Hercules Season Six (1999-2000)

by Ceryndip

Be Deviled
Love Amazon Style
Rebel With A Cause
Darkness Visible
Hercules, Tramps and Thieves
City of the Dead
A Wicked Good Time
Full Circle

Be Deviled

#V1102 (26 September 1999)

Guest Stars: Jeremy Roberts, Katie Wolfe, Sam Sorbo
Written By: Paul Robert Coyle
Directed By: Mark Beesley

The guards at the prison are having dinner. Two prisoners discuss a map one of them has seen leading to the location of the sword of Hera. A female prisoner suggests they go after it. He scoffs at her. She rips out his nose ring and overpowers a guard. She leads a prisoner revolt and they all escape.

Hercules has taken Iolaus to see a play and Iolaus didn't like it. They debate the merits of the play while Iolaus has lunch. A man interrupts and tells Hercules about the prison break in Mycenea. Iolaus grabs more food and heads off down the road leaving Hercules to pay.

Two men are working in a forge when a third man appears from the fire and roasts one of them with flames. He sends the other after Hercules.

Hercules explains to Iolaus while they travel about the Sword of Hera being hidden by her disciples and moved from place to place. Hera's nearest temple is in Mycenea. They meet a woman who looks like Serena picking an apple. She tells them she assumed that shape because she thought it would please Hercules. Xerses has escaped from her realm. When Hades gets people that Tartarus is too good for her sends them to her. Since he knows Xerses, she wants Hercules to help get the guy back. Her powers are weak in this world and they must work together. Hercules is not impressed. She tells them Xerses is headed to Mycenea and they'll meet again. She vanishes in the usual godlike way.

Hercules explains to Iolaus that Xerses was the youngest person ever sentenced to death. He'd killed his family and admitted to enjoying it. He escaped before sentence could be carried out and it was Hercules who eventually caught him. Iolaus warns Hercules that the Serena look alike wants more than just his help.

Hercules and Iolaus find the messenger hanging upside down with a note stuck in his mouth that says, "I enjoyed it." They enter the forge and find the burned body and the Serena lookalike. She tells them that Xerses took the power of her realm with him when he left and that not even a god could stop him now. Hercules again tells her that he's not interested in what she wants. Iolaus replies that he's gonna have to spell it out for her. She tells Iolaus he should hold his tongue but doesn't use her mouth, she thinks it at him. Hercules again tells her no and takes a shovel to dig graves with. She tells him she hopes that his pride doesn't cost more innocent people their lives.

Soldiers enter a village looking for the escaped prisoner (Arciana). Xerses tells them that he's seen her and offers to take them to her. On the way he transforms into a demon and kills them. Hercules and Iolaus hear the screams of the guards and find Xerses. Hercules hits him with no effect. They scuffle and Hercules kicks Xerses through the air and impales him on a tree branch. It hardly phases him. Xerses gets Hercules by the neck and Iolaus gets knocked out trying to help him. Xerses knows that Hercules will suffer more if he has to live through Xerses killing more innocent lives so he tosses Hercules aside and transforms back into the demon and flies off.

Hercules helps Iolaus up (He has a bloody nose) as the Serena lookalike reappears. She again offers to give him her power. Iolaus warns Hercules against it. He accepts anyway. She transfers her power in a kiss. Hercules tells Iolaus to go after Arciana. Xerses is after Hercules and he doesn't want Iolaus to become a target. She tells them that when Xerses burned him home and killed his family he left Arciana alive.

Arciana orders Hera's temple burned to the ground when she can't find the sword there.

Xerses visits the graves of his family, the grave tender tells him that Arciana used to come by regularly but not recently. He also says that the parents gave birth to a monster. Xerses asks if a monster can grow a conscience.

Hercules plans to send Xerses and his sister back where they belong. Iolaus questions if Arciana really deserves that, she only committed robbery. Hercules says that they share the same blood and that's enough for him. Hercules is tired of giving people the benefit of the doubt. Obviously his new power has affected him.

Hercules and Iolaus arrive in Mycenea looking for Arciana. The gravetender comments that he is the second person looking for her. The gravetender wants payment for his information. Hercules picked him up off the ground. Iolaus gets him to quit choking him. They head west. Iolaus stops him wanting to know what that was all about. Whatever Serena did to him is poisoning him like the character in the play they saw. Hercules was afraid this would happen and Iolaus will just have to put up with him until they take care of Xerses.

Xerses and Serena are watching from above and he wants to know how long he has to keep this up. She replies until Hercules' hate causes him to take a life in anger. She is holding a grudge for all the lives that Hercules kept from her realm and she wants him to pay.

Xerses advises her to not underestimate Hercules. He wants to make sure she doesn't violate her end of their deal. He wants to see Arciana but they have to take care of Hercules first. She reminds him that his soul is still hers.

A woman asks Hercules to visit her sick daughter. Hercules replies sarcastically to her request. Iolaus tries to tell the woman that Hercules is practicing for a play. She doesn't buy it.

Arciana is attacked by the soldiers. One of them is about to stab her but he is forced by Serena to kill himself. She wants to nurture Arciana's dark side. She tells her that the Sword of Hera is in Hylia to the West.

Xerses visits the orphanage where Arciana grew up and finds a children's choir singing. Arciana ran away because the headmaster runs his orphanage with the discipline of his strap. Xerses sends the children out and burns the orphanage with it's headmaster in it.

Hercules sees Xerses in the crowd and Iolaus has to remind him where his priorities are; to rescue the man in the building first. Hercules is upset with Iolaus who replies that he knows Hercules doesn't mean it. Hercules wants Iolaus to leave him to handle Xerses on his own. Iolaus refuses. Hercules picks Iolaus up by his vest and his face begins to transform for a moment into a demon as he tells Iolaus to leave him alone. He sets Iolaus down. Hercules asks him to please go and Iolaus turns and walks away.

Serena entreats Hercules to allow himself to lose control. Hercules realizes that she's trying to slow him down. Iolaus has borrowed a horse and gone after Xerses himself. Hercules nearly loses control in his anger and runs off to find Iolaus and Xerses.

