Hercules Season 2 Spoilers

by Ceryndip

The King of Thieves
All That Glitters
What's in A Name?
Siege At Naxos
Under the Broken Sky
The Mother of All Monsters
The Otherside
The Fire Down Below
Cast A Giant Shadow
Highway to Hades
The Sword of Veracity
The Enforcer
Once A Hero
Heedless Hearts
Let the Games Begin
The Apple
King For A Day
Protean Challenge
The Wedding of Alcmene
The Power
Centaur Mentor Journey
Cave Of Echoes

The King of Thieves

(Sept 3, 1995)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Lisa Chappell, Martyn Sanderson, Bruce Campbell
Written By: Doug Lefler
Directed By: Doug Lefler

Iolaus sees some men attacking a single man and goes to his rescue not realizing that the man he is saving is a thief, the King of Thieves in fact. Autolycus takes the gem out of the treasure chest and hands it to Iolaus before swinging off into the trees. Iolaus is apprehended for the crimes.

Hercules arrives and inquires at the tavern about Iolaus. He is told that Iolaus is in prison for stealing the king's prize ruby and the crime is punishable by death.

Hercules comes to visit the king and ask about Iolaus. The kings tells him that he will be tried tomorrow and executed shortly afterwards. Hercules tells him that Iolaus didn't do it. King Menelaus' daughter, Dirce arrives. She is Iolaus' lawyer

She tells Iolaus and Hercules that every crime gets paid for by someone even if it means executing an innocent. Iolaus tells them about Autolycus. Hercules goes to catch him. Dirce thinks that she can stall the King for three days.

Hercules catches up to Autolycus the next morning and grabs him. Then, Autolycus escapes and Hercules pursues. Autolycus disguises himself in a cloak and pretends to be an old man. Hercules sees through it and the chase is on. Autolycus runs into an old castle. They fight and fall through a hole in the floor.

Iolaus is taken to the court. Dirce asks for an outside adjudicator but he's retired. So, she asks for the Erebus test. The court indulges her and will reconvene in 2 hours at the pond.

Hercules and Autolycus find themselves in a really old part of the castle, the dungeon to be specific. Hercules ties Autolycus up and takes the gem.

They dunk Iolaus in a pond tied to a rock. If he drowns, he's guilty. The king thinks that she is prolonging his agony. She thinks she is looking after his rights

Hercules breaks open the door of the cell they are in. Autolycus tries to escape and Hercules stops him.

Iolaus survives by using a trick he learned in the east. Now his only has two more trials to survive. Pressing is next. They pile a bunch of rocks on top of a board and he has to hold it for an hour without letting any stones fall. He nearly looses one but catches it with his foot and kicks it back up.

Hercules ties up Autolycus better. They find a giant treasure room. Autolycus is in heaven. Hercules thinks that there is something else here that drove the people away. It's a big snake. Hercules breaks through a wall and the snake tries to follow. While Hercules holds back the snake, Autolycus frees himself from the ropes and picks the lock on the door. They run out and close the door.

Dirce approaches her father. They are waiting outside. The king wants to play with his inventions. They argue. She wants him to care about people more than his inventions.

Iolaus survives the pressing. Now, he has to spend 3 hours in a pit with a wild boar without loosing any blood.

Hercules and Autolycus find a big and door and start looking for a winch. They start digging it out. Autolycus explains that he got into this business as a sort of Robin Hood. He shows Hercules that he has lifted the gem again. Hercules takes it back. Autolycus points out that if his friend lives. Autolycus dies.

They open the pit and Iolaus climbs out. He cuts his finger on the way out. He put the pig into a trance, it's an old hunter's trick. When the king sees it, he condemns Iolaus to death at dusk.

Hercules and Autolycus turn the winch and open the door. They brace the wheel but the snake comes back before they can escape. Hercules is pulled back and has to fight it and Autolycus stays with him. The door begins to close. Autolycus is knocked out and Hercules carries him out. They barely escape. The snake's head gets caught under the door.

Outside Autolycus tells Hercules that he can't move his legs. He doesn't want Iolaus to die because of something that he's done. Hercules carries him back to Scyros.

They prepare to execute Iolaus. Iolaus asks Dirce to keep fighting for justice and reason. They put Iolaus in the guillotine. His last words are that he's innocent and the kings should be nicer to his daughter. Hercules runs in the Autolycus and the gem at the last minute as the rope is being cut. Autolycus tells them they are executing the wrong man. Autolycus gives back the dragon's eye ruby to the king. Autolycus pretends to die.

The king still doesn't want to release Iolaus because of tradition. Dirce wants him to rewrite the laws. She agrees to help him.

The rope breaks and Hercules stops the blade before it strikes and releases Iolaus. The king orders Autolycus' body prepared for a state funeral. Only the body and several money bags disappeared.

Iolaus takes his leave. Dirce plants a big goodbye kiss on him. They leave.

They pass a person on the path and Hercules thinks that he knows him (It's Autolycus in disguise.) but doesn't want to go after him.

Disclaimer: No subterranean serpents were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

All That Glitters

(Sept 10, 1995)

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Tracy Lindsey, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Noel Trevarthen
Written By: Craig Volk
Directed By: Garth Maxwell

Hercules is working on making a horse shoe in a forge. Salmoneus comes in and he wants a horseshoe for luck because he's on his way to Midacius where King Midas had built the largest gambling palace ever seen. Salmoneus is wearing a sport toga. It's definitely a sight.

Hercules considers Midas to be a friend and asks if he can tag along.

King Midas is a man with problems. There is not enough food to go around. His people spent their time at the gambling palace instead of planting wheat. His daughter is concerned about it. He tells her that since the palace was built he's seen to it that no one in the kingdom went hungry. She thinks the people have lost respect for the land.

Hercules intervenes between two guards and a couple of hungry boys who were caught stealing apples from an orchard. Hercules beats up the guards and the boys tell him that they were King Midas' guards.

Hercules doesn't think that sounds like the king he remembers. They enter the town and find only one shopkeeper, a man who loans people money for their worldly goods, a pawn broker. Everyone else is at the palace.

They approach the Golden Touch Gambling Palace and find all sorts of side show attractions outside. Hercules greets King Midas. Midas gives them the grand tour. There is food and drink and roulette and the shell game among others. He gives Hercules a glass of lotus leaf nectar. Hercules remarks that it makes people forget how much they are losing so they will gamble more. He gives the glass back.

Midas asks to see his partners. Segalas, a big beefy partner, doesn't want to let him in to see Voluptua, the sexy partner and brains of the outfit, but he does report that Hercules is here. She wants him to prove he's Hercules by doing something strong. Hercules doesn't. He's not big on places that separate poor people from their money. He's not impressed. Salmoneus, of course, is. She thinks Hercules could make them even more profit.

Hercules goes off to find Midas. Salmoneus plays some of the games and runs into a bearded lady. Hercules recognizes one of the stripers as Midas' daughter. She runs off the stage when she sees him.

They play another game inwhich two boys are each put on opposite ends of a high pole with spikes beneath them. One will be pushed off when they pass each others trying to reach the other side. They take bets. Hercules and Salmoneus think it's sadistic. Hercules catches one boy who falls. Voluptua offers Hercules a job being the heroic part of the act. He tells Voluptua he doesn't like her, but she wants him.

Hercules finds Midas and airs his anger. Midas uses the recent floods and droughts and other natural disasters as an excuse for letting this go on. Hercules offers to help. Midas refuses.

Segalas is concerned about Hercules. Voluptua tells him not to worry they've been very good about making sacrifices to Hera and would probably like to see Hercules out of the way.

Hercules again sees Mida's daughter, Flaxon. Voluptua taught her to dance. She defends her father. She tells him to go back home. His interference will only make things worse.

Segalas comes to visit Flaxon. He thinks he's her fiancee. She doesn't agree. He slaps her and leaves. Hercules comes in and sees the bruise. He demands to know who did this and goes after Segalas. Hercules intends to teach him a little respect for women.

Segalas thinks that's good, now he'll be part of the show. A curtain opens and they are in a big arena. They fight. Segalas disappears. Hercules asks the people who were betting on the fight if they don't have something better to do with their money. Voluptua pays Hercules for his part of the show. He knocks the money out of her hand and tells her that Segalas will not hit Flaxon again. Voluptua realizes that Flaxon is a weakness for Hercules that she can exploit.

Flaxon thanks Hercules and tells him that she's not going to dance anymore. She's worried about her father not being able to stand up against Segalas and Voluptua.

The bearded lady is still following Salmoneus around.

Midas agrees with his daughter and admits he was wrong. This palace was built with good intentions but it didn't turn out that way. Midas makes her promise that if anything happens to him she will get Hercules to help her set their kingdom on the right path.

Midas approaches the guard and orders him to let him see his partners. Segalas sticks his head out and Midas tells him that he quits. Midas is allowed to enter. Segalas beats up Midas and orders him locked up in the animal cages. The guard, Thadeus, apologizes to his king.

Voluptua goes to Hera's alter and returns with a special dagger that will cause the wound to continue bleeding. She thinks that Hercules' embalmed body will be more of a draw for the crowds than Midas ever was.

Salmoneus tries to show Hercules how to play blackjack. Flaxon arrives and tells Hercules that she is worried about her father. Hercules goes to investigate.

Thadeus brings Midas water. He wishes that they could go back to the way things were. The king tells him they can if he lets him out. He'll rally his subjects and they can retake the kingdom. As he is about to release the king, Segalas kills him with the dagger.

Hercules demands to know where the king is. Voluptua shows him that Midas and Flaxon are behind a curtain. They are tied with a mechanism between them. Flaxon has to hold the trigger in her mouth and not let the arrow pierce her father's neck.

To stop it, Hercules has to fight Segalas in a boxing match and after they get the odds up, Hercules has to take a dive. So they win all the money. Then they will release Midas and Flaxon.

Voluptua MC's the event and tells the audience that if Hercules loses Segalas will marry Flaxon and they will have a new king and queen.

Salmoneus asks Hercules how he got into this mess. Hercules tells him to find him a throwing knife. Salmoneus bets all his winnings on Hercules at 5 to 1.

Hercules tries to get the people to help him by telling them that Midas did this to help them and that they shouldn't let these other people take over. Voluptua tells them that if anyone helps Hercules Midas will die instantly.

The first boxer enters and starts to fight. He has big nasty pointed brass knuckles on. They fight. He defeats him easily after the gut gets in the first punch. Others come and are easily defeated as the odds go up.

Salmoneus finds a knife but it belongs to the bearded lady who has now shaved off the beard but still has the mustache. She gives it to him in return for working something out later.

The odds are now 1000 to one and Voluptua bets it all on Segalas. Salmoneus gives Hercules the knife and tells him that Segalas has a wicked looking knife. Hercules frees Midas and Flaxon. Segalas promises Hercules that Flaxon will be his wife. Hercules tells the people he won't overthrow their government without them. Midas shouts his agreement. The people jump on the guards and an all out riot begins.

Hercules and Midas fight. Voluptua sneaks off. Flaxon stop her. They win. Midas declares that the people will return to their farming traditions and all gambling debts are forgiven with two exceptions. They remain indebted to Hercules and those who bet against Hercules (Voluptua and Segalas) will repay their debt with their labor. They are plowing a field.

The former bearded lady, now fully clean shaven, has a business proposition for Salmoneus about recycling building products. They leave together.

Midas and Flaxon thank Hercules for his help. Hercules makes them promise not to gamble with their blessings.

Disclaimer: No stuffed elephants were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

What's in A Name?

(Sept 17, 1995)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Kevin Smith, Simone Kessell, Kenneth McGregor, Liddy Holloway
Written By: Michael Marks
Directed By: Bruce Campbell

A group of 'priests' dig up an urn containing the sacred mandrake root that will kill Hercules. Hera is behind it.

Rena is led to a partial built house by Paleas who wants to marry her. She was promised to him but she loves Hercules. Paleas vows to have her hand in marriage. Paleas complains to the king who is also fond of Hercules and the king has little sympathy.

Hercules comes to visit Rena but it isn't Hercules. It's someone else.

Hercules and Iolaus are on their way to visit Alcmene and they find a woman on the side of the road with a stuck wagon. She tells them that it's her second lucky day in a row. Yesterday Hercules bought her most expensive pair of sandals. The real Hercules is astounded. It seems he plans on getting married in those sandals and to the king's daughter.

The fake Hercules is in a tavern with Rena telling stories of his labors. Paleas is there and is upset by Rena's obvious affection for her chosen love. Paleas prays to Hera to help him get rid of Hercules.

