Michael and Jennifer's response

This note was relayed to us from Michael via his fan club president, Ellen Aspengren on September 30, 2000.

...Anyway, Michael said, "I had a letter from Brent Taylor, who runs the Ronald McDonald House here in Auckland, and it filled me with pride. Please pass on my thanks to Kathleen Sobansky and the others for their fantastic work in getting money to these people. They are blown away by it, and it is a totally good thing to be doing. I will be going to the house itself in the next few weeks to get a closer look and meet the people who work there."

This note was relayed to us from Jennifer via Ellen on November 30, 2000.

"The quilt arrived this morning - WOW! It is absolutely SUPERB! To all the quilters - a huge heartfelt "thank you" for your time, energy, love, generosity and fabulous creativity. Be assured this quilt will be treasured (as Jack's is - it has been on his bed every night since he moved from cot to "big boy's bed"). [We] are looking forward to the time we can have the twin beds adorned with their special quilts. They share a room so it will look gorgeous. Kathleen, thank you for your amazing organisation, it was a real feat. TheRonald McDonald House was thrilled to recieve the donation. We thank you all very much! We love the photo album - especially the photos of the quilting marathon. We were very moved at such a wonderful gift."

This note was relayed to us from Michael:

"I want to say how moved and thrilled I was to receive the quilt for Cameron. Both Jennifer and I are astounded at the generosity and thoughtfulness of the makers - what a beautiful present for my little boy. The album that accompanied it - it is incredible. We all just stood there and stared at the spread-out quilt in a moment of respectful silence. Both my sons will only really see what a gift they have when they realize what went into their quilts and how much love and respect is wrapped up in them. I can't thank you all enough for this marvelous gift. We will treasure it always - truly. ... Michael"

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