Stories by Jessi

List of Story Codes and their meanings

Royalty Beckons
drama, Attica
Niobi seeks out Iolaus to tell him some important news but it disturbs him after she's gone and he follows her back to Attica.

The Choice
drama, arc
Grateful for his help, Hades offers Hercules a choice of rewards but it's a decision that his heart cannot make.

Survival by Jessi
drama, arc
Zeus has decided he wants another son on Olympus, one he can raise to become as he wants him to become. He has chosen Evander, Nemesis' son. Now, Hercules must wage war against his father in an effort to save his first love's son from becoming another casualty.

Tell Me That You Love Me
arc, drama
Iolaus returns to Sumeria to find the woman he loves. Finding her is easy; saving her will take a lot more...especially once Iolaus finds out exactly whom he's up against. Third and final installment in the Ressurection series.

Just Call My Name

Things appear to be back to normal, that is, until Hercules receives a message from Hades...a message that doesn't bode well for the individual Hercules has to track down.

Home is Where the Heart is

Hercules, Iolaus and Nebula set out on a journey back to Sumeria to reclaim Nebula's crown. Along the way, they encounter obstacles from the God of the Sea, Poseidon and some from an unknown god that they are forced to face upon the shores of Sumeria.

The Heart Remembers
Hercules is reunited with an old love and this time, he isn't so sure he can let her go. But before love can have another chance, Hercules has to prevent a town from sacrificing the woman he loves to an angry god.

Two Weddings and A Vendetta
Hercules and Iolaus have waited for this day for far too long. Today, Hercules will marry Serena and Iolaus will marry Nebula. That is, if nothing goes wrong and everyone knows that those days are few and far between for the Son of Zeus and his best friend.

Even Bad Boys Get the Blues
What everyone thought was impossible has become possible.....Ares has fallen in love. But there will be no flowery speeches or roses for the woman of his dreams. Just a demand that she spend the rest of her life with him...without her family. Her refusal could mean Greece's destruction.

Til Death Do Us Part
With a family and home, Hercules' world was finally peaceful, so, he is unprepared for the disruption that arrives in the form of a petite redhead. Eire is in trouble and needs the help only the son of Zeus can provide, and with Hercules gone, Serena is targeted for the slave market.

If I Dream Before I Wake
A deadly, recurrent dream begins to send Iolaus over the edge and Hercules is ready to battle Morpheus for his friend's sanity. But it's only in the world of dreams where the war must be raged and Iolaus has to face down his own fears to protect his family.

A Broken Heart Mended
Ares has a son to call his own and he's walking on air . . . until tragedy strikes . . . a tragedy that leaves the God of War shaken to his very core and out for revenge. But will his determined quest for vengeance separate him from the woman he loves forever?

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