Hercules visits his mother and can't stay because he has to go to Flagra and defend his name. Hercules is afraid that people might get hurt when this imposter can't perform like the real Hercules.

Hercules and Iolaus find a burned building and assume that King Gorgas had something to do with it. A man attacks them. Hercules stops him. The man is afraid that they are from Gorgas. His daughter and son were killed for not paying their taxes to Gorgas. They offer to help and the man refuses because not even 'Hercules' is willing to stand up to Gorgas. They only thought he was a good man.

The priest gives Paleas the urn that will open only in Hercules' presence.

The people plot against Gorgas. The soldiers arrive and Hercules stops the young man, Josephas, from fighting them. The head soldier attacks Hercules and they fight.

Josephas tries to get Hercules to hide because the imposter Hercules is coming. The imposter turns out to be Hercules' brother, Iphicles. Iolaus and Josephas leave the two to talk.

The brothers greet each other. Hercules is not thrilled about Iphicles using his name. Iphicles leaves in a huff. Hercules chases him and tries to make him understand how evil Gorgas is and how long before Rena figures out that he is not Hercules. He also lays a guilt trip about Iphicles not visiting his mother. Iphicles is bitter about his life and situation and wants Hercules to leave. Hercules won't give up his name. Iphicles tells him that if he refuses to understand the situation then, they are enemies and not brothers.

Iolaus and Josephas talk while sharing Josephas' meager lunch. Iolaus tells him that over throwing Gorgas is the right thing to do. The soldiers find them and Iolaus fights them telling Josephas to get away and be sure that the real Hercules hears about it.

Rena knows something is bothering Iphicles but he still doesn't' tell her the truth even though she assures him she will still love him no matter what.

Iolaus is arrested and taken before Gorgas. After not telling Gorgas why he and his big friend are here, Iolaus is taken to the catacombs to be bait for Hercules. He sends Paleas to get Iphicles.

Josephas tells Hercules about Iolaus.

Iolaus asks about dinner. The guard tells him if he's hungry he should catch a rat.

Josephas takes Hercules to another entrance to the catacombs. A labyrinth that no one has ever returned from. Hercules starts through the tunnel. Hercules has to traverse a variety of pitfalls such as trap doors and big swinging spiky balls.

Iolaus is still hungry. Iphicles is sent into the labyrinth to take care of the trouble there. Gorgas wants him to kill him. Paleas opens the urn and realizes that he is not Hercules. Paleas goes off to tell Gorgas and Rena.

Iolaus is thinking seriously about the rat.

Paleas tells Gorgas about Hercules being an imposter. Gorgas thinks it is nothing but jealous rambling. Then, Paleas tells him about the mandrake in the jar.

Iolaus almost gets a bowl of food from the guard's table but is thwarted by a dog.

Rena stops a guard and learns that there is an intruder in the castle labyrinth that Hercules has been sent to kill.

Iphicles meets Hercules at the other end of the labyrinth. Hercules doesn't want to fight and refuses to take the sword. Rena walk in and hears Iphicles call his brother Hercules. Iphicles has to tell her the truth. She gets angry and leaves. He asks Hercules to help. Hercules chases after her and explains that he is the imposter's brother and that Iphicles really does love her.

Hercules returns to Iphicles and tells him he's done all that he could. They go off to find Iolaus. Hercules finds Iolaus at the same time as Gorgas' guards do. Hercules has to fight them. Iphicles shows up to help. Iolaus is released.

Gorgas arrives and Paleas releases the mandrake. Rena returns to see the mandrake. Iphicles fights Gorgas while Iolaus fights the guards. Hercules lures the mandrake into the cell and Hercules has him lock the door while he is still inside with the mandrake. Hercules tries to catch it. Paleas holds a knife to Rena's throat. Iphicles pursues them. Hercules fights with the mandrake. Rena elbows Paleas and Iphicles knocks him out.

With Iolaus' help Hercules puts the mandrake in shackles. It promptly disappears once they put it in all four shackles.

Josephas and the citizens arrive just after the battles are done. Hercules asks Rena what should be done. She replies that her stepfather, Gorgas is an evil man and should be punished. She still loves Iphicles.

Hercules brings Iphicles and Rena home to visit. Hercules closes the door just in time to hear Iolaus knocking on it asking for food. Hercules pulls him in telling him he's family, too.

Disclaimer: No mandrakes were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Siege At Naxos

(Sept 24, 1995)

Guest Stars: Brian Thompson, Rebecca Hobbs, Patrick Smyth, Michael Hurst
Written By: Darrell Fetty
Directed By: Stephen L. Posey

A Warlord takes over a town. the tavern owner promises what the warlord wants if he will let the woman go. The Warlord kills him.

Iolaus spears a fish while Hercules is catching them bare handed. They head back to town each with a large string of fish. Iolaus says the water here on Naxos is good for the fish. His friend, the tavern owner will cook the fish for them. Iolaus finds his wounded friend. Ageus tells him to run and get away from Goth. Hercules and Iolaus fight with the men. Hercules captures Goth just as Goth's brother Bladar arrives with the rest of his men. Iolaus and Hercules use Goth as a hostage.

Iolaus remembers an Athenian fort around the area from when he was a kid. They take refuge in the old fort. Goth's brother lays siege to the fort. The fort has been abandoned. They plan to get to the nearest fort and find their way to Athens where Goth is wanted for war crimes. They plan to sneak away in the dark. Iolaus puts Goth in a cell while Hercules looks around. He finds a woman. Iolaus calls Hercules away to the dungeon where Iolaus has found a chained old man. The woman is his daughter, Ilora. She tells them that he was arrested for stealing bread for his family. They can't get him out of the irons. Hercules releases his arms. He's afraid to break the iron around his neck so Iolaus releases the catch with his knife. It's an old hunter's trick. Iolaus goes to light the torches.

Goth's army discusses various means of getting them out and they decide to bring Titantus to get them out.

Hercules prepares some medicine for the old man. He tells Ilora that his cousin Asclepius taught him.

Goth hollers for food and drink. Ilora is disturbed by this.

Iolaus arms the skeletons at the wall. Hercules carries Ilora's father out of the dungeon.

Iolaus calls Hercules out and tells them that Bladar and the men arrive and surround the fort. They attack. Hercules and Iolaus cannot escape with Ilora and her sick father. The barbarians are shooting flaming arrows at them.

The barbarians try to scale the walls. Ilora helps with boiling water and a frying pan. They eventually beat them back and Bladar sounds retreat.

Goth wants some water and Ilora volunteers to take it. Goth and Ilora know each other, intimately.

Ilora's father is walking and feeling better since he found the wine. Titantus arrives. It's a big catapult.

Ilora won't release Goth. She hasn't seen him in over a year. He tells her that he came back for her.

Iolaus suggests getting close enough to sabotage the thing. Hercules goes to check on Ilora and her father, Charidon. Iolaus goes to sneak across the lines while Hercules is busy.

Iolaus manages to get himself captured. Goth's men come in with Ilora captive. They force Hercules to release Goth. Ilora tells her father that it's true. That she had an affair with Goth because the family had to survive. Ilora won't release Goth until he promises not to hurt Hercules or Iolaus. Hercules takes the chance and overpowers the guards. Ilora has been won over to the good side.

They have Iolaus tied to the top of the catapult. they want to trade Goth for Iolaus. Charidon remembers that they are tunnels under the dungeon that would bring them up behind the barbarians.

They make the trade. Iolaus for Goth. Goth taunts Iolaus halfway and they fight. Hercules tells Bladar to stay out of it. They throw Goth an axe. Iolaus disarms him and knocks him out and takes him captive again. They plan to attack,

Hercules offers them the chance to escape and pulls up the skeleton soldiers. then the throws the axe at Titantus and starts it on fire. Bladar retreats.

They use the tunnels to escape. Bladar figures out that he has been fooled but they have already made it to the coast. They can catch a boat at the next village around the cove.


(Oct 1, 1995)

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Peter Muller, Jon Brazier, Kelson Henderson, Lucy Lawless
Written By: Robert Bielak
Directed By: Bruce Seth Green

Lyla tries to shop in town and has trouble because she's married to Deric the centaur. The merchants don't want to sell to her. Deric has to rescue her from a bigot and takes her home. the merchant and the bigot decide that someone should teach the filthy centaurs a lesson.

That night Lyla sees several men with torches sneaking around outside. She wakes her son Kiefer and sends him out to hide in the woods. The men wear masks and when they try to frighten Lyla, they catch the house on fire. Deric arrives and the men run. Deric identifies one of them before running into the burning house.

Salmoneus and Hercules run into each other on the road. Salmoneus has just finished a seminar in self-actualization. He wants to put on seminars to help others be the best whatever they can be.

Hercules is on his way to Athens to help Lyla and Deric. They remark about how Lyla looks like Xena but with a different disposition. It seems that it's worse for them in Athens than in Nespa.

Hercules and Salmoneus arrive and a woman shows them the burned remains of the house. They all think Deric and Lyla died in the fire. Hercules doesn't think the fire was an accident. He finds the torch that started the fire. It has a symbol of the group responsible, the Cretins, on it.

In town he meets a man who has the same symbol on a tattoo. The man tells him that it represents purity and strength. When Hercules mentions the centaur he is met with hostility.

Lyla's sister stops Hercules from beating up the men. The sister tells him of their son. She tells of the Cretins and how they have been poisoning the minds of the locals telling them that all their problems are caused by a centaur living among them.

Something or someone takes out one of the villagers responsible.

Hercules and Salmoneus are stopped on the road by a group of the Cretins and they fight. After Hercules and Salmoneus beat them up they walk off vowing it won't be the last.

The innkeeper won't give them a room. Hercules says otherwise. Deric drops a dead man through the door of the inn and says it won't be the last.

The mob decides they should hunt down and kill Deric. The magistrate agrees that Deric should be brought in for a hearing. Hercules wants to go to assure that he is brought in alive.

They find him and Hercules tries to talk him into turning himself in. One of the men sneaks up on Deric and they fight briefly before Deric kills him. He flees.

The men continue to follow. Hercules and Salmoneus camp for the night before entering the swamp. Hercules says the others are on the wrong trail anyway. Centaurs don't like swamps. Hercules talks to one of the younger men and believes he knows more than he's telling.

Hercules sets off on the right trail the next morning. They find Kiefer. Deric arrives. Deric takes Hercules to Lyla's grave while Salmoneus stays with Kiefer.

The hunting party finds the right tracks.

Hercules tries to convince Deric to do the right thing and turn himself in. It's what Lyla would have wanted. Deric agrees and Salmoneus is left with the child.

As they enter town the children run alongside. They haven't been taught to hate yet. they speak to the magistrate. He'll have to be held in custody until it can be proven that the men are responsible for the burning and the death of his wife and the death of the first man Deric killed.

Kiefer hides from Salmoneus. Lyla appears to Kiefer and talks to him. The men wait outside and are concerned that Deric could implicate them all.

To keep his son safe, Deric confesses to the murder of Cleitus in cold blood. Hercules realizes what has happened. Deric tells him that they have kidnapped his son and will kill him if he didn't confess.

Hercules frees Salmoneus and he recognizes the men as those who attacked them earlier with the addition of the Damocles (the younger man who knew more than he was telling) Damocles meets with Hercules and tells him what he knew. Hercules tells him he should tell the magistrate and then he goes to get Kiefer while Salmoneus takes Damocles to the magistrate.

The mob arrives to kill Deric. the leader tells him to come quietly or his son dies. Damocles tells all in front of the mob. they are about to stone Deric when Hercules intervenes. He tries to convince the mob that they are all different in their own way. The Cretin leader hits Deric with a stone and Deric pursues him. Hercules stops Deric from killing the Cretin. Deric accepts Damocles' apology.

Lyla reappears. Zeus can undo the evil of man just not of the gods, so he sent Lyla back. Hercules says his farewells.

Disclaimer: No Centaurs were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Under the Broken Sky

(Oct 8, 1995)

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Maria Therese Rangel, Bruce Phillips
Written By: John Schulian
Directed By: Jim Contner

A man is mugged outside a tavern where a woman, Lucina, is dancing. Salmoneus is watching. Hercules finds Salmoneus in the tavern and asks him to step outside. Hercules came all the way from Arcadia when he heard that Salmoneus was working in this den of ill repute. Salmoneus tells him that he didn't know what it was, he's just filling in for his brother-in-law who owns the place and he's stuck there until he comes back from Athens. Besides, Salmoneus wanted a place to try out his new idea, happy hour. The town has a very bad reputation.

