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A funny short story in which Alcmene asks Iolaus for a "favor," and he draws Hercules into the bargain.

h/c, drama
Iolaus has closed himself off emotionally after learning that Hercules and Xena have become lovers. Diomedes, the seer, an old friend of Iolaus', is furious that Hercules and Xena have "injured" his friend. He must keep Iolaus from doing something suicidal, while dealing with his own emotional baggage, and Hercules'.

Between Friends
h/c, drama
Hercules is poisoned and, under the influence of that poison, he doesn't recognize his best friend. Believing that the man before him has taken Iolaus from him, he attacks him and nearly kills him. Diomedes must once more come to the rescue to save Iolaus, and help him save Hercules.

h/c, drama
Diomedes returns a third time in this story. He is there to help when Iolaus must try to save a blinded Hercules. An accidental poisoning by an old healer brings the demi-god close to death, and Iolaus is injured trying to care for him. When Hercules again expresses guilt over Iolaus' choices, Diomedes shows him what life would have been like if the two friends had never met.

Run of Luck
Iolaus is having alot of bad luck lately. It seems that the gods have something against him. Just when it seems things couldn't get worse, Aphrodite shows up as a mortal and Iolaus faces the jealousy of the God of Fire. With Hercules, Xena and Gabrielle joining him in Attica, Iolaus must find a way to turn his luck way or another.

Epilogue to "Only Sorrows, Only Truths"
co-written by DreamCatcher, episode related, drama
WARNING: This story contains material that may be unsuitable for young readers. This continues the story that the H:tLJ episode "Gladiator" began. Hercules and Iolaus must learn to live again, and deal with the painful truth. Will Hercules see his friend's pain before it is too late? A continuation of Only Sorrows, Only Truths by Cobber

Prometheus - Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge, h/c
IWC Prometheus Challenge response.

Surprise Reprise
episode related, challenge
IWC Surprise challenge response.

Encounter - Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge
IWC Encounter challenge response.

Maze of the Minotaur - Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge
IWC Maze of the Minotaur challenge response.

Puss in Boots
fairy tale
A Herculean Fairy Tale

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