Arciana tries to get the temple priests to tell her where the sword is. She sees it disguises as window dressing. Iolaus arrives to warn her about Xerses. She zaps him with the sword. Xerses stops her. Xerses gets her fellow prisoners out of the way as Hercules arrives. Iolaus jumps up to stop him, Hera's sword in hand. Hercules tells him to get out of the way. Iolaus reminds him that this is what Serena wants. Hercules tells Iolaus if he does not move he will kill him. Iolaus vows that he will kill Hercules before he sees him damn his soul. Hercules takes the sword away and hits Iolaus sending him flying to crash unconscious to the floor.

Xerses drags Arciana through the temple. He throws her to the ground and transforms into a winged demon again.

Iolaus comes to with a start and heads off after them.

Xerses tells Arciana that she doesn't have to become what he is. She still has a choice. He shows her images of his torturous realm to convince her to turn back from her evil ways. Hercules arrives and they fight. Iolaus arrives and pushes Arciana out of the way of falling debris. The fight continues. Hercules pulls off one of his wings. Iolaus stops him before he can kill Xerses. Serena yells for him to kill them all. He throws the gargoyle he's about to kill Xerses with against the wall. Serena tells Arciana they will meet again. Arciana says no. Serena sends Xerses back before leaving herself.

Hercules, Iolaus and Arciana visit the graves of her parents. They are not taking her back to prison. Hercules apologizes for threatening to kill Hercules. Iolaus admits he was really trying to kill Hercules and that Hercules was really ugly when he was possessed. Hercules reminds Iolaus that he didn't look too good when he was possessed either.

Disclaimer: Xerses' goose was cooked during the production of this motion picture

Love, Amazon Style

#V1106 (3 October 1999)

Guest Stars: Alexandra Tydings, Joel Tobeck, Jason Hoyte, Simone Kessell, Campbell Cooley
Written By: Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster
Directed By: David Grossman

Iolaus sets a trap for a rabbit. He's tired of eating nuts and berries and he wants "man food". Aphrodite rides up to their camp naked on a white horse. She's depressed and someone told her that bare back riding would "lighten her aura." Iolaus explains that it's the horse that supposed to be bare. 'Dite doesn't see how that would make her feel better. Iolaus can't argue with that. Hercules asks if they can help. 'Dite replies that it's something she has to deal with on her own.

Hercules heads off to go fishing because he doesn't think there are any rabbits for Iolaus to catch. Iolaus disagrees, he doesn't want fish.

A tribe of amazons performs a ritual around a fire and prays to Artemis.

Aphrodite is thrown from her horse into a bush by a spear. She sees the amazons and decides that they need to find a "happy place." She zaps them with a spell.

Hercules and Iolaus arrive in town. Iolaus still fussing about the rabbit. They enter the tavern to find the amazons running the place. They seem to be doing everything the men tell them but they are not happy about it. They spy several amazons serving Deimos in the tavern. Deimos tells them the amazons are serving him of their own free will. Hercules and Iolaus are not buying it.

Deimos explains that he found them like this and that he'd seen Aphrodite riding away. Deimos has the amazons perform a dance number. They are still muttering under their breaths. Hercules goes to find Aphrodite and leaves Iolaus to keep the amazons out of trouble.

Hercules finds 'Dite in her temple. She explains that she didn't mean for the spell to come out that way. Her powers have been all messed up since she and Hephaestus broke up. Hercules tells her that her powers are messed up because she misses Heph. She is outraged at the idea and goes back to the mall.

Iolaus tries to help one of the amazons with her tray. They end up dropping the tray. Iolaus tells Kayla that he is here to help. He suggests ordering her to not listen to any of Deimos' commands. She tells him it won't work because Deimos has already ordered them not to listen to any commands that contradict his. She also tells Iolaus that he should leave because when the amazons get out of this they are going to kill everyone who saw them like this.

Deimos tries to talk Iolaus into joining his team and orders the amazons to take care of him. Hercules walks in to find several amazons tending to Iolaus' needs.

Hercules explains what's going on and that he's going to go see if he can get 'Dite and Heph back together and that Iolaus should stay at the tavern and behave.

Hercules runs to Hephaestus' forge in the volcano. Heph shows him a clothes dryer that he's invented. It throws the clothes out and Heph gets upset and beats the machine. He has the same problem as Aphrodite. Hercules tells him that it's because he misses her. Heph doesn't like hearing it any more than 'Dite did. Heph attacks Hercules. Hercules avoids his attack and restrains him.

Hercules talks Heph into coming back with him and seeing if the magic really is all gone. Heph doesn't know what to say to her, Hercules offers to help.

Iolaus speaks to Kayla again. He tells her that some guys are nice, decent people and they are not all out to hurt them. She replies that she'll feel back when the curse is lifted and she cuts off his head. Iolaus still offers his protection to Kayla and her sisters.

Deimos and another man have the amazons digging for something. The man reports that Hercules went to see Heph. Deimos knows that if Hercules succeeds in getting 'Dite and Heph together again that his chances of succeeding diminish to nothing.

Heph calls for 'Dite and when she appears Hercules feeds him lines from behind a pillar. They succeed in wooing 'Dite only to have an amazon sent by Deimos run in and claim that she's been having an affair with Heph. 'Dite is angry.

Iolaus finally orders Kayla to tell him what's going on. She tells him that they are digging for the remnants of the Kronos stone given to the amazons by Artemis for their protection. The remnants will give Deimos powers greater than Zeus. Deimos is questioning all the amazons in her tribe but Kayla is the only one who knows where the pieces of the stone are. Iolaus offers to get her out of there when he's hit and knocked out. Deimos leads Kayla away.

Hercules sends Heph back to the forge while he straightens out everything with 'Dite. As soon as Heph leaves 'Dite appears. She tells him that Iolaus is in trouble and that Deimos is reassembling the pieces of the Kronos stone. Hercules tells 'Dite that she's got to get back with Heph so that she can stop Deimos. Hercules convinces 'Dite that Heph was set up.

The amazons continue to dig. Kayla threatens to kill Deimos as soon as this spell wears off. 'Dite arrives and tells Deimos that Hercules will rearrange his face if he doesn't knock it all. He invites her to frolic naked on the beach with him. She leaves.

Some goons have Iolaus in a small cage. Hercules arrives and rescues him.

'Dite goes to the forge. She wants him to apologize. He refuses because she left. She says that he forced her out with all his banging. They both fight and decide that since Hercules needs them they will both go to help him.

Iolaus asks Hercules what happened to Salmoneus. Hercules replied that he got sent to prison for tax fraud. 'Dite and Heph arrive. They argue through Hercules and Iolaus who then take up the argument for themselves. Hercules handcuffs Heph and 'Dite together with Heph's' handcuffs to work out their problems.

