iolaus, as seen by Hercules

Hero in Their Midst
Jason learns the true measure of a hero as a young Iolaus risks his life to rescue him

I Was Born to Sing Your Song by Quiet Wolf

A young girl learns about her father's past when he's drawn out of retirement by a few old friends

Hero of Love
July 2002 First Line Challenge
After Hercules is poisoned, the Jester must find the courage to go after the cure

It's Not True
July 2003 List Challenge
Iolaus and Hercules give the wrong impression, via a series of misunderstandings, to a pair of innkeepers

Wrath of the Golden Hunter
August 2003 500 word challenge
Chelonius picked the wrong time to mess with Iolaus

When the Sun Comes Up
Chapter Twenty-Four of a continuing arc
Iolaus makes peace with his own life and tries to help Aurora do the same. But when he sets out with Hercules for one more adventure, things take a dire turn.

As Darkness Falls
RLJ, season 1, episode 10
Hercules attends the wedding of an old friend and ends up dealing with racism, attempted murder, kidnapping and blindness.

RLJ, season 1, episode 12
Hercules and Iolaus deal with a group of kids that are working for the God of War, or so they think.

Bogey Man
A Halloween Tale
After Asclepius inadvertently creates a monster, Hercules, Iolaus and Jason band together to stop it

I'm Free
September 2003 Challenge
Iolaus impacts a young woman's life

It's A Hard Life
12-2003 Challenge
Zeus helps Hercules see that things aren't as bad as they seem

Day of Silence
challenge, 2-2003
Young Iolaus receives a gift that is really a curse in disguise.

The Way It Is
Chapter Twenty-Five of a continuing arc
Iolaus turns his back on life after a devastating battle injury, at least until a new threat appears in Acheron

RLJ season 2 episode 5
Hercules and Iolaus deal with prejudice and hatred first hand when they pay a visit to Deric and Lyla's new home.

You Are Yourself
April 2003 Challenge
Hercules' secret concerning his parentage is threatened when he and Iolaus battle a monster

May 2003 First Line Challenge
Hercules and Iolaus become embroiled in political intrigue in Athens

The Other Side
co written by MaryE and Quietwolf
RLJ Season 2, episode 8
Persephone has been kidnapped by Hades and while her mother, Demeter, mourns her missing daughter, the mortals are slowly freezing.

The Fire Down Below
RLJ Season 2, episode 9
Salmoneus is in trouble again, only this time he's attracted the attention of the gods. It's up to Hercules and Iolaus to come to his rescue.

Somewhere Out There
Halloween 2004, drama
While passing through an isolated village, Iolaus discovers a grisly tradition and a forest harboring an ancient evil

The Wedding of Alcmene
RLJ season 2, episode 22
Jason and Alcmene decide to marry but someone else will have to be king of Corinth.

RLJ season 3, episode 9
Hercules and Iolaus arrive in town to slay a monster only this monster isn't what she appears.

When A Man Loves A Woman
RLJ season 3, episode 10
Hercules has fallen in love with a woman who belongs to Ares. Will he sacrifice everything to be with her?

Judgement Day
RLJ season 3, episode 11
Hercules is framed for the murder of his wife. How high will the price of love be?

Eminence Front
Chapter 26 of a continuing arc
Trouble is brewing in Acheron, which leads Iolaus to a new, and initially unwelcome, position.

The Power of Love
July 2004 List Challenge
There's chaos for all when Aphrodite and Ares get into a power struggle

The Crossroads
A little divine intervention helps a disparaging Iolaus realize that his heroism really is appreciated

Halloween 2006
Hercules and Iolaus have their work cut out for them when Iphicles asks for their help with a mysterious problem in Corinth

Two Thousand Years: Reflections of a modern day Hercules

Web of Desire
RLJ season 4, episode 3
Hercules and Iolaus take refuge from a storm in a pirate infested cave but are pirates the only other residents?

And Fancy Free
RLJ season 4, episode 6
Hercules helps a young dancer make her dreams come true.

Men in Pink
RLJ season 4, episode 9
Salmoneus and Autolycus take refuge in a most unusual place.

The Beauty of Gray

Iolaus (typically) runs into trouble while escorting a violent prisoner to Athens

That's What Friends Are
Iolaus proves what friends are for when Zeus' mandate leaves Hercules powerless and a target of the gods

RLJ season 5, episode 1
Hercules and Iolaus travel to Sumeria to help the people there dispite Iolausís misgivings about going.

RLJ season 5, episode 2
Hercules refuses to accept Iolausís death and travels to the Sumerian Underworld to retrieve his partner.

Of Gods and Monsters
holiday, drama
Hercules and Iolaus are shipwrecked on an island whose people worship a god who may not be all that he seems We'll Always Have A Wicked Good Time At the Academy pt 1
RLJ season 5, episode 17
Iolaus stops by Koraís and The Academy on his way home to visit with some old friends and discovers that Cheiron needs a little assistance with some students who manage to conjure a god from the nether-regions.

We'll Always Have A Wicked Good Time At the Academy pt 2
RLJ season 5, episode 18
Summoned by Iolaus; Hercules, Iolaus, Jason and Alcmene arrive at the Academy to assist their old Headmaster in getting the Academy back on track again. Jason discovers that he has a daughter and finds a new job.

The Shield of Forgetfulness
The story of Hercules' quest for the Shield of Forgetfulness

Les Miserables Filk
The first four seasons of "Hercules" set to the music of "Les Miserables"

Dreams and Night-maras
Hercules and Iolaus battle a dark evil with the help of two brothers: Crossover with "Supernatural"

Ghosts of the Past
Hades tasks Hercules and Iolaus with recapturing an evil spirit before it can transform into something even more terrible (86K)

Herc and Iolaus find anything but refuge when they land in a sinister asylum. Crossover with "Supernatural" (77K)

The Star of Apollo
Hercules and Iolaus enlist the help of the king of thieves when a gem with healing powers is stolen from a village at solstice (67K)

Friends Never Say Goodbye
Herc, Iolaus and Jason journey to Sumeria but their reunion with Nebula is anything but a vacation (66K)

Until We Meet a Djinn
October 2003 Challenge Response
Hercules recounts a chapter of failure and redemption in the life of young Iolaus (50K)

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