Hercules Season 3 (1996-1997)

by Ceryndip

Love Takes A Holiday
Mummy Dearest
Not Fade Away
Monster Child in the Promised Lane
The Green-eyed Monster
Prince Hercules
A Star To Guide Them
The Lady and the Dragon
Long Live the King
Encounter (part 1)
When A Man Loves A Woman (part 2)
Judgment Day (part 3)
Lost City
Les Contemptibles
Reign of Terror
The End is the Beginning
War Bride
A Rock and a Hard Place



(Sept 29, 1996)

Guest Stars: Jeremy Roberts
Written By: Robert Bielak
Directed By: Michael Hurst

Hercules is taking a prisoner, Derk, wanted for the murder of Hercules' friend back to Sparta for trial. They are on a prison ship, Enyalios, during a severe storm. Derk points out that they won't make it to Sparta, if the storm doesn't get them, the pirates will. The ship is taking on water. Derk begs him to unchain him before the ship capsizes which it does.

Hercules wakes on the beach with a mast lying across his back and a large splinter protruding from his left elbow. He throws off the mast and pulls out the splinter. His prisoner arrives and promptly whacks him with a took of some sort after thinking him for saving his life.

Hercules wakes again. Bandages hi elbow with a strip torn from his shirt and heads off to track his prisoner, club in hand. Derk finds him in a small forest. He figures they are even, Hercules saved him on the ship and he didn't kill Hercules on the beach. Derk has a stick and they fight. Hercules does more ducking than anything else. He's also set a trap which misses Hercules as they guy vanishes into the trees.

Derk finds water but realizes it is poisoned and they can't drink it. He hides the dead bird that tipped him off. Hercules finds the pond and almost drinks. He sees an animal drink and die. so he, too, knows better.

A group of pirates arrive. They think there was gold on the prison ship and the two sets of tracks they find were the two men who buried it.

Derk has camouflaged himself and Hercules walks right by him. He tried to hit Hercules from behind with a club but Hercules senses his presence and they fight again. He's also camouflaged the pit which Hercules falls into. He tells Hercules that it's a dried up well and he'd better start digging. Hercules finds and breaks a giant egg surrounded by a lot of cobweb type stuff. He uses a root as a rope and climbs up to the top of the well where he boots Derk down into the well for safe keeping.

Derk now wants to work together to get off the island. Hercules sears the wound on his arm. Derk offers to help him. Hercules is not buying it.

One of the pirates drinks from the pond and dies. They realize the other two probably haven't found water either.

Hercules is trying to stay awake. Derk wishes he'd stayed home and become a farmer like his father but he had no feel for the soil. So, he became a soldier and then a killer. Derk thinks he's found water but it's salty. There is no safe water on the east side of the island. They must go west.

There is desert to the west. A desert with creatures living under the sand. They find a decomposing mutilated body hanging from a tree. Hercules reminds him of the egg sacks in the well.

The pirates find the well and no gold. They reason they couldn't have carried it this far so they must have hide it back at the wreck. They will find them and make them tell where the gold is.

Derk asks about Hercules' arm, taunting him. He has a knife made from shell. He's using it to work on the ropes when Hercules isn't looking. Hercules' arm is bothering him. He is obviously in pain. Derk attacks Hercules and they roll down the hill. They fight at the bottom. A creature speeds under the sand toward them. Hercules kicks the knife out of Derk's hand. Derk grabs it and the creature grabs him. Hercules gets it off of him. It grabs Hercules and Derk saves him. They run and get up on the roof on a buried building.

Derk bandages his leg where the creature tried to maul him. Hercules watches and realizes that Derk knows something about healing. Derk replies that when you're a soldier you have to. He wants to know why Hercules keeps saving him. Justice? He doubts that Lycus, the man he killed, gave any thought to the sons he killed of the woman who hired Derk. Hercules had known Lycus a long time and he'd never known him to kill anyone. Derk informed him that there is a family in Attica with no male heirs because of Lycus. Hercules informs Derk that it is the courts job to punish, not a mercenary's. Derk maintains that the courts did not punish Lycus and that he is not a liar. Hercules replies that he is just a killer. Derk attacks him and they fight again. They stop when the creatures come back.

They sit through the hot day. Derk is tired of being chased or running. If Hercules doesn't bring him back, someone else will. Hercules says he should have thought of that before he became a mercenary. Derk tells him that the army doesn't train you for peacetime work. He wants to make a deal. If they get out of this he wants to see his family before Hercules takes him back and he won't try to escape. Hercules is surprised that he has a family and agrees if Derk will fix his arm. They agree. Evidently the arm is dislocated because Derk has to set it.

They sit throwing rocks, the creatures eat them and spit them back. Eventually the rock isn't thrown back, the creatures are elsewhere. The pirates have entered the area and the creatures goes after them. Hercules and Derk try to help when they hear the screams but the pirates won't be still or quiet. They all get ate up. Hercules and Derk run for some ruins.

Hercules has a plan. With Derk acting as bait, they lure one of the creatures in and Hercules topples a pillar on it. Then, they run in opposite directions and lead the other two to crash into each other and explode on impact.

They go back east to where the ship is and go to see Derk's family.

Hercules gets his arm rebandaged and then puts the kids to bed while Derk visits with is wife. He doesn't want the children to know he's there so they won't grow up to be like him.

They travel to Sparta and Derk receives an execution order from the trial that was held without him. Hercules doesn't consider this to be justice, so he shoots an arrow through the hangman's noose releasing Derk.

Derk runs into Hercules as he is making his escape. He acknowledges that what he did was wrong. Hercules makes him promise to go back to his home and become a farmer and raise his children. Derk gives his word and offers his hospitality anytime.

Disclaimer: No flesh-eating sandrays were harmed during the production of this motion picture.


(Oct 6, 1996)

Guest Stars: Rebecca Hobbs, Derek Payne,
Written By: Brian Herskowitz
Directed By: Michael Lange

Icarus flies above the clouds with his homemade wings but the sun melts them and he falls to his death. Daedalus is having a nightmare reliving his son's death. He blames himself for inventing the wings in the first place.

Hercules helps a group of villagers get ready for the coming floods. He is followed around by Katrina who is a scribe (nosy reporter). She' heard that the great Hercules was rerouting a river. She's on her way to Euboa to interview Daeladus. Hercules knows him and thinks he's very smart. She tells Hercules about Icarus' death.

As they walk to Euboa, Katrina tells Hercules about how Icarus died and then asks him lots of questions. Some of them get a little too personal for Hercules' comfort.

A group of fleeing villagers run past them. One of the villagers tells them that soldiers are attacking their village. Hercules and Katrina arrive to find a few soldiers manning a giant ballista whose arrow he deflects back into it, destroying it. One of the soldiers tells him that the crossbow is owned by Daedalus.

King Nikolos toasts Daedalus and his inventions. Daedalus is uncomfortable and says he has work to do. He has his first megalith ready for testing. He leaves. The king orders Perdix to watch him. He thinks that Daedalus may be having second thoughts about crating these weapons. He thinks even Hercules won't be able to stop this new weapon.

The soldiers won't let Hercules in to see Daedalus. Hercules pulls Katrina away and around the side of the building. He throws a rope over the wall and loops it around two guards who fall off pulling him up in the process. Katrina continues to follow Hercules even though he told her not to.

Daedalus and his workers are driven out of the lab by smoke from a fire. Hercules meets him outside. Hercules offers his condolences. Katrina butts in and asks about the cross bow. Daedalus explains that he's chief inventor to King Nikolos.

Hercules is shocked. He remembers when Daedalus was afraid to design things that might hurt people. Daedalus' job is to invent not to pass judgment. He leaves in a huff.

A soldier reports to the King that Hercules is here. The King wants the Megalith made ready.

Hercules and Katrina discuss the situation. Katrina admits that she was little out of line with her questions. Hercules thinks that Nikolos is taking advantage of Daedalus' grief. Katrina thinks that Hercules should have killed Nikolos in battle. Hercules informs her that he does not kill when he can help it. Hercules goes to talk to Daedalus alone but before he can do that some soldiers invite him to the palace to see King Nikolos. It is a request so, Hercules agrees to go. Katrina is not invited.

Nikolos tells Hercules that those fleeing villagers are rebels. Hercules thinks that they are farmers. Nikolos thinks that it's strategy. Hercules tells Nikolos that when Daedalus gets through his grief, he won't be used anymore. Hercules leaves. Nikolos orders Daedalus brought to him.

Katrina runs into Daedalus. She wants his side of the story about his son's death. He won't talk to her. She sneaks around and peeks into the lab from a window. She gets caught.

Hercules visits Daedalus. Daedalus explains that Nikolos took him in and gave him whatever he needed for his inventions. Daedalus doesn't want to believe that Nikolos is using his weapons to hurt people. Hercules is sympathetic to Daedalus' grief.

Katrina is brought before the King. Nikolos offers to let her stay for a history making moment. He tells her about Daedalus' new weapon.

Hercules wanders through the market and finds Falafel who's offering up boiled sea serpent. He's got a fake beard and is hiding from some people he owes money to over a taco franchise. Hercules is looking for Katrina. The megalith walks up behind Hercules and Falafel runs off. It is a big armored suit and bats Hercules a few yards.

Katrina begs Nikolos to stop it. Hercules fights the megalith. Hercules throws a boiling pot onto the megalith's faceplate and burns the guy inside.

Hercules give the guy a chance to get out of the suit before he destroys it. Hercules and Katrina leave. Outside of town she bandages his arm with a scrap town from her skirt.

Nikolos is upset with Daedalus who is infuriated that he used it against Hercules. Daedalus plans to dismantle his next machine. Nikolos guilts him into making the next machine and that if he doesn't finish the job he was hired for he'll be killed.

Hercules goes off to see Daedalus again.

Daedalus remembers his son. He vows to put things right. He returns to the lab and begins destroying things. The soldiers and workers stop him by hitting him on the head. They leave Daedalus there. The lab's on fire. Hercules finds him inside. The guards attack Hercules. He fights his way out with Daedalus over his shoulder.

Daedalus tells Hercules and Katrina about the two sets of wings that he built. He didn't have time to go flying with Icarus on the day that he died. He heard Icarus crying out for him as he fell from the sky. He should have gone with him. Hercules consoles him and urges him to be the man his son loved. Daedalus admits he should have stopped this before now. Katrina plays with the silly nutty thing that Daedalus made for Icarus.

Nikolo views the new megalith made from the parts that were not destroyed. Nikolos puts on the suit himself.

Daedalus tells Hercules about the new weapon. He goes off alone to stop it. Katrina realizes that she should have been more sensitive with her questions. She assures Daedalus that he'd done the best he could and he can still do much good for the world. Daedalus still feels responsible for the weapon and she laments that there is a story happening and she isn't there. They both follow Hercules.

Hercules faces the Megalith. This one blows flame out it's head. Hercules fights it. Daedalus and Katrina arrive in the middle. Katrina drops the silly nutty thing and Hercules picks it up and throw it into the hole where the flames are coming out and plugs it up causing it to internally combust.

Daedalus is disappointed, he thought it would have lasted longer than that. He destroys his plans for the weapons. Hercules tells him to invent things that help mankind.

Katrina walks off with Hercules telling him that she was wrong about him. He really is a hero. She thinks about writing a book. It would have to be fiction, who'd believe all that went on.

Disclaimer: No Silly Nutty was harmed during the production of this motion picture. However, quite a few filberts and cashews sacrificed their lives in the name of progress.

Love Takes A Holiday

(Oct 13, 1996)

Guest Stars: Alexandra Tydings, Julian Garner, Sarah Smuts Kennedy, Mervyn Smith
Written By: Gene O'Neill and Noreen Tobin
Directed By:Charlie Haskell

Aphrodite is tired of answering Dear Abby type petitions. She's looking for a new career, she's tired of being the Goddess of Love. So, she quits.

Hephaestus is depressed because he cannot have the woman he desires most. He is obsessed with Aphrodite. When he couldn't have her he tried to woo Leandra and when she refused him, he cursed her town and made if vanish into the mist (ala Brigadoon) for 50 years. Hephaestus agrees to lift the curse on Cilabas long enough for Iagos to go and see if Leandra is willing to be his bride now. Hephaestus doesn't want her if her feelings for him are not mutual.

Iolaus arrives in a village and sees the women beating up the men all over the place. They are all in a bad mood. Hercules is in Corinth because Rena is having a baby and it's family time for him. So, Iolaus is on his own. He's looking for Evanthia who refuses him like all the other women have. She clobbers him with a vase and tells him to get lost.

Aphrodite appears and explains to Iolaus that she's not doing the love thing anymore. She is highly entertained by the notion that now the women could care less about the men. Iolaus tries to explain to her that people depend on her but she's not interested and pops back out.

Iagos plans to bring Leandra back to his master willing or not

Aphrodite decides to try being the Goddess of the Hunt. She nearly hits Iolaus with an arrow. He again appeals to her sense of responsibility which of course she doesn't have. He shows her how to use the bow.

Iagos arrives in Cilabas and tells them that he is from Hephaestus and if they will turn over Leandra, the curse will be lifted. Otherwise the village will vanish forever at sunset. A villager tells him that Leandra went to the stream to look for her son.

Iolaus and Aphrodite go on a boar hunt. She is not impressed. They find the boar and Aphrodite leaves. Iolaus hears Leandra scream that she is only looking for her three year old son. He rushes off to help. He fights Iago's men. Iagos runs when he sees that Iolaus is winning.

Iolaus is puzzled because Leandra doesn't know who he is or Hercules for that matter or that they had taken care of the she-demon long ago. She takes Iolaus home with her. She hopes that her son will be there when they get back. Iolaus is still puzzled, he's never heard of a village around here and Leandra doesn't want to hurt him so she's not been affected by Aphrodite's quitting.

Iagos tells Hephaestus that the villagers won't let Leandra go and that she wants to marry him. He says that the villagers attacked him and took her back by force calling Hephaestus ugly. Hephestus is outraged and gives him armor that he is making for Ares and tells it to do as Iagos bids.

Iolaus and Leandra arrive in Cilabas and she offers him supper. He is amazed that the village is here because his father grew up around here and never mentioned it. He also notes the old style clothes everyone is wearing.

The villagers approach Iolaus and accuse him of bringing Leandra back. They also have never heard of Hercules. They throw rocks at Iolaus and he runs off. Another man tells him he should leave the place.

Aphrodite shows up. Now, she's decided to be the Goddess of Wisdom but she's bored with the books. Iolaus suggest she be the Goddess of Love. She remembers Cilabas. Hephaestus cursed it. She doesn't know why the men and women are getting along here. Iolaus wishes Hercules were here and Aphrodite decides to try his job for awhile. She changes clothes.

The armor suits arrive and Iagos threatens them. They arrange that Leandra will be brought before sunset.

Iolaus goes to Leandra's and she has still not found her son. Iolaus asks what's going on. Leandra explains that she is supposed to be Hephaestus' wife. Her husband was killed two years ago in the Punic Wars. Iolaus tells her that those wars were over fifty years ago. The villagers arrive and Iolaus tries to fight them off. But the armor suit arrives and Iagos grabs Leandra. Iolaus is distracted by her cries to him to find her son and a villager knocks him out with another vase over the head.

Hephaestus puts the finishing touches on a crown for his statue of Aphrodite.

Iolaus wakes to find himself under guard by the villagers until sunset. He asks about her son and the villager tells him that there is no sign of Skorous. Iolaus remarks that it was his father's name. The villagers think that he was playing by the brook when the village disappeared fifty years ago and so he was not part of the disappearance. Iolaus' father was found lost at three years old, abandoned. Iolaus realizes that Leandra is his grandmother.