Deimos sends the amazons after Hercules and Iolaus. They try not to hurt the amazons who have been sent to kill them since they are acting against their will. Iolaus keeps apologizing every time he hits one of them.

Heph and 'Dite continue to argue.

Deimos gets the stone.

Hercules blocks the amazons in a mine and leaves Iolaus to watch them while he goes and takes care of Deimos.

Hercules and Deimos roll down a hill. The amazons get out and Iolaus holds them off with a stick.

'Dite and Heph make up.

Hercules and Deimos lose the crystal. Demos gets to it first. 'Dite and Heph escape their cuffs. They kiss and the spell is broken just as Iolaus is about to get it. One of the amazons wants to start their revenge with Iolaus but Kayla tells them that he's one of the few men they can trust.

Hercules knocks the stone away toward a rainbow and slugs Deimos just as the amazons and Iolaus arrive. Deimos leaves telling the amazons to take it up with his mortal partner who has also just arrived. Instead of killing him Hercules talks the amazons into letting the man serve them in the tavern.

Iolaus and Kayla agree to be friends. Heph and 'Dite decide to stay together. Iolaus finds a dinar on the floor and bets it in a card game and looses. As they leave he asks Hercules if he thinks he and Kayla could ever get it together using the old Iolaus charm. Hercules replies that the Iolaus charm is a curse.

Disclaimer: No conniving mischievous Over-The-Top deities formerly and presently known as Deimos were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Rebel With A Cause

#V1104 (10 October 1999)

Guest Stars: Paige Moss, Mick Rose, Stelios Yiakmis
Written By: Lisa Klink
Directed By: Garth Maxwell

A woman haunts her husband who killed her, apparently by slitting her wrists. She shows him scars there. He blinded himself but he still cannot escape her. She says the curse will not be lifted as long as her brother. Creon is king. He insists that Antigone is not ready to take the throne. She says that if she doesn't Thebes will be destroyed by war.

Hercules enters the town and finds a member of the royal family hanging in the air rotting. A guard tells him that Oedipus is no longer king. He wasn't fit to rule so his brother-in-law Creon took over. Hercules sees Oedipus about to jump off the battlements of the castle. Hercules uses a spring board and jumps up catching Oedipus and they both land back on the battlement. Hercules sees that he's blind.

Inside the castle Hercules gets Oedipus a drink and they talk. Hercules heard what happened to his family and assures Oedipus that he's not to blame. Creon arranged for Oedipus' son, Polynices, to be killed for treason. Oedipus says that there is a growing rebellion in Polynices' name. Creon let Oedipus live for revenge for his killing of Jocasta, Oedipus' wife.

He tells Hercules that he is haunted by his wife and that Antigone is the only way to save Thebes. Antigone believes that her life is forfeit as well and she would not be able to take the throne.

Antigone pretends to proposition one of the guards only to steal his money pouch. She gets caught by another guard but escapes only to run straight into King Creon. He tells her that she should set a proper example. She's not impressed. Creon wants to know why her father has summoned Hercules. She doesn't know and heads off to get a drink.

She gets drunk in the tavern and propositions Hercules. He tells her that her father sent him to look after her. Hercules tries to force her into facing what's happened to her family and to take her rightful place and save Thebes. she not completely convinced and passes out. Hercules takes her home. Oedipus tells her that Hercules is there to help. He wanted to give her an easy life but all he's given her is despair. She leaves and goes to see her brother's body in the courtyard.

Creon is getting tired of Oedipus hanging around and not succeeding in killing himself. He's not thrilled about Hercules asking around about the rebels. Creon plans to do away with them all.

Antigone races a guard on wagons. Hercules jumps on a horse and chases after them. The guard jumps off his wagon and Hercules saves Antigone before they go off the cliff. She doesn't want him to keep her from killing herself. He is through playing babysitter. She feels that her life is predestined and the only choice she has left is how she dies. Hercules doesn't buy it. Hercules points out that there are easier ways to kill herself. She wants to have fun when she goes out.

Creon orders an execution for a traitor without trial. Hercules calls him on it. Creon condemns Hercules for speaking out against the king. the guards attack and Antigone helps defeat them. Hercules frees the man and tells him to take the others and join the rebels in the forest.

Hercules plans to join them after he gives Creon the chance to step down. Creon refuses and more guards attack. Hercules and Antigone run to save Oedipus who's been fed poisoned food but he's only eaten a little. They take Oedipus to the rebel camp. Hercules has given him some herbs. Hercules suggests to the rebels how to better protect their camp. They lost their leader when Polynices was killed.

Creon is informed that the new weapon will be ready in the morning. They have invented a bomb.

Hercules talks to Antigone about her brother. she doesn't feel worthy to be his sister. Hercules tries to convince her to honor her brother. the rebels agree that they need to take Polynices body and give it the respect it deserves. They all agree to make this a show of force for Creon.

The rebels take out the guards and have to fall back when they realize that Creon has set up an ambush with his new explosives. Creon's men found their camp and the rebels rush in to defend it. Antigone helps save the rebel leader and they save Oedipus. Antigone realizes that the city will be unguarded and she goes after her bother's body. Hercules goes after her. The king intercepts her and takes her captive. She tries to warn Hercules about the mine field but they cover her mouth. Hercules is thrown by the blast and knocked out.

He warns the other rebels off and carefully makes his way across the minefield into the city.

Antigone tells Creon that she'll take his place and rule as queen. Creon orders her taken to the square and executed immediately. Antigone appeals to the people of Thebes.

Hercules runs through the minefield setting off the mines as he goes. the rebels follow him. They burst through the gates. Antigone escapes the executioner in the fight. Creon tries to flee and ends up stepping on one of his own mines. The crown falls at Antigone's feet.

Antigone is crowned and gives her brother the proper respect he is due. Oedipus approves. Jocasta appears to Oedipus. She blows him a kiss and bows to him before vanishing.

Disclaimer: Creon's Part was not harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Darkness Visible

#V1101 24 October 1999)

Guest Stars: Jeffrey Meek, Stephen Lovatt, Tiffany de Castro, Rafe Battiste
Written By: Phyllis Strong
Directed By: Philip Sgriccia

There's a big castle and a storm. A man is running in fear of something. He runs to the castle battlements and locks himself outside or rather locks something else inside. There are many bodies in the courtyard impaled on spikes. He climbs up on the wall and as he is about to jump a female vampire pulls him down and he screams.