Hercules wanders out of a barn where he spent the night and ended up stiff. He meets the sister of a man, Creon, he fought a war with. She tells him that most of the good men have moved away. Hercules sees the man who was mugged coming to and goes to help him.

The man, Adacus, tells him that Pylot's men robbed him. Hercules takes him to Salmoneus to be patched up.

Pylot goes to see the dancer, Lucina, to see who has been getting his men all stirred up. She gets rid of him. He promises to return later.

Salmoneus stitches Adacus' head. Hercules goes to see Pylot after finding out what Adacus' money bag looked like.

Hercules barges into Pylot's lair with a door guard under each arm. Pylot orders his men to attack and there is a fight. Hercules retrieves Adacus' money pouch and tells Pylot that robbing the poor people of this town stops now. Pylot tells him to go find someplace "tamer". Hercules isn't going.

Salmoneus makes Adacus some chicken soup. It's good soup. Salmoneus thinks maybe he'll put the recipe into a cook book. He has other grandious plans as well. Adacus explains that he's there looking for a woman that's why he's come to Enola.

Lucina holds a doll that is all she has left of her children.

Salmoneus teaches the barmaid to make a "shake". Hercules comes looking for Adacus who Salmoneus has lost. He thought he was sleeping on the couch.

Adacus sees Lucina go into her home but the door guards won't let him in. Lucina is his wife.

Hercules finds Adacus and returns his money. He asks what's bothering him. Adacus agrees and takes him to a quite spot. He explains that they had two strong sons that are now dead from a fever. Lucina felt it was her fault and finally ran away. He's followed her here and is not sure that he can talk to her alone.

Pylot wants Hercules dead. He sends his men out to squeeze more money out of the shopkeepers.

Hercules goes back to Salmoneus' but he's not around. Hercules explains that he's not really a good mediator between a husband and a wife.

The two barmaids tease Lucina about her husband being in town.

Salmoneus has to be rescued by Hercules for not paying Pylot's men the protection money. They have him in a noose. The barmaids hold Salmoneus up while he takes care of Pylot's men.

The townspeople applaud him for handling Pylot's men. They want him to tear down the building. He tells them to use it for something good and proceeds to Lucina's apartment.

Hercules explains that he's there for Adacus. She doesn't believe that her husband could still love her.

Pylot is not worried about Hercules after tomorrow he thinks he'll be dead.

Hercules brings Lucina to Adacus and tells her that Adacus needs her as much as she needs him. He waits outside while they talk. He wants her to come home with him. She can't, she sees their children every time she looks at him.

Pylot talks to his hired assassin. He wants him to wait until the other men arrive before he takes out Hercules. He wants a drink and a girl for the night while he waits.

Lucina runs out. Adacus doesn't know what to do.

Pylot catches Lucina on her way out of town. Adacus tells Pylot to get away from her. He wants Lucina to come home with him. She agrees and Pylot stabs him. Hercules sees them and sits by them as she holds Adacus until he passes out. She believes that he's died. Hercules investigates the would and finds that he's not going to die.

Pylot has offered 1,000 dinars for Hercules' head and a bunch of mercenaries have shown up.

Hercules tells the crowd that Adacus had been badly hurt and asks for a place that he will be safe. Salmoneus goes to find a way to get Adacus out of there. Because Lucina is the town whore they won't help them. Hercules criticizes them for sitting in judgement when they don't understand the situation. Creon's sister comes forward and offers her help.

The mercenaries spread out into the area. One of them finds Lucina's bag with the dolls of her two lost children. Salmoneus finds a cart and overhears the mercenaries talking.

Creon's sister offers to patch the wound. Lucina realizes she has forgotten the bag. Hercules goes with her to retrieve it. Salmoneus goes to warn Hercules and gets shot in the shoulder with an arrow. Hercules sends Lucina to get Salmoneus and leave. Hercules fights with the mercenaries.

Salmoneus sees Pylot and attacks him. Pylot knocks Salmoneus to the ground and kicks him. Lucina is about to help Salmoneus when Hercules is knocked out for a moment and then rejoins the fight.

Lucina is holding the sword and when Pylot turns to run from Hercules. He impales himself on the sword. Hercules leads her away. the two barmaids have picked up Salmoneus and they apologize and return the two dolls to Lucina.

Sometime later, Lucina and Pylot are about to head for home. Salmoneus has locked up the tavern and has to tell his brother-in-law that the town's people want to turn his tavern into a senior citizen's center. Salmoneus promises to mend his ways. He then promptly invents bingo. Lucina and Adacus thank Hercules for his help.

The Mother of All Monsters

(Oct 15, 1995)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Liddy Holloway, Bridget Hoffman, Martin Kove
Written By: John Schulian
Directed By: Bruce Seth Green

Hercules and Iolaus happen upon a couple of thugs beating up a guy, they move to help and more thugs show up led by a guy in a helmet. Their leader wants Hercules dead. They beat up the thugs and their leader rides off. They continue on their journey.

Their leader, Demetrius, visits Echidna. She laments over her lost children. All killed by Hercules and she wants him dead but not before his own mother knows the depth of her suffering. then she will kill her, too.

Alcmene shops in the market and the villages hear as much about her own son as she does. A thief steals her bag and Demetrius retrieves it and offers to walk with her awhile.

Hercules and Iolaus happen on a game where a man challenges Hercules to throw a ball the farthest. Hercules is distracted by talk of his mother getting married. Hercules drops the ball on the guy's foot and then throws it a mile and tells the guy to give the money to widows and orphans. Hercules is heading home.

Demetrius works on Hercules' wall and flirts with Alcmene.

Hercules is upset by his mother having a boyfriend. Iolaus tries to talk to him about it. Hercules spends more time worrying about total strangers than his own mother.

Echidna calls forth a few of Hera's archers armed with arrows from Hephaestus. She orders them to kill Hercules with his mother watching.

More bandits cross Hercules and Iolaus' path and Hercules takes them all out himself. He doesn't have time for this.

The women are talking about Alcmene and her new toy boy. An old soldier sees them walk by.

Hercules arrives home and sees his wall finished and he didn't finish it. Hercules kinda wants Iolaus to go in with him but Iolaus heads back to his own place. Hercules enters to find Alcmene in a compromising position with Demetrius. She introduces Demetrius. Hercules is a little hostile. So, Demetrius leaves to give them a little time. Alcmene is not happy with her son at the moment.

The old soldier Leukos approaches Iolaus about Hercules being in danger. But he will only speak to Hercules. Iolaus tells him where they can meet.

Alcmene is singing and Hercules realizes that she is happy. She explains that she would like someone in her live to love. Hercules is still having trouble coping with it. He finally agrees to give her a chance.

Demetrius meets with Hera's archers. They tell him about Leukos and Demetrius tells them to kill him.

Echidna promises that Hercules will die for killing her children.

Iolaus approaches Hercules and tells him about Leukos. They go to meet him and find him dead, an arrow through his neck. Hercules recognizes the arrow as one crafted by Hephaestus. This means Hera is involved and Hercules goes to find his mother.

Alcmene is preparing a picnic lunch, Demetrius brings the wagon. They go outside in time to see Hercules and Iolaus running toward them and the archers firing an arrow which pierces his side. Demetrius grabs Alcmene and loads her in the wagon and drives off. Iolaus runs to Hercules' side.

The archers follow the wagon. Alcmene realizes that the love affair was a sham. Demetrius offers her wine and sends one of the archers to tell Echidna they are coming.

Hercules comes to and tells Iolaus to take out the arrow. He asks about Alcmene. Iolaus doesn't know. Hercules demands that Iolaus take the arrow out. Hercules looses consciousness when he does.

Alcmene is bitter about being fooled by Demetrius. He tells her that he is taking her to Echidna and not Hera.

The archer arrives to tell Echidna that Hercules is dead and Alcmene is on her way. No one survives their arrows.

Hercules comes to. He wants to go after his mother. Iolaus tries to talk him out of it and ends up going with him. They track the wagon toward Dronos where Echidna is. They travel through the night.

Alcmene tries to escape and is almost successful but is captured by Demetrius again.

Iolaus wants to scout ahead. Hercules disagrees, this is his family. Iolaus explains that this is family for him, too.

The wagon arrives and Alcmene is taken inside.

Hercules and Iolaus approach the cave and see the archers.

Echidna gloats to Alcmene about her position and how much it hurt when her son was killed. Alcmene won't give her the satisfaction.

Hercules distracts them while Iolaus cuts the strings on their cross bows making them disappear. Hercules goes inside the cave leaving Iolaus to take care of the final archer. He tells him to bring the arrows in.

Echidna is surprised to see Hercules who fights with Demetrius. He wants Echidna to put his mother down. She grabs him and he forces her to drop Alcmene who won't run out and leave him. She grabs Alcmene again and Iolaus arrives and frees Alcmene. Iolaus has to fight Demetrius now. While Echidna has Hercules by the throat. Hercules manages to get Demetrius to cut him free with his sword. Iolaus hands off the arrows which Hercules uses to pin Echidna to the wall.

Alcmene doesn't want him to kill her. She understands Echidna's pain. She wants him to find a better way. Hercules causes a cave in that blocks the entrance to the cave. They head for home.

Disclaimer: The mother of all monsters was not harmed during the production of this motion picture.

The Otherside

(Oct 29, 1995)

Guest Stars: Tawny Kitaen, Erik Thomson, Andrea Croton, Michael Hurst
Written By: Robert Bielak
Directed By: George Mendeluk

Hercules stops off at Falafel's fast food Falafel stand. Wisely he doesn't eat.

Persephone talks with a pig herder. Demeter reproaches her for speaking to a stranger. While picking flowers a crack opens in the earth and Hades rides out on his chariot ad grabs Persephone. He takes her back to the underworld with him.

Hercules finds Demeter in the meadow. She tells him Hades has taken her daughter. Hercules doesn't want to help because it's a matter for the gods. Demeter curses the earth and makes it barren until her daughter is returned to her.

The earth becomes cold. The animals freeze, the plants die. Hercules takes refuge with a family. The children will starve. Hercules gives them a few dinars and heads out to find Demeter.

She has arranged to Hercules to be allowed to go to the other side and bring Persephone back. Then, Demeter will restore nature. She warns him that he cannot eat the food of the other side or look back when he's leaving or he will be stuck there forever. Demeter drops him through a hole in the earth.

Hades shows him where Deianeira and his children are. Cheron finds him. They were not surprised that he was coming. Cheron tries to collect for the boat ride and Hercules tells him to put it on his tab. Cheron has found a pig from above (it came with Persephone) and he plans to cook it for dinner.

Persephone is upset because Hades has caused her mother all this grief. He's sorry but he loves her. He tries to get her to eat. She refuses. He offers to let her mother come to visit. She did like the chariot ride.

After he leaves Charon's boat he sees Deianeira again. This time he is where she is. She's glad to see him. She offers to fix him something to eat. He wants to see the kids, first. They wrestle on the floor.

He puts them to bed. Deianeira is worried cause he hasn't eaten all night. He tells her that he's fine and ends up in bed.

Persephone tells Hades not to be a voyeur.

The next morning Hercules plays with his children and chases them outside. Persephone comes to visit. She asks about her mom. Deianeira offers to make them a meal before they have to go. Persephone asks Hercules why she's offering them food. Hercules explains that they don't they are dead. They are reliving the happiest moments of their lives. The pig shows up and Persephone tells Hercules that they have to give it back to the swine herder because his pigs are like family. Hercules goes to try and catch the pig.

He ends up instead in another section of the underworld. A group of women cannot rest until they fill the well. Hades arrives and welcomes him to Tartarus.

He hears that Demeter is a little mad. He tells Hades that he didn't "kidnap" Persephone. Hercules helps a man get a bite of apple in Tartarus and the man tells him to head on that Hades bark is worse than his bite.

Hercules proceeds through a gate and finds Cerberus there. The three headed dog lets him pass. Persephone is sleeping when Hercules wakes her and tells her to get dressed. She tells him Hades isn't so bad. She thinks he's wonderful and sexy. Hercules tells her that people are dying up in the real world. Persephone had found the pig. A guard shows up and Hercules fights him. Several more show up, and then they make a run for it.

Hades shows up in their path. They fight to a stalemate. Hercules wants to talk this out. Hades tells Hercules that how he feels about Deianeira is the same as he feels with Persephone. She is the only bright spot in this whole place. Hercules can't let her stay. He gives the guy another bite of apple.