Suddenly the villagers are all knocked out by an invisible somebody. Aphrodite appears in a shirt like Hercules' and woven leather shorts.

Iagos threatens Leandra that she has to play the happy bride or the village will disappear along with her son. Hephaestus sees her and she tells him that she comes freely. He kisses her hand. Hephaestus is thrilled that she is not repulsed by his deformity. He offers Iagos anything he wishes. He wants Perseus' shield. Hephaestus orders him to show Leandra to her room.

Iolaus preps Aphrodite on what to do. They enter the cave and see a statue of a large panther which promptly comes to live. Aphrodite throws Iolaus her staff and leaves him to it. Iolaus runs from the cat and ends up in a chamber with an abyss on one side and the cat on the other. He tricks the cat into falling into the abyss.

Aphrodite visits Hephaestus, She likes his work, then, remembers why she's there and demands the release of the grandmother babe. She's not very successful and ends up trapped in a chair with the power to hold her.

Iolaus continues to search for Leandra.

Aphrodite after realizing that she can't get away makes small talk. Hephaestus agrees to release her as soon as he weds Leandra. Aphrodite asks for a towel and takes the cloth over the statue of herself. She is astounded by it. Hephaestus admits that he dreams of her.

Iolaus finds Leandra. He knocks out the guard. She can't leave with him. Too many people depend on her. Iolaus explains about that morning being fifty years earlier and that her boy escaped the curse and grew up and became his father. Iolaus shows her the medallion that her son had hanging around his neck when he was found. Leandra says that it's her husband's and her son uses it to play soldiers. She wants to see her son. They don't have time and leave.

Aphrodite is still trying to strike up a conversation and gets him to come near to her. He's not buying her act. She wants him to admit that he really doesn't love Leandra. Iagos staggers in and tells them that he was attacked by a dozen men from the village and they took Leandra. Aphrodite says there was only one and that Iagos is a liar. She tells him that she has meant everything she had said to him. Iagos tells him that she thinks he's ugly. Hephaestus sends the rest of the armor suits with Iagos to get Leandra back.

Iolaus and Leandra stop running and she again wants to see her son. As they rest Iolaus explains that his father is dead. He became a great general and died in battle. Iolaus hugs her and Iagos and the suits arrive. Iolaus takes on all three of them. He discovers that they don't float and eventually gets them all dumped into the water. he runs off looking for Leandra.

Aphrodite tells Hephaestus that Iagos is not a good friend and she wasn't lying. She tells him that beauty is deeper than the outside. He tells her that she has no idea what it's like to be judged by your appearance. She informs him that she very well does. He finishes the crown and gives it to Aphrodite and releases her. She decides to stay awhile. He walks away from her. Aphrodite is stunned. She's never been turned down before.

Iolaus chases after Leandra and sees her fall off a cliff. He jumps after and helps her climb back up. She thanks him. He points out that they are family. She realizes that he's right. She's proud of him and hugs him. He sends her back to Cilabas and goes after Iagos.

Aphrodite just won't leave. She wants to know why Leandra. He admits that Leandra reminds him of Aphrodite. He plans to release Leandra and Cilabas. That's not what Aphrodite really wants to know. Does he love her? For centuries he has.

Iolaus runs into Iagos in the forge and Iagos has the shield which makes him invisible. They fight. Iolaus uses a broom in a room full of weapons. Then is grabs a sword and throwing knives and pins him to the wall. Iagos orders more of the armor suits to kill Iolaus who knocks the suits over and Iagos falls into the fire and vaporizes himself.

Hephaestus stops Iolaus as he's walking back to Cilabas to tell his grandmother goodbye and wants to know how he managed to defeat his weapons. Iolaus asks about Aphrodite and Hephaestus realizes that Iolaus is the one who brought her to him. Aphrodite appears and apologizes for not watching Iolaus' back as she was watching Hephaestus' at the time. She's decided to leave the action business and go back to Love. She's also got a petition from Evanthia who wants to see Iolaus again now that things between the sexes are back to normal. Hephaestus offers his services if Hercules or Iolaus ever need anything.

Disclaimer: No metal panthers were tarnished during the production of this motion picture. when polishing your metal animals, remember to use salt and lemon.

Mummy Dearest

(Oct 20, 1996)

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Galyn Gorg, John Watson
Written By: Melissa Rosenberg
Directed By: Anson Williams

A couple of break into a pyramid and find a sarcophagus with a mummy in it. One of them is worried about the curse.

Hercules arrives in a village in Attica where all sorts of Halloween activities are going on. He is here for a festival and the children want to scare away the ghost of King Cecrops who have vowed revenge on Hercules. An Egyptian dressed man warns Hercules to leave and they fight. Several other Egyptians join the first.

After the fights is over, Hercules is approached by Princess Anaket who is the daughter of the Pharaoh and she wants Hercules to find her mummy. She had her men attack Hercules to make certain he really was Hercules.

Salmoneus buys the mummy for 10 dinars.

The Princess takes Hercules back to her quarters. Hercules is not thrilled to see the way in which the Princess treats her servants as property or the way in which they cater to her every wish. He wants her to free her slaves. She refuses and he leaves after she orders him to stay.

Salmoneus is setting up a house of horrors complete with a real mummy and wax statues of grisly things. The mummy raises itself up a little and frightens off the delivery man. Salmoneus doesn't see it happen.

The festival continues. Hercules runs into the Princess again and this time she tries to seduce him into helping her but he's still not having it. She tells him that if the crypt has been opened the mummy will wake up hungry and the souls of it's victims will give it terrible power. Only the ankh can control the mummy. The fate of the world is at stake. He agrees to find the mummy.

A would be king gets a hold of the delivery man and forces him to tell where the mummy is. Then, he asks about the golden ankh. Salmoneus was wearing it. The man wants to be pharaoh and have Anaket for his bride. He also makes wax figures out of dead bodies....

Some workmen deliver a couple of wax heads and the waxed body which they call a donation. Salmoneus sets down the ankh on a pedestal. They see both the mummy under the sheet and the ankh but Salmoneus shoos them out telling them the grand opening is tonight.

Hercules sees some other Egyptians and assumes that they belong to the Princess. He realizes they are not when they attack him.

Salmoneus plays with his wax figures. The mummy nearly gets him but he still doesn't see. He hears a commotion outside and finds Hercules. He invites him in to see the exhibit. Hercules declines in favor of telling off a spoiled Princess.

The would be Pharaoh thinks that Hercules' blood would make the mummy really powerful.

Hercules visits Anaket and tells her to get her men to back off. She tells him they were not her slaves. She realizes that the men who attacked Hercules must have belonged to Sokar, her father's high priest. They can't allow him to find the mummy first.

Salmoneus is still talking to the exhibits. He hears a growl and sees nothing. Then, he hears it again. He approaches the blanket covered mummy and uncovers it's head. He sees the eye open and freaks out. He tries to run outside and sees Sokar's men running toward him. He hides and they come in and find him wrapped in a blanket thinking he is the mummy, they haul him to Sokar. Sokar takes the ankh from him and demands the mummy. Salmoneus tells him the mummy is alive. He still orders Salmoneus to bring it to him or die. He really wants Salmoneus to lead Hercules back to him because he controls the mummy with the ankh.

Hercules and Anaket search for the mummy with no results. An arrow is shot at them. Hercules investigates by entering Cecrop's war room in an old castle. Anaket follows. They see the ghost of Cecrops. They talk. Hercules sees the mirrors that are making the ghost appear and throws things at them, making the ghost disappear. They figure that Sokar was behind it.

Salmoneus tentatively searches for the mummy and find it behind him, up running around. It growls and her runs outside and tells Hercules that his exhibit is trying to kill him. Hercules makes him show him where the mummy is.

They go back to the house of horrors. The mummy is gone. Anaket realizes that Sokar has the ankh and control of the mummy and the monster it will become if it takes human blood. The mummy shows up and Hercules chases it. Anaket gets separated from the other two. Hercules and Salmoneus search for her then separate again. The mummy shows up again with Salmoneus in it's clutches. Hercules punches it and comes up with a handful of worms. They fight. The mummy is amazingly powerful. It falls down a pit. Anaket is also in the pit. Hercules looks down the pit and a rat drops on Salmoneus and he knocks Hercules into the pit as well. He lands in a cell with the mummy.

The mummy growls and Sokar arrives with Anaket. He gloats and leaves with her. Hercules and the mummy fight.

Salmoneus passes out Halloween costumes for free at the festival.

The fight continues until Hercules gets the mummy trapped in a box with spikes inside.

Salmoneus arrives and they leave together. But the mummy isn't dead yet.

Hercules goes after Anaket. Salmoneus was handing out mummy costumes and Sokar sees them every there. Hercules fights with Sokar's men. Hercules knocks out Sokar and Anaket grabs the ankh. The real mummy shows up and the fight is on again. Anaket tries the ankh but it doesn't work until after the mummy has killed. Sokar tries to kill Anaket but her slave Keb gets the dagger instead. She holds him as he dies.

The mummy grabs Sokar before he can strike again and kills him. Hercules attacks him again and spins him around like a tornado until he falls in the vat of wax and dies.

Keb asks for his freedom to die a free man. She grants it realizing that Hercules was right and she vows to return to Egypt and see that everyone like him is freed.

Hercules and Anaket say their farewells. She offers him the ankh and he refuses to accept it. She kisses him in thank you. They are interrupted by Salmoneus who wants to know what to do with the ton of wax left over. He decides on a hall of wax heroes.

The block of wax that is the mummy is moved and the hand sticking out is still moving a little.

Disclaimer: Any similarity between our mummy and the foot dragging classic we all know and love is purely intentional.

Not Fade Away

(Oct 27, 1996)

Guest Stars: Karen Sheperd, Cynthia Rothrock, Liddy Holloway, Jeffrey Thomas
Written By: John Schulian
Directed By: T.J. Scott

Hercules and Iolaus arrive back at their home town of Thebes. Jason and Alcmene are meeting them at the old homestead. Hera sent lightning to strike a building in town and they run to help put out the fire. Hercules pushes the water tower on it putting it out. The townsfolk greet them.

Another Enforcer appears from flames in Hera's temple and orders the villagers to worship Hera and asks where Hercules is.

Hercules' old friend Vytos invites them to the potluck supper on the new moon. Hercules realizes that it's been almost two years since he visited his family's graves. Iolaus sends him on ahead and he'll catch up later.

Hercules visits the graves. He apologizes for not taking better care of them. He's afraid to admit that he doesn't know how to go on fighting without them. Hera just keep on and life isn't making a lot of sense.

Jason and Alcmene arrive.

Vytos explains to Iolaus that they have not been keeping up Hera's temple and she's getting upset about it. A man runs up and tells them about the Fire Enforcer. Iolaus runs off to warn Hercules but he runs into the Enforcer first and she beats him senseless and leave him for dead because he won't tell her where Hercules is.

After she leaves, Iolaus crawls to where Hercules is with his parents. He warns him and then dies in Hercules' arms. Hercules calls Hades and they are both transferred to the Underworld. Where Iolaus wakes up and realizes that he died.

Hades and Persephone arrive. Hades won't release him. Persephone points out that he's backed up in paperwork and this new Enforcer will make things worse. Hades makes a deal. Hercules has to defeat the new Enforcer by sunset and he gives him the previous Enforcer to help him. Hades hasn't been able to figure out what to do with her. She needs a soul. If she does a good deed in the real world, Hades will know what to do with her since Charon got careless and brought her over.

Hercules and the Water Enforcer go back topside.

Persephone shows Iolaus around. They find a bunch of Generals who stand around talking battles and strategy. Iolaus sees his father, Skouros. who still calls him "boy".

Hercules takes Alcmene and Jason to a cave where they will be safe. The Water Enforcer senses the arrival of the Fire Enforcer who spits fire at them. Alcmene and Jason and trapped in one circle of flame while Hercules and the Water Enforcer are trapped in another. the Fire Enforcer seals them in the cave. Hercules uses Jason's knife to open a hole in the Water Enforcer's body and water pours out and puts out enough of the flames to get them all out of the fire.

Hercules bursts through the rock blocking the entrance. The Water Enforcer sees Alcmene crying and is confused.

More of Hera's goons attack the village with the Fire Enforcer, punishing the people for not worshipping Hera.

Iolaus and his father discuss his death. Iolaus informs him that his name is not "boy". Iolaus is appalled that his father doesn't want to know what happened to his mother and accuses him of abandoning them. Iolaus informs him that his mother married a poet and she has never been happier and that she was the lucky one when Skouros died. Iolaus tells him to have a nice afterlife. Skouros doesn't think he will.

Hercules, Jason, Alcmene and the Water Enforcer walk through town and know the Fire Enforcer is near. They fight Hera's goons. The Fire Enforcer grabs Alcmene. The Water Enforcer give chase while the men continue fighting.

The Water Enforcer demands she let Alcmene go. The two Enforcers fight. Alcmene runs when the Water Enforcer tells her to after she temporarily impales the Fire Enforcer on the wall. they fight more and eventually the Fire Enforcer turns the Water Enforcer into steam. Hercules finally cleans up the mess outside and runs to Jason who's wounded in the arm to go along with his earlier leg wound. Alcmene sends him in to help the Water Enforcer who helped her escape.

He find her on the floor dying. She apologizes. He thanks her for saving his mother's life and will be her friend. He has to explain what that is. She sheds a tear and tells him she's happy and vanishes into the earth.

Hercules checks on Jason and Alcmene and then goes after the Enforcer.

Iolaus sulks. Hades is insensitive about it. Persephone checks on him. Iolaus has realized that his father is human. Skouros comes back over and explains that he lied to him. He thought about his family everyday after he walked out but he couldn't go back. He was frightened and ashamed. Iolaus apologizes for feeling the way he did. He doesn't really want to go back to the generals. So Hades offers to send him to the Eleysian fields. He asks Iolaus if he's coming. Iolaus thinks that Hercules will save him.

Hercules goes to Hera's temple and finds the Enforcer. They fight. Finally, Hercules punctures her and uses a metal shield to reflect her heat back on her and she internally combusts.

He steps into the Underworld and is greeted by an excited Iolaus. Hades shows them a glimpse into the Eleysian Fields where Skouros and the Water Enforcer are walking together. Hercules tells Iolaus that she deserves it. Iolaus decided that his father was better than he thought. Hades offers to open a window to the world of Hercules' family. He declines.

Hercules puts flowers on the graves of his family and spends some quality time with them While the rest of his family watches.

Disclaimer: No bootie-kicking, chop saking she-monsters from Tartarus were harmed during the production of this motion picture. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the temple.

Monster Child in the Promised Land

(Nov 3, 1996)

Guest Stars: Glenn Shadix, Bridget Hoffman, Grant Heslov
Written By: John Schulian
Directed By: John T. Kretchmer

Klepto is in trouble with a warlord named Bluth because he's not a real good bad guy. They throw him out of the gang. He plans to prove that he can help them.

Hercules sees Iolaus play with a little girl and carry her back to her mother. Iolaus thinks maybe he's missing out on something by not having a pretty wife and kids. Hercules assures him that it's all worth it.

A man runs up hollering he has an important message for Hercules. Iolaus intercepts him and the guy thinks Iolaus is Hercules and gives the message to him. So, Hercules lets him open it.

Typhon and Echidna had a baby boy. Hercules wants to go see them. Iolaus volunteers to go with him. Klepto picks Iolaus' pocket and gets the message.

Echidna is visited by one of Hera's archers who tells her that she will regret not serving Hera and allowing her son to serve. The archer leaves telling her that what Hera wants, Hera gets.