Hercules and Iolaus teach kids from an orphanage to play basketball. Iolaus debates the usefulness of learning the game. Hercules uses a ball to stop a thief as a man comes up looking for Hercules. Hercules' old friend Prince Vlad needs Hercules' help against some vampires.

Hercules and Iolaus get off the ship and two men, mercenaries who are also here to defeat the vampires, try to run them off. One of them has gauntlets that shoot little wooden arrows. They all decide to help each other. Seems that Galen's sister went to Vlad's castle for protection and never came back.

On the long walk to Vlad's castle they fill Iolaus in on what they know about vampires; big teeth, blood sucking, no reflection, killed by a wooden stake through the heart, killing their leader will make all the other vampires normal people again. They find a field of impaled bodies and one of the men refers to "Vlad the Impaler". Vlad's man takes offense at that. Hercules decides they should camp there because no one in their right mind would stay there with those bodies. Hercules thinks that means they'll be safe there.

They camp at the edge of the field of dead bodies. Darius is left on watch. He goes back to steal from the dead and the dead guy turns out to be a vampire who kills him. Galen kills the vampire. Hercules approaches Darius who sprouts fangs of his own. Galen remarks that he's lost too much blood and turned. Hercules and Galen fight with him and kill him with another wooden stake. They continue on to the castle.

Vlad greets them warmly. Vlad assures Galen that his sister is probably here. Hercules is concerned about the number of bodies he encountered in reaching the castle. Vlad explained that after the war his father had changed. Even tried to kill his own son. Vlad had to kill his father in self defense. The Turks invaded and Vlad killed them in battle and impaled them to make others think twice before invading. Vlad has no reflection in the mirror.

Hercules and Vlad join Iolaus and Galen who are already at the table. Vlad declines to eat saying that he already ate with another friend. They all go to their rooms. Iolaus is not thrilled with the decor. Hercules assures him they won't be sleeping anyway. Hercules is in favor of finding the refuges and getting out of there. Their door slowly opens and Galen comes in.

The three of them sneak around. Hercules looks for secret passages and finds one. Stone steps lead them downstairs to find the refuges all bloodless in the cellar. Hercules realizes that Vlad is one of the vampires. Hercules leaves Galen and Iolaus to take the people down so they can rest. Galen gives Hercules hemlock in case he's bitten. He can be dead rather than a vampire.

Galen's sister is already a vampire, she urges Vlad to spare her brother and if he won't she wants to do it.

Hercules bursts in on Vlad. Vlad insists that he killed his father before he realized what had been done to him. Vlad didn't understand the power of the vampire. He sent for Hercules because he wanted Hercules to kill him. He knew that Hercules would take action despite what he heart told him.

As he waited for Hercules to arrive, Vlad realized that he had the power to protect his people. Now he wants Hercules to join his army of the undead. The people in the dungeon are food. Hercules approaches Vlad and he disappears in smoke.

Iolaus and Galen minister to the victims in the dungeon. Galen's sister calls to him and they are reunited. Galen realizes that she's not the same sister he remembers. He runs from her. Iolaus hears him scream and goes to investigate. He opens a door and is attacked by a swarm of bats. He moves on to the next door but after hearing something on the other side runs on down the hall. He finds Galen on an altar. Galen's arm is regenerating where it's been hacked off.

Hercules finds Galen's arm on the floor where his sister had bit it off. He hears Iolaus scream and runs in to find Galen's sister sucking his blood. She runs up the wall and escapes. Hercules picks up a shaking Iolaus.

Iolaus asks if he's dead again. Hercules assures him no. Iolaus is cold. Hercules says he'll get him out of there. Galen rises from the altar behind them and attacks Hercules. He stops and begs Hercules to kill him. Hercules refuses. Galen flies off.

Hercules finds Iolaus walking down the hall. He's trying to fight against the voice in his head. He's trying not to obey it. Vlad arrives. Vlad offers to spare Iolaus' life if Hercules will join him. Iolaus yells no and Vlad throws him against the wall and leaves.

Hercules kneels by Iolaus who is feeling his new fangs and laughing. He tells Hercules they can stay friends. Herc can come to his cave and they can hang upside down together. Iolaus tries to bite Hercules and Hercules stops him with a hand on his face. Iolaus begs Hercules not to give Vlad his blood, he should give it to Iolaus instead. Iolaus is sorry he said that but he can't help himself.

Hercules and Iolaus arrive at Vlad's room. Vlad assures him that when he has what he wants he'll release Iolaus. Vlad invites Hercules to step into a cabinet with spikes so that he can drain Hercules blood. Hercules gets in and the blood flows. Iolaus doesn't want him to do it. Vlad fills his cup and orders Hercules released. Hercules falls to the floor.

Vlad drinks. Hercules gets up. Vlad feeds his "children" from his fingertips. They recoil in pain. Hercules drank the hemlock and would have died himself except that Vlad drained the poison from him with his blood. The poison won't kill Vlad but it will weaken him so they can have a fair fight. Iolaus keeps the other vampires out of the fight while fighting his own vampire urges. Hercules finally manages to impale Vlad with the little wooden stake.

The others all revert to normal. The sun rises. Hercules and Iolaus bid goodbye to Galen and his sister and get on the boat cracking some really, really bad puns. so bad I refuse to type them here.

Disclaimer: No Blood Sucking Homicidal Vampires were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Hercules, Tramps and Thieves

#V1105 (31 October 1999)

Guest Stars: Traci Elizabeth Lords, Bruce Campbell
Written By: Vanessa Place and Liz Friedman
Directed By: Charles Siebert

Hercules is walking along a path through the trees and steps out of the way just as Autolycus was about to land on him. Autolycus lands in a mud puddle instead. Autolycus was following him, trying to sneak up on him. Hercules tells him he should oil his grappling hook. Hercules is on his way to Thracia to help them with their "bank thing". Hercules is going to help them secure all their money. Autolycus offers his services to make the bank "thief-proof". Autolycus promises not to rob the bank. Hercules checks to make sure that Autolycus has not crossed anything behind him. Auto remarks about Salmoneus' tough break. Hercules comments that "the massage parlor bust was a real drag."

