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List of Story Codes and their meanings

Margui's fanfic is archived at her site: Gorgeous Guys of Greeceland

The Blood of Medusa
Hercules and Iolaus help a healer fight a plague that was set on a village by Zeus but Livy has a few secrets of her own.

How to Cheat A Cheater
A young thief sets up a new scam at the Festival of Demeter.

I'm Not a Demigod, But I Play One On TV
Kevin and Michael find themselves in the shoes of the real Hercules and Iolaus.


A short interlude to highlight Iolaus' defining characteristics.

Friendship and Medicine
Iolaus persuades a little girl to take her medicine.

There and Back Again
atoz, challenge
Iolaus and Hercules suspects Autolycus of stealing from a royal vault.

A Modest Little Rescue
damsel, challenge
An answer to the Library's Damsel in Distress story challenge.

Hazards of the Die
challenge, first1
An answer to the Library's July story challenge to write a story which begins "The darkness was impenetrable it surrounded and suffocated him."

I'll Be Home for Solstice
holiday, challenge 12-2000
Answer to the Library's December 2000 story challenge

Give Us A Clue
A fun romp through a few Hercules episode titles.

The Pool

Coronation of a King

Behind the Scenes
challenge 9-2001

Tricks and Treats
challenge 10-2001
A Halloween Story. Iolaus and Hercules meet up with Autolycus while traveling through a haunted forest and have to spend the night in a mysterious cabin.

A Visit From Solstice Nick
challenge, 12-2001
A holiday story

Best Intentions

Iolaus has the best intentions when he organizes a surprise birthday party for Autolycus.

Stranger Things Have Happened

Autolycus opens a mysterious door and finds himself in the Alternate Universe.

Tangled Webs

Iolaus and Autolycus go after a kidnapper. On the way, Iolaus learns a secret about Autolycus.

The Beast Within

Little White Lies

Autolycus crashes his daughter's wedding and Iolaus and Hercules try to stop him.

Stretching the Truth
5-2003 challenge

Surprising Sacrifices

Iolaus is saved from a marksman's arrow by a most unlikely hero

A Little Menu-tainment
challenge, 8-2003
This is the 500 word challenge with a walking, talking green turtle.

The Road to Calydon
RLJ, season 1, episode 9
Hercules stops to help some villagers find a new home while Jason arrives in Thebes to pay his respects. Neither man gets quite what he bargained for...

Hero for A Day
Autolycus gets to experience being 'Hero for a Day'.

All That Glitters
RLJ, season 2, episode 2
Hercules and Iolaus discover that King Midas has converted his kingdom to a questionable new economy. One that may not be in his people's best interests.

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