Iolaus wonders what the baby will look like. Hercules asks the baby's name. The name is Obvious. Iolaus realizes that he has lost the message and that little guy must have it. Klepto passes them hiding in the back of a hay wagon.

Klepto stops to get a drink at a tavern and warns a man in the tavern who's looking for a fight that two men are coming who will try to take their women away and Hercules is know for biting people's ears off. The man tells Klepto to leave before they kill these guys.

Typhon dances for his son to entertain him. Echidna is concerned that Hera will try and take her son.

Hercules and Iolaus arrive at the tavern and realize right away that they are not in the best place in town. The men are all ready for them. The women like their looks when makes their men attack. the fight destroys most of the tavern. Iolaus samples the stew pot and declares it tastes like boiled cat. The women chase the guys out of the tavern.

Klepto arrives at the cave. He tells them that Hercules sent him to offer congratulations on the new baby. Typhon shows him the baby.

Hercules and Iolaus realize that someone is trying to slow them down. Hercules is afraid for the baby. The other children of Typhon and Echidna wouldn't have been so nasty if they hadn't tasted blood. Hercules starts running and Iolaus follows.

Klepto plays with baby Obie who seems to like him. Klepto offers to watch the baby while Echidna takes a nap. Typhon decides to go outside for a break. Klepto runs off with the baby in the meantime.

Bluth is visited by Hera's archers. They offer him Hera's help in gaining the power he seeks if he will get the baby for Hera.

Hercules and Iolaus find Typhon outside the cave. Typhon mentions the little friend of theirs just as Echidna screams. The baby is gone. She tells them that Hera's after the baby. Hercules has never heard of Klepto. Echidna just knows she's lost another baby.

Klepto has trouble with the now squalling Obie who's hungry. Klepto feeds him some berries.

Hercules assures Echidna that it will be alright but she runs off to the back of the cave anyway. Hercules and Typhon go to save Obie and Iolaus gets left with Echidna. He heads off into the back of the cave as well.

Klepto and Obie camp for the night. Obie crawls off and falls from a cliff but he catches onto a branch and Klepto saves him. Klepto is becoming attached to Obie.

Typhon just wants Obie to grow up the way their other kids didn't get to. Hercules is having trouble tracking Klepto. The road divides and they split up. Klepto finds a group of pilgrims being harasses by Bluth's men. Klepto tells one of them that he's taking Obie to Bluth.

Iolaus finds Echidna and she's being uncooperative to him taking care of her.

Bluth takes the archers to get the baby and the head archer plans to go see if Echidna's changed her mind yet.

Klepto entertains Obie with tricks. He's really becoming attached and is having second thoughts about turning him over to Bluth.

Iolaus tries to reason with Echidna. He talks her into going back up.

Hercules finds Klepto but Bluth has already taken the baby. Klepto is really sorry and offers to help them get the baby back. Klepto tells Typhon what a great little guy Obie is.

Echidna cries and Iolaus gives her a handkerchief. The archer arrives. she shoots an arrow at Iolaus who grabs a wooden toy to take the arrow hit. He is thrown against the cave wall and knocked out for a moment. Echidna gets mad then.

Bluth taunts little Obie. Hercules and Klepto arrive. Typhon tells them he wants his baby back. They attach Hercules. While Klepto and Typhon knock themselves out.

The archer has pinned Echidna to the wall. Iolaus comes to. Echidna refuses to pledge her life and her son's to Hera.

Hercules takes care of the archers by deflecting their arrows back at them. Bluth releases Obie to feast on Hercules' blood.

Iolaus grabs the archer's bow and breaks the string by holding it up so that the bolo that she throws at him cuts it.

Obie tries to strangle Hercules but Hercules tells him that they should be friends. Typhon agrees and Obie listens to him. Bluth attacks them vowing to kill both of them. Hercules gets Bluth to step off the loft and fall.

Hercules and Klepto and Typhon return Obie to his mother. Klepto apologizes to her and Typhon explains that he really learned to care for the baby. Echidna accepts and lets him hold the baby.

Disclaimer: Out of respect for baby Obie, no calamari was served to the cast and crew during the production of this motion picture.

The Green-eyed Monster

(Nov 10, 1996)

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Alexandra Tydings, Susan Ward, Karl Urban
Written By: Steven Baum
Directed By: Chuck Braverman

Psyche's father catches her out during the day. She is the most beautiful thing any of these men have seen. Cupid refuses to shoot Psyche with his arrow. Aphrodite appears and wants to know why it's taking him 2 weeks to complete this job. He's tired of doing her dirty work and wants his own life. He flies off.

Hercules is in the middle of a battle and Aphrodite appears and wants to talk. She wants him to talk with Cupid. He's a little busy so Aphrodite takes off her clothes and the fighting stops while Hercules averts his eyes and can't believe he's related to her.

Hercules speaks with Cupid who tells him that he was supposed to make Psyche fall in love with an old ugly guy but he just can't do it. Hercules knows Psyche's father who is an inn keeper in Malidon. Hercules goes back to Aphrodite and implies that she wants Psyche out of the way because she's jealous of her beauty. Aphrodite is appalled that he would think that and he leaves.

Aphrodite goes to talk with Cupid. She chides him gently for falling in love with a mortal.

Many men come to try and court Psyche. Hercules finds Salmoneus selling flowers. Hercules thinks that he is taking advantage of these men. Salmoneus comments that he's heard that Psyche's beauty makes Aphrodite seem dog-like. Aphrodite is not thrilled by this comment.

Hercules enters the tavern and is greeted by Psyche's father. Hercules is stunned by how well Psyche grew up. Hercules tells them that he is just passing through on his way to Corinth to visit his mother and Jason. Aphrodite cruises through the throng trying to decide who should win Psyche. She corners Salmoneus about the dog comment. She has a deal for him.

Hercules has lunch with Psyche and her father. She asks Hercules if he thinks she's pretty. She wants him to take her away from her village. She wants to see the world and have adventures with Hercules. He politely refuses her or tries to.

Cupid is unhappy outside. Aphrodite tries to tell him it's for the best if he let her fall in love with a mortal. Salmoneus arrives at the door. Psyche comes out and Cupid still won't shoot her. Aphrodite takes the bow. While Hercules fends off the crowd. Hercules gets shot with the arrow instead and falls for Psyche. He fights off the rest of the men. Then, he professes his love for her and kisses her and Cupid quits. Psyche is confused.

Cupid has left his crossbow on the ground. Salmoneus finds it.

Aphrodite wants to apologize to Cupid for treating him like a child. She assures him that it won't work out because mortals are so short-lived. She tells him that if he tries to win this girl's love he will become so jealous that it will change him. She tells him to stay away from her. He tells her to stay out of his life.

Hercules stops by and wants to by some flowers from Salmoneus. Salmoneus asks advice from Hercules about his sister. This gives Hercules an idea and he gives the flowers back.

Hercules gives Psyche a poem that he wrote for her. She has decided to come along with Hercules to meet his parents. Her father gives them his blessing. She is ready to travel at his side. Hercules tells her that they are going to stay here.

Cupid watches and becomes so jealous that he turns into a terrible monster. He grabs Psyche and flies off with her. Hercules gives chase.

Cupid flies her to his secluded castle where he becomes Cupid again. She is afraid of him. He tells her that is was his arrow that made Hercules fall in love with her. She bets he's on the way to rescue her. Cupid assures her that he would never do anything to hurt her.

Aphrodite stopped Hercules and explains that the monster was Cupid. She figures that he took Psyche to Hephaestus' old castle. Hercules confirms that he fell in love with Psyche because Cupid accidentally hit him with one of his arrows. Hera put this curse on Cupid. It's not a permanent change until it happens three times.

Cupid sends his men back to Malidon to get his bow and to guard the castle against Hercules.

Salmoneus overhears Aphrodite revealing her plan to Hercules. She was going to get Psyche up with Salmoneus and in a couple of years she's be a fat happy housewife and Cupid would be on to other things and everybody would be happy. Hercules assures Aphrodite that as soon as he knows that Psyche is safe, he's going to leave and never see her again. Aphrodite says it doesn't work that way with Cupid's arrows.

Cupid is appalled to find that his men have tied Psyche up. He tells her about how he's always wanted to get away from his mother. She wants him to let her go. He can't loose her.

Aphrodite tries to reason with Cupid. She tells him about the curse from Hera. He just wants to be like everyone else. She suggests he shoot her with his bow. He tells her that he wants Psyche to fall in love with him freely.

Salmoneus tries to sell the bow to two men who argue over it. One of them accidentally gets shot and Salmoneus realizes he has Cupid's bow. Hercules sees and explains about the power of Cupid's arrows. To prove his point Hercules jumps off a cliff and lands in a cold lake. He looks into the water and sees Psyche and says that Deianeira is the only woman he's ever really loved, then, the woman changes to Deianeira and he's free.

Hercules warns Salmoneus to be careful with that bow. Hercules continues toward the castle. He pauses to read the poem he'd written for Psyche and decides it's pretty bad.

Cupid brings Psyche some food. She had overheard his conversation with Aphrodite and she didn't realize gods could be lonely, too. Cupid goes to meet Psyche. Hercules tells him that his arrow didn't stick. He just wants to make sure Psyche is safe. Cupid orders his satyrs to attack Hercules and they fight.

Aphrodite appears before Psyche and tries to get her to leave. She refuses to leave until Aphrodite tells her what's going on. Aphrodite assures her it's a mom thing and Psyche follows her. Aphrodite get her to drink a potion which eventually makes her into an old woman.

Cupid and Hercules both arrive and Cupid turns into the monster again. They fight. Psyche changes and Cupid becomes himself from the shock. Cupid blames his mother. He still loves her even when she's this old looking. He asks her to marry him. She accepts.

Hercules suggests that Aphrodite make Psyche a goddess by giving her ambrosia. Psyche is restored to beauty and they kiss. Cupid thanks his mother. Hercules is pleased about the two lovebirds being on Olympus with Hera and how they will drive her crazy. Cupid apologizes to Hercules for his behavior.

Salmoneus arrives on the run. He accidentally shot a goat with an arrow and now it won't leave him alone.

Disclaimer: No goats were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Prince Hercules

(Nov 17, 1996)

Guest Stars: Sam Jenkins, Jane Thomas, Paul Gittins
Teleplay By: Robert Bielak
Story By: Brad Carpenter
Directed By: Charles Siebert

Iolaus and Hercules are on the way to a festival. Iolaus is looking forward to seeing Electra again. They come upon a group of bandits attacking an elderly couple, Styros and Lahti. They send them packing. Hercules agrees to escort them on to Castus. He sends Iolaus on to the festival.

Queen Parnassa prays to Hera for help to restore them to their previous honor and power. Hera agrees to help. She's going to send Hercules.

Just as Hercules is about to introduce himself to the couple. A storm brews up and he is hit in the head by a falling tree branch turned to stone. Hercules is knocked out for a moment. He doesn't know his own name. Lahti tends his wound and they continue.

Parnassa reveals that Hera's plan is for Hercules to lose his memory and them to find him and convince him that he is their missing Prince Millius and have him pledge his loyalty to Hera on Equinox day and he'll serve her the rest of his life.

Lonius takes a few troops out to meet Hercules and the couple. Hercules isn't sure about what they tell him but he follows them, not knowing any better. They tell him his memory lapse is an old war wound.

They arrive at the castle and everyone bows as he walks to meet Parnassa who joyfully greets him and introduces him to his "wife", Kirin. She introduces him to Millius' son's, Macareus and Protos. He breaks the ice by asking about their toys.

Iolaus enjoys the festival.

Hercules wrestles with the boys until their mother sends them to bed. He still can't remember anything.

Lonius and Parnassa play chess and gloat over how well their plan is working. Kirin comes in and wants to speak with Parnassa. She can't go through with this. He's a nice guy. She doesn't think it's fair to make him live this lie. Parnassa tells her to worry about her own children.

Lonius takes Hercules on a tour of the city. He tells him that he has many enemies in the neighboring kingdom. a man recognizes Hercules and they shut him up quickly. Lonius leads him into a dark alley where they are attacked by men dressed in ninja type robes. They fight them off. Lonius says they came from Gorgos to assassinate him.

Iolaus is worried about Hercules. Iolaus gets to judge the grape picking race, Electra's in it. The first to the end of the row wins. Of course a less pretty, larger woman wins after Iolaus ups the ante and says there'll be a kiss for the winner.

Lonius reports that their rouse worked and Hercules considers Gorgos to be his enemy.

Now, Iolaus is involved in the grape crushing contest. The same women who won the earlier contest pulls him in with her and crushes him along with the grapes and he ends up purple himself.

Hercules asks Kirin how they met. She tells him he found her in the hills picking flowers. He gave her lots and lots of flowers when they were dating. He still doesn't remember. They kiss. He pulls away. He's not ready.

A very, very purple Iolaus climbs out of the vat. Iolaus' friend brings the man who recognized Hercules and got beaten for it over. He tells Iolaus he saw him in royal robes in Castus. Iolaus heads out at a run.

Hercules dreams about his own children. He goes to take a walk through the village by himself. He asks people if they recognize him. They don't admit to being about to identify him. Lonius catches up to him. Lonius takes him to have a drink and chides him for being out without a body guard. Iolaus gets into a fight with the guards outside the tavern. Hercules knocks him out. A guard warns Lonius that Iolaus knows Hercules. Lonius passes him off as another assassin and wants Hercules to kill him. Hercules just wants to know why he's purple. He has Iolaus taken to the border. Lonius orders him taken down an alley and killed.

Iolaus pretends to be unconscious and knocks out the two guards.

Lonius reports that he's not sure about Hercules leading them into battle. She assures him that after the ceremony it will be fine. Lonius tells her that Hercules wants to make peace with Gorgos.

Hercules surveys a war wagon. The horses go wild and Lonius goes to chase them down. Iolaus calls Hercules over and tells him that he's his friend not Lonius'. Hercules still wants to know why he's purple. Iolaus tries to remind him who is is. Lonius sees Iolaus talking to Hercules and orders him captured. Iolaus fights them and keeps talking about their times together. Finally Hercules holds him up while somebody else knocks him out. Hercules decides that he should be locked up for his own good.

The wagon wheel falls on a man and Hercules lifts it off him and is amazed at his own strength.

Parnassa assures Kirin that the purple man won't live until morning and that once the equinox passes tomorrow she will be married to Hercules and she should do this for her children. Kirin doesn't believe her.

Hercules brings Kirin flowers. This time he kisses her. He doesn't' want to wait for him memory to come back anymore.

Kirin leaves their bed taking a knife from under the pillow. She demands that the guard let her in to see Iolaus. She wants to know about Hercules because she thinks they are in love with each other. Iolaus pretends to hold Kirin hostage. They knock out the guards and run to their chambers but Hercules is already gone. They have taken him to the ceremony. Iolaus has a plan.

Lonius informs Parnassa that the purple man has escaped. She orders the ceremony closed to any outsiders. There are only them and the robed priests. She begins. But Hercules has trouble vowing his allegiance to Hera. Iolaus throws off the hood and reminds Hercules of Deianeira and their children. Kirin joins him. Hercules remembers and a fight breaks out. Kirin and Parnassa fight as well. the fight ends when the alter falls on Parnassa, crushing her. Hercules orders them to stop. Hercules thinks Iolaus looks good in purple.

Kirin walks Hercules and Iolaus out. Hercules says goodbye to the two boys. Then, to Kirin, who is the new queen. She'd like him to stay but knows that the world needs him too much. He promises to come back this way. They kiss goodbye. Hercules and Iolaus walk off.