Hades offers to let Hercules take his whole family back and anyone else if he'll let Persephone stay. He and Persephone tumble into Deianeira's yard. Hercules goes to talk with his wife.

She feels like Hercules doesn't' belong here. He tells her that they are dead and he isn't. She thought it might be something like that. He tells her that he can take them back.

Ilea offers Persephone a pomegranate.

Deianeira asks about the price. Hercules tells her that Persephone would have to stay and they people in the living world are starving and dying. Deianeira tells him that he's needed above. She makes him promise that no matter what happens and how long it takes that they will be together again. He promises. He says goodbye to his children and leaves with Persephone. Whose ate a bite of the fruit.

Hercules gives Cheron the recipe for pig as promised but they take the pig with them. Persephone tells him that she can't go, she loves Hades.

Hades appears as Deianeira and tells him she's changed her mind. Hercules sees through it. Hercules and Persephone fall over a cliff and Hercules barely catches them.

They almost make it out. They meet Demeter in the cave and Hades steps between them. He has the fruit with the bite. Hercules steps in and asks Persephone what she wants. She wants both. Hercules tells them that she can have both. She ate half the fruit so she spends half the year with Hades and half the year with her mother. That works for Persephone.

She goes with her mother since mankind needs to get nature back on course. She bids goodbye to Hades and leaves with her mother.

Hades tells Hercules that he's acted bravely and fairly through the whole thing and lets him see his family one more time. He opens a window to Hercules' sleeping children. He offers to wipe their minds of his visit to make them completely happy again. Hercules tells him to do it. He wishes he could do that for Hercules.

Hercules thanks him.

The Fire Down Below

(Nov 5, 1995)

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Teresa Hill, Andy Anderson, Emma Menzies
Teleplay By: Scott Smith Miller
Story By: John Schulian Directed By: Timothy Bond

Salmoneus has found a cave full of artifacts that he plans to sell. The cave entrance collapses. Salmoneus and his workers take the first load into town.

Hercules follows a trail of debris and finds a man trapped under a fallen tree. He says the wind chased him and took everything he had except a vase he is holding. Hercules lifts the tree off him and he dies handing the broken vase to Hercules who notes the symbol on the bottom of the vase. Which seems to be a symbol for wind.

Salmoneus is in his element, haggling over the price of a vase with a woman in his fancy shop. Salmoneus is disappointed that Hercules isn't with the two women who just walked into the shop.

Hercules enters a tavern and tries to check a vase for the same marks but it is taken away by the tavern owner. Hercules is pronounced a trouble-maker and a fight starts. Hercules saves the vase and it falls apart in his hands. He finds the same symbol on the shards. He asks where the vase came from. The man tells him he bought it from Salmoneus. Hercules heads for the village where Salmoneus is.

Nemesis flies in as a bird and lands in the area.

Some of Salmoneus' workmen bicker over what objects they plan to take home with them and not tell Salmoneus. Nemesis is looking for the person responsible for disturbing the artifacts. She forces him to admit he's a thief and one of the other workmen accidentally hits him with a pick axe to the head.

Salmoneus speaks to his boss, Zandar, who owns the treasure about the foreman who was killed. Salmoneus asks how he came by the treasure and the guy tells him that he shouldn't ask too many questions...and be happy with making money.

Hercules is still on the move.

Salmoneus is being pampered in his bath by a flock of girls. He gives them a handful of pearl necklaces and they have to join him in the bath to get one. Hercules finds Salmoneus in the bath. Salmoneus is thrilled to see him because he thinks that Hercules is here to help him sell the artifacts and make money. Hercules explains that the treasure that Salmoneus has been selling belongs to Hera and she probably wants him dead now. Salmoneus faints.

Salmoneus lies on a couch and Hercules can't believe that he hadn't heard the local legend about Hera's treasure. Salmoneus explains that he was only thinking about the money and how he could spend it and that's all he ever thinks about. Hercules tells him the story.

King Oras put down a rebellion against Hera and she gave him the treasure as his reward. Before Oras could get to the treasure Hercules overthrew him. Hera left the treasure where it was to test the people's loyalty. Hercules tells Salmoneus that he's not going to die. Hercules asks Salmoneus to show him where he's put the treasure. Salmoneus promises to turn over a new leaf. Hercules tells him not to bother.

Nemesis stops a man from stealing a woman's children and selling them on the salve market. He throws a knife at her and cuts her hand. She pins him to the wagon and makes him run away.

Salmoneus was hired by Perses, the one Nemesis killed, who represented a third party who had a lead on a treasure trove. Salmoneus tells Hercules about the woman with the bow and arrow. Salmoneus sees Nemesis enter the room. Hercules chases after her but no one else can see her. The locals think that Hercules has gone mad. He eventually catches her. They kiss.

One of Salmoneus' helpers, informs Zandar that Hercules is here. She realizes that he's planning on killing Hercules along with Salmoneus.

Hercules is concerned about Nemesis letting Salmoneus see her. She explains that she's had a change in policy and only kills those who deserve killing and the Gods go along with it since no one's better at divine retribution than she is. Hercules is concerned that she's been hurt. She can only be hurt when she's in human form. She tells him that Salmoneus must pay for his greed and flies off as a bird. Hercules tries to chase her and is tripped by a man who is joined by several others. A fight ensues. Zandar watches.

Hercules arrives to find Nemesis pointing an arrow at Salmoneus. Hercules tells her that he's greedy which Salmoneus readily admitted to, but he's not a thief. He couldn't have found the treasure by himself. Hercules asks who the third party is. Salmoneus tells them his name is Zandar. Nemesis will check him out first. Salmoneus is very grateful for the reprieve.

Zandar prays to Hera. His warriors have failed and he asks for a weapon. She gives him Pyro.

By letting Salmoneus live Hercules is afraid that Hera may want to hurt Nemesis. He won't let her fly away. She promises not to flee. Hercules tells her that the Gods are not going let her decide who lives and who dies. Making that decision for them could get her killed. She flies away.

Salmoneus tries to get the female workers to help him take all the stuff back to the cave. They leave, all but one. Syreeta tells him he will find another way to get rich. He tells her he doesn't want her here and she leaves in tears as Hercules arrives. Salmoneus knows they only love him for his money and after this there may never be another pretty girl in his life. Hercules consoles him by telling him that at least he'll be alive. Hercules starts picking up the artifacts and hauling them back to the cave.

Nemesis finds Zandar. He tells her that Hera wants Hercules dead. She tells him she doesn't plan on killing Salmoneus or Hercules and that she intends to kill Zandar. Zandar's men take her and tie her up. for her betrayal of Hera she will suffer the same fate and Salmoneus and Hercules.

Salmoneus and Hercules finish hauling the treasure out of the shop. Salmoneus is hot and tired. They see smoke coming out of the cellar. There seems to be a fire. Hercules goes down to investigate. Pyro arrives and lobs fire balls at Hercules. He tells Salmoneus to get away. Zandar is outside and threatens Salmoneus.

Nemesis is still tied up. Hercules avoids the fire balls. Nemesis accidentally knocks over an axe and sets herself free. She's determined to do the right thing. She rescues Salmoneus and they go after Zandar. She promises to protect Salmoneus. Pyro still taunts Hercules by telling him he will go the same way his family did. Zandar arrives in the cellar and Pyro kills him. A flaming Zandar climbs up the stairs and finally dies.

Hercules gets wet in the cistern and jumps into a barrel. When Pyro jumps in with him he jumps out protected by the water and covers the barrel smothering the flame.

Nemesis and Salmoneus are waiting for Hercules when he climbs up. They take him outside.

Syreeta is waiting for Salmoneus when they come out. She was worried about him. She kisses him and invites him over for a bath to her place. Hercules tells him to stay out of trouble.

Nemesis says goodbye to find out what comes next in her life. He offers her help and she asks that he remember her.

Disclaimer: No completely-engulfed-in-flames evil doers were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Cast A Giant Shadow

(Nov 12, 1995)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Glenn Shadix, Bridget Hoffman, Stig Eldred
Written By: John Schulian
Directed By: John Kretchmer

A group of warriors led by Maceus enter a tavern. Maceus asks where he brother Demetrius is. The innkeeper tells him that his brother is dead. He was killed by Hercules in Echidna's cave. Maceus vows to cut out Hercules' heart.

Hercules walks along a path and hears Typhon, a giant, asking for help. Hera trapped his foot in a rock. Hercules releases him. Typhon wants to do something nice for Hercules to repay him. Hercules is on his way to Plinth and offers to let Typhon accompany him. Hera is not happy.

Iolaus is woken at knife point by Maceus.

Hercules and Typhon take a break. Typhon tells Hercules that he was trapped for 101 years. Hera was mad at him because of his wife who was always happy when he was around and Hera wanted her to do bad things. They arrive in Plinth. Hercules convinces the villagers that Typhon really does want to be friends. He rescues a kite from a roof.

Maceus beats Iolaus who won't tell them where Hercules is. Maceus tells Iolaus about Demetrius and breaks his arm. Eventually, Iolaus tells him that he's in Hellespont. Maceus orders his men to put Iolaus back together for the road.

Typhon plays with the children. They remind Typhon about his own kids. Breanna apologizes about assuming Typhon meant them harm. They've had bandit problems by the name of Demetrius. Hercules tells her that they don't have to worry about him anymore. Hercules offers to help repair the village meeting hall.

Iolaus thinks of escape. Maceus tells him that he's going to make sure that Hercules knows that he helped them to kill him.

Breanna's father Septus is trying to repair the building by himself. Septus thanks him for taking care of Echidna. His back is done in and Breanna talks him into resting awhile and letting Hercules take over. Before they leave Hercules asks if they've seen Iolaus. They haven't.

Iolaus quietly works on the ropes that tie him. They reach a bridge made of a single log. When Iolaus crosses he breaks his bonds and makes a run for it after knocking his two guards off the log. They chase after him.

Typhon crawls into the meeting hall to see what Hercules is up to. Typhon misses his wife. He reveals that his wife is Echidna. Typhon is surprised to find out that Hercules knows her. Typhon can tell from his reaction that Echidna's done something to him. He asks about their children and hopes that they haven't been getting in trouble again. He tells Hercules about the good points of his children, that they can sing and dance. The village children call Typhon back out to play.

Iolaus is still running. He has trouble staying ahead of them. He jumps into a mud pit to hide.

Breanna asks Hercules about his food. He's not hungry. She asks what's bothering him, she guesses it's either Typhon or his missing friend. He's concerned about both.

Maceus' men tromp through the muddy area and don't see Iolaus. Maceus realizes that he's heading for Plinth not Hellespont. Pylon, Maceus' second vows to kill Iolaus if he was lying. Iolaus almost gets stepped on but they don't find him. He rises and makes a run for it when Hera sends a lightning bolt after him and draws their attention.

Typhon wants Hercules to join in the fun with the children. Hercules wants to talk. He is about to tell Typhon about Echidna when Iolaus runs into town with Maceus' men hot on his trail. They fight and Typhon gets the children to safety. Hercules takes out a few of them while Iolaus catches his breath. Iolaus tells Hercules that Maceus is Demetrius' brother. Typhon tries to help and trips Hercules. Maceus orders retreat.

Maceus' men lick their wounds. Maceus reveals that Hera is helping them and that she is sending Echidna to help them kill Hercules.

The villagers throw a party to celebrate their victory over Maceus. Typhon opens the roof to see if he's invited, too. He feels bad about tripping Hercules. Hercules tells him not to worry about it.

Maceus is on the move again. This time he and his men arrive at Echidna's cave and find the entrance blocked. Maceus thinks that Hera will open it for them.

Hercules explains to Iolaus that Typhon is married to Echidna and that he has to tell him about her and the fact that Hercules killed their children.

Maceus and his men wait listening to Echidna scream in anger and frustration. His men capture a man off the road who says he was just curious. A storm rises and lightning opens the entrance and Maceus enters.

Hercules goes to tell Typhon about his family. Iolaus offers to go with him. Typhon is a bit of a klutz, but he's a kind klutz.

Echidna doesn't want just her freedom, she also wants revenge on Hercules. Maceus assures her that Hercules will come there.

Just as Hercules is about to break the news gently to Typhon, the kid runs up and tells them that Hera has unsealed Echidna's lair and that Maceus and his men are there. The kid tells Typhon that she was sealed in there by Hercules. Typhon gets mad about it.

Iolaus tries to defend Hercules and Typhon backhands him sending him flying and knocking him out. Typhon stomps off to find his wife.

