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List of Story Codes and their meanings

Back From the Light
A story set immediatly following events in "Revelations".

Iolaus...I'd Like You To Meet...Iolaus
Jester, drama
Iolaus decides that he'd like to meet his counterpart from the Alternate Universe.

Still Passing Through
Jester, drama
Picking up the story from where Iolaus...I'd Like You to Meet...Iolaus left off, the former Jester makes some life decisions.

The Hero of Elis
Iolaus sets off on his own and finds his true destiny.

episode related, drama
A sequel to events in "Pride Comes Before A Brawl". Hercules and Iolaus decide to spend a few days fishing but they forgot about the monsters.

The Greatest Gift
Jester, drama, h/c
Hercules and Iolaus spent a few days with Iolaus and Nautica only to need rescuing as soon as they leave.

Hercules and Iolaus plan on spending a few nights in luxury at an inn but Iolaus has disappeared.

The Statue
A modern day visitor to Athens accidentally stumbles upon the long-forgotten statue of an ancient Greek hero.

Iolaus' Day
Iolaus celebrates a birthday.

Hercules' Day
Hercules and Iolaus spend time together.

drama, preseries
Iolaus returns from his year in the East and is reunited with his best friend

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