Disclaimer: Iolaus was not harmed or permanently stained in the production of this motion picture. In fact, thanks to the miracle of sandblasting, his skin was restored to it's original color and lustrous shine.

A Star To Guide Them

(Dec 8, 1996)

Guest Stars: Brent Barrett, Jon Brazier
Story By: John Schulian
Teleplay By: John Schulian and Brian Herskowitz
Directed By:Michael Levine

Hercules and Iolaus are camping on their way to the Winter Solstice festival. Hercules is the guest of honor. They are erecting a statue to Hercules to thank him for saving their village from bandits. Only Iolaus helped defeat the bandits and he's been forgotten again. Iolaus wonders what his destiny in life is and what history will say about him. He feels like he's lost his way. They lie down to go to sleep.

King Polonius has been to Delphi to visit the Oracle. His wife Queen Maliphone is pregnant with his heir. The Oracle told him that his kingship will be succeeded by someone who's not of his family. She says They should round up every male child under the age of one and have them brought to Bethos.

Iolaus has a dream. He sees several images. A bright white light that burns his hands, a gnarled tree, a triangular shaped rock and medallion with 2 green eyes. A man pointing. He is left with an intense need to go north. He starts putting out the fire. Hercules asks him what he's doing. He says he's not going to the festival. He doesn't know where he's going but he has to go. Hercules follows.

Iolaus tells Hercules that he has a feeling of peace. Hercules suggests that maybe it's Hera or one of the gods. Iolaus says it feels too right for that. He's still going north.

A thief, Trinculos, has the same need to go north. He leaves the gang before the biggest heist of his life.

Hercules questions Iolaus about going north. Iolaus promises that as soon as he figures it out, he'll let Hercules know.

The babies are being rounded up along with their mothers.

Hercules and Iolaus stop. Iolaus feels the place is familiar. Hercules sits on the triangular shaped rock. Iolaus recognizes it and know they are going the right way.

A farmer, Uris, takes his wife, Lorelei, and baby to his brothers and goes north. He has had the same dream. He has to do this.

Hercules roasts a bird for lunch. Iolaus doesn't want to eat, he wants to keep moving. He can't sit still. Iolaus walks off, Hercules follows. Trinculos tries to steal their bird and Hercules catches him and invites him for lunch. Iolaus comes back. Trinculos want to go north as well. Hercules sees that Trinculos has the same burns on his hands as Iolaus.

Uris and Lorelei run from the King's soldiers. Uris tries to hold them off by himself. Hercules and Iolaus run to help him while Trinculos guards Lorelei and the baby.

Lorelei explained that the King is rounding up the babies. Hercules asks Uris where they are headed. Uris replies north and Hercules asks to see his hands. They are burned. Hercules offers to go with them to make sure the babies are safe. Iolaus wants to go north. Hercules sends Iolaus and Trinculos to go find out what's going on and he will escort Uris and his family to his brothers outside the Bethos province. They will all meet in Kazi. Iolaus and Trinculos head out at a run.

The king is informed that Hercules has arrived in the province. They missed the one family. The Queen suggests that they go outside the province to find the missing babies.

Uris' brother agrees to take care of his family. He says good bye to his family. Hercules asks if Uris is sure he's doing the right thing. He doesn't know, he just knows he has to go. Hercules promises Lorelei that he will get her husband home safely.

Trinculos maintains that he didn't have a dream. He asks about Iolaus' dream.

Hercules and Uris talk about the dream. He's got the feeling that he's going to be part of something very important.

The baby round up continues. Hercules and Uris meet Iolaus and Trinculos. Iolaus tells them that the babies in Kazi were all rounded up that morning and taken north. They set out for the mountain short cut. They all three stop and stare at a tree. It's the tree from the dream. Trinculos still won't admit to the dream.

The medallion they all saw in their dreams is the scepter in King Palonius' castle. Maliphone has made a sacrifice to Hera She will help them defeat Hercules. She sends several creatures that appear from flame. These soldiers heat up anything they touch, including people. Maliphone also wants revenge on Hercules for his defeat of Palonius at Kazi.

Hercules keeps Uris and Trinculos from fighting. Hercules tells Iolaus that he doesn't understand all this but he's here to help.

They find a village and Hercules finds a woman hiding with her baby. He tells her they are there to protect them from Polonius' men. They send the women and children into the hills. Then, they head out toward the next village.

The captain of the guard tells the king and queen that they still have not found the baby they lost at the border and that Hercules has evacuated three villages before the King's men could get there. The king is not happy. The queen informs them that Hercules will come to them as soon as he hears that the babies are in the castle.

The four men take a break. Trinculos draws the medallion. Iolaus and Uris correct it. Trinculos finally admits he's had the dream. Hercules says maybe they are going to Bethos. Trinculos leaves them.

The King is frustrated, he and the captain of the guard have been interrogating the mothers for hours and none of them will say who the next king will be. So, the queen says they will have to kill all the babies.

The three men enter Bethos and are attacked by an archer. Trinculos takes out the archer and hops down to the street. He didn't have a choice. Whatever he thinks he had to come back.

Lorelei is brought to the castle. She can't answer their questions. the captain of the guard tells them that Hercules has entered the city.

The four men figure they are heading for a trap. Hera's soldiers wait for them in the castle. The King tells them that Lorelei sends her greetings. They fight with the soldiers. Hercules takes on Hera's soldiers and the others fight Palonius' men. Hercules makes them self destruct by throwing them into each other. Trinculos throws a knife and kills the king to save Uris. They let the women and children go. Maliphone's child cannot be king because the kind didn't leave a living heir and now the people can elect their next ruler.

Uris doesn't think that this is the end of what they were sent here for. They look out a keyhole shaped window. Iolaus saw Hercules and a star. Hercules tells him to follow the star. It leads them to a stable. Hercules declines to enter but sends the other three. Hercules thinks that what Iolaus is about to witness is bigger and more important than anything they've ever done.

Disclaimer: No unnamed baby of any biblical and mythological importance was harmed during he production of this motion picture.

The Lady and the Dragon

(Jan 12, 1997)

Guest Stars: Catherine Bell, Rene Naufahu
Written By: Eric Estrin and Michael Berlin
Directed By: Oley Sassone

Zachariah intends to go out and slay the dragon, Braxis, before it can kill any more villagers in Laurencia. Cinnea pleads with him not to go. She is afraid that she will loose him. He goes anyway. She gives him her scarf for luck.

Hercules enters a tavern and orders lunch. A man draws a knife on him. He's an old friend, Marcius. Hercules is on his way to meet Iolaus in Laurencia. They've heard that some of the soldiers who helped them defeat Adamus had disappeared. Marcius offers his help but Hercules tells him to stay and look after his ten children.

A Zachariah faces Braxis and is killed by the dragon.

Hercules arrives in a village to find it's been burned to the ground. There are no people anywhere and no bodies either. Hercules heads into the woods and finds a boy hiding in a tree. The other villagers come out of hiding assuming he's a bandit. Hercules is recognized by a friend named Lemnos and his wife and boy, Geiger.

Lemnos tells him that Adamus is back from exile on Tarsus and is attacking villages and plans to take all of Greece. Hercules agrees to help.

Iolaus arrives at a tavern and meets Cinnea. A couple of goons harass her and Iolaus comes to her defense. She is on her way to Laurencia and Iolaus offers to walk with her.

Geiger tells Hercules about Braxis as he helps the villagers reclaim part of their town. Hercules decides to talk to Adamus first before taking on the dragon.

Adamus is determined to take Laurencia first. A men comes and sells information about Hercules to Adamus. Adamus has spent his ten years in exile plotting his revenge in the very spot where Hercules defeated him. Laurencia.

Cinnea tells Iolaus that she has just had to tell her fiancee, Zachariah's parents that he's dead. Iolaus says that Zachariah saved his life in the battle of Thespus. She tells him he was killed by a dragon. Iolaus tells her that he and his friend will do something about it. She doesn't want his death on her conscious.

Iolaus waits for Hercules. He wants to avenge Zachariah's death. Hercules says this doesn't make sense. Dragons don't kill like this. He thinks Adamus is behind it. Tarsus is a breeding ground for dragons.

Hercules wants to track down Adamus first to see what's really going on.

Adamus tells Braxis that the murderers of his mother are here and he needs Braxis' help to defeat them. He tells Braxis that their names are Hercules and Iolaus. Braxis vows to kill them both.

Iolaus still wants to go after the dragon first. All the soldiers were killed in the dragon's lair. Cinnea calls to Iolaus. She offers dinner to Hercules and Iolaus. Hercules declines and Iolaus walks her home.

Lemnos runs up to Hercules and tells him that Geiger has grabbed his sword and run off to kill Braxis.

Cinnea tells Iolaus that she's going to move like the others before Braxis destroys the town. Iolaus wants to go after the dragon.

Hercules tracks Geiger. Braxis grabs Geiger when he falls from a ledge and flys off with him dropping him off on the top of a mountain. Hercules climbs up to get him down. Geiger tells how Braxis saved him.

Adamus is angry that Braxis didn't kill the child. Braxis just wanted another friend.

Iolaus enjoyed his meal and still wants to avenge Zachariah's death. He is determined to go through with it. She tries to talk him out of it. When she sees that he is not going to be persuaded she sends her scarf with him for luck.

Hercules arrives at Cinnea's looking for Iolaus. She acts surprised to realize that Iolaus went to defeat Braxis. Hercules runs out after his friend. Adamus comes out clapping. He is thrilled with her performance.

Hercules arrives in time to see Iolaus in the distance nearing the dragon's lair. A bunch of goons jump Hercules and he wastes valuable time beating them up.

Adamus visits Braxis and tells him that Iolaus is on the way. He feeds the man who sold him the information to Braxis. Iolaus hears the man scream and heads into the cave.

Cinnea is not so sure that Braxis will defeat Hercules. Adamus is confident that he won't underestimate Hercules.

Iolaus meets the dragon. They fight. Iolaus looses his sword. Hercules hears him screaming and runs in to find the dragon holding Iolaus in the air.

Hercules gets it to release him. Hercules talks to it. Braxis tells them he will kill them both. Hercules manages to get a net around it's neck while Iolaus distracts it. Hercules won't let it be killed. Hercules recognizes Cinnea's scarf wrapped around Iolaus' sword and points him to the pit where there are several other scarves.

Adamus is going to miss Braxis. He has to kill him. He's too powerful to risk losing to his enemies or turning against him. Adamus killed Braxis' mother.

The snitch comes out of hiding and tells Hercules that he's right. Braxis only kills in self-defense. He didn't attack. Hercules explains to Braxis that Adamus is telling him lies to control him. Hercules intends to set Braxis free in a show of good faith but Adamus' men attack first. During the fight, Cinnea plans to kill Iolaus herself from behind and Iolaus jumps at just the right moment and Adamus runs her through. Adamus admits he killed Braxis mother and roasts him for it.

Hercules sets Braxis free with the promise of coming to Tarsus for a visit.

Hercules and Iolaus walk off toward their next adventure.

Disclaimer: No fire-breathing pre-pubescent, slightly sinister dragons were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Long Live the King

(Jane 19, 1997)

Guest Stars: Lisa Ann Hadley, Roger Oakley, Derek Payne
Teleplay By: Sonny Gordon
Story By: Patricia Manney
Directed By: Timothy Bond

Hercules and Iolaus are supposed to be heading for Alcmene's house. Iolaus has received a message from Hector. Hector is concerned that Orestes is traveling around virtually unguarded to speak to all the neighboring kingdoms about setting up a league to work together and keep peace between them all. There is opposition to the plan and Hector wants Iolaus to come and help them. Iolaus doesn't know if he can handle Niobi. Hercules offers to go with him. Iolaus declines, He wants to handle it himself.

Orestes and Niobi discuss changes in a proposal. She thinks that he is too trusting and the proposal needed to be worded stronger.

Iolaus arrives in a village and helps a woman who's arguing with a man. She is part of the gang and when she knocks Iolaus out they think they have nabbed the King.

Iolaus is tied up but he unties the ropes. He picks a fight with his captors and escapes.

King Xenon awaits the arrival of Orestes and Niobi. He's not thrilled about this League idea and suspects that the idea is Niobi's and not Orestes'. He wants to rule the whole area and this League is not in his plans.

Orestes tells Xenon that all peace requires is trust. Xenon pretends to go along with them. He invites Orestes to go hunting for the Great Stag Deer of Garantus tomorrow during the feast of the Dark Sun. Only royalty participates, only male royalty. Niobi is afraid that Orestes will be hurt. He is touched that she is afraid for him. He has earned her respect and loyalty. He wants her passion but she doesn't reply to him. Xenon is watching from a mask in the wall.

Iolaus sneaks into the castle with a couple of other guys eating a watermelon to hide his face. He runs into a couple of guards and a convenient loose woman, several of them, walk by with a goat and Iolaus just lets them think something went on.

Hector is concerned about Iolaus not answering the message. Iolaus conveniently comes down the hall and they tell him about the hunt. Iolaus goes to talk to Orestes. Orestes is happy to see him. He and Niobi hug awkwardly. Orestes asks why he's here. Iolaus admits that Hector thinks he is in danger. Orestes appreciates his concern and he's going on the hunt alone.

The next morning Iolaus is hiding in the bushes watching. Xenon admires Orestes' arrows. Orestes tells him that they were specially made for his father and there are no others like them. The stag has been sighted. They set out.

Iolaus sees the archers and calls a warning to Orestes. Iolaus hits one of them but he's too late. Iolaus runs to him. Orestes asks Iolaus to make sure his plan succeeds, he's given his life for it and he dies.

Iolaus trades clothes with him and when Xenon comes looking for him he comes out of the bush and pretends to have been answering the call of nature. Xenon and Iolaus bet one of Orestes' arrows that Iolaus gets the stag. They set out on the hunt again.

At the end of the day, Xenon has killed the stag. Iolaus and Niobi exchange glances. Iolaus hands one of the arrows over. He and Niobi go to their quarters.

Xenon feeds a pet in the dungeon. He meets with one of the hired assassins. Xenon plans to feed the guy to the creature. The guy insists that Orestes is dead. He says that there was another guy there, Orestes bodyguard. Xenon is impressed that Orestes broke the rules.

The assassin offers a free killing. Xenon has an idea and orders him freed for the moment.

Linus sets off with Orestes' body. Hector asks Iolaus is he's going to continue being the king. Iolaus doesn't know if he can. It's not Xenon that's bothering him. Niobi asks Hector to leave. She tells Iolaus that last night Orestes had asked for her passion and she couldn't give what she didn't feel. Her passion belongs to Iolaus. Iolaus can't go there, the timing is wrong. They have to finish what Orestes has started. She asks Iolaus to help her. Back inside, Iolaus tells her that he wants to help but when this is all over he has to leave. She says she won't ask him to stay. They sleep in separate beds.

Xenon says he will support the peace plan but he wants to go along with Orestes to see King Phaedron. He wants to help convince him. they decide to leave that day.

Xenon rides in the royal coach with Niobi and Iolaus. They camp and Niobi asks Iolaus to give her a moment to change before he comes into the tent they will have to share. Iolaus washes up at a basin. The assassin tries again but this time Xenon kills him. Iolaus thanks him and goes into the tent. He is shocked that saves him. She asks if they could have been wrong about him. Iolaus doesn't think so. He's tired and lies down on the bed then, realizes that she has to sleep there, too. He moves to sleep on the ground and she tells him that they can do this. They get in bed and put their backs to each other. She can't get her pillow fluffed right and he offers her another. She suddenly, has to take a walk.