Hercules runs to Iolaus whose holding his head and checking to see if he still has all his teeth. He tells the villagers that Echidna is Typhon's wife and Septus wants Hercules to kill her. Hercules refuses and asks Breanna to take care of Iolaus. Iolaus wants to come he says it's just his turn to be a mess. He kisses Breanna and they head out.

Maceus' men wait for Hercules. They go to warn Maceus when Typhon appears on the path.

Hercules and Iolaus follow. Hercules Says that according to Typhon, Echidna is a totally different person when he's around. Iolaus doesn't buy it.

Maceus and his men stand between Typhon and Echidna. They want him to punish Hercules before seeing his wife. Typhon tells them that Hercules saved him. Maceus tells Typhon about Hercules destroying all their children. Maceus repeats that Typhon should kill Hercules. Typhon tells them that he is a lover not a fighter. Maceus wants him to lure Hercules into the cave so that Echidna can kill Hercules.

Hercules and Iolaus arrive and a fight starts. Hercules leaves Iolaus to finish up and speaks with Typhon. He explains that Typhon was just the bait to lure Hercules here so that Echidna could kill him for Hera. Hercules promises that he will d his best to keep Echidna alive. He had to kill Typhon's children, they didn't give him any choice. Typhon blames Hera. Hercules agrees with him. Typhon assures him that Echidna will be nice once she sees him. They move to enter the cave and Typhon hits his head and gets knocked out. Hercules goes into the cave by himself.

Hercules and Maceus fight. Echidna doesn't believe him when he tells her that her husband is outside. Hercules fights Echidna and Maceus. Maceus charges and when Hercules steps aside she kills Maceus. Typhon arrives and Echidna becomes all love and affection. Typhon tells her that it was all Hera's fault and that Hercules was just trying to keep the world safe.

The couple reconciles. Hercules and Iolaus leave.

Disclaimer: Neither Typhon nor Echidna were harmed during the production of this motion picture. they went onto live long and happy lives with their adopted family. However, attempts to reinflate Pylus were unsuccessful.

Highway to Hades

(Nov 19, 1995)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Erik Thomson, Ray Henwood, Leslie Wing, Craig Hall, Angela Gribben
Written By: Robert Bielak
Directed By: T.J. Scott

Hades drives his chariot to a meeting with a couple of men who have found Hercules for him.

Hercules is in an inn eating a marvelous meal prepared for him by Epicuris. The men arrive and tell Hercules to come with them. He wants them to say please first and they fight about it. He sends them packing and Hades comes through the door. He zaps Hercules into unconsciousness and tells the men to bring him.

Hades is unhappy about the arrangement for Persephone, Hercules tells him he agreed to the terms but that isn't really Hades problem. It seems that King Sisyphus of Corinth has tricked a poor soul named Timeron into taking his place and spending eternity pushing the rock up the hill. Timeron was killed on his wedding night. Hades wants Hercules to bring Sisyphus back and he only has three days to do it. If a soul's final resting place is not determined within 3 days they are doomed to wander forever. Hades lets Hercules take Timeron's spirit with him to help. Hades also has a few administrative and bureaucratic problems to deal with.

Timeron can only be seen and heard by Hercules. He wants to make sure that Daphne, his wife of about 4 hours, is alright. They didn't even get to share their wedding night.

Iolaus tries to get a village girl to run away with him. She thinks it would be trouble and her father might break his other arm. Iolaus sees Hercules and realizes that there might be trouble. Hercules introduces Timeron. Iolaus doesn't believe him. Hercules tells Iolaus all about Timeron's problem. Iolaus thinks it's terrible that Timeron and Daphne saved themselves for each other all their lives and then didn't get the chance to share their wedding night. Hercules assures him that they will do everything they can to fix it after they find Sisyphus.

Sisyphus has Daphne brought to the place. He wants to offer her a job after her unfortunate widowhood.

The Queen converses with a very pregnant servant. She asks about the woman's children. The Queen wishes she had those problems. They run into Daphne in the hallway. The Queen expresses her condolences. Daphne is brought before Sisyphus.

As they are walking along the path. Iolaus can see Timeron. He explains that Hades told him he could materialize if he became too emotional. They find a place to hide Timeron

They approach the palace which is surrounded by guards. Iolaus tells a guard that he is Uranium and that Hercules is Plutonius and they are in the mineral rights business. Hercules says that he is more into human rights. Hercules is recognized and they are to be arrested as potential trouble makers. A fight breaks out.

Sisyphus comes in and tells Hercules that he knows Hades has sent him to bring him back. He will come peacefully if Hercules will talk to Hades and tell him that he has comes of his own free will. Hercules agrees to talk to Hades.

They go to the house where Timeron is and Sisyphus tells him that he's sorry for what he did to him. Timeron says that it isn't Sisyphus. He admits that he is a poor old man and that Sisyphus agreed to take care of his family. If he declined Sisyphus was going to have him killed. Hercules decides that they should let Sisyphus think that his plan has worked. They will take Timeron back with them to identify the right king.

Sisyphus does think that he has succeeded and asks for the widow Daphne again.

Hercules assures Timeron that he will be happy in the Eleysian Fields. Timeron says not until Daphne joins him in 50 years or so. Iolaus sits on the rock next to Timeron. Hercules plans to go catch something for dinner. Iolaus doesn't want to be left with Timeron. He seems a little spooked about sitting next to a ghost. Timeron agrees to wave a branch so that Iolaus will know where he is.

Sisyphus wanted to see Daphne to ask her to be his mistress and give him an heir. Daphne refuses him. Sisyphus tells her to mourn and then consider his proposal.

Iolaus has a fire going by the time Hercules returns with a couple of rabbits. Timeron, however, has left the area. They head out after him.

Daphne returns home in tears. Timeron materialized before her and tells her not to cry. She moves toward him and passes through him and runs off screaming. Hercules and Iolaus catch him chasing her and stop him. Daphne returns to the palace and Sisyphus lets her in.

The guards see Hercules and Iolaus and another fight starts. They almost have it all cleaned up when a dozen archers with cross bows show up. Timeron materializes in the square and the villagers recognize him. The soldiers run away.

Daphne refuses Sisyphus again. He tells her that he is the king. He can order it. A guard arrives and tells them that Hercules has been seen with Timeron's ghost. Daphne leaves. Sisyphus needs to buy more time. He tells the guard to detain Hercules and whoever's with him. Sisyphus tells him to do whatever's necessary.

The Queen comes and asks what is going on. Sisyphus tells her that the oracle told him Daphne could carry his child. The Queen doesn't think that he's telling her the whole truth about Timeron.

Hercules talks to Daphne. He tells her that she can help them find justice by helping them take Sisyphus back to the other side. She takes them to a back entrance to the palace. She tells the guard that Iolaus, who is dressed up in a red cloak, is a seer who knows where Hercules is. She also tells him that he is a leper and shouldn't be touched. He lets them in.

They make it down the hall avoiding the guards. The alarm is sounded as Hercules finds Sisyphus. Sisyphus tells him that Zeus was trying to seduce the daughter of one of his noblemen and he told the noble about it. So, Zeus had him called to the other side early. Hercules doesn't think that it was fair what he did to Timeron. Hercules intends to take him back. Sisyphus runs and Iolaus brings him back.

Timeron comes to Daphne again. He tells her that he loves her and he's sorry. She tells him if he can't come back to her, she will join him.

The Queen stops them as they are leaving. Timeron runs in and tells Hercules that he thinks Daphne is planning to kill herself. Hercules finds her on the top of the tower and talks to her. Timeron tells her that if she could have a happy life the wait would be worthwhile. She comes down.

They run back downstairs and find Iolaus has been tied up by the Queen. She doesn't think that it's fair that Sisyphus be taken so soon. Hercules doesn't think it's fair that he switched places with Timeron on his wedding night. The Queen is more interested in Sisyphus' intent.

Timeron unties Iolaus. Sisyphus orders them all taken to the dungeon and killed. Daphne is to be taken to his room. Hercules and Iolaus resist fight the guards. Sisyphus leaves. Hercules gives chase. Iolaus and Daphne follow. Hercules nearly captures Sisyphus but he flees into a secret passage. The Queen and Daphne are waiting on the other end and Daphne and the Queen hit him. Hercules and Iolaus have to leave now with Sisyphus if they are going to make it back in time. Timeron tells Daphne goodbye.

They arrive back in the Underworld. Hades orders Sisyphus to Tartarus. Cheron is upset because Sisyphus doesn't have a coin. Hercules tells him to put it on his tab. Hercules wants Hades to do something for Timeron. Hades says they have rules. Hercules reminds him about Persephone. Hades agrees to release his spirit for 24 hours. He tells Hercules that Timeron will have to borrow a body.

Hercules goes back with him to Daphne and at the last moment he runs out of Hercules' body and becomes solid himself Leaving Hercules a ghost for the day. He closes the door.

Disclaimer: No fables or spirits wandering the earth were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

The Sword of Veracity

(Jan 7, 1996)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Kim Michalis, Paul Minifie, Brad Carpenter
Written By: Steven Baum
Directed By: Garth Maxwell

A man comes home and finds his wife dead. Then he is killed and robbed by a man in a dark cloak.

Hercules and Iolaus are on their way to Plurabus to visit their friend Amphyon. They find him trying to get the villagers to peaceably overthrow a local tyrant. Traekus the local law and follower of Hera arrests Amphyon for the murder and robbery of two citizens. Amphyon won't say where is was at the time and two of Traekus' men claim to have seen him near the victim's home. They also found the stolen goblet in his home. He also refuses to deny the murder. He is sentences to die by fire in two days during the full moon.

Amphyon won't even tell Hercules and Iolaus. He tells them in the Siege of Carthage the men they were chasing were using women and children as shields. He was wounded and by the time he got there they innocents had been killed. It was his last campaign. He is willing to become a martyr to put Traekus out of power.

Hercules goes to Traekus and tells him that he will retrieve the Sword of Veracity which will make the truth known. Traekus doesn't believe the Sword exists and tells his men to keep an eye on them.

Hercules plans to find the right cave out the hundreds in the area by waiting until noon when the sun's light reflects off the mountains and shows which cave. or they can find a Hestial virgin who watch over the Sword of Veracity or the Shield of forgetfulness.

Amphyon is stretched on a rack. Traekus offers to let him go if he will go out and tell the villagers to pay their tribute like good little villagers. If he doesn't his naive ideas about peace will die with him.

Hercules and Iolaus are searching caves and realize that they are being watched.

They are approached by a woman named Leah. She is a Hestial Virgin. She can't just lead them to the cave because Hestia has made them only accompany those who seek it and if their cause is just she will lead them to it. Hercules remarks that it is strange because when he needed the Shield of Forgetfulness, a Hestial virgin led him right to it.

Iolaus reveals to Hercules that he is having feelings for Leah but she's a virgin priestess. So Hercules tells him to take a cold bath in a lake or river. The colder the better.

A villager, lycus, sneaks in and tells Amphyon that he should save himself at any cost because the village needs him.

They make camp for the night. Hercules suggests the Iolaus tell Leah how Amphyon defeated the Macedonians while he takes the first watch. Leah notices that Hercules doesn't like her very much. Iolaus would like to get to know her better and ends up nearly kissing her and decides to go take a cold bath.

Traekus asks Hera for help and she creates a few Minotaurs to stop Hercules from reaching the sword.

Hercules wakes Iolaus (who is on watch). Hercules asks Leah to point them in the right direction. So, she prays loudly and points to a cave. Then, a beam of light shines on the cave. They enter.

Hercules fights with a Minotaur while Iolaus and Leah go to find the sword. Iolaus and Leah find a room with lots of swords and they test them by telling lies while holding them. The sword must be returned to the cave after it's purpose has been fulfilled and they may only take the one sword.

Hercules defeats the Minotaur and helps them find the sword. Two more Minotaurs show up to stop them. they fight with the Minotaurs and get them to kill each other.

Leah finds the right sword and points it at Iolaus who tells her that she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and he thinks he's falling in love with her. That'd be the right sword.

Traekus arrests a bunch of the villagers and asks Amphyon to reconsider his offer as what happened in Carthage could happen here.

Leah tells Iolaus that she is flattered and that she is still traveling with them because she has had a vision from Hestia saying that she should. They are attacked by Traekus' men. One of them grabs Leah and she gets away and points the sword at him. He tells her he's a coward and works for Traekus for the money. She chases both he and the other guard off.