They enter the town and ask for the Sheriff. They are pointed to the tavern. Autolycus picks a guy's pocket on the way in. There's an exotic dance show going on. The Sheriff doesn't want to talk until the show's over. The main attraction is Lucious de Lux, Autolycus' ex-wife, also a thief. They broke up because he left her to rot in jail for a crime he committed. They would switch an article of clothing for luck and he dropped the monogrammed garter she had given him. So, she was arrested for the theft. They had a pact that if one of them was caught the other wouldn't confess to get them free but she divorced Autolycus the day she was sentenced.

She finishes her number and punches Autolycus in greeting, then she propositions Hercules and goes back stage. Hercules leaves with the sheriff. The sheriff recognized Autolycus. Hercules assures him that Autolycus won't cause any trouble. They agree to meet at mid-day.

A guy falls in front of Hercules to get his attention. He recognized Hercules and wants to be his new sidekick. He plans on showing Hercules that he's "sidekick material" by the end of the day.

Autolycus goes back to the tavern to visit Lucious. She insults him. He apologizes for leaving her in jail in spite of their agreement. He suggests that she buy the tavern, she is still waiting for his alimony payments. He offers to work if he has to, to get one more chance. She accepts.

Hercules puts a huge door on the bank and the sheriff cuts the ribbon opening the First Bank of Greece for business. Autolycus reports that Lucious "bought" his apology.

Auto has a drink at a tavern and the sidekick wanna-be asks his advice in impressing Hercules. Autolycus makes up a whole bunch of stuff for the kid to call Hercules and that he should try to get the drop on him.

The next morning finds the bank has been robbed and Autolycus' grappling hook was found at the scene. Hercules tries to convince the sheriff that Autolycus' word was good and he was framed but the sheriff has to send the posse out after Autolycus. Hercules goes to see Lucious. She already knows that the hook was found at the scene and she's not upset about it. She does get Hercules a little upset though.

The sidekick wanna-be swings by on a rope and smacks a wall. He saw Autolycus on the other side of town. Autolycus narrowly escapes the posse in the tavern. He steals some lederhosen and the clothing salesman sounds the alarm. The chase is on again. Autolycus is finally cornered by Hercules and admits his own guilt. Hercules takes him to jail but he knows that Autolycus is really protecting Lucious.

The sheriff gives Hercules until sundown to find the money and they will consider letting Autolycus live. Hercules finds Lucious rehearsing. She's surprised when Hercules tells her that Autolycus will be executed at sundown. Hercules also tells her that it's too bad Autolycus didn't even get all the money. There was a false wall behind where the money was and that's where the real valuables are. Hercules tells her he's on his way out of town. He can't stay and watch his friend executed.

Lucious goes back to the bank and opens the vault. She finds Hercules inside. She cuts an "L" in his shirt with her sword. He grabs a metal bar from the vault door and they fight. Hercules tells her that she's basically a good person like Autolycus is. He doesn't believe that she'll let Autolycus die at sundown. He tells her the sheriff has agree to drop the charges if the money's returned by then. If she returns the money, Hercules won't turn her in.

Autolycus is led to the hangman's noose. Lucious takes Hercules back to her room and attacks him. He points out that she's only doing that to get back at Autolycus.

Autolycus stalls the mob with a few words. Lucious' goons do not agree with them giving the money back and a fight ensues.

Autolycus finally runs out of words. The sheriff asks if there are any last requests. Hercules and Lucious arrive. Hercules gets Autolycus to explain that the money is all at the bank where it should be and it was all a test and who better to conduct the test than the King of Thieves.

Autolycus and Lucious make up. Hercules tells Autolycus that he helped Lucious get a loan at the bank and as soon as the paperwork goes through, she'll own the tavern. Autolycus thinks maybe this banking business isn't a bad thing.

Disclaimer: No Cat Burglars intent on framing their ex-husbands were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

City of the Dead

# V1108 (7 November 1999)

Guest Stars: Gabriella Larkin, Josephine Davison, Toi Iti
Written By: Tom O'Neill and George Strayton
Directed By: Chris Long

Nefertiti's daughter, Imensu, claims before the court that Egypt has lost it's glory in peace treaties and trade. She advocates attacking Greece while it's gods are still weak from their near defeat by Dahok. Queen Nefertiti disagrees and she invites Hercules to Egypt to discuss a peace agreement with Greece. Her son, Ramses, decides that a feast should be prepared in the Greek's honor.

Iolaus is excited about going to Egypt. He has apparently been telling Hercules all about it all day on the ship. Hercules informs Iolaus that they may not have a lot of time for sightseeing. Queen Nefertiti has told him that her advisors are in a conquering mood. They have to convince her otherwise.

Several someones sneak in and make a mold of the queen's seal while she sleeps.

Hercules and Iolaus arrive at the palace in Cairo and find it all dark. There are no guards. They hear Nefertiti scream as one of the someones breaks a vase. Hercules and Iolaus arrive to save her. In the fight, Nefertiti is thrown out the window, Iolaus bounds through it after her. Iolaus grabs the ledge and Nefertiti holds on to his legs. Hercules pulls them up.

Saying that Iolaus enjoys the food at the feast would be an understatement. Small talk ensues while Iolaus eats. Imensu comments about peace being an offense. Ramses explains that his sister does not approve of their mother's peace at any cost policy and that this is not the time to discuss it. Hercules offers any help he can give. Nefertiti thanks him but asking a guest to take on that sort of responsibility would be an offense in their country. Hercules still makes the offer. Nefertiti gives him the run of the palace on the condition that he take the time to experience their country.

Hercules and Iolaus search the queen's rooms. Iolaus isn't feeling well after he tried all the food at the feast. They find a secret passage and follow it to the throne room.

Imensu holds a meeting of people she wants to sway to her side. She is upset about money for the military being diverted to music and art. She is afraid that Egypt will not be ready for an invasion. Hercules and Iolaus hear it all. At the end of the meeting she tells Hercules and Iolaus that Nefertiti is not all that she seems but she doesn't explain.

Nefertiti takes Hercules and Iolaus on a tour, explaining the interworkings of the Nile and their economy. Iolaus is just chalk full of trivia about Egypt. Nefertiti explains in the course of the conversation that she's had to have the Book of the Dead moved to a place of safety to protect it's power from falling into the wrong hands.

Nefertiti explains that her late husband wanted only conquest and her vision as queen has been in a different direction. Her time spent as ruler took her away from her children. They felt she had abandoned them. The queen is called back to the palace.

