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Llyra and Astride

Fur-B It From Me
Aphrodite turns one of Hera's creatures into a harmless furball or is it so harmless? Story also features Autolycus and Nebula.

Fur-B or Not Fur-B
A little Fur-B wanders alone until he finds a friend in the most unlikely of places.

The Fifth Season Begins
A parody of "American Pie" by Donald MacClean. Inspired by Wierd Al Yankovic's "The Saga Begins" on the album 'Running with Scissors.'

The Dead Warlord Sketch
a parody

humor, episode related
The third installment in the Fur-B saga.A follow up to "One Fowl Day". Dite's Fur'B wants a closer look at Artemis' bow up on the top shelf.

View From the Vortex
drama, episode related (armageddon)
The Sovereign deals with being trapped inside the vortex and has a chance to reflect on his life.

I'll Be Home For Solstice
holiday, challenge 12-2000
Answer to the Library's Holiday story challenge

The Side Kick Rant
dialog dealing with Iolaus' position in the universe.

Keeping Up With the Geraldine Joneses
humor, challenge 6-2001
Iolaus has to rescue the damsel in distress in 750 words or less, or does he?

Yet another installment in the Fur-B saga.

Everybody's Free to Wear Pants
Iolaus makes a speech.

King of Thieves
RLJ season 2, episode 1, drama
Iolaus is on trial for a crime he didn't commit. Can Hercules find the real culprit in time?

A Little Problem
Iolaus spends an evening in a tavern.

Stranger and Stranger
RLJ season 5, episode 14
Hercules and Iolaus find themselves in the mirror universe where things are not quite as they left them. A wayward Jester decides to try a new life.

Fade Out
RLJ season 5, episode 20
Strife is back and he has plans.

...And What Happened After
xover with Lord of the Rings
Hercules and Iolaus are fighting a giant spider and end up in Middle Earth....

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