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List of Story Codes and their meanings

The 12 Gifts of Hades
holiday, humor
In order to stop a war, Hercules and Iolaus have to collect a whole list of gifts for a king and the list looks strangely like a Herculean version of the Twelve Days of Christmas and a great adventure is had by all.

Flames of Rememberance
preseries, drama
Iolaus and Hercules return to their families after fighting in a war to find a plague marker at the edge of town.

And Yet He Still Loved Him
YH, drama
Iolaus became the man he is because of his childhood. This story recounts the defining moments of his early life.

Tickle Me Hercules
Hercules helps Iolaus work out a new move and Iolaus ends up in a compromising position....

It is Better to Have Loved
YH, drama
Young Iolaus believes his father has brought him a puppy but Discord and Ares have plans for both Iolaus and his loyal companion.

The Long and The Short of the Matter
Iolaus wishes he were taller and learns that perhaps he should be more careful what he wishes for.

Scene between the end of Top God and the beginning of Reunions
episode related
Iolaus struggles with the loss of Alcmene and his best friend becoming a god.

The Long Road
drama, h/c
Iolaus believes that Hercules is dead and must inform his family of their loss but is he really dead?

What Makes a Great Tavern
misc, humor
An interview conducted with the legendary Iolaus

Mother of All Monsters' Epilogue
episode related, challenge, h/c
IWC Mother of All Monsters Challenge response.

A Toady Tall Tale
episode related, humor, challenge
IWC Second Maze of the Minotaur Challenge response.

By the Light of the Silvery Moon
episode related, challenge, preseries
IWC The Wrong Path Challenge response.

The Trial
challenge, YH, drama
IWC How Iolaus ended up at the Academy challenge response.

And the Blind Shall See
challenge, drama, h/c
IWC Responsibilities of Strength Challenge response.

In The Swim of Things
YH, challenge, humor
IWC Teach Young Iolaus to Swim challenge response.

The Anatomy of Medicine Dispensing A-Z
challenge, atoz, YH
An answer to the April 2000 AtoZ challenge to write a story inwhich each paragraph begins with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet.

Hydra's Pumpkins and Fools, Oh My
challenge, 10-2001, YH
Answer to the October challenge to write a Young Hercules story incorporating a list of scary items.

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