Ramses checks on the progress of the new seal that he's had made from the mold taken in their attack on the queen. He burns the image into his palm on accident. His sister arrives to inform him that the court is ready. The two of them are working together to overthrow their mother. The plan will be hatched tomorrow.

Hercules and Iolaus continue their sightseeing. Ramses arrives and Hercules notices the bandage. Ramses tells him that it's nothing. Ramses tells him that they are needed at court. Iolaus promises the souvenir salesman that he'll be back.

At the court which Ramses called, he reveals that they have intercepted a scroll (the one he faked with the fake seal) which promises that half of Egypt will be given to Greece. Nefertiti denies it. Ramses shows them the seal. Hercules says that Greece is not interested in Egypt except as an ally. Ramses orders them arrested. Hercules asks to see the scroll. He declares it a fake and the seal a forgery. He asks Ramses what happened with his hand and wants him to remove the bandage. He shows them the seal burned into his hand. Nefertiti orders her son arrested.

Nefertiti thanks Hercules and blames herself for his upbringing and not being a good mother. Hercules tells her that it's not too late to be his mother. She tells him that Ramses crime is punishable by death. He'll be executed in the morning. She cannot change the laws for herself and not everyone else. Hercules tells her that Imensu was also involved. She already knew that.

Imensu goes to her mother's chambers. Nefertiti explains that she has always loved them and that if she doesn't do something Ramses will die in the morning. She passes a key to Imensu and asks her to tell him to get out of Egypt as soon as possible and that she loves him. Imensu leaves.

She goes to the dungeon and releases Ramses who is not planning on leaving. He plans on restoring their father's kingdom.

Hercules and Iolaus find Ramses gone and Imensu there. She agrees to help them find Ramses.

Ramses gets the map detailing the location of the Book of the Dead from a priest. Imensu leads Hercules and Iolaus to the temple where they find the priest dead and the map gone. The priest is the one who raised Nefertiti's children. Imensu is upset by it all and leaves. Iolaus thinks that the Book of the Dead is probably in the City of the Dead. He knows how to find out where that is.

Ramses arrives and enters the chambers where the book is. He opens the book and reads from it. (If your familiar with "The Day the Earth Stood Still", you'll recognize the passage.)

Imensu goes to her mother, telling her she lost her mother when she took the throne and that she doesn't want to end up out of control like Ramses. Nefertiti apologizes for not being there for her.

Iolaus and Hercules arrive at the place in the City of the Dead. Iolaus attempts to open the door and starts the ceiling coming down on them. He pushes the controls again and spikes come out of the ceiling. Hercules manually opens the stone door. They find the book gone from the pedestal and Ramses there. He's gained some powers and zaps some statues bringing them to life. They fight them but have a hard time as the statues are made of stone. They finally get the statues to hit each other.

Ramses appears to his sister who tries to talk him out of what he's about to do. He tells her that Hercules and Nefertiti have been working together against them and she is the only one that he can trust and they can begin their new life together soon. He takes her with him as they vanish into air.

Ramses again reads from the book and conjures a tornado around him.

Nefertiti watches from the palace. Hercules and Iolaus arrive and tell her that he has the book. She already knows. She tells them that her late husband was also obsessed with the book. He thought it would make him a god. She took the book away from him before he could complete the spell and the magic turned on him and killed him. She tells Hercules that she knows he will do whatever he can to save her son but he must save Egypt.

Hercules and Iolaus arrive at Ramses' location. Ramses zaps Hercules with a beam trying to make him bow down to him. Iolaus throws a broken wooden support at Ramses knocking him out of the whirlwind. Ramses zaps Iolaus throwing him against a wall unconscious. Hercules tackles Ramses and they fight. The book is knocked from Ramses' hands. Imensu picks it up. Ramses wants it back. Hercules tells her that the book is what killed their father. Ramses doesn't believe that he will fail where his father did. Hercules urges her to not listen to either of them but to follow her heart. She throws the book and it lands in Hercules' hands. He throws the book into orbit where it explodes.

Iolaus comes to in time to get Imensu out of there as Hercules tries to save Ramses from the whirlwind which he's jumped back into without the protection of the book. Hercules flies into the whirlwind as it explodes. Hercules comes stumbling out alone, his arm and forehead are bleeding.

Nefertiti thanks Hercules for his help. Hercules suggests that Nefertiti and Imensu become a family again. He asks about Iolaus just as Iolaus arrives back from the souvenir salesman. Iolaus has bought Hercules a silly pyramid shaped hat and makes him put it on as they head back to the boat.

Disclaimer: No pyramid schemers were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

A Wicked Good Time

# V1107 (14 November 1999)

Guest Stars: Meighan Desmond, Katrina Browne, Jodie Rimmer, Susan Brady
Written By: Liz Friedman and Vanessa Place
Directed By: Adam Nimoy

Hercules and Iolaus are caught in the middle of an ambush, they were on their way to Lilith's and Iolaus is hungry. Lilith is having some trouble with Seska who graduated from the Academy last spring. She's been getting into fights.

Seska is getting water at the village well and is approached by three boys who invite her to come to their party and serve drinks. Two girls about the same age as Seska observe her and are not sure that she's their third. Discord appears and reassures them that she is. They are going to help Seska release her repressed rage. Seska kicks one of the boys and is warned by the magistrate that if she's involved in any more fighting, she will be held under house arrest the rest of the summer.

The two girls, Haila and Orion, approach Seska and agree with her about Magnus being a jerk. They tell her that there are other ways to get their revenge without fighting. They show her a book written by Neibras who was the first warlock. It takes three witches to release the power of the book, Seska joins them in reading the incantation. They cut Seska's palm and let the blood drip onto the stone, her hand is healed. She is one of them.

Hercules and Iolaus arrive in town in time to rescue another teenager, Isosceles, from Magnus and his gang. Lilith arrives and they discuss Seska's problems. They can see why she'd be having problems with the magistrate's son, Magnus but that's now her only problem. Lilith tells them that Seska's seemed lost since graduating. Hercules understands.

Hercules is tossing hay into a wagon, it doesn't take Seska long to figure out that Lilith asked him to come. She resents it and feels that her mother has been smothering her with her worries.

At lunch Hercules is telling an old academy story on Lilith, Lilith warns him to stop so he does and turns it over to Iolaus who continues despite Lilith doing everything she can to stop him.

