Stories by Melisande

List of Story Codes and their meanings

Under Thy Life's Own Key
h/c, drama
A serpent worshiping cult manages to afflict Hercules with a potion that robs him of his strength. They leave Iolaus for dead and begin the journey to their mountain home. Iolaus is rescued by a young thief and even though injured he must try to reach Hercules in time.

We Hold These Truth's
Hercules and Iolaus go fishing after events in "Heedless Hearts" They discuss the democracy Rhianna and Jordis plan for their land and a vision Iolaus saw after being struck by lightning.

Epilogue For Judgement Day
episode related
Hercules and Iolaus separate for a time after Serena's death. Hercules won't allow Iolaus to help him through his grief, hurting Iolaus who ends up taking unnecessary risks in a war.

Refiner's Fire
h/c, drama, Xover (Xena)
Hercules has been severely injured in a fight with a monster and Iolaus with Gabrielle's help must get him to Asclepius' temple healers before it's too late to save him.

YH, drama
A excerpt from "What Melts A Heart of Stone?". the story of how young Hercules and young Iolaus began a long friendship.

The Lessons of Friendship
YH, drama
Young Hercules and Iolaus conquer Hercules' fear of speaking to the opposite sex and deal with Iolaus' father returning home.

Prometheus Unbound - Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge, h/c
IWC Prometheus Challenge response.

Pain and Love in Shangri-La
episode related, challenge
IWC Lost City Challenge response.

Iolaus Amazed
episode related, challenge
IWC Maze of the Minotaur Challenge response.

The Mathematics of A Hero's Heart
episode related, challenge
IWC Hero's Heart challenge response.

Maze of the Minotaur
RLJ sea1, ep5
Hercules and Iolaus set out to have a little adventure on their own but things are never quite what they seem

Mother of All Monsters
RLJ sea2, ep7
Hercules returns home to find a plot against his life and his mother in the arms of a suitor which brings back memories of the past.

Sword of Veracity
RLJ sea2, ep 13
Hercules and Iolaus intend to visit an old friend only to find their friend under arrest for murder.

Crucible of Heroes part 1: Before the Legend Began
RLJ season 3, episode 14
Hercules, Iolaus & Jason go fishing and relive some of the bad times as well as the good and discuss how they got where they are.

A Rock and A Hard Place
RLJ sea3, ep 18
A murderer is dying. Will his death be punishment enough for the victims and the son he leaves behind?

Hero's Heart
RLJ sea4, ep 1
Fortune tries to help Iolaus after he fails to save a woman’s life and doubts himself.

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