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New Rule
challenge 1-2001, episode related, Gladiator, drama, PG-13
Hercules tries on the role of God of Justice and Bellicus finds out that justice isn't always kind?

Iolaus and the Nemean Beast
drama, h/c
Herc's heroic heart ends up giving him and Iolaus a very big problem.

New Friends
challenge 3-2001, YH
Five-year old Hercules and his new friend, seven-year old Iolaus, go on their first fishing trip. On the way home, they meet someone who will play an important part in their futures.

Fashion Statement
challenge 4-2001, PG-13, humor
answer to the April 2001 story challenge to write a story beginning, "Iolaus knew that this time he had pushed Hercules too far."

Iolaus is Not the Nemean Beast
Iolaus accidently drinks from one of Artemis' sacred springs and gets transformed. But into what, and why would he pick a fight with Xena, Warrior Princess?

Fools 'N Blooms
Iolaus, Xena and Gabrielle attend the Flower Maiden Festival while Hercules deals with the results of Aphrodite's latest attempt to forge a friendship between himself and Ares.

A True Test Of Friendship
When a large, tired demigod and his exhausted nightmare-prone partner try to share one small bed, the result makes for a true test of friendship.

On The Wrong Path Again
challenge 5-2001
Hercules and Iolaus deal with the aftermath of Serena's death

Who's Fooling Who

sequel to "Fools N Bloom", Hercules and Iolaus spend an interesting night in Aphrodite's temple

Paths Not Taken
Hera devises a new plan for ridding herself of her hated stepson and his best friend.

Iolaus for a Day
challenge 2-2001 episode related "Highway to Hades"
Hercules has given up his body to Timeron for a day and Iolaus has just the idea for how they can spend the time

Things that Go Bump In The Night
challenge 9-2001
Write a story in 750 words or less that begins, "It was a dark and stormy night."

The Captive Moon: Hydras, Pumpkins and Fools, Oh My!
YH, challenge 10-2001
A Halloween fantasy. The moon is being held prisoner and Hercules, Iolaus and Iphicles set out to free her.

One Fine Day...With Apples

Lunch at Jason's with all the gang turns into one strange day when unexpected guests show up.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Challenge, 4-2002
Little Herc brings his new best friend a very itchy present.

Little Surprises

Hercules' bizarre behavior has a very shocking explanation

Rabbit Season by Lunita

A whimsical tale wherein little Iolaus decides it's time for his new friend to learn how to catch a rabbit.

Tiny Spirits

Little Iolaus meets baby Hercules for the first time when bandits attack Thebes

Sweet Reward

Michael grants one last wish to a young woman about to enter the Light

Dancing With Bulls
challenge 8-2002
Hercules and Iolaus accompany Iphicles on a diplomatic mission to a very friendly country.

Down By The Sea

Iolaus is waiting for the demigod at a special place by the sea that turns out to be Dite's special place, too.

The Wind Beneath My Wings

Being an immortal demigod can be pretty lonely...unless, of course, you got your best friend with you.

When Ares Came A'Courtin'

Ares concocts an elaborate scheme to appease a foreign goddess.

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