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Ride the Lightning
drama, episode related (God Fearing Child)
A post series story dealing with events in the Xena episode "God Fearing Child". Iolaus finds himself with a secret.

Hero of the Day
challenge, damsel
An answer to the Library's June 200 challenge to write a story in which Iolaus rescues the damsel in distress in 500 words or less.

Things That Shouldn't Be
challenge, first1, YH, h/c
An answer to the Library's July 2000 story challenge to write a story that begins "The darkness was impenetrable, it surrounded and suffocated him." This is a Young Hercules story

Thessaly Prison (Black &) Blues
challenge, ep1, drama, h/c
An answer to the library's August challenge to write a story explaining the incident at the Thessaly prison mentioned in "Heedless Hearts"

I'll be Home for Solstice
challenge 12-2000, holiday
Answer to the Library's 2000 holiday story challenge.

Escape From Elysium
Sequel to Ride the Lightning

Something Fishy's Going On
challenge 3-2001, YH
Answer to the March 2001 challenge to write a Young Hercules story containing a list of things.

Three Men and Oh, Baby!
challenge 4-2001, humor
Answer to the challenge to write a story beginning, "This time Iolaus knew he had pushed Hercules too far."

In the Heat of the Forge
humor, challenge 7-2001
A new episode for the rerun season, 'Dite blasts some metal men in Hephie's forge and they try o complete their last mission: the destroy the village of Cyllabos and bring back Leandra.

The Wedding Story
challenge 9-2001
Write a story in 750 words or less that begins, "It was a dark and stormy night."

Hydras, Pumpkins and Fools, Oh My
YH, challenge 10-2001
Write a Young Hercules story which involves a list of traditional Halloween items.

Word of Advice
challenge 11-2001 preseries
Hercules and Iolaus deal with problems at home

Reunion of the Faithful
challenge 12-2001, episode related "reunion"
While Hercules is a god, Jason decides to summon him to deal with a couple of problems.

Amazin' Grace
challenge 2-2002, episode related "As Darkness Falls"
Answers the challenge to add an ending to As Darkness Falls detailing Hercules' time spent blind.

Ewe're the One that I Want
challenge 10-2002, h/c
Challenge to write a h/c story that includes the following: 1) Drum; 2) Soft blanket; 3) A trip to the healers; 4) Haggis

Kalamata, Greece
challenge 9-2002
challenge to write the description of a place from three separate points of view.

You See It's Like This...
challenge 11-2002
Answer to the Library's November 2002 challenge to write a story in which Iolaus has to explain the facts of life to someone.

Ultra Amorem
Another installment in the 'immortal Herc/Iolaus' storyline that began in "Ride the Lightning" and continued in "Escape from Elysium."

Annunciation Gone Awry
A story told in verse form.

The Cattle of Geryon
challenge 2-2003, humor
Write a story containing the following sentences: Hercules got up and headed across the field towards the lake. "Iolaus," he said as he passed him, "why are there fish falling out of the sky?"

Royal Pain
challenge, 9-03
Write a story from the point of view of an "extra" who's life is directly or indirectly impacted by one of our heroes.

Warrior Princess
RLJ, season 1, episode 18
Iolaus meets a woman who isn't quite what she appears.

RLJ, season 1, episode 19
Hercules runs into a Xena that's no longer in charge of her own army.

Unchained Hearts
RLJ, season 1, episode 20
Hercules, Iolaus, Xena, and Salmoneus band together to defeat Xena's forces.

The Other Side
co written by MaryE and Quietwolf
RLJ Season 2, episode 8
Persephone has been kidnapped by Hades and while her mother, Demeter, mourns her missing daughter, the mortals are slowly freezing.

As Fortune Would Have It
RLJ Season 5, episode 13
Hercules and Iolaus finally get back to traveling together but they have a few bad dreams to work through before things can truely get back to normal.

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