Hercules realizes that no Hestial virgin could handle herself like she just did. Leah says that Traekus killed her parents in Thrace and she followed him here and when she got here Amphyon taught her a better way. They are to be married. Iolaus is relieved, he won't burn in Tartarus for having fantasies about a virgin priestess.

Amphyon is brought back into the "court" where innocent people are tied to a stake with brush at their feet. Traekus brands Amphyon a traitor as well. Amphyon refuses to speak, then, as the torch is about to light the fire, Amphyon agrees to speak. Hercules arrives and points the sword at Traekus. He admits he had the couple killed and kept the tribute for himself.

A fight breaks out. Leah sheds her priestly robes and fights as well. Traekus lights the fire under the families. They put out the fire. Hercules sees Traekus leaving and stops him. Leah takes the sword and threatens Traekus for killing her parents. Traekus says he was only doing his job. Hercules tells her that if this is what she really wants to do it. She doesn't.

They marry. Hercules and Iolaus go to take the sword back.

Disclaimer: No attacking Minotaurs were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

The Enforcer

(Jan 14, 1996)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Karen Sheperd, Teresa Hill
Written By: Nelson Costello
Directed By: T.J. Scott

Hercules and Iolaus are attacked by bandits on the path. They have a message from Hera. They fight and chase them off.

Nemesis is punished by Hera when she refuses to kill Hercules. She is made mortal.

A young man, Gnatius, begs for dinars at a place where people are asking Hera's help. A man throws a coin into the sea and a woman, the Enforcer, rises from the water. She kills the man and takes his cloak to cover her nakedness.

Gnatius takes the dead man's moneybag and follows her. She tells him that she is here to kill Hercules. He offers to show her where Hercules is.

Hercules and Iolaus are helping set up for the festival. Iolaus thinks they should be having more fun until he notices that the girls are impressed by helping.

The Enforcer meets a couple on the road and takes the woman's clothes. She is still looking for Hercules.

Nemesis is in a tavern and is eating her weight in food. She's never been hungry before. She doesn't have money to pay. A hunter offers to pay for the meal with with obvious intentions about his repayment. She offers him a deal. They will have a contest and if she wins, she gets his bow and arrows and if she loses. He gets what he wants. They aim at a chain on the wall. She wins but not by hitting it dead center. She realizes there is more to being mortal than she thought.

Iolaus is exhausted from helping set up for the festival. Hercules gives him a drink of water by pouring it on him and telling him that he can enjoy the festival now. Hercules sees a bird that reminds him of Nemesis. Iolaus heads off to enjoy the festival and Nemesis walks up to Hercules.

Gnatius brings the Enforcer into the tavern and asks about where Hercules is. A couple of other tavern dwellers try to pick her up and she throws them through the wall.

Nemesis tells Hercules that she is mortal now and why. She believes mortality was worth now killing Hercules for. She also reveals that Hera has created an Enforcer to replace her.

The Enforcer takes a chariot as they leave the tavern.

Iolaus is having trouble keeping the hands of Clytus' daughter off him as he sees Hercules come in. Hercules introduces Nemesis. She has trouble convincing him that she is *the* Nemesis. She tells him that she was going to kill him before and he can see her. Iolaus runs off thinking that she's there to kill him. Hercules chases after him and drags him back. He leaves them to get acquainted while he leaves with Clytus to "judge a pie-eating contest".

She tells him that she's not that Nemesis anymore.

Gnatius and the Enforcer take the horse and continue on after crashing their chariot.

A woman rides into the village and tells Hercules that the Enforcer is coming. Hercules meets the Enforcer on the road and they fight after he gets over not wanting to fight a woman. She ends up being thrown over the cliff and crashes back into the sea and her original form.

Hercules returns to the tavern a little bloody and joins Iolaus and Nemesis. He explains about the Enforcer to Iolaus while he pours himself a glass of water.

The Enforcer reforms.

Nemesis, Hercules and Iolaus take part in a chicken catching contest and Nemesis wins by letting the chicken come to her. Then, they enter the pie eating contest which seems to turn into a food fight between Hercules and Iolaus.

Nemesis was hoping that she and Hercules would be more than friends. He thinks she's feeling vulnerable about being mortal. They kiss.

Gnatius and the Enforcer run into a bandit that she quickly handles. then she throws Gnatius into a tree and continues on her way to kill Hercules.

Hercules and Nemesis spend the night in the hayloft of an old barn.

The festival continues with various activities going on. Many men are working in the forge. The Enforcer tries out a sword and Clytus tells her that Hercules is at the inn.

Iolaus and another man are at the in evidently commiserating about picking up girls. The other man sees the Enforcer come in and tries her first. Then, Iolaus realizes that she is the Enforcer. Iolaus yells for everyone to get out of there and tells the Enforcer that she'll get to Hercules over his dead body. They fight. Iolaus is obviously in a losing battle and takes quite a beating. She knocks him out and heads out to find Hercules.

Hercules and Nemesis are enjoying the after glow when Iolaus staggers into the barn and tells him that the Enforcer is alive.

The Enforcer causes some mayhem in town.

They tend to Iolaus' injuries and then, Nemesis goes after the Enforcer herself.

Nemesis lures the Enforcer into the forge. Hercules arrives in town to see the aftermath of the battle. The Enforcer collapses the board Nemesis is standing on and she is knocked out when she falls. Hercules arrives and fights her. Eventually, she ends up turning into steam when Hercules throws her onto the hot coals.

Hercules picks up Nemesis. They walk back toward the barn. She realizes that she needs some time to figure out what she should do with her life. They kiss goodbye and she heads back to the village. Iolaus joins him complimenting his goodbye kiss.

Once A Hero

(Jan 28, 1996)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Jeffrey Thomas
Teleplay by: Robert Bielak and John Schulian
Story By: Robet Tapert, Robert Bielak, and John Schulian
Directed By: Robert Tapert

Iolaus arrives in Argo and walks into a building and picks a fight. A bug guy comes over and they have a stare down. Then they laugh and clasp hands. It is a 10 year reunion of the Argonauts. Archivus asks about Iolaus' broken arm. They view the Golden Fleece. The other Argonauts are not thrilled about the mention of Jason.

Iolaus is introduced to Phoebe, daughter of Mycenus the lookout. She's all grown up now. Her father was killed and there was nothing to prove that it wasn't an accident.

Falafel tries to sell Hercules a souvenier with real hairs from the Golden Fleece or a replica of the Argos or a Hercules doll. Hercules continues on and happens upon a group of men mugging another man after beating them up Hercules discovers that the victim is none other than Jason who is having drunken hallucinations.

Hercules carries him to the party. He doesn't want to be there. Two other Argonauts try to get him out of sight before the chief regent sees him. Marcus handles the day to day affairs of the kingdom of Argos. He tells the Argonauts that if they cannot control Jason's public drunken fits then his days as king will be numbered.

The Argonauts tell Hercules that Jason started drinking ever since he'd be plagued with nightmares. Especially since Medea killed his mistress who one of the other Argonauts was in love with and Jason's children.

Jason sees the party through a drunken stupor. Jason's been seeing demons. He sees one in the room. He asks Domesticles if he saw it. He didn't. Jason tells him that he saw one in the alley as well. Hercules says it was him in the alley and that they should talk.

Jason wants a drink first and goes to get it. A man jumps out of the barrel and a couple more men show up and attack Jason and others. Hercules stops them and they fight the rest. He pulls Jason to his feet as the fleece is stolen.

Marcus belittles the Argonauts for losing the fleece. Hercules tells him that they will get it back. Iolaus and others arrive and report that they tracked them to the harbor and they are heading east. Hercules assumes that the Argo is still seaworthy and they leave. They are chasing the bloodeyes, a cult. Jason says they are led by a demon. Hercules and Iolaus are proud to go with Jason but the others want Hercules to lead them. They think that Jason is not capable of it. Iolaus agrees and Hercules finally accepts leadership but he insists that Jason navigate the Argo.

Hera's priestess gives Marcus a bag which contains "insurance" in case any of the Argonauts survive the trip.

The Argonauts set sail. Iolaus asks Hercules if he thinks Jason is up to it. Hercules says he is a hero and he won't think otherwise until he sees it himself. They see the ship on the horizon. Iolaus wonders how many are aboard it. Phoebe takes a look and says that there are 20 black clad warriors wearing the red peacock eye. 9 in the bow and 11 in the stern and one of them has a bad leg. She also says that there might be more below deck because the ship's running low in the water. She made up the part about the bad leg.

Hercules breaks up a fight below decks. Otis doesn't like Ardemis saying things about Jason. Hercules asks him what his problem is. He is still holding a grudge against Jason for his love's death. The others tell him he has to let it go Jason didn't kill Glous, Medea did. The others tell Hercules that Jason is a mess. Hercules is appalled, they used to be a team.

Hercules helps out on deck and moves to speak with Jason. Jason wonders if he is disappointed in him. Hercules points out that he knows what Jason is going through. Jason is tired of talking about his problems and makes Hercules promise to take the fleece back to Argos. Jason isn't planning on coming back. He brought about the death of his family and he feels that the gods have sent this demon to punish him and it will only be a matter of time until it gets him. So if he can recapture the fleece then perhaps his people will still think kindly upon him.

There is a commotion below decks. They find Otis with a broken neck. Iolaus and Hercules think that Ardemis did it.

Phoebe sights land. Hercules tells Jason that Otis is dead, he slipped on the steps. Archivus records the death. Iolaus asks Hercules if he slipped and Hercules replies that he was killed but until they figure out by whom they don't need everyone looking over their shoulders.

They lower anchor and go ashore. They take out a few of the warriors as they sneak through the forest in small groups. They attack. Hercules realizes that the warriors are trying to split them up and they are falling for it. Another Argonaut falls to the murderer.

Jason sees the demon and chases it. Jason fights his demon. Jason is losing the fight. Hercules arrives to stop him just as he is about to deliver the final blow. The demon flees.

They return to find that they were all ambushed and another of them is dead. Ardemis points the finger at Jason again. He thinks that Jason is going to get them all killed. Jason thinks he may be right. Hercules pursues him and finds Jason with another bottle. He tells Jason that his demon is flesh and blood and the gods have nothing to do with it. Jason is haunting himself.

The group is on the move again. They follow the warriors with the fleece to a volcano. Iolaus doesn't like volcanoes. Jason says it's his responsibility and he will go alone. Hercules tells him that they are the Argonauts, they came her together and they will finish it together.

They all go into the volcano. They all see the demon. He is Castor, one of their own. He feels that they stole the honor that should have been his. Phoebe realizes that Castor killed her father. Castor admits it. He killed him because he found out about his plan. To drive Jason insane and then bring the fleece back himself.

They are surrounded by the warriors as he flees through another exit. Jason starts across the crevice stepping on stalagmites. The volcano is about to erupt. Jason makes it to the other side where Castor has fallen from the edge. Jason takes the fleece and there is a scuffle and Jason ends up hanging and again Castor has the fleece. He flees with it. Hercules holds open the door while the others run through and the volcano erupts.

Ardemis asks Jason why he saved him on the way out. Jason replies that he is an Argonaut and he'd have done the same for him if the situation had been reversed. They realize that they have probably lost the fleece beneath the lava but that they have their captain back. Jason is not so sure the rest of his people will be so forgiving. They return to the Argo and Argos

Marcus says he has no choice but to strip Jason of his crown since he lost the fleece. Marcus reveals the future king of Argos who returned with the fleece. Castor steps out and claims the throne. Marcus asks Jason to abdicate. He agrees that he will abdicate if he fights Castor hand to hand and loses. Castor agrees. Marcus says that it is Hera's will that they all die and he throws the contents of the bag into the fire. Several skeleton warriors jump out and the fight is on. Castor punches out Marcus he wanted to fight Jason himself.

Jason and Castor fight. Jason kills him with his sword. Marcus is killed by one of the bones that he tried to throw into the fire to make more skeletons. When Jason leaps over the fire and deflects it back at him. They finally destroy all the skeletons.

Archivus writes the story and this time Iolaus makes sure he gets in the story. Ardemis suggests that Phoebe be made an official member of the Argonauts. Hercules agrees and she accepts in hopes that she will honor the memory of her father. Hercules tells her that she already has.

Hercules finds Jason outside. Jason was thinking of his children. Hercules tells him that when he was in that position that he had to find something to do with his life that would make his wife and children proud of him. Jason decides that he has to be a good king to his people. They go back inside and Jason offers a toast to Hercules. Hercules toasts Jason because he has always been his hero.