Seska is not impressed with the story and leaves with her two new friends. Haila asks Hercules if he's superior to mortal men in every way. Hercules asks her, if she knows the difference between being witty and being rude.

Seska is introduced to Discord (who appears to be carrying around an Ares doll). They give Discord a lock of Magnus' hair and Discord promises to show them how to get rid of Hercules and get revenge on Magnus.

Hercules goes looking for Seska and finds Haila. He calls her bluff and asks about her rough life. She tells him that her parents died when she was little and she lives with an uncle who drinks too much and resents having to raise her but it's all an act. Hercules sees through it and warns her that Seska is his friend and not to hurt her.

Hercules runs into Seska in the market. Their conversation is interrupted by Magnus causing a disturbance because he's just found out that he's been turned into a human pig. Haila hollers that Hercules did it and starts floating. She accuses Hercules of being a warlock and the magistrate arrests him. Iolaus and Lilith arrive and ask what happened. The magistrate tells them that the penalty for practicing witchcraft is death. Hercules proclaims his innocence and is led off to jail.

Iolaus visits Hercules in jail. Hercules can't tell the truth because if he proves that they are practicing witchcraft instead of him, the town will execute them. Hercules reasons that someone must be teaching the girls, but the book of witchcraft was lost at the bottom of the dead sea. Hercules thinks he knows which god is involved.

Discord commends the girls on a job well done. Seska is not happy about framing Hercules. Discord promises to set him free if the trial doesn't go his way.

Hercules is called to the witness stand as the magistrate tries to prove that his reputation is not all that it seems. He claims that they can't know that the source of Hercules' power is divine when Hercules' father refuses to appear proving the Hercules really is the son of Zeus. Iolaus is told he is a biased source and his testimony that he's seen Hercules and Zeus together is inadmissible. Iolaus is escorted from the courtroom.

The magistrate accuses Hercules of using his witchcraft to set up the things that he rescues people from so that they can pay him with a meal or a bed for the night which is why he carries no money.

Iolaus tells Lilith about Seska and her friends practicing witchcraft being the reason that Hercules is standing trial.

The three witches place a spell on Iolaus making him infatuated with Lilith.

Lilith testifies to Hercules not being a warlock but she won't explain what really happened at the market. Hercules confesses to being a warlock so that they don't condemn Lilith for knowingly harboring one in her home. Hercules is to be executed at dawn.

Haila appears in Hercules cell and wants her to kiss him. He refuses and tells her he wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole. She zaps him. He wakes up in a field. The magistrate sends a posse after him.

Iolaus finds Hercules just before the posse does. Hercules yells at Iolaus that he thought he was his friend and punches him before running from the magistrate's men. Hercules catches up with Iolaus later and tells him that if he can find the book maybe he can take away Haila's power. He sends Iolaus to check on Lilith. At the thought of Lilith the spell kicks in and Iolaus becomes obsessed with Lilith.

Hercules finds Haila with the book. Hercules can't get within ten feet of Haila because of his vow not to touch her. He turns to stone whenever he gets within the ten foot circle. She takes the book and goes.

Hercules grabs Seska, he's been waiting in the market for her hiding under a cloak. She apologizes and asks his forgiveness. She didn't intend for any of this to happen. Hercules asks her to get the book.

Seska gets the book. Haila catches them and takes it back assuring her that tonight they'll have some real fun.

Iolaus arrives at Lilith's with gifts in hand, flowers and candy. She asks what's wrong with him. He suggests that they live together and get married in the morning. He starts reading from a book of love stories and she shuts the door in his face.

Discord appears to Hercules in the woods. He was on his way to see her to commend her molding of Haila. He tells her to have a good time tonight. Discord doesn't know what he's talking about. He points out to her that Haila is probably planning to use the book to further her own power without Discord's consent and summon Neibras from the beyond.

Lilith holds up in her house while Iolaus sings and dances outside and begs her to let him in. Then, he decides that there must be someone else and if he can't have her, no one will. Then he breaks in with a pitchfork reminiscent of Jack Nicholson.

Hercules arrives and takes the pitchfork away. Iolaus asks him to break the door in so that he can kill Lilith cause she's cheating on him. Hercules convinces him that the reason Lilith wouldn't open the door is that she didn't want to spoil his surprise party to celebrate their engagement. Hercules forgot the ice and asks if Iolaus would go get some from the distant mountains before the guests arrive.

The three witches begin to conjure their master. Discord arrives and Haila immediately turns her into a cube. They continue with their plans. Haila offers her body as a vessel for Neibras. A whirlwind circles them and takes her body. Hercules arrives and gets zapped. He still can't get near her. They fight evidently she can get close to him without it causing him ill effects though. Hercules gives Seska her cue and she takes out a page from the book and begins to read a spell that undoes all his spells. Hercules gets the book from Haila and uses it to reflect her blasts. One of the blasts is reflected directly back at her and she vanishes in her own whirlwind.

Seska, Lilith and Orion come out of the courtroom to where Hercules is waiting. They renounced witchcraft and Discord confessed to her part from her cube. They'll have to do a summer of community service. They release Discord who tells them to just forget it ever happened. Seska and Lilith reconcile. Hercules remembers Iolaus and heads off to find him.

Iolaus wakes up from his spell to find he's wearing a cloak and riding a donkey in the snow. He has no idea what he's doing there.

Disclaimer: Discord was a Basket Case during the production of this motion picture.

Full Circle

#V1103 (21 November 1999)

Guest Stars: Charles Keating, Meg Foster, Kevin Smith
Written By: Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Gaston Orci
Directed By: Bruce Campbell

Hercules has a new theory; that the earth rotates around the sun. Iolaus thinks it's crazy and asks why the sun appears to be going around the earth then. Hercules doesn't have an answer for that. They are on their way to visit Nemesis and the now 5 year old Evander.

They hear Nemesis calling for help and run to her rescue. Some of Ares' goons are looking for Evander but she tells them he's not there. Hercules and Iolaus fight them off.

Nemesis explains that Zeus has taken Evander away. She thought that she could teach Evander how to control the power he inherited from Ares but it becomes more difficult the older Evander gets. Evander can make what he imagines real. He may be more powerful than his father.

Hercules and Iolaus set out for Ares Temple. On the way they find a group of villagers running from a large purple, polka-dotted monster that Evander has created. It blows bubbles out it's mouth and fire out the other end. Zeus arrives and tells Evander that's enough.

Zeus and Hercules greet each other. Hercules informs his father that he's there to take Evander back to his mother.

