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The Sea Goddess
Hercules is menaced by a Sea Goddess of unknown origins. Her attack causes Iolaus to be thrown overboard. Hercules believes him drown, but he didn't reckon that an old folktale about drowning sailors was true.

Eel of Fortune
Co written by CapnNate, drama
Hercules is afflicted by the God of Madness and begins destroying everything in sight. The only possible way to save him is for Iolaus to sacrifice himself to the She-Beast willingly, but Iolaus doesn't die. The She-Beast has taken his memory. When Hercules recovers he must try and find his friend. Xena and Gabrielle also make an appearance in this one.
This story continues in Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Glossary

The Chastity Wars
humor, net persona
To repay a debt to Artemis, Iolaus takes a vow of chastity. But how long will he hold out after he's captured by a group a beautiful Amazons on a mating hunt?

The Iolaus File
Xover (X-Files), drama
Iolaus is transported to the future where he helps Scully and Mulder solve a case. A "H:TLJ"/"X-Files" crossover written in first person, from both Iolaus and Scully's point of view.

The Last Song
AU, drama
Beautiful story about the changes Iolaus makes to the Underworld while waiting for his best friend to arrive.

Dragon Brothers
While delivering an official message, Hercules and Iolaus end up on an island ruled by an evil king who has enslaved the dragons living there. With both Hercules' and Iolaus' fates up in the air, Iolaus gets help from an old friend.
Note: See Arianna's "Firestorm" for a sequel to this story.

A Solstice Tale
, holiday
Iolaus befriends a group of royal children who are being hunted by Hera's archers.

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