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Alliana's Kitchen (site under construction 7-13-09)

Allie's Aerye(Geocities)
a fan fic archive in the making

Amorette's Webpage

Ancient Worlds Stronghold

BonaDea's Bodacious Homepage

Bruce Campbell Online
Bruce Campbell's Official Page

Bwell's Ares Page

*Bwell's Manipulation and Stories Page* (geocities)

CCAmazon's Soulmates Page

*Ceryndip's Sanctuary*

Dear Auntie Twanky (Geocities)

Fate of Iolaus Page

*Gharedsu's Homepage* (Geocities)

Global Deano Network

Gorgeous Guys of Greeceland (Geocities)

*The Greecian Gazette* (Geocities)

The Greecian Gazette Newsticker (Geocities)
Current information and news articles concerning the actors involved in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Heather's Internet Home (Geocities)
A writings archive disguised as a personal website. Includes several Hercules/Xena works.

The Heliconian Museum
Home of the Muses of Mythic Greece and depository for the Chronicles of Chronos. Visitors welcome!

Hercules Bloopers (Geocities)

Hercules: the Legendary Fan Site (****NEW****)

*Hudson Leick Official Fan Club*

The Hunter's Wife

Iolaus' Wheel of Torture

Iolausian Legacy
Will accept: Any general HtLJ fanfic, preferably with a focus on Iolaus. No slash or adult will be accepted. More information on the fanfiction page of this site.

Iolausian Poets Society

JMSSTYX's Iolausian Paradise

*Kalynn's Fan Fiction* (Geocities)

*Kendaa's Ares Shrine*

Kleandra's Iolausian Stronghold

The Legendary Heroes World Order (New location)

*The Less Than Legendary Journeys*

Lisa Hobb's Fan Fiction and Information Page

M14Mouse's Hiding Spot (Geocities)

Maggie's Place (Geocities)
Gen fan fic

Margui's Autolycus Page (Geocities)

Mary Crawford's Vices

McJude's Odyssey - Hercules Forever
A collection of my (and a few favorite) Hercules based stories. Divided into Young Hercules, Classic Hercules and Hercules Forever (AU and time travel stories.) Warnings: All stories are marked and rated when listed on this page. I would prefer that readers be over 18.

Michael Hurst Now

Michelle's Fan Fic Page

The Mythadventures of Hercules and Company (Geocities)

The Road Not Taken go to the files area for fan fiction by Rielle and others.

Shadowlands (Geocities)

Sidekick Fan Fiction Site

*Skylark's Fan Fiction Page*

The Stronghold

*Temple of Iolaus Homepage* (new location)

The Tigress's Lair

*Tom's Xena Page*

Tyger's Den

Tyger's Iolaus Fiction Page

Online Magazine for Xena Fans with occasional information and articles for Hercules fans

Widow Twanky's Dance Studio

Young Hercules World Order

Mailing Lists and net forums:

Golden Apple Bard's List

The bards asked for it, here it is! A fan fic/discussion mailing list to celebrate Iolaus and all things related to fan fiction. Provides a supportive atmosphere for bards to play in. Both writers and readers are welcome.

Update Announcement List for The Iolausian Library, Ceryndip's Sanctuary and The IWC Archive

Join the Update list! Want to know when this webpage is updated? Sign up for the update list and you'll get a message notifying you whenever The Iolausian Library, Ceryndip's Sanctuary or the Iolausian Writer's Circle Archive is updated.

Iolausian Mailing List or IML
is a mailling list for discussion and fan fiction involving Iolaus, Michael Hurst and related topics.

To subscribe see the instructions here

The Road Not Taken List

If you write, read,& enjoy ff where universes collide, especially fantasy worlds like Htlj, XWP, Trek, Darkover, Pern, Tigana [Guy Gavriel Kay's works] & Gwynedd [ Katherine Kurtz's Deryni], & of course, urban legends like The Sentinel, Beauty & the Beast, etc, Just for fun,just for encouragement and imagination, just for relaxation and especially, just for fans, bards/poets, & their friends to share the whys and hows, the what-ifs? and the how-comes?

The Road Not Taken

Net Forums

Iolaus and Autolycus Fan Forum

Other Language Sites

Iolausian Corner Russian Language site with fan fiction in Russian.

Want to read a good Book?

On-Line Books Page

Project Gutenberg

WWW Virtual Library

Read Classical Authors Online

Other sites of interest

The Hollywood Stock Exchange

Even more sites may be found on the Webring:

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Ceryndip and Jane

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