Iolausian Limericks Anonymous

Founded by Bwell
Faithful Followers the first week: Catstale, Chrysim and Ceryndip
Later that month: Lanfear and Ceredwyn
And after that:Norcia, Atalanta, Bona Dea, Paks, Jane, Locita
And after that: Star, Im4Iolaus, Locita, Steffie, Dragona

Limericks written July 21 - Aug 8, 1998.

Inanimate thing!
You taunt me with large buttons.
Now I got a Sprite.


It seems when Iolausians meet it matters not
Whether the climate is frigid or hot
It starts with a squeal
A bit less genteel
Our camaraderie solidifies on the spot.


Your limerick is so right
When we first meet it's with delight
We keep in touch
We miss the time together very much
Iolausian friendships, throughout life, are tight.


I know it would certainly be on track
To offer IO a hearty, "Welcome back!"
So rejoin the fun
On a list second to none
A place where our writers' have kept away the IWS attack.


Iolausians meet.
Friends forged in laughter and fun.
What good memories!


There once was an Iolausian who,
Thought there was no other crew,
She'd like to be with,
Sh**ing the Myth.
Watch out for those Iolausian rendezvous!

and of course a Haiku.

If you could harness
Iolausian energy,
we could rule the world!


A warm welcome goes out to Danielle
who's found this wonderful place to dwell
pull up a Chair
feel free to sh***
Your fanfic, ideas, and admiration of Michael as well.


Welcome to Deoris,come right on in
Enjoy this place guaranteed to win
immediate devotion
no matter which ocean
separates us, Iolausians all feel like kin.

Welcome Im4Iolaus, I'm glad you've found
The most incredible list that's around
A common bond
of whom we are fond
Is only the start of friendships that abound.


Bwell has this way with a rhyme
That makes us laugh all of the time.
When she welcomes a member
They always remember
Her greetings so sweet and sublime!

Bona Dea

Aw Iris, try not to be blue
Dr. Iolaus can prevent the flu
Well, he can make
it easier to take
He can sure make you feel good as new.


Welcome to our new sister Moonmaid
Join right in and don't be afraid
Please take part
With your good heart
Language isn't a barrier in the Iolausian Brigade.


Let's give her a hand
The Best Limerick-er in the land
All newbies she does greet
With a limerick as a treat
All of her limericks are sweet and grand.


Please let me join the committee
I find I'm very good with a ditty
About those new to us
Or about our Iolaus
Who is the REAL nitty-gritty!

I find that if you pronounce it EE oh lus, it flows better!

Bona Dea

Welcome to friends new and old
Here Iolausian fiction be told
We all gather to view
him whose eyes are true blue
and whose heart is much purer than gold

He's a lover, a fighter, he's the friend
that we know will be true till the end
At Herc's side he will fight for the good and the right
May his fame (and the stories) ne'er end.


Welcome, Hermoine, to one of the best lists
Its fanfic, jokes, and camaraderie is not to be missed
So, yes, pull up a chair
There's room to spare
And you'll find no friendlier place on the Net exists.


There once was a bard not quite sure
Where the limerick muse would lure
This one truth
It's plagued me since youth
Alas, my friends, there seems to be no cure.


Bwell, now, she is the best
At making a rhyming jest.
She spouts off the cuff
Till you laugh out 'Enough,
my sides ache, and I need a rest!"

But, that won't stop her!
She has couplets in her soul.
Soon, she'll get you too.


And who should prove to be our newbie next
But the equally gifted friend, RogueX
Glad to find
you've left lurkdom behind
This place only brings about great effects.


Iolaus, our hero from Greece
With hair like the Golden Fleece
Stole so many hearts
With his sidekick part
We didn't even notice the crease!


I thought I'd pen this little ditty
'Cause it'd really be a pity
To pass this day
In such a way--
Now down to the nitty-gritty!

"Iolaus Turns Up the Heat" (a birthday limerick by BonaDea for Bwell)

Shirtless at the forge he stands,
A black hot hammer in his hands.
He pounds the steel
To see it reveal
A dagger worthy of his skilled demands.

As the wonderful weapon cools,
He gathers a myriad of various tools.
He fashions the hilt
With a layer of gilt,
And delicately encrusts it with jewels.

When at last he's satisfied with his gift,
He seeks out Bwell on feet most swift
With a velvet box
With golden locks--
He'd spared no expense nor used thrift.

He finally arrives at Bwell's door,
And she lets him in, pleased to the core!
"Iolaus dear!
What brings you here?
I could have asked for nothing more."

"My beautiful Amazon--friend most dear,
It's one of the most special days of the year!
I offer you this
Along with a kiss,
To show you how delighted I am that you're here!"

Our dear sister is thrilled
(With more than his build)!
She loves the knife--
The first in her life.
With his kiss she is happiness-filled!

Bona Dea

Happy B-day, Bwell.
I hope it's really swell.
You might get lotsa junk
We might lend you our golden hunk.
This is my first attempt at a poem, limerick, whatever but happy birthday even if the rhymie thing stunk.


To Bwell on the occasion of her Birthday:

Oh, what a beautiful day
I can't think of any other way
To send greetings on the day of your birth
I wish for you much joy and mirth
and gifts greater than I can say


Another Limerick for You Dear Bwell!

Happy B-day dearest Bwell,
May peace reign where you dwell.
And Iolaus too,
Shall visit you.
In other words,may your B-day be Swell!

And a haiku

An Iolaus gift
is really fun to unwrap.
Can't say any more!


Happy Much Belated Birthday, Helle2(THAT was a mouthful)!

Your birthday you should'nt just hide,
you should flaunt it!Show us your pride!
Iolaus will greet you,
We don't want to cheat you
out of your day with him by your side!

and A haiku,

A Birthday is a
great time to enjoy your life.
Iolaus will help.


Bwell, your birthday is here
Iolaus appears and draws near
A passionate kiss
A moment of bliss
I bet you can't wait for next year! ;o)


Birthday Greetings are what I'm sending
May your joy and happiness be unending
Have a great day, Bwell
Im jealous as h*ll
If with Iolaus this day you're spending!


Iolaus is too far away from here?
Cloning is the answer, my dear
One for me, one for you
Oh, heck, order two!
That way you'll always have him near!


A lovely Iolausian, Bwell,
Has a birthday, now ain't that swell?
She's HOW old, you say?
It can't be that way!
Iolaus knows, but he won't tell!


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