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Old Love
Xover Xena
Xena is really dead, and Gabrielle has to get on with her life. She seeks the help of an old, old friend to obtain the one thing she needs to make her life complete.

The Wind Will do the Rest
The making of heroes. Relates to events of 9/11/2001

Boot Blades
Herc and Iolaus travel to present time as hockey players. (When you've been traveling through time for 2500 years, you are bound to pick up some baggage -- good and bad.)

Story also here

Hydra's, Pumpkins and Fools, Oh My!
challenge 10-2001
Answer to the challenge to write a Young Hercules story including a few specalized items.

Hercules in Athens
AU, h/c
Insane Hercules confined in modern Mental Health Facility. Psychiatry, psychology, social psychology, art therapy, play therapy, and definitely LOVE combine for treatment. story also here

If You Need Me
Xover (Andromeda)
based on upcoming appearance of Michael Hurst on Andromeda. Rated PG-13

As Proud As....
challenge, 2-2002
This story is in answer to the February challenge to write a story as to why the gods sent Nemisis to provide "divine retribution" against Iolaus in Pride Cometh Before a Brawl.

The Lecturer
challenge, 5-2002, xover (Andromeda)
Iolaus crosses time to lecture the High Guard Academy, and a young Dylan Hunt, about being a hero. (Rated PG).

Another Pink Rose
episode related Once A Hero
Takes place right after "Once A Hero". Jason, now determined to get things right, returns to the home of his best friend's mother.

Room At The Inn

An aged Hercules discovers he has a son.

Strawberry Fields

Iolaus and a young girl go on a picnic. She is too fair and too young.

Ride With The Seahorses
episode related
First scene of "The Apple" written through the eyes of a character from a future episode.

Why The Hurry
Iolaus encounters a talking rabbit and a singing turtle.

Under the Volcano

Hercules and Cassandra through the ages.

Woman Of The Desert
Warning violence and adult topics.
Iolaus held captive in the desert by a strange woman.

The Myths That Survive
Hercules/Xena/Andromeda X-over
Dylan Hunt goes to investigate a mysterious cave in Macedonia. He thinks he knows what is inside, but the rest of his crew is quite shocked at its contents. Rated PG-13 (does contain one m/m kiss).

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