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List of Story Codes and their meanings

The Opaline Sleep
PG, drama, h/c
PG: Strife has found a way to destroy the gods and it's up to Iolaus to save them.

The Accounting
G, h/c
(Epilogue to "Fair Trade" by Moon) Hercules comes to terms with what Iolaus sacrificed for his partner's happiness.

King Orestes and Queen Niobe
G, episode related, Attica
This story answers the question: what might have happened after Orestes was rescued from General Archaeus, and how might Niobe have reacted to him?

The Price
G, preseries, drama
What happened to Iolaus' child? The one mentioned in the movie, Hercules and the Maze of the Minotaur. This story gives one possible explanation.

Serpent's Tooth - Version One
G, h/c, drama
In a fight with a giant serpent, Hercules is wounded. Poisoned by a piece of the serpent's tooth, he suffers delirium as Iolaus and Leandra fight to save him.

Serpent's Tooth - Version Two
G, h/c, drama
In this second version, the story is similar - only the victim is different. Iolaus is the wounded one, and Hercules must save him with Leandra's help.

The Dread Battle
G, net persona, humor
This tale is a humorous take-off on a "battle" that took place between the fans of several different shows when an on-line magazine asked for votes for favorite actor. . .

The War For Krespianos
PG, episode related, Attica, drama
Written before the episode, Long Live the King, this is one writer's version of how things might have gone in the kingdom of Attica if Orestes and Niobe had been able to join forces in truth.

Storming the UnderworldBy Owlharp and Company
episode related, humor, net persona, Attica
after Long Live the King aired, the fans of Orestes who are members of the Iolausian Mailing List were asked by Owlharp to write a plea to Hades for Orestes' release. Here is the combined work of these fans.

To Save the Centaurs by Owlharp and Company
G, drama, round robin story
The centaurs have kidnapped Aesclepius. Hercules and Iolaus go to the rescue and discover the centaurs are the ones in need of help.

Sunlight in Sumeria
PG, drama
Iolaus and Hercules travel to meet Nebula to share the news of Iolaus' return.

Prometheus - Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge, h/c
IWC Prometheus Challenge response.

Surprise Reprise
challenge, episode related, h/c
IWC Surprise Challenge response. What if it was Iolaus up on the parapet instead of Alcmene?

Encounter - Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge, h/c
IWC Encounter Challenge response.

Lost City - Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge
IWC Lost City Challenge response

Maze of the Minotaur - Missing Scenes
G, challenge, episode related
IWC Maze of the Minotaur Challenge response.This story explains what happened to Iolaus between being pulled down the hole and Hercules pulling him from the cocoon.

Enforcer - Missing Scenes
challenge, episode related, h/c
IWC Enforcer Challenge response.

Armageddon Now - Missing Scenes
challenge, episode related, AU
IWC Armageddon Now Challenge response. Imagine Iolaus in an alternate world, ruled by the Conqueror Xena, without ever having the influence of Hercules.

Missing Scenes - Mother of All Monsters
challenge, episode related, h/c
IWC Mother of All Monster's Challenge response. Alcmene and Iolaus manage to get the wounded Hercules home, but there is other pain to heal.

Fish Tale
IWC Mythological Fishing Trip Challenge response.

Orestes Challenge Story
challenge, drama, Attica
IWC What if Orestes had to take Iolaus' place challenge response.

The Threat - A Fragment
challenge, drama, Attica
IWC What if Orestes had to take Iolaus' place challenge second response.

The Cold Truth
episode related, Xover (Xena), challenge, drama
IWC How did Iolaus find out that Gabby could fight Challenge response.

The Log and the Pyre
episode related, challenge, drama, YH
IWC Responsibilities of Strength Challenge response.

The Errand
h/c, drama
Iolaus goes to extreme lengths to locate a healer for Hercules' brother, Iphicles.

The Late Watch
episode related, drama, challenge
IWC Post Revelations challenge response.

Owlharp's Other Side Challenge Story
episode related, challenge, drama, h/c
IWC Other Side Challenge response. Iolaus is caught out during the sudden winter and must take refuge in a temple, Demeter's temple...

Dry Tears
challenge, drama
IWC Skouros' Death challenge response to write a story showing Iolaus' reaction to the news of his father's death.

Ain't Just A River
challenge, drama, episode related (God Fearing Child)
An Answer to the IWC's God Fearing Child challenge

Exit Strategy
Challenge, first1, ep1, humor
An answer to the Library's July and August 2000 challenges: to write a story beginning with "The darkness was impenetrable" and to explain what happened in Herc and Iolaus' prison escape in Thessaly.

Missing Scenes From "Cast A Giant Shadow"
challenge, ep2, h/c
An answer to the Library's September 2000 challenge to add scenes to "Cast A Giant Shadow" between Iolaus' arrival in the village and the celebration.

Gladiator Missing Scenes
challenge, 1-2001, h/c
answer to the Library's January 2001 challenge to add scenes to the episode "Gladiator"

Hurst Chat Inspiration
Inspirational story snippet.

May Challenge - Missing Scene in "Judgement Day"
drama challenge 5-2001, episode related "Judgement Day"
What happened between Xena, Gabrielle and Iolaus discovering that Hercules was missing from the cave and Xena's plan going into action?

The Three AM Freakout Conversation
challenge 2-2002, drama
Answer to the challenge to add scenes between As Darkness Falls and Pride Comes Before A Brawl

Battle Price
challenge 4-2002, humor
Answer to the April 2002 challenge to include a list of things, With help, Xena must tend to a grievous wound.

Epilogue to "King of Thieves"
challenge 6-2002, episode related, King of Theives, humor
Answer to the June 2002 challenge to add scenes to the episode King of Thieves

And the Rest is Silence...
episode related, "Descent", drama
A Missing Scene from the episode "Descent"; it follows the scene where Hercules, having defeated Dumuzi, calls on Iolaus in despair and starts to weep.

The Champion
co-written with Stefka and Cassima
Group story originally written for the virtual season. It is a tribute to Kevin Smith.

RLJ season 1, episode 4
Hercules is asked by a beautiful nurian maiden to help a village where a huge, smoking hole has opened in the ground.

King For A Day: Orestes' Story
RLJ season 2, episode 20
Iolaus meets an identical cousin who is about to become a king.

Long Live the King
RLJ season 3, episode 8
Iolaus returns to Attica where no sacrifice is too great to protect the royal couple.

Redemption and Revelations, War and Peace
RLJ season 5, episode 11
Dahak is gone but his horsemen remain. There is still one more battle to fight. Iolaus has returned to Herculesís side but he wears the body of an evil entity and the woman he loves must return to her kingdom. Will he stay in Greece or go to be a king in another land?

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