Disclaimer: We gratefully acknowledge the lifelong inspiration Ray Harryhausen has provided on our journey through Filmland.

Heedless Hearts

(Feb 4, 1996)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Audie England, Bruce Hopkins, Michael Heir-Morrissey
Written By: Robert Bielak
Directed By: Peter Ellis

Hercules and Iolaus have just finished slaying a monster and saving a village. Iolaus suggests that they should have built a shrine to them. Lightning strikes a tree nearby and Hercules tells Iolaus that he should watch him mouth. Iolaus doesn't think that it was the gods so he tempts fate and stands near the tree and repeats his shrine comment. He promptly gets hit by lightning. Hercules catches him. He's a little stiff and Hercules hauls him into a cave as it starts raining.

Iolaus comes to with a start feeling energized. He knows that the storm will end in a couple of minutes and that they'd make Colchise by sundown if it weren't for those other distractions. Hercules is confused. Iolaus says a pretty girl on a horse is going to bring Hercules a lot of trouble. It stops raining and Iolaus sees a big, big flying thing with windows and people in side and big buildings. Hercules tells him that he is babbling. Then the girl comes riding up on a horse.

She gets off and tells them that she is looking for Hercules. Hercules is attracted to her.

Her name is Reanna. Iolaus offers to cool off her horse to give her some time with Hercules. Iolaus even knows the horse's name. She explains that Her village is under King Melkos' rule. He rules for his own benefit not the kingdoms. His latest proclamation is that he shall have wedding night privledges with the bride from now on. Hercules thought that those were rumors.

Reanna continues to tell him that she and her late husband led a revolt and that he was killed in an ambush a month ago and since then the people willing to help have grown fewer. She wants Hercules and Iolaus to help overthrow Melkos. Hercules agrees that they will do what they can.

As they journey toward her village they see a group of the villagers moving toward them. They look as if they are leaving permanently. Reanna goes to greet them. Iolaus tells Hercules that they will be attacked in a few moments.

Reanna says that they are refuges from her village. They don't want to live under this tyranny anymore. The king's men arrive and tell them to return to their homes. Hercules tells the soldiers that these people have a right to leave if they choose and a fight breaks out. Reanna can certainly handle herself. The soldiers are sent on their way.

Clarion tells Reanna that he will stay with her to fight but he is sending his family with the others. They arrive in the tavern. Iolaus tells Hercules to stay alert just before Reanna trips and falls into his arms. The attraction is mutual. She introduces them to the innkeeper who will give them food and a place to stay. He tells them that this is the third Hercules to arrive this week. Reanna says that she will send someone to get them before the meeting tonight.

The soldier tells Melkos that they couldn't turn back the refugees because of a couple of strangers. Melkos isn't concerned about it. He orders them to bring in the girl.

Iolaus and Hercules prepare to bed down in the barn. Hercules spreads a blanket over his some hay. Iolaus tells him that he will lose a lot of money. Hercules finally figures out that Iolaus is seeing the future. Iolaus says that sometimes he sees the visions clearly and sometimes they are so fast he can't see them or understand them. Hercules lies down and Iolaus lies down beside the hay loft. Iolaus has another vision and tells Hercules that he should move over because he is in the cow's favorite spot.

Hercules and Iolaus attend the meeting of Reanna and her followers. They plan to steal a shipment of the King's gold while most of the kings' soldiers are off fighting a rebellion in another community. Defeating the king's soldiers and taking his gold will build their reputation.

They put their plan into action only instead of gold they find rocks. The real soldiers arrive and Hercules and Iolaus hold them off long enough for everyone else to get away.

Reanna realizes that they have been set up and there is a traitor among them. A man runs in and tells them that a man's body has been dumped in the village square. He didn't talk under torture and he dies in his wife's arms. The wife blames Reanna. The man was Norsis, Reanna's brother. She runs and Hercules follows. She doesn't want her people to suffer anymore. Hercules convinces her that she must go on. They nearly kiss but she pulls away.

Melkos is not pleased that his men have killed the spy. They could have used him to send the rebels false information. He is about to have the soldier punished when the man tells him that they still have access to the rebels. One of his men is spending time with one of the rebels.

The innkeeper brings Hercules and Iolaus a couple of drinks on the house. Iolaus moves them to another table just as a barrel falls on the table they were sitting at.

Hercules sees Reanna and chases after her. She thinks that the kiss that almost happened is wrong. Hercules tells her that the timing may be wrong but the feeling Isn't. She's just confused right now. Hercules tells her that whatever they have can wait. They nearly kiss again and are interrupted.

Iolaus didn't want to tell Hercules but he's not good at hiding his feelings. He tells Hercules that Reanna will betray him. Hercules doesn't believe him. Iolaus wants him to be careful he also saw the death of a warrior. He believe that it was Hercules.

Reanna holds another meeting. They want to hold another raid to show the king that they mean business. The king's soldiers burst in and try to arrest them. There's a fight. A soldier holds a knife to Reanna's throat and they have to stop. Reanna's sister-in-law is the one who betrayed them. They are all taken to cells.

Melkos is happy about it, especially about Hercules. They will hold a trial and then execute them. He thinks no one will rise up against them after he executes the son of Zeus.

Reanna is sorry that she got them into this. Hercules points out that they volunteered. Iolaus has another vision, about the prison in Thessaly. Hercules just opens his door and walk out. The guard tries to make him back into the cell. Hercules bashes him and lets the others out.

They run into a little resistance on the way out but it's nothing they can't handle. Hercules throws a rope across the moat. Iolaus and Reanna slide to safety using Iolaus' belt. The others leave via the main gate. Hercules takes out the last few and then jumps. He lands in the thick shrubs and they run for it.

Reanna knows a farmhouse nearby where they will be safe but they receive a cool welcome until they enter the house and find Reanna's husband, Jordis, alive and convalescing there.

Jordis didn't want them telling Reanna he was alive until he knew he was going to live. He didn't want her grieving twice. Hercules leaves them to talk.

Iolaus consoles Hercules over Reanna.

Melkos sends the captain with the soldiers to wipe out the rebels and destroy their homes. They find no one.

The rebels are on the move again. The castle has been left only lightly guarded and they enter without a lot of resistance. Melkos asks for his sword as the rebels fight in the courtyard. Hercules enters the castle. Iolaus is overpowered and thrown against a wall, hitting his head and wakes not remembering what's happened since the lightning strike.

Hercules meets Melkos at his secret passage. Melkos surrenders.

Reanna speaks privately with Hercules. She doesn't want him to go. Hercules thanks her for showing him that he can love again. She kisses him on the cheek and goes back to her husband.

Hercules and Iolaus leave. Iolaus can't see the future anymore since he took the hit to the head.

Let the Games Begin

(Feb 11, 1996)

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Cory Everson, Matthew Humphrey, Paul Glover
Written By: John Schulian
Directed By: Gus Trikonis

Hercules walks into a meadow and finds a sword stuck in the ground. Then, he hears the sounds of battle and follows them. He walks through and breaks up the battle. A young man gets hit in the head with a shield as the rest of the soldiers flee. Hercules waits for the young man to come to. Hercules gives him some water and helps him to get back to Pontus. His name is Damon.

They arrive in Pontus and Damon still has a king-sized Spartan chip on his shoulder. He doesn't believe that his companion really is Hercules. They arrive at his house. His aunt should be home. Damon's injury is making him dizzy and Hercules has him stay outside while he finds his aunt.

Hercues goes inside and is attacked by Atalanta who lifts him off the floor. She is Damon's Aunt.

Atalanta puts Damon to bed after verifying that the guy is the real Hercules. She and Hercules walk out to the garden and she explains that she came here after Damon's mother died and her older brother died. Damon thinks that his Aunt leads a dull existence. She is afraid that Damon will end up dead like her brother who died in the war. She thinks someone should stop this war and there has to be a better way than fighting.

The Enemy General, Tarkon, wants to know who ran first from Hercules. He kills both the man who ran and the man who told. Tarkon tells them that they must live for Ares and that Ares was angered that they had ran from the field.

Hercules breaks up a fight in the market. He takes a walk and finds a couple of boys who prove one is better than the other by having a foot race. It gives him an idea.

Hercules explains that they could have games to determine the best warriors. Damon is not sure that he wants to listen to it. Atalanta thinks that he's afraid to be tested physically.

They decide that he should arm wrestle Atalanta. He thinks it's silly, no woman could beat a Spartan. Atalanta sheds her chiton and Damon's eyes nearly fall out at what's wearing the leathers underneath. She tells him that if she wins he's going to stop acting trying to get killed in battle and he's going to compete in the games.

They wrestle and she wins, of course. She takes Hercules out to where they could have the games. Atalanta doesn't like the man they have to see. His name is Sirosus and he's really Salmoneus.

Salmoneus is hiding here under an assumed name. Hercules explains that he is a traveling salesman and he's very distracted by Atalanta. He is afraid of a group of guys that couldn't find the pea in the shell game. So, Salmoneus is hiding on his brother-in-law's estate. Salmoneus shows them a beautiful field. Hercules explains that it will be a non profit event.

Salmoneus invents the name the Olympics. Hercules likes it and goes to see what the Spartans and Ileans think of it.

Hercules suggests it to the Spartan leader who agrees, Then, Hercules heads for Tarkon.

Salmoneus thinks that the Olympics need prizes. Atalanta tells him that trinkets don't impress her. She'd be happy with a wreath of olive leaves.

Hercules ends up netting the soldiers because they don't believe he just wants to talk. Tarkon offers 100 dinars to the man who can bring him Hercules' head. They fight. Hercules defeats them all then invites Tarkon to the Olympics in Pontus, tomorrow at noon and he leaves adding a final dig about them being afraid of a little athletic competition.

Salmoneus makes an olive wreath and Atalanta approves. She invites him on a little outing with Damon and a few friends. They go to the field and put up tents. Salmoneus helps or tries to.

Hercules tells her that they will all be here. Hercules helps her finish setting up.

Tarkon goes to Ares' temple and asks for assistance. They all drink from the pool at the alter and turn into Mesomorphs. Tarkon vows that the birth of the Olympics will be the death of Hercules.

Salmoneus' shell game victims catch up to him and Atalanta saves him. The guy says that Salmoneus cheated them and Atalanta makes Salmoneus give their money back.

Hercules makes a bed for himself in Atalanta's barn and she tries to *talk* him into spending the night with her. Salmoneus sees her trying to seduce him through the barn window. Hercules finds the strength to politely send her away but he thinks he was crazy.

Salmoneus is depressed now because women don't want him. On his walk Salmoneus runs into one of the Mesomorphs.

The next day the games begin. Hercules thinks they need a symbol for the games. Falafel is selling hot dogs. They pass. Salmoneus is more interested in Falafel's torch. Hercules introduces the game and Salmoneus brings the torch and they let the games begin.

Atalanta wins the Javelin.

Brontus, the Ilean champion is being won over in the spirit of the games. Everyone seems to be getting along well. Tarkon is disturbed by it.

They proceed with the foot race. The wagon with the Mesomprohs arrives and stops the race. A fight breaks out not just between the Mesomorphs but between the competitors who think that they have betrayed each other.

Brontus apologizes for hitting Damon when his head was turned in the battle Hercules broke up. Damon accepts and they continue fighting together.

Salmoneus throws Hercules the torch and he burns the wagon the Mesomorphs arrived in and it explodes. The Mesomorphs spontaneously combust.

They continue with the games. Atalanta plants a big one on Hercules and then another on Salmoneus' forehead before proceeding back to the starting line for the foot race.

Disclaimer: the nuclear blast that destroyed the fiendish Mesomorphs was purely trick photography. the Mesomorphs are alive and well and living in Poughkeepsie.

The Apple

(Feb 18, 1996)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Claire Yarlett, Alexandra Tydings, Jonathan Blick
Written By: Steven Baum
Directed By: Kevin Sorbo

Hercules and Iolaus are spending the morning on the beach. Iolaus invents surfing while Hercules naps. They are here to attend a wedding between the children of two rival kingdoms. Iolaus remains on the beach to fish while Hercules goes on to lunch with King Sidon. They hope this marriage will being peace between Syros and Delos

Hercules arrives at the castle and is greeted by King Sidon and later by King Diadorus. The two kings are still bickering but are making an attempt to get along for their children, Thera and Epius. Each kingdom has a different patron goddess, one Artemis and the other Athena.

Iolaus is not catching anything while the guy next to him has a whole pile. Finally, Iolaus snags something that turns out to be a giant clam shell. Aphrodite opens the shell and windsurfs ashore.