The next morning Hector wakes them. Iolaus has not slept well. Hector explains that when they see Phaedron Orestes tells Hector what he wants to say, Hector tells Phaedron's State Minister who tells Phaedron. Iolaus says that this is crazy. No one has spoken to Phaedron directly for 30 years. Hector tells him that the last person to speak directly to Phaedron was Prince Vargas of Macadamia and Phaedron had the vital parts Macadamia is famous for cut off. Iolaus can go along with his rules.

It is a tedious process. Iolaus finally just addresses Phaedron and tells him that what is good for his kingdom is good for Phaedron's kingdom. Phaedron thinks it is a simplistic idea and he likes it. He has his state minister hauled out for not thinking of it. Iolaus asks about why he acts like he's crazy. Phaedron says it saves him having to listen to a lot of "pointless prattle".

Niobi tells Iolaus he makes a good king. Iolaus sits on the bed and takes off his boots. Niobi can't go on like this and she tells him she loves him. He has loved her since the first time he saw her. They kiss. Afterwards, she does ask him to stay. He suggests that she come with him. Could she give her life up. The guards burst in and arrest Iolaus for the attempted murder of Phaedron.

In the dungeon they find Xenon who accuses him. Phaedron was shot with one of Orestes' arrows. Iolaus says that arrow was given to Xenon. Xenon says he will be executed tomorrow and orders no visitors.

Xenon asks Illegibus, Phaedron's physician if he will live. He thinks so but he is still unconscious.

Niobi goes to Phaedron's wife, Neiranna. She comes out and tells Niobi that they know Orestes did not shoot her husband and offers her help.

Nieranna takes Niobi to the dungeon and orders that she be allowed to see her husband. Niobi enters the cell and kisses Iolaus. She passes him a broach to pick the locks on his chains in the kiss. Iolaus tells the guard he came undone and when he comes in Iolaus escapes.

He makes it back to their quarters. Hector can't get the horses. All the other kings are here. Iolaus realizes that Xenon is going to kill them.

Hector tells Iolaus that he can't do this. Iolaus tells him he can. Iolaus tells him this is the only way it will work for all of us. Iolaus and Niobi speak their love again and Iolaus asks her to trust him.

Xenon has called a meeting. Iolaus interrupts the meeting and tricks Xenon by telling him that his eight arrows were numbered and the one that was used on Phaedron was the one given to Xenon. A fight breaks out. At the end of the fight it looks like Iolaus is shot by Xenon's arrow but it was really Hector who shot him. Xenon is killed by Niobi. Phaedron's physician declare Orestes dead.

Iolaus meets the royal coach outside of town near a lake. She slaps him. He gives the arrow embedded in a metal plate to Hector to give to his cousin, Illigibus, as a souvenir. Iolaus apologizes to Niobi for not telling Niobi but he can't live her life and her people need her, the League needs her. He thought it would be easier this way. He has to tell her the truth. He leaves.

Iolaus arrives at Alcmene's to find Hercules trying to dig out a stump. Hercules asks him to help wondering why every time he comes home his mother makes him work.

Disclaimer: No stags were bagged during the production of this motion picture.


(Jan 26, 1997)

Guest Stars: Hudson Leick, Kevin Smith, Liddy Holloway, Jeffrey Thomas
Written By: Alex Kurtzman
Directed By: Oley Sassone

Callisto screams in torment in Tartarus. Hera takes pity on her and makes a deal. She will give Callisto one more day at life and a chance at immortality if she will kill Hercules.

Iolaus tries to cheer up Hercules on his birthday. Falafel runs up and tells them that he has made a chocolate cake for the party. Hercules asks what party. They had planned a surprise party. Since Hera killed his family, he's not too excited about celebrating his birthday. Hercules agrees to act surprised. Iolaus runs off to Alcmene's.

Jason, Iphicles, Iolaus and Alcmene try out the punch. A wane, frail looking girl in a cloak (Callisto) comes in to pay her respects to Hercules. She says Hercules rescued her. Iolaus questions where. She doesn't answer. Alcmene invites her in. Callisto pours something in the punch and gets a glass which she offers to the others.

Hercules arrives for the party. there is no one home. He walks in to find everyone unconscious and Callisto offering greetings. She tells him that this is the effect of Zanthalian Venom. It effects their minds. They will all be crazy by sundown. If they don't kill each other first. The only known antidote is the apple from the tree of life which is located in the Labyrinth of the Gods. She wants safe passage from Hercules to reach it. The apple will restore her to life as well. One bite of the fruit will cure any illness. She knows the way. She introduces herself. Hercules thought she was dead. She tells him about Hera. Hercules has no choice but to help her. She open one of his presents and finds a pair of leather pants.

Callisto taunts him as they travel.

Iolaus wakes, he pulls Iphicles up as Falafel, Jason and Alcmene come to. They realize they have been drugged. they realize that Hercules has been here and that woman must be responsible. They search the castle. Iolaus and Jason to the west wing and Iphicles and Alcmene to the east. Falafel stays in the room and see a bowl of noodles turn into worms.

Callisto is still at her tricks. She says he should be angry at her because his love is a curse and that's what killed his children. He tells her she doesn't understand. She tells him she does because her family was slaughtered as well.

Alcmene blames herself for letting that woman in. Iphicles is hostile about Hercules, saying he's brought nothing but trouble to his kingdom. Iphicles goes into a paranoid rage and stalks off. Alcmene sees Hercules appear before her. He tells her it's going to be alright.

Hercules and Callisto arrive at the entrance to the labyrinth. It has a riddle they have to solve to gain admittance.

"Give a name to this earthly conceit. It is unchangeable but it can change you. It can teach you or trap you. All who reside there are immortal but you can never go there. The answer lies before your very eyes."

An hourglass turns over and they start guessing and bickering.

The answer is the past. The flames go down and they enter.

Alcmene goes to hug Hercules but she passes through him. He tells her that he has passed over to the other side. She blames herself for urging him to become a hero. He says goodbye. She wants to come with him.

Hercules and Callisto find a torch and she has trouble lifting the water bucket out of the well. She finds his faith in the world touching.

Iolaus and Jason talk about how life is getting out of hand. Jason hears something. He goes to investigate. Iolaus loses him and starts looking.

Falafel cooks imaginary food in the kitchen. Iphicles arrives. He doesn't see any of the imaginary food and is confused. Falafel tries to feed him. Falafel wants it all to be perfect when Hercules arrives. Iphicles attacks Falafel. The chandelier falls on Iphicles.

Callisto questions how much Xena has really changed. Hercules explains to her that immortality won't change her problem. She won't be able to find peace that way.

Iolaus still searches for Jason. He runs outside and finds a group of beautiful women who surround him.

Hercules and Callisto find a fork in the passage. Callisto decides to go left and a tentacle grabs her. Hercules runs in a rescues her after avoiding a couple of closing walls.

Iolaus is enjoying the company of the girls who lead him to find a really decrepit, drooling version of himself. Jason is still looking for whatever. Iolaus tries to run but can't. His feet are stuck in the mud. He falls into the bedroom in the castle. He yells for Jason.

Callisto plans to rip out Xena's tongue first. Hercules informs her that after he saves his family, she is going back where she belongs. She tells him that she will look up his children and make eternity miserable for them. Hercules thinks about strangling her but stops himself.

Jason and Iolaus find each other and Jason attacks Iolaus. They fight. Jason cuts Iolaus' arm (but there is no blood or mark or anything...)

Hercules leads Alcmene to the other side. He tells her that Jason and Iphicles will be joining them soon.

Hercules and Callisto find another fork. She tells him which way it is and a spiked do tries to close on Hercules. He holds it off. She calls Hera and tells her that Hercules has fulfilled his promise. Hera opens the door to the tree and Callisto punches him and the door closes a little. She continues to taunt him. She whacks him with the torch and he looses more ground with the door. She picks an apple and bites it. She is restored to life. Hercules gets the door open enough that he can escape it. He fights with Callisto. She lights the tree on fire. they continue fighting. Hercules runs to the tree. Callisto kicks one apple away to safety. Hercules grabs it. She tells him he won't make it out in time without her. He has been dripping oil the whole trip and all he has to do is light it and he will have a trail right back to the entrance.

Hercules is about to leave when Callisto feigns blindness and when he goes to help her she attacks him again. The door closes. Hercules gets out and she doesn't.

Hercules runs back to the castle.

Falafel need meat for his food. Iphicles comes to and Falafel thinks he's a pig. Iphicles escapes and tries to kill Falafel.

Hercules leads Alcmene up to the top of the castle gate.

Hercules runs in just as Jason and Iolaus are about to kill each other. Hercules knocks them down and slices the apple in mid air. A piece lands in each of their mouths. They are restored. Hercules hears a cry from the kitchen and bags Iphicles. He hangs Falafel up on a hook and gives Iolaus a piece of the apple and tells him to give each of them a bite. Then, goes to find his mother.

Alcmene is standing on top of the gate. Hercules runs up and she is confused now that there are two of them. Hercules assures her that he is not dead and gets her down. he gives her the apple. She wants to know where he's been. She's been worried. Alcmene tells him about the women who came. She wanted to leave him a gift. Hercules said she did. She taught him to appreciate his family even more.

Disclaimer: Herc's party pants were not harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Encounter (part 1)

(Feb 2, 1997)

Guest Stars: Sam Jenkins, Kevin Smith, Joel Tobeck
Written By: Jerry Patrick Brown
Directed By: Charlie Haskell

A hunter is tracking something but the something finds him first and kills him with an arrow.

Hercules and Iolaus are in the middle of a tavern fight. Hercules almost throws around one of the good guys. He puts down Hemnor of Cernea. Hemnor wants then to come and protect the Golden Hind. There are many in the village who want her destroyed. They have petitioned Prince Nestor to come with soldiers and trappers. Hercules agrees to help.

The hind tells Ares that many strangers have come to the forest. Ares saved her from Zeus. Ares tells her that Hercules is coming and they may have some fun with him.

Strife answers Nestor's call to Ares. Nestor wants to use the blood of the Golden Hind to Kill Hercules. The Hind's blood can kill a god. Strife tells him that Ares likes the Hind but if Nestor can get the Hinds' blood they will deliver Hercules.

Nestor's men set many traps. They try and drive the Hind through them. Hercules and Iolaus set off one of the traps and Iolaus suggests they split up to cover more ground just as he bumps a trip wire. Hercules has him grab a tree branch which flips him up into the air and out of harm from the two cross bows pointed at him. They agree to meet back at that spot.

The soldiers spot the Hind and she shots several of them. a small boy is caught in their stampede and runs into the forest where he is trapped under a falling spiked tree. Hercules hears the child scream and lifts the log off him. A woman walks up and asks if the boy will survive. Hercules tells her he's dying. She is confused because he is not Hercules' child and yet he grieves. She offers to help. He moves out of the way. She puts her hands over him and heals him. She nearly feints and Hercules catches her. She is startled that he is able to touch her. The boy runs away. She tells him her name is Serena. He is not the angry war-like man she has heard that Hercules is.

He helps her up and thanks her for the miracle she performed. She tells him she has the gift of healing and asks him not to tell anyone. Hercules hears the horns of the soldiers and when he turns back she is gone.

The soldiers continue to beat the forest. Iolaus sees the hind and follows. She shoots him with an arrow.

Hercules carries Iolaus into Hemnor's. He has a fever. The arrow has been dipped in poison. Hercules goes after Serena.

Ares is frustrated with Strife for getting him into this. He can't use the Hind's blood against the other gods. They would ban together against him. Strife wants to help. Ares can't be a party to hurting Hercules under the circumstances. Strife wants a reputation. Ares wonders if there's a way to get to Hercules by using Nestor.

Hercules finds Serena outside Ares' temple. She tells him that she serves in Ares' temple. He tells her about Iolaus that he came to help her. She probably thought that he was a poacher after her gold. Hercules tells her that he's alive but he's getting worse. She can save him. She tells him that her vow to Ares forbids her going into the village. She can't help. He runs off.

The soldiers continue searching the woods. Hercules senses something behind him. He sees the Hind and gives chase. He looses her. Nestor's men see her and Hercules helps defend her. Then, the Hind is gone and Serena is there and she tells Hercules that she is willing to go with him and help Iolaus. She is afraid to go into the village. They are dangerous to her. Hercules promises he'll take care of her.

Hemnor is tending Iolaus. He goes to get more water when Hercules and Serena arrive. She heals him the same way as the boy. Iolaus wakes when she's done and reaches up and touches her. She transforms into the Hind and Iolaus faints. Hercules already suspected. A mortal's touch causes the transformation. Hercules' touch is different because he is the son of a god.

Hercules and Serena sit by a rock in the woods and discuss her belonging to Ares. Hercules says that he will protect her. they both admit that they have feelings for each other. Hercules offers to talk to Ares. She doesn't want him to make things worse.

Iolaus is up and around. Hemnor wants him to rest. Iolaus wants to eat. Hercules comes back. Iolaus tells Hercules about a dream he had of a beautiful woman and then the Hind. He wants to meet Serena to thank her. Hercules agrees that the three of them should be together when he tells Iolaus. Hercules leaves to get Serena.

The Hind wanders the forest and when she stops a cage of thorny branches springs up around her. She asks Ares why he has betrayed her. Ares tells her that it's to protect her. She says she won't be distracted again. She tells him that Hercules cares for her but that doesn't tarnish her loyalty to him. Ares reminds her that she's his.

Hercules hears her screaming and runs to rescue her. Hercules wants to talk to Ares. She tells him that Ares is upset by them. Ares takes a thorn from the cage that has the Hind's blood on it.

Ares gives Nestor the thorn to use against Hercules. Ares even tells Nestor that Hercules will go to his temple.

Hercules tells Serena that Ares is using her to draw both Hercules and Nestor here. She admits her feelings to Hercules and he does the same. Iolaus hollers at them from a distance and when he turns around Serena is gone. Hercules almost tells Iolaus what's going on. Hercules heads out to see Ares. Just as he is about to tell Iolaus what's going on Nestor's men attack. The Hind appears during the fight and helps by taking out some of the men with her arrows. Nestor sees the Hind helping Hercules and makes a run for it but he is caught and killed in one of his own traps.

Hercules and Serena take a walk. She assumes that he will be leaving soon. He makes excuses for staying then admits that he doesn't' want to leave her. They kiss. She is afraid that there is too much separating them. He disagrees saying that's not what's important.

Ares and Strife watch from the sidelines. Ares' plan is still on track.

Disclaimer: The Golden Hind was not harmed during the production of this motion picture. For a hind of your own, call 1-800-555-HIND.

When A Man Loves A Woman (part 2)

(Feb 9, 1997)

Guest Stars: Sam Jenkins, Ted Raimi, Kevin Smith, Tawny Kitaen, Joel Tobeck
Written By: Gene O'Neill and Noreen Tobin
Directed By: Charlie Haskell

Iolaus is getting water from the village well when a group of soldiers come up and call him "shorty" and harass him about being the one the hind shot. They are still upset about getting beat up by Hercules. A fight breaks out. Hercules comes out to help. After the fight, Iolaus is ready to go on to Thessala. It's been two weeks. Hercules wants to stay and tells Iolaus it's more complicated than just saving the hind. Iolaus realizes it's not the hind, it's Serena.

Ares calls Strife and asks about Serena. He saw her with Hercules. Ares insists that Serena is devoted to him. Strife reminds him about Xena. Ares won't let her go. Strife thinks that Ares has the edge on all the other gods because he has the blood of the hind. Strife is to keep an eye on this situation with Hercules and Serena.

