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Prometheus [iwc1]
Challenge: What happened between Hercules and Xena freeing Prometheus and the farewells of the two couples.

Surprise [iwc2]
Challenge: Rewrite the ending of Surprise so that it was not Alcmene but Iolaus about to jump from the parapet.

Encounter [iwc3]
Challenge: What exactly happened when Hercules found Iolaus near death with the Hind's arrow buried in his chest?

Lost city [iwc4]
Challenge: What happened to Iolaus between the torture scene and his reappearance as one of the "followers" and how did he manage to not become programmed?

Maze of the Minotaur [iwc5]
Challenge: What happened to Iolaus between being pulled down the hole and Hercules pulling him from the cocoon?

Hero's Heart [iwc6]
Challenge: Explain why Iolaus trusted Hercules enough to allow Zeno to be handed over to the authorities after Iolaus rescued him from drowning.

Enforcer [iwc7]
Challenge: What happened between Hercules carrying off the unconscious nemesis and the goodbye scene at the end?

Armageddon Now [iwc8]
Challenge: what would happen if our Iolaus met up with his alternate time Iolaus (not Jester), the one who grew up without the influence of Hercules? What would his life have been like without the demigod living in a world ruled by Conqueror Xena?

Mother of All Monsters [iwc9]
Challenge: Complete Mother of All Monsters by writing an epilogue explaining how Iolaus and Alcmene managed to get the wounded Hercules back home.

2nd Maze of the Minotaur Challenge [iwc10]
Challenge: Add scenes to Maze of the Minotaur explaining why Iolaus is not wearing pants as they travel to Alturia. (check your tapes, it's true!)

Wrong Path [iwc11]
Challenge: Add scenes to "The Wrong Path" between Iolaus finding the grieving Hercules outside of his home and Iolaus going into the tavern.

Post Revelations [iwc12]
Challenge: Write a story set after "Revelations" explaining why Iolaus is wearing half an amulet instead of a whole one. why wasn't it repaired when he returned? Also, we were invited to explain what happened to the monument that Hercules placed sometime after "Redemption."

The Wedding of Alcmene [iwc13]
Challenge: What if Iolaus was Swallowed by the serpent in the big fight?

God Fearing Child [iwc14]
Challenge: Continue the story began in the Xena episode "God Fearing Child" and relate how Hercules deals wtih committing particide.

Iolaus' Mythological Fishing Trip [iwc15]
Challenge: Write a fishing story set in one of the locations on the Iolaus' Mythological Fishing Trip Map

What if Orestes had to take Iolaus place? [iwc16]
Challenge: Write a story inwhich Orestes has to become Iolaus.

How did Iolaus find out that Gabby could fight? [iwc17]
Challenge: Write a story tellilng of the incident inwhich Iolaus discovered that Gabirelle had learned to fight, explaining why in "the Quest" he wasn't surprised by her skills.

Alcmene's Ghost [iwc18]
Challenge: Write a story in which Alcmene visits Iolaus from the other side.

How Iolaus ended up at the Academy [iwc19]
Challenge: Write a story explaining how Young Iolaus came to be given the choice between jail and Cheiron's Academy.

Responsibilities of Strength [iwc20]
Challenge: Write a story in which Hercules' strength injures an innocent bystander even though it was the right thing to do.

Teach Young Iolaus to Swim [iwc21]
Challenge: Write a story in which Young Iolaus is taught to Swim

Other Side [iwc22]
Challenge: to write a story of what Iolaus was up to while Hercules was in the Underworld chasing pigs and seeing his family and soling Demeter's problem so she'd warm the world again and allow spring to come.

Skouros' Death [iwc23]
Challenge: To write a story detailing Iolaus' reaction to finding out his father had died in battle.

Natural Disaster Challenge [iwc24]
Challenge: Write an original story in which Hercules and Iolaus get caught in a natural disaster

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