Limericks from January 1 to March 31, 1999

by Iolausian Limericks Anonymous

Dear friends,

Once again, this Iolausian has been remiss
In welcoming our newbies to the list
Sit back and gaze within
In no time you'll join right in
And experience that golden smile no one can resist.

And now my friends, I wish to submit
A poem, though not totally OT I admit
For imagination in concerns
and gifts we so often spurn
That this list inspires quite a bit.


I've thought Snow on Christmas would be nice
But all we got in Texas was an inch of ice
But never fear
I've Iolaus here
If you think I'll give him up, No dice


Iolausians know our show will someday end.
But gifted actors like Michael seem to transcend
A TV show's lifespan
What a talented man
To give us Iolaus, the world's consummate best friend

As for the future of Iolaus, don't ya know
We have endless unwritten plotlines to go
Even at 100 years old
He'd be a sight to behold
I'd certainly catch the floor show.


There once were three gals from Great Britain
Who of Michael Hurst were definitely smitten
They travelled afar
To see this great star
And by the thrill seeker's bug be bitten.


There once was a girl named Bwell
Who could really rhyme quite swell
I tried to match wits
With this silly twit
And ended up losing, oh well.


There once was an amazon named Kitt
Who began reading Bwell's limericks and had a fit
She laughed till she cried
She moaned and groaned oh my!
Oh no, by the limerick bug she's been bit.


An Iolausian with rhyming tendency defends
The art of the limerick, my friends
My humble appeal
will never conceal
My fierce love for a limerick when it ascends.


Wow, everyone here's getting so darned excited
But should I feel the slightest bit slighted ?
Since poetry day
Is not far way
Thought I'd show up right now uninvited : )

Since my limericks are mostly for laughs and for fun
I haven't been inspired as of late to write one
And yet I am here
To spread some good cheer
Rest assured, the limericists are not done!

I'm not meaning to cause any battle or rift
My spirits right now just experienced a lift
So wanted to say
In my most heart-felt way
My {{{{{IML family}}}} is one precious gift


Why, oh, is this depressing me so
After all, it's just a television show
We've cried and been terribly sad
They could have written him out without being such cads
Why did they have to kill my hero?


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