Serena is practicing her archery and nearly shoots Hercules. She thinks he's come to say goodbye. Instead he asks her to marry him and gives her a necklace. She tells him it can never be. They love each other but she can't live in the human world. She insists that she belongs to Ares. Hercules tells her that he is using her. He wants her to thank Ares for his help and then marry him.

Iolaus is helping the village men hoist a new water tank. Hercules offered to help but he's not there yet. They try to lift it on their own. Joxer shows up looking for Hercules.

The hind appears before Ares. Ares is enjoying watch her string Hercules along. She wasn't sure of her feelings, now she wants her freedom. Ares is not sure he wants to give it. He offers her a little personal time to see how boring Hercules is. Strife shows up as she leaves. Ares tells him it's all according to plan.

The men have the tank moved a little and then Hercules grabs the end of the rope. Iolaus thinks he looks like he has woman trouble. He introduces Joxer. Hercules sees Serena in the village and he ties off the tank and goes to see her. She likes the village. He tells her it's dangerous to come here. She accepts his proposal and gives back the necklace so he can give it to her at their wedding.

The rope begins to break and Iolaus calls to Hercules. He goes to help. He runs back to Iolaus and tells him she said yes. The rope breaks and a man is caught by the neck and is about to be hung. The men work on rescuing him. Joxer moves the villagers out of the way and touches Serena. She becomes the hind and the villagers become aggressive. Hercules can't help her because he has to hold up the tank to keep the man from hanging.

The villagers surround the hind. They throw ropes around her. The man is saved and the tank tied off, Hercules runs to stand in front of her. Hercules says that is anyone wants to hurt her, they have to go through him. Iolaus joins him. She tells Hercules this won't work and runs off. Iolaus sends him after her.

They talk in a field and end up kissing.

Hercules finds Iolaus in the tavern. He asks Hercules what happened. Hercules explains that a mortal's touch causes the transformation. Iolaus thanks him for telling him earlier. Hercules meant to but he wanted Iolaus to get to know her better first. He asks how serious it is and what the yes meant. Hercules tells him they were going to get married but she belongs to Ares. Iolaus says if Hercules is happy he's happy. Iolaus asks him if he's thought about what it is that they do. Hercules assures him that nothing changed. Then, he realizes that he needs to go to the otherside and tell Deianeira. When he comes back he wants Iolaus to be his best man. Iolaus tells him that his getting married does change things and he will be his best man but he has a bad feeling about it. He is going to go on to Thessala. Hercules hopes he will reconsider.

Hercules and Serena go to the entrance to the underworld. She is afraid he won't want to come back after seeing his family. He calls Hades. He ends up in Tartarus and has to go to the Eleysian Fields.

Some soldiers harass Joxer looking for the Hind. Iolaus tells them to leave him alone. They fight.

Deianeira is telling the children a story. Hercules greets him. Hercules tells Deianeira he wants to remarry. She is shocked. The children come back and tell them that Aeson is gone, someone took him. Hercules goes looking for him and finds Strife pretending to be his son. He finds Aeson chained up and takes him back to his mother.

Ares tells Serena that Hercules is not coming back. She doesn't believe him. He tells her that Hercules is using her against him. He tells her that she can come home. Deianeira is upset about him finding somebody else. She thinks he should go, she appreciates him wanting her to know. She'll tell the children when they are ready. He tells her, he will always love her. He returns to Serena.

Hercules goes to Ares and demands he leave his family alone. Ares tells him that the gods will not approve of their union. If he wants to marry Serena, Hercules will have to give up his strength. He tells him he can't take his heart. Ares makes him choose. He chooses Serena and Ares takes his strength.

Iolaus checks out the water tank. Joxer is ready to go on to Thessala. Iolaus is staying until he knows that Hercules is alright. Hercules asks is Iolaus is staying for the wedding. Joxer tells Hercules no, Joxer and his partner are heading for Thessala. Joxer then throws his axe and cuts one of the ropes holding the water tank. It starts to fall with a child underneath it. Hercules tries to hold it but it's too heavy for him. Iolaus realizes something is wrong and gets the men to help him. Hercules gets out from underneath it and tells Iolaus he strength is gone in return for marrying Serena. Iolaus asks how Hercules expects to go on helping people without his powers. Hercules replies the same way Iolaus does.

Ares goes to Serena and offers her the same deal. She can marry Hercules if she gives up being the Hind and becomes mortal.

Iolaus finds Hercules in the tavern and is preparing to leave. Iolaus tells him he can't go to the wedding. They say goodbye. Iolaus promises to visit so that little Iolaus will know his namesake.

Iolaus and Joxer travel along the path. Joxer wants to know why Iolaus was hanging around with that loser for anyway. Iolaus grabs him and tells him never to speak of Hercules that way.

Serena and Hercules meet. Iolaus arrives just as they are about to say their vows. He tells them he couldn't' miss this. It's the most important moment in Hercules' life so it's an important moment in his life. They say their vows. Deianeira and the children appear and throw flower petals. They kiss.

Disclaimer: Hercules' strength was not harmed during the production of this motion picture. In fact, Ares is storing it in a cryogenic freezer bag in the Olympian meat locker.

Judgment Day (part 3)

(Feb 16, 1997)

Guest Stars: Sam Jenkins, Kevin Smith, Renee O'Connor, Lucy Lawless, Joel Tobeck
Written By: Robert Bielak
Directed By: Gus Trikonis

Hercules and Serena are happy newlyweds. They are going into town to meet Iolaus for dinner. Iolaus has been helping them work on the house.

Xena and Gabrielle hear in another tavern that Hercules married the Golden Hind. They decide to go and see what's going on. The two men in the tavern were really Ares and Strife.

The soldiers in the village say nasty things about Serena and Hercules takes offense. A fight breaks out. Hercules isn't as strong as he was and he has a harder time. Iolaus runs to help him. Hercules makes the guy apologize. He is angry. He didn't want the help. He stalks off. Iolaus has never seen him like that. He turns on them and tells them that he is not an old man who can't fight his own battles. Strife pops out. He seems dizzy and apologizes for his words.

Strife and Ares confer. Strife has Hercules going in circles and he is about to start working on his dreams. Ares tells Strife about Xena when she was one of his generals. Strife thinks its a shame she decided to change sides.

At dinner, Iolaus tells them he's going to go fishing until the honeymoon is over. Hercules invites him for breakfast at dawn.

Strife zaps a guy in the crowd against Hercules at the cistern dedication. He wants Hercules to leave before the warlord and bandits start showing up to challenge him.

Serena tells Hercules that he can go fishing with Iolaus if he wants to. She doesn't want to stop him from helping people. Strife gets Morpheus to send Hercules bad dreams. He dreams of being filled with rage at Serena and when he wakes Serena is dead beside him and his hands have her blood on them. He screams "no".

Outside Iolaus hears him scream and runs inside. Many of the village men are following Iolaus to speak with Hercules about what the men of the village discussed at the cistern.

Iolaus finds Hercules cradling her body and trying to make her comfortable. He's in shock and doesn't want to see she's dead. Hercules gets mad at the villagers and Iolaus gets them out.

Ares visits the three fates. Ares tells then that Hercules is no longer protected by Zeus because in killing a mortal he has sinned against the gods. Zeus wasn't informed. Zeus doesn't' believe what Ares says. Ares shows Hercules destroying his home. Ares wants him tried among mortals since he is one now. Zeus tells Ares Hercules had better live to see a fair trial.

Hercules intends to go to the magistrate to tell him what happened. Hercules doesn't know what happened. Iolaus warns him about a lynch mob forming in the town. Iolaus makes him run while he tries to hold off the mob. He gets a horse and stop them.

Hercules makes it to town and a merchant hides him from the soldiers.

The villagers point out to Iolaus how angry he became at his wife. Iolaus tells them he can convince Hercules to give himself up.

The merchant tells Hercules that he saved him and his wife once. He tells the soldiers that Hercules ran back toward the woods. Hercules studies Serena's necklace. He doesn't understand why. The merchant tells him with grief like his, he couldn't have killed her. He warns Hercules to trust no one.

Strife sees Hercules slipping away. and tells the villagers. They chase him and catch him in the street when Strife trips him. The villagers grab him and a soldier shoots him with an arrow. Iolaus arrives and joins in the fight. There are too many against them. Xena and Gabriella arrive and join as well. They are able to tip the odds and escape with Hercules.

They take Hercules to a cave. Xena tends him and bandages his wounds. Iolaus thanks Xena for coming. She came as soon as she heard he's lost his powers. Iolaus tells her Serena is dead and the villagers think he did it. Iolaus goes to help Gabrielle. Gabrielle asks him if he's OK. He tells her that He saw Hercules with the bloody knife in his hand.

Xena offers her condolences to Hercules. He tells her what he remembers. He tells her about the dreams. She thinks that the gods are involved. He thinks this is Ares' doing. Xena makes him rest. Gabrielle is worried about Iolaus. Xena goes out to talk to Iolaus. She hands Gabrielle a goat skin that may save Hercules' life.

Xena tells Iolaus about her theory that the gods are involved. If Hercules thought he had killed Serena, he'd give himself up and rod it jail along with his reputation. He doesn't deserve that. Iolaus has even considered confessing himself to save his friend the shame. Iolaus also considered killing Hercules himself. Xena says he doesn't have the stomach for it. She shares her plan with him.

Hercules is still dreaming. Gabrielle gets him to lie back down. He tells her if he did it, he couldn't live with himself. She goes for more water.

He gets up and takes Xena's sword. The others return and find him gone. Iolaus thinks he's gone to turn himself in. Iolaus doesn't think he'll kill himself but he might go up against outrageous odds to die in battle.

Hercules walks into the village and calls attention to himself. Iolaus and Xena follow. Iolaus steps in front of Hercules and tells him he can't let him turn himself in. They fight. Iolaus stabs him. then Xena kills Iolaus. The villagers back off and Ares appears. Xena realizes that Ares planned all this. She asks him how he did it. Ares is going to keep it a secret. Strife tells all. Ares doesn't know what it matters for anyway. Hercules is dead.

Hercules gets up and tells him it matters to him. the blood came from the goatskin. Hercules fights Strife. Ares won't give Hercules his strength back to even up the fight. The merchant in the crowd helps Hercules up, it is Zeus and he restores his strength. Hercules goes after Strife.

Hercules follows Zeus out of town and confronts him about not protecting His family yet again. Zeus thinks he should be more grateful. Hercules thanks him and tells him that he's wrong if he thinks that will change anything between them.

Iolaus is glad that he's ok. Hercules tells him that he's not ok. He did kill Serena, If he hadn't fallen in love and married her, she'd still be alive. Hercules buries her in the forest. He embeds the necklace in the stone and says his goodbyes.

Disclaimer: No family values were harmed during the making of this motion picture.

Lost City

(Feb 23, 1997)

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Fiona Mogridge, Matthew Chamberlain
Teleplay By: Robert Bielak
Story By: Robert Bielak and Liz Friedman
Directed By: Charlie Haskell

Salmoneus is searching for something to eat in bandit country all because of a rumor of a lost gold mine in the Bakalava province. Hr sees a temple in the distance and goes looking for food. He enters it and falls through a trap door right after finding a pile of gold bars.

Iolaus and Moira, a reporter, search for Iolaus' cousin Regina. She thinks Regina was abducted by visitors (UFOs). He asked her to come because he thought she could help. Iolaus is very frustrated with her. She's hungry. They decide to go to the abandoned temple and find shelter for the night. Bandits ask them for their gold. Iolaus fights with them. The bandits leave and they find a whole pile of food. they eat their fill and go to sleep. Moira wakes him. The food is gone and it's been replaced with gold. They fall through the trap door and land on a pile of pillows. They are in an underground complex with lots of people.

They are greeted by Salmoneus and a group of spaced out people. Salmoneus doesn't remember his name. He gives them a tour. They mine the gold and trade it for food. They all work and share equally. they worship a god named Lorel and Kamaros interprets for them.

They dine with Kamaros. Iolaus declines dessert and tells Moira that she's allergic to it. He thinks that is was drugged. While walking around Iolaus sees Regina and she doesn't remember him. A man stopped Iolaus from pursuing her. Lorel appears and she is a child.

Salmoneus arrives and Iolaus wants her to detour him while he snoops around. She tells Salmoneus that Iolaus wants a tour of the gold mines.

Kamaros is in bed and Aurora feeds him grapes. He wants her to watch him with another girl so she can learn how to serve him.

Iolaus is amazed at the change in Salmoneus. He really doesn't remember.

Moira finds Aurora crying and asks what's wrong. Aurora tells her that Lorel is her sister.

Salmoneus tells them that they share everything. Iolaus wants to know if they share the women as well. They share everything. Iolaus really wants to see his cousin again.

Aurora tells Moira that she and Lorel came from the next village and she traded food for gold. She met Kamaros and he was so persuasive that she wanted to stay. She thinks he's done something to Lorel. Moira tells her that they will help her.

Iolaus is still not recognized by Regina. Salmoneus tells Iolaus about the re-education room where they learn to like the place. Salmoneus goes on his way and Moira tells him they have to rescue Lorel. Iolaus tells her that he smelled the same stuff in food storage that he smelled on the dessert. It's Lotus leaf, an opiate Hercules' cousin Asclepius told them about it. He has a plan. He made a deal with Salmoneus, if Salmoneus doesn't eat for a day, Iolaus will join the band. He gives Moira some gold nuggets to give to Salmoneus if anything happens.

Iolaus finds Lorel and is captured trying to escape with her. Kamaros hits him with a dart.

They take Iolaus to the re-education room and strap him in a chair. Kamaros tells him that he will join them whether he wants to or not.

Moira goes to Salmoneus and waves a gold nugget under his nose. He is attracted by the gold and slowly becomes his old self.

They won't let Iolaus sleep. The brainwashing continues.

Moira and Aurora find Regina. She remembered Iolaus talked her into not eating awhile. Moira reminds her about an incident when Regina and Iolaus tied her father's sandals together and he fell in a pig trough. She remembers. They tell her they think Iolaus is in the re-education room and they go after him.

Iolaus appears to break under the strain. Moira sneaks into the re-education room but it is empty. She goes back out to find Iolaus wearing native clothes and acting like one of them.

Moira takes him aside and questions him. He gives her the party line because Kamaros is listening. She thinks they really changed him.

Moira makes plans, Salmoneus comes to them and thanks them for snapping him back to reality. Salmoneus thinks it's the gold that needs rescuing.

Moira goes off to rescue Lorel by herself. Kamaros finds her and they take her to the re-education room. Iolaus joins the worshipers. He is asked to the re-education room. Iolaus is supposed to get Moira to eat the lotus leaf paste. She spits it in the face and the starts a fight. Salmoneus wanders in with a wagonload of gold. He releases Moira. Kamaros arms himself with a sword and Iolaus grabs one to. It's a sword he recognizes. It belonged to a mass murderer named Karkis, the Butcher of Thessaly. Iolaus and Kamaros fight.

Moira, Salmoneus, and the two girls try and get the others to see reason. Lorel tells them that her sister doesn't lie.

Kamaros sets a self destruct system in operation. Iolaus tries to stop it. The place begins shaking. Iolaus knocks aside the cover over the giant fan and Kamaros ends up caught in it. The secret escape tunnel opens. Iolaus leads them all outside. They just make it. The people scatter. Moira wants Iolaus to set up an interview with Hercules for her.

Disclaimer: No hippy-dippy subsance-abusing, 60's reject love children were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Les Comtemptibles

(Apr 6, 1997)

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Danielle Cormack
Written By: Brian Herskowitz
Directed By: Charlie Haskell

A carriage rides by. The man inside, Francois, reveals to the woman, Marie, that he is the Chartreuse Fox. The carriage is stopped by Captain Gerard. He is looking for the Chartreuse Fox. She tells him that she is with her father but he is ill and they decline to search the coach. They continue.

