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And after that:Norcia, Atalanta, Bona Dea, Paks, Jane, Locita
And after that: Star, Im4Iolaus, Locita, Steffie, Dragona
And many more.....

An archive of the best limericks posted to the IML.

January 1 to February 1, 1998
February 1 to February 22, 1998
February 22 to March 9, 1998
March 9 to April 12, 1998
April 12 to May 22, 1998
May 22 to July 21, 1998
July 21 to Aug 8, 1998
Aug 8 to Oct 10, 1998
Oct 10 to Dec 31, 1998
Jan 1 to Mar 31, 1999
Apr 1 to July 20, 1999

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