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List of Story Codes and their meanings

The Spoils of War
'The Harpy lives alone on her mountain, away from temptation. But she is drawn by the sounds of battle - and she has a god given right to choose her prize from among those who are victorious ...'

The Old Woman, the Otterkin, and the Eagle's Child
'Her name is Kirkell, wise woman of the folk and keeper of the old secrets. And she has a story to tell ...'

You Must Remember This
'Iolaus is happily married to Ania, and should be enjoying the benefits of married life. So why are his honeymoon nights disturbed by an unsettling dream - one in which he dies?'

Bound by his Brother's Heart
preseries, h/c
It's been a long winter and the oldest Goddess of all is demanding her ancient sacrifice in payment for the return of the spring. But what would that have to do with Hercules and his family - or his best friend, who's lived with winter in his soul ever since the death of his son?

The Chronicles of Chronos are [VS] - an alternative season five.

Episode 1. A Hero's Price, a Hero's Prize
The priests of Hermes are offering up an unusual prize for the Games in Pentheus - a crystal arrow. The trouble is - Ares wants it. And he wants it bad.

Episode 2. A Night of Ghosts and Shadows
Periphas the sorcerer has been released from his prison to terrorise the world once again. Only the son of Zeus can stop him -with a little help from a couple of Hounds of Artemis.

Episode 3. Hot Water
The city of Tantellus is a peaceful, idyllic place, famed for the quality of its jewellery, the uniqueness of its architecture and the warmth of its waters. The ideal place for two wandering heroes to take a break, kick back a little - and get themselves into hot water ...


atoz, challenge
Answer to the library's A to Z challenge

Falling on Your Feet
challenge, damsel
An Answer to the Library's June 2000 challenge to write a story in which Iolaus rescues the damsel in distress in 500 words or less.

One Thing Just Leads to Another
challenge, list1
an answer to the Library's May2000 story challenge, Charon loans Persephone's Tiara to a friend...and needs help to get it back

The Shieldbearer's Gift
'The Shieldbearer's gift is always a gift of the heart. Few earn the right to it. Fewer still have the strength to give it ... '

I'll be Home for Solstice
challenge, 12-2000
Answer to the holiday story list challenge

challenge, drama, first1
Challenge to write a story beginning, "The darkness was impenetrable it surrounded and suffocated him.

Jumping to Conclusions
challenge, 6-2001, drama
Challenge to write a story in which Hercules and Iolaus have a difference of opinion.

Heaven Must be Missing an Angel

Fireside Reflections

'He's not my Hercules ...'

On Ice
challenge 12-2001
'There were frost burns on the back of one hand, and a fresh abrasion on his right cheek – and other than that we had a man in perfect health and perfect physical condition. Who’d apparently been dead for two and half millennia ...' - Answer to the opening line challenge: This is the stupidest thing I've ever done.

A Taste of Honey
challenge 4-2002
'For once, it was all Alcmene's fault ...'

Career's Day at the Academy
challenge 5-2002
'It's Career's day at the Academy just outside Corinth - and Jason has invited a very special keynote speaker.'

Gifts of the Gods
Demeter has asked her nephew to do her a little favour - deliver a gift to the people of the Hebris valley. Hercules is happy to oblige and Iolaus is looking forward to a few days fishing. They should know better ...

Once upon a Trying Time
challenge 7-2002
'It's not easy being green. The webbed feet don't help much either.'

The Race
challenge 8-2002
It's the final event in the World Mythic Games. And it's anyone's race ...

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