She wants to know why Francois risks his life for peasants. He tells her that he believes all people can be heroes. He says he could turn a peasant into a hero. She bets everything in her possession.

The coach is stopped by a man lying in the road. He is a bandit named Jean Pierre. Another bandit, Robert, swings in and they bicker. Francois scuffles with them and has them at his mercy.

Marie wants him to make them into heroes.

They take them back to Francois' chateau and tie them up in chairs. Francois begins by telling them about Hercules. (complete with many clips)

Captain Gerard receives a message that the attack on the armory was made by the Chartreuse Fox. He vows to get the Fox.

Francois and Marie take Robert and Jean Pierre to the market. They meet Croissant (Falafel) who is selling seafood crepes. Francois tells them more about Hercules (clips from Doomsday). Marie asks Robert if his heart is burning with heroism yet. The soldiers arrive and Robert and Jean Pierre punch them. They all hide from the Captain in some empty barrels that belonged to Croissant.

Gerard is informed via message that the handkerchief was dropped by the Chartreuse Fox.

Francois continues to tell the group about Hercules over dinner (clips from King of Thieves and The Wedding of Alcmene and Mummy Dearest). They discuss how poor the peasants are. All Robert and Jean Pierre seem to be concerned about is money. To prove to them that she is behind the revolution now, Marie leaves to go get her money from the coach.

The three men are thrilled. They have been working together all along. They are all criminals and Francois is not the Chartreuse Fox.

Robert has been thinking and he's feeling guilty about what they are doing. Marie returns and gives them a broach. Francois wants to know if they want to take the money and go or to join forces with him and defend the helpless. Francois tells them one more story about Hercules (clips from the Hind Trilogy). They are astounded and they join forces with Francois. She admits that he has won their bet. She tells them that Francois is the Chartreuse Fox. Now, they have to find the money to finance the revolution. She has sent her driver to collect her family fortune.

She looks out the window and sees that the soldiers are also coming. They hide in a trunk. She locks it. they listen to hear them leaving and then they have to break out of the trunk. Marie has left with their loot. She has tricked them and left a yellow rose in it's place. Marie is the Chartreuse Fox. The soldiers stop her carriage and arrest her for treason.

She is taken to the docks. Francois, Jean Pierre and Robert watch. Robert doesn't think they should abandon her. He wants to do the right thing. She has fought for poor people like them. She is sentenced to death. Robert reminds them that it's the only way to get their money back.

She is placed in the guillotine. Robert throws a knife and it sticks and stops the fall of the blade. They fight with the soldiers. The blade falls again and Robert grabs the rope and holds it. Even Francois joins in. Robert stops the blade again and releases her. The peasants join in fighting the soldiers. Marie takes on Gerard while everyone watches. She de-pant's him and he runs away. She lets him go to spread the message that the chartreuse fox will fight for the people as long as there is injustice in France.

Marie and the three guys join forces. Francois has to be persuaded but he does join.

Disclaimer: The French accents depicted in this motion picture are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual accents, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Viva la revolution!

Reign of Terror

(Apr 13, 1997)

Guest Stars: Alexandra Tydings, Rainer Grant, Robert Trebor
Written By: John Kirk
Directed By: Rodney Charters

Salmoneus gets stung on the tush by a bee while making a deal for the manure concession at the Augean stables. Hercules suggest they go see Palomedes. His daughter studies medicine.

The villagers are about to rededicate Aphrodite's temple to Hera at the orders of King Augeas. Aphrodite is not thrilled.

Augeas speaks to the sheep and gives them all their freedom. He thinks that he is Zeus, King of the Gods. He throws rocks with lightning bolts painted on them.

Palomedes comes to feed the animals and discovers that they have been set free. Augeas gets mad and throws a lightning bolt at him hitting him in the head.

Hercules and Salmoneus discuss Salmoneus' plan to put Hercules' likeness or signature on the bags of manure from the stables. They investigate the work being done on the temple. Hercules sees Aphrodite and tries to calm her down. She promises revenge on Augeas if Hercules doesn't stop him. Salmoneus has designs on the broken statue of Aphrodite they are trying to take down. He can use the copper once they melt it down. He asks Hercules about commemorative coins.

They go to the stables and find Palomedes. Hercules asks what happened to him. Palomedes tells him about Augeas. Hercules says he will go to find the animals and for Palomedes to rest.

Augeas speaks with his general about the people refusing to work on the temple in protest for releasing the livestock.

The bee sting is still bothering Salmoneus. Hercules needs to go find Augeas. Palomedes' daughter arrives. He introduces Salmoneus and tells her that he will be staying there and she should look at his bee sting.

Aphrodite visits Augeas. He tells her that she's going to have to put more clothes on if she wants the keys to the chariot tonight. She agrees that he's a little crazy. She starts redecorating the temple.

Hercules saves a villager from the soldiers. Hercules sees Augeas who greets him as his son. Hercules is surprised that the king of the gods would stoop to killing a lowly mortal. He agrees then his general slips up and calls him King Augeas instead of Zeus and He orders his troops to get the general and Hercules or lose their heads. Augeas gets knocked down. Hercules tells him this is not like him and wants to know what's wrong with him. The general tells him that Augeas has gotten worse and now he's dangerous.

Augeas rages in the temple and destroys things. He sees himself in a mirror. He breaks the mirror and Hera laughs. She addresses him as Zeus. She zaps him and gives him the power to throw fire balls. The power is his to keep if he kills Hercules by sunset.

Hercules and the men bring the sheep back. A couple of villagers ask Hercules to kill the king. Hercules agrees to talk to him and see if he can get him to step down.

Hercules and Aphrodite talk about her temple. Palomedes wants to talk to him. The villagers are also upset with Aphrodite for not helping them with the king. She overheard all he said and she's angry.

Palomedes' Daughter puts some salve on his bee sting. He admires her bowl. It was made by a local craftsman. He asks about her friend's engraving skills. She doesn't know if he can do engraving or not.

Aphrodite visits Palomedes. She is concerned about what he said. He tells her that she has been neglecting them and she should worry more about her people than her temples. She respects his honestly.

Hercules looks for Augeas. He and Palomedes decide to check the village. He tells Hercules about his talk with Aphrodite. He thinks she has a beautiful inner self as well as outer.

Augeas beats up his general. He enjoys having his new powers.

Salmoneus tells Palomedes' daughter about his plans for the coins. Augeas arrives at the house and takes on Hercules. Salmoneus and Melanippe are in the kitchen. Palomedes arrives and Augeas brings the porch down on him. Palomedes is hurt badly and dies. Hercules explains to Salmoneus that Hera gave Augeas the powers and she wants Hercules dead by sundown. Aphrodite is upset that he's dead. She doesn't have the power to bring him back. She calls in a marker with Hades and keeps his spirit from going to the other side until nightfall. Salmoneus assures her that Hercules will find a way to bring him back.

Hercules goes outside and finds Aphrodite crying. Palomedes respected her. She asks Hercules what he's going to do. She offers to help. She can keep the king busy while Hercules works on Palomedes.

Augeas is playing apple on the head with his general. Aphrodite arrives and wants to talk. She tells him that she's moving in so they can have more time together.

Salmoneus has the engraver hard at work. Hercules comes in looking for the broken arm to Aphrodite's statue. He takes it somewhere.

Hera tells Augeas that Hercules isn't dead. He puts Aphrodite in an energy cage. This time Hera expects Augeas to finish the job.

Hercules is hoping that a strong enough lightning bolt will revive Palomedes. Hercules takes Palomedes body into the temple.

Aphrodite si being guarded by the former general. She changes into a black cat suit and short circuits the cage. They get Palomedes in position just as Augeas starts throwing fireballs at Hercules. Hercules deflects the lightning ball with a copper shield. The first one knocks the other arm off the statue. He knocks another one back at Augeas. Palomedes comes to. Aphrodite leaves with a smile.

Hercules helps Augeas up. He seems to be ok. Augeas tells them that his name is Ulysses. Aphrodite thinks that they should fix her statue. Hercules kinda liked it. He thanks her for her help. He thinks Aphrodite is a piece of art with or without arms.

Disclaimer: The sheep's political and cultural independence was restored after the production of this motion picture. Run Free Ewe Wilde Beasts.

The End is the Beginning

(Apr 20, 1997)

Guest Stars: Kevin Smith, Joel Tobeck, Bruce Campbell
Written By: Paul Robert Coyle
Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.

Autolycus hides in a museum collection pretending to be a statue at closing time.

Hercules is back in Cernea to help them build a bridge and canal. Hemnor shows him an old well that a boy fell in and died. They have left it as a shrine to him.

Autolycus has a problem getting to the green, glowing gem he seeks to steal. It is surrounded by flames.

Falafel is peddling an egg timer hourglass.

Autolycus tries reaching it from above and almost reaches it.

A man harasses Falafel and Hercules tells him it's not nice. A fight breaks out.

The museum curator realizes they don't have a statue of Hermes in the collection and calls the guard. Auto gets the gem just as they burst in. He tries to tell them that their security system failed the test. Auto holds the gem just so and time stops for everyone except Autolycus and Hercules. He finds an instruction book in the bottom of the crystal.

Hercules can't figure out what's going on. Someone has stopped time and the gods are forbidden to interfere with time.

Hercules sees Autolycus and realizes he is responsible. Hercules pretends to be frozen in time in the middle of a fight when Autolycus walks by. He sneezes and Hercules says Bless you and grabs him. Hercules recognizes the gem as the Chronos Stone and demands that Autolycus hand it over. Autolycus frees the guys Hercules was fighting with to keep him busy. Autolycus would like a second shot at a king's jewels. He decides to go back in time. Hercules grabs the crystal just as Autolycus sets it off and they are both taken back in time.

They appear in the same place in a different time. Hercules decides earlier in time. A horse runs by and stomps on the crystal. Hercules reasons that the undamaged stone should still exist in this time period. All they should have to do is steal it. Hercules tells him they should get the stone and try not to change anything else.

Hercules hears a woman calling for a boy and Hercules remembered what Hemnor had told him about the boy and the well. Hercules turns back to the well and saves the boy.

Autolycus doesn't want Hercules to go with him to get the crystal. Hercules doesn't trust Autolycus. A storm brews up and they watch as Zeus sends the lightning bolts to kill the golden hinds and Ares saves the last one. Hercules runs that direction and tells Autolycus he'll meet him later.

Ares saves Serena by turning her into a human. Hercules arrives in time to witness it.

Autolycus is about to head into the castle and he runs into his younger self.

Ares recognizes Hercules as being from the future. Hercules tells him he's not staying. Ares sees Hercules interest in the hind. Ares basically tells him to get lost. Hercules reminds him that He knows how all this will turn out and maybe he's there for Ares' best interests.

The two Autolycus' discuss the heist. They have a difference of opinion but eventually convince each other they should try to work together.

Hercules follows the young grieving Serena. She comes upon a pair of hunters. One of them was hurt by a boar. She heals him. She asks what they are hunting. They are looking for the golden hind and she asks them not to. They touch her. She changes and Hercules stops them from hurting her. He tells her she doesn't need Ares to survive. She runs away.

The two Autolycus' are captured.

The hind is shot with an arrow. Ares comes and takes it out. He tells her that she is going to have to learn to protect herself. He offers to help and teach her. Ares keeps the arrow with the Hind's blood on it. He wonders if Hercules has come back in time to get the hinds blood to use against the gods in the future.

Strife shoots an arrow at Hercules and hits him. He pulls the arrow out. Serena finds him nearly unconscious in the forest.

The two Autolycus' feud over who got them thrown in the dungeon.

Serena heals Hercules' wounds. He comes to. He assures her that his touch won't hurt her. She sensed that they had met when she was healing him but that isn't' possible. She feels that she has a destiny. He tells her that's true. She has to go. He asks her to think about Ares before she commits to him.

The king shows up and tells them that the twins are missing. They are hiding in the museum at closing time again. A fight breaks out. They escape and fight each other at their campsite. Hercules find them like this.

The older Autolycus punches out the younger one.

Ares gripes out Strife for not actually killing Hercules with the arrow with the hind's blood on it. Ares' plan is to keep the other gods in line with the hind's blood. Ares planed to train the hind to serve him but now he has to kill her to preserve his own health.

Hercules asks Autolycus if he has a plan. Autolycus does and so does Hercules so they plan to meet back at the well. Hercules sympathizes that it must be weird to have your younger self around. Ares said his younger self was tracking the Erymanthian boar.

The king tells his troops to be on the lookout for the twin Autolycai. He gets the crystal and runs off. He's left his younger self tied up. He bids him goodbye.

Hercules walks with Serena. She has decided to follow Ares. She has no other choice. He wishes her well. Hercules turns back to see Ares stab Serena with a knife. Hercules and Ares fight. Ares has a knife with her blood on it. Serena has turned back into the hind. Hercules turns the table on him and puts the knife to his throat. Hercules forces Ares to turn Serena into a human and let the Hind part die. Ares does. She is healed and human.

He tells Ares to get lost. Hercules takes Serena into Cernea. She goes to see about a little boy who's fallen down. Autolycus arrives and he has the crystal. Hercules says goodbye to Serena.

They arrive back in the present. Hercules smashes the crystal and tells Autolycus he'll get over it. Hercules catches a ball and gives it back to a little girl. Serena tells the girl she should thank him. She is Serena's daughter. Serena thanks him and tells him goodbye. She goes back to her husband. Autolycus tells him he gave her, her life back but it's too bad to do that he had to give up everything they would have shared. Hercules watches them walk off a happy family.

Disclaimer: Neither the time-space continuum nor any previous storylines were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

War Bride

(Apr 27, 1997)

Guest Stars: Lisa Chappell, Josephine Davison
Written By: Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster
Directed By: Kevin Sorbo

Iolaus dreams of slaying a hydra. Hercules decides that Iolaus needs a vacation. Iolaus wants to go to this place where they can wallow in luxury. He's taking Hercules with him. If Iolaus needs a vacation, then Hercules does, too.

Princess Melissa does not want to marry Prince Gordius. She's heard that he's fat and she doesn't want a fat husband even if it will bring peace between their kingdoms. Princess Alexa, Melissa's sister, arrives. Their father tells them that he won't live much longer and he needs to see that his kingdom is secure. Alexa suggests that he let Melissa rule. The king reminds her that it's a big job and it's a man's world. Melissa doesn't want to marry a Lathian their former enemy. He informs her that she has no choice and will leave for Lathia in the morning. Alexa thinks that women can be just as strong as men. He father disagrees.

Alexa combs Melissa's hair while Melissa tries to figure a way out of her predicament. She could run away but dismisses the idea and goes to bed. She says if she's lucky she'll die in her sleep. It gives Alexa an idea.

That night Melissa is kidnapped by a couple of ruffians.

Hercules and Iolaus end up sitting in a mud bath. A realtor bothers them.

The king shows Alexa a scroll they found by the castle gates saying that the Lathians have Melissa and they'll kill her unless they surrender immediately. Prince Gordius was the one who suggested the marriage in the first place. Her father decides to send a spy to Lathia to see if it's true.

Melissa wakes up on a ship. She's being sold into slavery.

Prince Gordius thinks he's fat as well. He thinks Melissa doesn't' want anything to do with him because he's fat. He and his Prime Minister, Acteon, toast the unification of Lathia and Alcynia. Acteon has put something in Gordius' drink but he doesn't drink it. Gordius can't relax until Princess Melissa arrives safe and sound.

