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When Hellmouths Collide co-written with Kimberly Rector
PG-13, Xover (Buffy: the Vampire Slayer), drama
Buffy, Xander, Giles and Willow are accidentally sent through a dimensional doorway to a strange new world, where they run into our favorite pair of mythological heroes.

Home is Where the Heart is co-written with Kimberly Rector
PG-13, drama
A prequel to "When Hellmouths Collide." Hercules has a problem: Iolaus is dead and Hercules can't find his shade in the Underworld.

The Perils of Perseus co-written with Kimberly Rector
PG-13, drama
This story is set in the same shared universe as "Home is Where the Heart is" and "When Hellmouths Collide" but can be read on its own. Perseus causes a disaster that only Hercules and Iolaus can fix, but will they be in time?

For Those of You Who Tuned Out
G, episode related, humor
A vignette where Hercules and Iolaus, while searching for something among the alternate universes, run into...Hercules. Set during the HtLJ episode "For Those of You Just Tuning In."

Norse by Norsewest Revisited
G, h/c, drama
Hercules and Iolaus go to Norseland, where Hercules has a close encounter with a frost giant.

Home is the Hunter
h/c, action, drama, Xover (Xena), PG-13 for language
A sequel to Home is Where the Heart is. New dangers have appeared in Greece while Hercules was gone, and Iolaus has difficulties adjusting to being alive again.

Walking Back From Persepolis

An epilogue to Legacy by fyresong and Home is the Hunter by Martha Part of the Home is Where the Heart is series. Rated PG13.

Dem Bones
by Carolyn Golledge, Liz Sharpe, and Martha
humor, PG13
While on a fishing trip, Hercules, Iolaus and Jason run into a little problem with an unusual curse.

Darkness Visible Revisited
drama, episode related "Darkness Visible", PG-13
A rewriting of the sixth season HtLJ episode "Darkness Visible," where Hercules and Iolaus go to the assistance of their old friend Vlad Tepes.

An Eye For Trouble
hurt/comfort, action, PG13 for language
Hercules and Iolaus are marooned on a deserted island while hunting pirates -- but it may not be as deserted as they think.

Under the Hill and Far Away
Story Idea by Liz Sharpe, Rated G
Iolaus encounters a blue swirly doorway which has allowed some strange visitors into the world.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
xover (angel), PG-13
An Angel/Hercules crossover. Hunting for a marauding shapechanger, Hercules and Iolaus run into some side-tracked travellers.

Dark Hunt
drama, PG -13
A sequel to "Home is the Hunter" and "Home is Where the Heart is". Old friends and new enemies make things difficult for Hercules and Iolaus during a brief stopover at home. Rated.

action/adventure, h/c, PG-13
Hercules and Iolaus encounter strange dangers in a lonely mountain pass.

The Ninth Plague
drama, PG-13
A sequel to "Dark Hunt." Nebula returns to Greece from Sumeria, but she may have brought something with her.

Night on the Borderlands
drama, PG-13
As Hercules and Iolaus travel to an isolated village, Iolaus is plagued by strange dreams.

Been There, Done That
xover stargate
A Hercules/Stargate crossover. Iolaus ends up in a very strange place. Can Hercules find him again? Can the SGC survive the process?

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