Zeus wants to go somewhere more private to talk about this. Iolaus teaches Evander how to skip rocks while Hercules talks to his father. Zeus explains that Evander can't control his powers. He nearly killed Nemesis one night when he had a nightmare. Zeus took Evander away to protect Nemesis. Zeus realized that Evander was all the family he had left in the mortal world. He didn't blame Hercules for giving up on him years ago. He doesn't want to give up on a chance to give Evander the life he failed to give Hercules. He doesn't' want to keep Evander forever, just until he can teach him how to control his power. Hercules volunteers to teach him instead. Zeus agrees.

Hercules and Iolaus take Evander back into the village and play a game where Evander has to imagine himself in the shoes of the people the purple monster menaced. They ask him to think about what would happen if the monster had destroyed his house. They get him to imagine the house back in one piece again.

After fixing up the village, they play some football, but Evander has a godly advantage. That night Iolaus tells Evander a bedtime story.

The next morning Hercules and Iolaus wake up on the fur to find Evander gone and Ares sitting there. Ares still doesn't have Evander. Ares informs them that though he doesn't care about Evander he does care that Zeus plans to use Evander to free Hera. Hercules thinks that's crazy, if Zeus frees Hera he could also free the titans. Ares warns him that teaching Evander to focus his powers has given Zeus the means. Ares leaves. Hercules admits that he's probably right.

Zeus takes Evander to the abyss and gets him to play the game and bring Hera out of the abyss. Hercules and Iolaus run to stop him but they are too late. Hera appears but she asks who they all are. She has no memory. Hercules and Zeus go have a talk.

Hercules is not happy. He promises he will make Zeus' life miserable for using Evander to bring back Hera. Zeus nearly blasts him but doesn't. Zeus admits that he loves Hera and the she loved him before he committed the sin of infidelity. He thinks it's time he started being her husband again. Hercules tells Zeus that someday his selfishness will destroy the world.

The cavern shakes. While they have been talking, Evander has released the titans. They too have no memories. Ares greets Water and Fire from the top of a tree.

Hercules and Iolaus will go after the titans and Zeus is supposed to take Evander home to Nemesis.

Ares makes a deal with the two titans, if they destroy Olympus for him they can get revenge on the gods who imprisoned them. Ares tells them where to find Atlas, who will give them enough power to destroy Olympus.

Hercules blames himself for trusting Zeus. Iolaus points out that Zeus is his father and that it took him a long time to realize that his father wasn't a great general but just a guy who made mistakes and was trying to get along in an imperfect world. Hercules is amazed that Iolaus is defending Zeus. Hercules doesn't think that he can see his father as a lonely old man whose trying to make amends with his wife. Iolaus points out that's exactly what Zeus is doing.

Zeus and Hera walk along with Evander. Hera thanks Zeus for releasing her. Zeus tells her that it was Evander. She tells Evander he is her hero. Zeus shows her a lake and mountains and tells her that they created them when the world was new. She remembers feelings. The feeling of being complete. She thinks they should go find Evander who's playing hide and seek with them.

Ares shows the titans where Atlas is frozen in the ice. They agree to his deal. He gets Helios to melt the ice.

Hercules and Iolaus climb the mountain in time to see Atlas vow death to the Olympians.

Atlas leaves Helios and Oceanus to take care of Hercules and Iolaus. Iolaus wants to retire. Hercules agrees that after this he's done. Ares enjoys the show until Hercules and Iolaus get the two titans to merge and cancel each other out.

Hera and Zeus have trouble finding Evander when they do he's crying about a dead bird he's found. Zeus explains that all things come to an end. Hera suggests they combine their strength and the bird comes back to life.

Ares tries to bargain with Atlas. He will show Atlas where the door to Olympus is if Atlas agrees to let Ares be the last god standing when it's all over. He shows Atlas where the door is then heads off to see the fates before trying to slow down Hercules and Iolaus.

Iolaus gets Hercules to stop running for a moment and asks him why he doesn't just let the gods destroy each other. Hercules explains that Olympus is supported by a pillar that goes all the way to the center of the earth and if Atlas breaks the pillar, Olympus will come crashing down. Olympus will hit the ground with the force of a comet. Olympus will knock the earth right out of it's orbit (So is Olympus on the moon?) Iolaus thinks it through and realizes that if all that happens then the earth will either fry or freeze and takes off running.

Zeus admits he's made many mistakes and that Hera will eventually remember all of them but if she's willing, he will spend eternity trying to make amends with her. He begs on bended knee for her to please be his wife again. Hera tells him how lucky she is to be able to fall in love with him for the first time all over again. Ares appears and restores Hera's memory. She turns Zeus to stone. Evander is the only one who's never disappointed her and she plans to keep him. She plans the same fate as Zeus for Hercules.

Hercules and Iolaus reach the door and Iolaus accidentally falls through it. They find Atlas about to topple Olympus and trip him with a boulder. Hera and Evander appear and throw a few bolts at Hercules and Iolaus. Hercules doesn't want to fight her. He wants her to stop and end their feud and find peace. He tells her that Zeus loves her and he is his father. She promised to get her revenge on the day the Hercules was born and she keeps her promises. He gets her to throw a bolt at him. Hercules deflects it at the recovered Atlas who has just pushed the pillar out and he turns to stone and replaces the pillar.

In the rock slide that follows Evander is killed. Hercules picks him up and tells Hera if there is any good in her at all that she better save him. She needs help, she can't do it alone. They go to Zeus and she releases him. Hercules tells them that their war ends today and to consider being selfless just this once. Together they restore Evander.

Hercules and Iolaus return Evander to his mother.

Hercules and Iolaus walk across the dunes. Ares appears, he's upset because his parents have gotten back together. Hercules and Iolaus make fun of Ares and hurt his feelings, so he leaves.

Iolaus asks Hercules if he really meant that business about retiring. Hercules agrees, they sit on rocks for about a minute and decide that's enough retirement. Iolaus asks Hercules if he ever plans to retire. Hercules tells him that this is his life and it's what he does best. Maybe someday he'll be ready to slow down but for now he'll keep on walking. He asks Iolaus to join him. Iolaus wouldn't have it any other way. They chat about the future of Zeus and Hera as they walk off toward a distant valley.

Disclaimer: No ancient Greek myths were harmed during the production of this series, although some were altered for the entertainment and enjoyment of our audience.

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