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Note: As of 1-31-17, The Library is NOT closing. It is in no danger of closing anytime soon. I am not updating the Library with new fiction, However, I will be removing dead or broken links later this year. The Library is not dependent on donations and has not been for a couple of years which is why there is no paypal link asking for donations anymore. The domain, www.iolausianlibrary.org is no longer being used and currently takes you to a webpage about table saws, ooooookaaay, whatever, better than redirecting you to a porn site, I guess. The Library is not going anywhere, it's staying right here, just like it is. No worries.

Golden Apple Bard's List
The bards asked for it, here it is! A fan fic/discussion mailing list to celebrate Iolaus and all things related to fan fiction. Provides a supportive atmosphere for bards to play in. Both writers and readers are welcome.

The Iolausian Library contains approx. 1,736 stories and links.

Thanks to Martha for this wonderful graphic!

The Real Legendary Journeys
A virtual series, rewriting what once went wrong. Series is Complete!


Barbara's stories can now be found on her new site: http://barbara64116.tripod.com/

Ceryndip's Sanctuary can now be found at: a href="http://www.illuminatedspaces.com/sanctuary/index.html">http://www.illuminatedspaces.com/sanctuary/index.html (6-17-09 - Library story links updated)

The Iolausian Writer's Circle Archive is now located at the Iolausian Library.

Broken links have been removed from the authors pages. A list of all the broken links can be found on the Broken Links Page Please check this page and let Ceryndip know if you know where any of these stories are located.

The Shield of Forgetfulness by Quiet Wolf (7-22-09)
Les Miserables Filk by Quiet Wolf (7-22-09)


Arianna's stories formerly located at Geocities, may now be found at: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/352023/Arianna18 (2-13-10)


...And What Happened After by Llyra (2-26-11)
Ghosts of the Past by Quietwolf (4-22-11)
Asylum by Quietwolf (4-22-11)
The Star of Apollo by Quietwolf (4-22-11)
Friends Never Say Goodbye by Quietwolf (12-11-11)
Until we Meet A Djinn by Quietwolf (12-11-11)

List of Story Codes and their meanings
An ** placed beside a story listing indicates a new author's first story. Please make an extra effort to provide positive feedback to these new authors. It's hard to post that first story and we want to encourage them to continue.

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