Stories by Jane

List of Story Codes and their meanings

What is A Hero?
drama, H/C, pg
Hercules and Iolaus are asked to help a village by a boy who wants to see his people free of the clutches of an evil dictator. when Iolaus is wounded and can't fight, they and the villagers must decide which is more important: their lives or their freedom.

To Forgive Oneself
drama, X-over
Iolaus and Hercules run into Xena and Gabrielle. while at a tavern, a drunk insults Iolaus dredging up painful memories about Xena that have to be dealt with.

Alcmene's Journal
drama, h/c
A story from Alcmene's Journal telling of a time when Hercules arrived home with a severely wounded Iolaus.

Old Maid and the Warriordrama
a woman gives Iolaus shelter during a storm and he repays the favor by rescuing her from some bad men.

Miracle of the Healing Tears
drama, h/c
Hercules, Iolaus, Autolycus, and Salmoneus end up taking refuge in a cave during a storm. Hera uses well placed lightning bolts to keep them inside while her ghidra plans a feast inside.

Prometheus - Missing Secnes
episode related, h/c, challenge
IWC Prometheus Challenge response

Surprise Reprise
episode related, challenge, h/c
IWC Surprise Challenge response.

Encounter Missing Scenes
episode related, h/c, challenge
IWC Encounter Challenge response.

Lost City - Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge
IWC Lost City Challenge Response

Maze of the Minotaur - Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge
IWC Maze of the Mintoaur Challenge response.

Enforcer - Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge, h/c
IWC Enforcer Challenge response.

Armageddon Now - Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge
IWC Armageddon Now Challenge response.

episode related, challenge
IWC The Wrong Path Challenge response.

Yesterday, My Son Taught Me to Fish
IWC Mythological Fishing Trip Challenge response.

challenge, Attica
IWC What if Orestes had to take Iolaus' place challenge response.

Wow! Where'd You Learn That?
challenge, Xover (Xena)
IWC How did Iolaus find out that Gabby could fight challenge response.

Alcmene's Ghost Challenge Story
challenge, drama
IWC Alcmene's Ghost Challenge response.

Jane's answer to the Responsibilities of Strength and the Second Maze Challenge
challenge, humor, drama
Iolaus looses his pants in a unique way and Hercules remembers a past life altering event.

The Picnic
h/c, drama
An old enemy vows revenge against Hercules and Iolaus but didn't bargain on getting Alcmene in the mix. With newly discovered excepts from Alcmene's Journal.

Iolaus to the Rescue
net persona, humor
Iolaus has to figure out a way to keep the peace when Jane and Harmony both decide to go fishing in the same fishing hole.

Greece is Burning
RLJ season 5, episode 16
Hercules and Iolaus run into Twanky who, as usual, has her share of troubles.

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