Hercules and Iolaus walk through the village and discuss going fishing. They see the slaver traders and stop the master from whipping Melissa. Hercules is surprised to find Melissa there. They fight with the slaver traders and free the women.

She tells Hercules that she was kidnapped out of the castle. Hercules introduces Iolaus and tells him that he helped negotiate a peace treaty there 7 or 8 years ago. She thinks Iolaus is pretty small to be a servant and thinks that it's cute that Hercules has taken him in. Iolaus is not thrilled. Hercules offer their services taking her home.

Melissa really makes the trip a trial. She insists that Iolaus walk behind her. They pick on each other and Hercules has to try and keep things peaceful.

Alexa remembers when her father should lead the army against the Lathians. He tells her he was foolish. He built a terrible weapon and it was a mistake. He starts coughing. She puts him to bed.

The wilderness is new to Melissa. She doesn't like it. Hercules reminds her that a war could start over her. She whines that no one ever starts a war over her. Iolaus loses it. Hercules gets them all moving again.

Alexa smothers her father with a pillow. She takes the throne and declares war claiming that it was the king's dying wish. She orders the Fist of Tolis made ready to attack Lathia with.

The trio finds a pond they have to cross in the swamp. She rides on Iolaus' shoulders and ends up dumping her in the water.

They get out the war machine and try it out on a civilian village. Alexa plans to kill every Lathian she finds.

Gordius plans to take some men to search for Princess Melissa. Acteon is concerned that they don't know what the Alcyons are up to. Gordius trusts King Tolis.

Hercules, Iolaus and Melissa find the destroyed village. Hercules tells Melissa she's got her wish. A war has started. they continue through the woods and get caught in the fire of some of Alexa's archers. Melissa runs the wrong way and the guys catch her. They hide behind some rocks. When the archers stop they find several wounded soldiers. Hercules informs her that they are helping these men, Lathian or not. They take them to a temple where there are even more wounded men.

They start helping the wounded. Iolaus is not thrilled about Melissa being a big help. Hercules tells him to give her a chance.

Alexa is pleased about how the weapon worked. Their spies report that Melissa is in the temple with Hercules. Alexa decides to march on the temple and kill Hercules since he was behind the peace in the first place.

Hercules tells Melissa that she can marry anyone she wants to but either way she'll be a queen someday and being there to help those wounded may make her a better queen. She doesn't understand. Hercules tells her that she'll have to make the decision between peace and war and she'll know what's at stake. She starts helping.

Hercules leaves the rest of the wounded to Iolaus and goes out to find the war machine.

Prince Gordius is also treating wounded. He is surprised to see Hercules. He tells him that he has Melissa and she's fine. Hercules assures him that it's not King Tolis behind this. Hercules shows them the way to the temple.

Alexa studies a map. Acteon arrives and he's obviously in league with Alexa. She is pleased to know that Hercules, Melissa and Gordius are all together in one place. She tells Hercules that King Tolis is dead. She fires the weapon and it causes a rock slide which lands on Hercules. She leaves s a few men to dig out the body and finish the job if necessary.

The weapon is slow going and Alexa takes some men on ahead to the temple.

Gordius sees Melissa helping the wounded and he is impressed. she is likewise impressed with him. He brings her fresh bandages and neither is what they expected.

They dig Hercules out but he's not dead. He takes them out of the game and heads back to the temple.

Alexa marches into the temple. She informs Melissa that Tolis is dead and that Melissa and Gordius plotted the whole thing to gain the throne of Alcynia. She orders her men to kill everyone. A fight breaks out. Alexa admits she helped their father along and hired the slave trader.

Hercules walks in just as Alexa is about to strike. Gordius comes to Melissa's rescue. Alexa goes for the weapon. Hercules follows. Gordius knocks out Acteon.

Hercules catches up to Alexa at the weapon and she tries to fire it but Hercules stops it and destroys it. Melissa punches Alexa.

Later, Melissa and Gordius thank Hercules and Iolaus for all they've done. They've decided to get to know each other before marrying.

Iolaus would like to try bungee jumping.

Disclaimer: No leather-clad, pointy-breasted, bouffant-wearing, pillow-smothering, two-faced sisters were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

A Rock and a Hard Place

(May 4, 1997)

Guest Stars: Lindsey Ginter
Written By: Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman
Directed By: Robert Trebor

A man runs from a mob. Hercules and Iolaus also give chase. The man is accused of murder. They chase him through the streets. He grabs a child. Hercules promises a fair trial. He doesn't think that this bunch will give him that. A man tries to shoot him with a cross bow from a window. He turns and the arrow heads straight for a little girl. Hercules catches it and gives the girl to Iolaus while he continues the chase.

The man runs into an old mine. Hercules is still on his heels. the mine has been abandoned for awhile. He tries to fight Hercules with only his knife. Hercules can't let him go. Hercules throws the guy into one of the support beams and the ceiling falls in. The guy is trapped under a huge boulder. His body has been crushed under it. He is dying and if Hercules moves the rock he'll die even faster.

Hercules is afraid to move the rocks out of the entrance to the cavern for fear that the rest of the roof will come in.

Iolaus starts moving rocks on the outside and sends the men back to town for torches and tools.

Hercules lights a torch inside. The man's name is Cassus and he is accused of killing a family while they slept. He also has a huge chip on his shoulder. He claims he's innocent.

The men outside continue to digout the entrance. They discuss the grisly murders.

Inside, Cassus tells Hercules that he was walking into town and he heard a scream and ran to help. He was too late and the villagers were there, thinking he did it. He heard the real murderer and tried to chase him but the villagers saw him first. Hercules asks why he didn't go to the magistrate. Cassus has a record and didn't think that anyone would believe him. He was a petty thief.

Hercules asks what the man looked like that he saw running from the house. He didn't get even a good enough look to see if he was tall or short.

Iolaus calls to them. Hercules answers. They both agree that it's not a real safe place to be.

The villagers congregate outside like it's a party. They think they are going to have a show. They hope the murderer is still alive so that they can hang him themselves.

Iolaus and Hercules try to brace the roof with a beam but cause another rock fall. Hercules manages to get the roof braced. Hercules promises to return. They leave the mine. Some men ask about the murderer. Hercules tells them that he can't be move and by sunset he'll be dead one way or the other. Hercules intends to stay with him. It's the humane thing to do. Until he knows the truth, Hercules won't condemn him.

Iolaus doesn't understand why Hercules is helping this guy. Hercules reminds him of when Serena died and Iolaus found Hercules with the knife in his hand. Hercules intends to give Cassus the same benefit of the doubt and the chance to prove his innocence. Hercules doesn't really believe Cassus is innocent but during their fight he didn't want to kill Hercules which indicated that he has a conscience. Hercules wants to give him the chance to confess.

Iolaus goes back to get some more water. Hercules brings Cassus the water. Hercules came back because he believes that a dying man's last words should be heard. Cassus doesn't understand.

The men try and stop Iolaus from going back in. They want to watch him die. Iolaus goes back in.

It's hot inside the mine. Hercules tells Cassus there is nothing he wants more than a family but it wasn't meant to be. Cassus tells him he didn't miss much. But she left him and left their son, Niko. He tried to provide for him but the kid took off. Cassus refuses to accept any of the blame himself. Hercules sends Iolaus after Niko. Iolaus has a good idea where to look for a street kid.

A relative of the victims, throws a fire bomb into the mine. Hercules puts it out. The man who threw it fell in a pit. Hercules pulls him out and stops her from killing Cassus. He takes her out. Hercules holds her and talk her out and tells her that this is not the answer. Her family would not want her to kill for them.

Iolaus asks the street kids about Niko. He becomes increasingly more frustrated with them. They won't tell her.

Hercules is upset with Cassus for mocking the girl who has lost her whole family. Hercules tells him that he is afraid of looking at himself through her eyes. He still insists that he didn't kill those people.

Iolaus finally finds Niko with his gang. Iolaus disarms the kid with the knife and takes him down. The kid is Niko. Niko tells him that he doesn't have a father.

The party has turned into a drunken festival. The crowd decides to stick together and then they can send a message to murderers like the one in the mine.

Niko doesn't want to see his father even if it's his death bed. Niko tells Iolaus that his father walked out on him.

Cassus just suffers from bad luck. He's a victim. Hercules tries to make him face the truth about himself. Hercules wants to help him die with some self respect.

The family's relative is upset about not being home to die with her family. A couple of men are making jokes. Iolaus tries to get them to go away. They've had too much to drink. They turn around and attack Iolaus who fights them off.

Iolaus comes into the mine and tells Hercules it's getting rough outside. Iolaus reveals that Niko didn't run away. Cassus did. Cassus did Niko a favor by walking out on him. Hercules wants the truth and accuses him of killing those people. Cassus still denies it. Niko arrives. Hercules and Iolaus give them some time. Niko wants an explanation.

The people outside are ready to march on the mine. Hercules tells them if they haven't had enough blood to shoot him. But he wants them to think about what their dead loved ones would want. They should be thinking about the victim's family. They apologize.

Niko gives Cassus his water. Cassus tells him he has regrets. He tells Niko he doesn't' have to make the same mistakes as he did. Hercules reminds Cassus that his son doesn't have to remember him as a coward. Cassus admits he's a coward. He only meant to rob the place. He didn't hear the man sneaking up behind him. He panicked. He didn't' want to go back to prison. So he killed them all. He didn't' have the courage to raise Niko and he apologizes. He asks Hercules to move the rock and set him free. He tells Niko to go. Niko stays. He hopes his death gives that girl some peace. He thanks Hercules for not giving up on him. Hercules lifts the rock and Cassus dies.

They go outside and tell the family that he's dead. She's glad she didn't kill him.

Disclaimer: No convicts were squashed like a bug during the production of this motion picture.


(May 11, 1997)

Guest Stars: Claudia Black, James Beaumont
Written By: Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci
Directed By: Gus Trikonis

A woman dreams about running through the forest and the ground opening up. She hangs over the pit and Hercules pulls her to safety. She knows he's coming.

Hercules is onboard a ship. Hercules agrees with the captain Demetrius that the storm ahead doesn't look good. They hear a sound and lightning strikes the ship multiple times. The ship pulls apart. Hercules is thrown overboard. He washes ashore.

The woman finds him. He stirs. He asks about survivors. She has seen none. He asks where he is. She tells him Atlantis.

She takes him back to her home and tends his injured shoulder. He tells her about the shipwreck. She gives him some tea. Her name is Cassandra. Her finding him was not luck, she knew he was coming. She has had vision her whole life, they always come true. She offers him lunch and tells him that tomorrow he will save them but that Atlantis will be destroyed.

She intends to pick some corn for lunch but the stalks are all wilted. He asks about her dreams. She sees chaos and ruins. She falls and Hercules catches her. She assures him that the dreams are real. She hasn't told anyone. She doesn't fit into the mold for the Atlantean people. Her differences didn't matter before. Hercules agrees to help her but she has to tell people what she knows.

Outsides are not allowed on the island and so Hercules has to look like a local. Cassandra dresses him in a cream and gold toga. He wants to put his own clothes on. She will be punished if she's caught with an outsider.

They are buzzed by one of King Panthias gliders that the guards use to patrol the island. In the market a salesman tries to sell him a crystal wave oven. Then, he realizes that Hercules is with Cassandra he shoos them away. All of their gadgets are powered by crystals. Hercules mentions about the gods. She is surprised that he still believes in them. He tells her he doesn't have much choice his father is one.

They go to see the king at the town meeting. Hercules encourages her to tell what she knows. Cassandra tells the King and the citizens about her vision. King Panthias thinks she is mocking them. They refuse to believe in her vision and think she is wasting their time. Hercules tries to defend her. They won't hear it and are told to leave the city until they can act civilized.

Hercules thinks that Cassandra is the only sane person here. They walk back to Cassandra's house. Hercules urges her not to give up. She has another dream. Hercules wakes her. She saw fire. the towns people have decided to burn the witch. Hercules throws Cassandra through the roof and catches her outside. The people leave. Cassandra watches her house that her father built burn to the ground. She didn't want this responsibility. Hercules tells her that he thought his strength was a curse until he realized it was a gift. He assures her that good will come of all this.

Two of the men tell the King what they saw Hercules do. He declares it a trick. No man could walk through fire as Hercules did. The people demand an explanation. The King demands that Cassandra and her friend be brought before him.

The gliders land in the forest. Cassandra asks Hercules about what it's like outside of Atlantis. She is startled by a crack in the ground. It's a smoking crack. She says this is how it begins in her dream. She also notes that the birds are gone. Hercules sees the soldiers coming. they fight but the soldiers have a staff that is crystal powered and shoots a beam that Hercules jumps in front of. It knocks him out.

Hercules comes to in front of King Panthias who tells him it's unusual for anyone to survive a blast from one of their scepters. Hercules is in trouble for being a stranger and Cassandra is in trouble for harboring him. Again, Cassandra tells him to get the people to safety. King Panthias assures her that their science will solve all their problems.

Panthias shows them a machine that can shoot a big beam of light. Hercules realizes that it wasn't lightning that destroyed his ship but that machine. Panthias is not concerned about outsiders only about preserving the Atlantean way of life. He orders Hercules disposed of. He promises to come back for Cassandra.

They put Hercules in the bottom of a shaft with a globe shooting fireballs at him. Hercules lets one of the beams break his manacles. Then, he goes through the wall.

Panthias puts on a demonstration of how a man can walk through fire. He shows that it was illusion done with mirrors. He tells them that the only threat to Atlantis is fear. If they choose to leave the city they will live in the wilderness among savages like the savages.

Hercules explores and finds the crews to the ships that were destroyed working in the mines digging crystals.

King Panthias tells Cassandra that they can help each other. He offers her a seat on the council as advisor to the king. He asks what will destroy the island. She tells him that there is nothing he can do to stop it. They bring a chair with a crystal headset on it. Obviously meant to persuade her.

In the mine Hercules stops a guard from hurting a worker. Hercules takes out the guards and finds Demetrius who tells him that all the men are sailors. Hercules tells them that the island is about to be destroyed. Their mine has weakened the foundations. The island is sinking.

Cassandra can't tell him any more. He zaps her with the machine. She calls him a monster and still can't tell him anything.

The men make it to the beach. Demetrius takes the men to go out and capture one of the ships. Hercules makes him promise that if the island goes to leave without him.

Hercules heads along the beach and is strafed by two of the gliders who shoot more fireballs at him. He uses a couple of old frying pans and throws them at one of the pilots who crashes.

The quakes begin. Demetrius and his men take one of the ships.

They remove the machine from Cassandra. Panthias still refuses to leave. He is told that the slaves have been freed. Panthias hauls out the big gun again.

Hercules arrives and announces that he's taking Cassandra with him. The place begins to fall apart. Hercules fights with the guards. Panthias holds Cassandra hostage. The quakes become more violent. Cassandra gets away. Panthias tries one more time to stop them with a scepter. A quake knocks him down and he is crushed by his gun which rolls down the stairs.

Hercules and Cassandra make a run for it. Hercules pulls her up from the edge when the floor goes. Hercules has an idea.

Demetrius has to set sail without Hercules.

Hercules and Cassandra take one of the gliders and fly out of danger just as the island collapses. They fly to the ship.

They make it to the ship. Hercules tells Cassandra she did all she could. She will miss her home but he'll always carry it with her. They see the birds flying west and so are they. She kisses him on the cheek to thank him for believing in her. She has the feeling that they are going to be friends for a long time.

Disclaimer: Warning: Crystal waves were used during the production of this motion picture. Pregnant women should leave the room indefinitely.

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