Aphrodite is joined by Athena and Artemis. They are having a beauty contest and want Iolaus to be the judge. They agree to leave the judge alone until they are ready in a hour.

Artemis shows up and offers Iolaus the chance to become the greatest warrior who ever lived. Iolaus imagines rescuing Hercules.

Then, Athena shows up and offers Iolaus the chance to become the wisest man who ever lived. Iolaus imagines teaching Plato and Socrates.

Thera doesn't want any secrets between her and Epius and she tells him that her father is building them a house in Syros but if he wants to live in Delos that would be fine too.

Then, Aphrodite shows up and offers him a golden apple that will make any woman he chooses fall in love with him by holding it close to his heart and if they both touch the apple at the same time, They will be soul mates forever.

Aphrodite wins. Iolaus wants her but she tells him it will only work on mortals and he can't tell anyone about it, if he does no woman would ever want him again.

Iolaus sees Thera by the shore and hasn't been introduced to her yet, so he doesn't know she is the bride and uses the apple on her.

Thera is not at the rehearsal and Hercules goes to look for her before hostilities break out. He find her with her hands all over Iolaus. Hercules heads them somewhere else and takes Iolaus aside. Iolaus explains that he didn't think it would work like this.

Thera wants Hercules to tell Epius that she can't marry him because she loves Iolaus. They hear the others calling her. Hercules sends Iolaus to go find Aphrodite (She likes the way the waves break at the point) and get her to break the spell. Hercules picks up Thera and carries her. He tells the others that she fell down in a ditch and bumped her head. Epius tells her that it's ok if she wants to live on Syros as long as they are happy.

Iolaus finds Aphrodite and tells her it's a mistake. She tells him it's not her problem. She tells him the spell is broken and no problem. He offers to give her the apple back and she tells him to keep it. It is solid gold.

Iolaus shows up at the reception. Thera seems fine until she sees Iolaus. She immediately proclaims her love for him out loud. Hercules tells him to go and take Thera with him. Aphrodite lied. The two kings order Iolaus captured. Hercules delays the pursuers. The two kings cause a food fight. Hercules orders them to stop and tries to explain. Epius says it's his problem and if they want to go to war they won't use Thera as an excuse.

Hercules goes to Epius and explains that it wasn't her fault. It is the work of the gods. Epius' pride is hurt. He explains that Aphrodite cast a spell on Iolaus and Thera just happened to be there.

Hercules goes to get Thera. Iolaus has her tied up in a cave to keep her hands off him. Iolaus shows her the apple and tells her that that is all that made her love him. Hercules overhears and wants to know why he didn't say anything about the apple. Hercules takes the apple and leaves.

He finds Aphrodite naked on the beach. She puts on clothes barely. She sees the apple. Hercules wants to know what was in the beauty contest for her. Hercules thinks that she has something to gain by keeping the war going between Syros and Delos. He knows she's smarter than she pretends to be. He thinks that she wants the two kingdoms to destroy each other and then she can have all the shrines rebuilt in her honor which won't happen as long as Thera and Epius love each other.

Hercules wants her to undo the spell and he destroys the apple to be sure. He leaves thinking that it has been handled but Aphrodite has more apples...

The next morning Thera seems better. Iolaus apologizes for getting her into this. Hercules sees them hugging and is relieved to find out that's all it was. They return to the others. Both kings are plotting against each other. Thera apologizes and Epius gives her back.

An old woman (Aphrodite) trips with a bowl of fruit and gives Iolaus the apple. Thera declares her love for Iolaus again and war is declared.

They run again and this time they end up taking Epius with them and jumping off the balcony. Hercules picks up the apple first and brings it along. The two kings and their soldiers arrive. Hercules sends Epius and Thera into a cave. The two groups face each other. Hercules tries to get them to talk. They refuse.

Disclaimer: No extremely oversize clam shell wind-surfing apparatuses housing goddesses of love were harmed during the production of this motion picture.


(Mar 3, 1996)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Marton Csokas, Josephine Davison, Joel Tobeck
Written By: Michael Marks
Directed By: Stewart Main

Iolaus and Hercules are on their way to Zebron for a wedding. Prince Boreas is getting married and Iolaus hopes there will be dancing girls. Another man lives there, Tarlas, seems that he did something that Iolaus will never forgive him for.

They meet Falafel whose set up a walk through dining establishment. Iolaus decides that he's starved. Hercules knows better than to eat the food. Iolaus seems to like it.

The bride to be, Rumina, is not thrilled with all the pampering and prefers to take her own bath. A group of soldiers break into the bath area and take Rumina from the castle.

Hercules and Iolaus arrive. Iolaus' lunch is not setting well. They stop to look at a picture of King Pelos, Boreas' father when Boreas arrives in battle dress and explains that Rumina has been captured by Tarlas, the local bully. Boreas vows to kill him.

Hercules doesn't think that this is Tarlas' style. Boreas says that he has changed. Hercules convinces Boreas to let him and Iolaus go after Rumina and to leave the army at home. Hercules promises to bring Rumina back even though Tarlas is his friend. They would only make it worse in the hills where Tarlas has taken Rumina.

Iolaus and Hercules go after Tarlas. Iolaus is still not thrilled at the prospect. He explains that in battle he was fighting back to back with Tarlas when suddenly Tarlas had abandoned him, leaving Iolaus to fend for himself.

They set up an ambush by moving a rock to the edge of a cliff. Iolaus masquerades as an old woman who King Boreas has sent to claim the girl. Tarlas steps out behind him and asks for the money. Iolaus is revealed and Tarlas shouts a warning to his men about Hercules but it's too late Hercules is already fighting them. Hercules runs off with the girl. Iolaus heads out as well in the opposite direction. Tarlas follows Iolaus thinking that he will lead them to Hercules.

Iolaus is seen running into the canyon where Hercules is ready with the rock which they drop on them causing an avalanche. They head back but Rumina seems reluctant to leave.

Boreas is informed that the scouts have lost their trail. He is angered.

Hercules, Iolaus and Rumina stop to rest at a spring. Rumina want to take a bath while Hercules is scouting. She offers to go round the bend if she's making Iolaus nervous. She is.

He follows her telling her that he should stand guard because this primort country. She informs him that she's been out here for days and hasn't seen anything and if she does, she'll scream and suggests that Iolaus take a bath as well.

Hercules returns to find Iolaus singing and dancing while taking his fully clothed bath. Evidently his pits didn't pass the smell test. Hercules has found a trail and sends Iolaus to check on Rumina. He is concerned that he might smell and almost asks Hercules about it but doesn't.

They can't find Rumina. Hercules finds a piece of her dress. They go looking for her. Hercules wonders if the primorts have taken her instead of Tarlas. Iolaus finds another piece of her dress. Hercules wonders why Iolaus didn't hear her scream.

The primorts attack them. They fight them off and help the poor man whose sheep they were stealing.

Boreas is informed that the new scouts have still not succeeded. He orders the rest of his troops readied. He is going after Rumina himself. He plans on handling it his way.

They help the man back to town. They enter a tavern where Iolaus is distracted by the dancing girl. Before they leave the man tells them that he heard they were looking for Tarlas. He knows where Tarlas' camp is and tells them how to reach it. After Hercules and Iolaus leave the man splits the money with the innkeeper. Hercules and Iolaus were not fooled. Hercules has seen Tarlas do this before. He went to a lot of trouble to send them in the wrong direction.

Hercules and Iolaus follow Tarlas' man back to Tarlas' camp. AS they watch Tarlas brings Rumina flowers. They are obviously a couple. Hercules and Iolaus sneak closer.

Tarlas gives Rumina a white veil that belonged to his mother. They plan to marry. He wants to give her more but she's happy with things the way they are. He is not happy about being forced to live the life of a fugitive.

Hercules wants to talk to Tarlas but he promised Boreas that he would bring Rumina back no matter what and his word is always good. They run in and Rumina yells that she is not going back. Iolaus grabs her and carries her out while she's yelling at the top of her lungs and Hercules runs interference. Hercules blocks the gate and then sets the hay wagon on fire.

In the woods Iolaus finally puts her down. Hercules informs her that she is coming with them. She tells them that she only agreed to marry Boreas because he threatened to burn her home village. She tells them that Boreas' is a liar. Hercules promises to talk to Boreas and that nothing will happen to her village. She doesn't believe that. The kidnapping was the only way Tarlas could get her away without making things worse.

The primorts attack them and again they defend themselves. Rumina tries to get away and they catch her. She tells them that the primorts are not monsters. Tarlas respects them and so the primorts respect him. They continue on.

Tarlas and his men follow. They have to stop to rest a moment.

Boreas tries to interrogate a primort. None of them will betray Tarlas. so, he has them killed.

Tarlas is appalled by it and knows Boreas did it. His scout also tells him the Hercules has doubled back.

Hercules scouts ahead while Iolaus stays with Rumina. Iolaus is hit in the head with a log.

Hercules finds Iolaus as he comes to. Rumina is gone. They are attacked by Tarlas' men. Hercules comes face to face with Tarlas and they call a halt to the fighting.

Boreas has Rumina.

Tarlas explains that King Pelos taught his son to rule but not to handle power. Tarlas has been wanting to talk to Iolaus for a long time. Leaving that battle was the hardest thing he ever had to do. He can't tell Iolaus why he left because of a vow. He made a promise. Iolaus can't forgive him for leaving him. Tarlas didn't expect forgiveness. Hercules promises to talk to him.

Boreas orders that the wedding will be at daybreak. Rumina says that he can make her marry him but she will never be his wife. Boreas orders extra guards.

At dawn Rumina is brought out and the wedding is begun. She says no instead of yes during the ceremony. Hercules interrupts and objects to the marriage. Hercules takes her away from him. A fight breaks out. Tarlas and Iolaus join in the fight as well. Boreas holds a knife to her throat and takes her into the castle.

Hercules gives chase while the battle continues with Iolaus and Tarlas back to back. Iolaus accepts him being there.

Hercules confronts Boreas. Boreas plans to kill Rumina if he can't have her. She gets away from him. Hercules shoves a table at him. Boreas is impaled by a spike in the wall as Iolaus and Tarlas arrive. Hercules apologizes. Boreas admits he may not have been meant to be a king.

When Boreas dies it releases Tarlas from his promise. At the battle of Paltros Tarlas saw his king begging for the lives of his wife and son he had to leave Iolaus' side and save him. Boreas knew that his father had shown weakness in begging. Iolaus forgives him.

Tarlas marries Rumina.

King For A Day

(Mar 17, 1996)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Lisa Ann Hadley, Will Kempe,
Written By: Patricia Manney
Directed By: Anson Williams

Hercules and Iolaus are planning a vacation but they are chased by a man who has a daughter that is obsessed about Hercules. He begs Hercules to come and talk to her. The man objects to Iolaus coming along. So Hercules suggests that Iolaus go visit his relatives in Attica. They will meet back at that spot in a week.

Iolaus arrives in Attica and stops a man to ask where the town hall is so he can look up his relatives and the man is dumbfounded. So, Iolaus decides to go hunting instead.

He takes his pointed stick and approaches some deer when an arrow nearly hits him. Iolaus confronts the man responsible and finds himself looking at a man who is identical to himself.

Iolaus and Orestes decide over a drink that they are cousins thanks to Iolaus' Great Grandmother Althea who had a fondness for Attica and Orestes Great Grandfather King Agoraphobius who was known for sleeping around. Orestes is a Prince and is about to inherit the throne. Orestes is a womanizer and drinks considerably. Hector is responsible for seeing to it that tomorrow's coronation is perfect.

Orestes assures him that he won't disappoint Hector or Niobe who is his bethrothed. Iolaus thinks that Orestes should show his future bride a little respect. Hector reminds him that his brother Prince Menaus would do anything to prevent the coronation from taking place. Orestes is not concerned and Hector orders the girls to leave and sends everyone away. Orestes is obviously not thrilled about his impending bride. Iolaus goes to bed.

Orestes drinks more wine and then gags and collapses to the floor, unconscious.

General Archias is informed that Orestes will not be attending the coronation as his wine has been drugged. Prince Menaus arrives and Archias informs him how easy it would be to put him on the throne. Menaus likes what he hears. Archias tells him that he has already set the wheels in motion.

Iolaus examines the wine glass and determines that Orestes has been given a sleeping potion. They can't postpone the coronation. Hector thinks that Iolaus should take his place. Iolaus is not thrilled about it. Hector informs him that if he doesn't take Orestes place that Archias will have them all executed by sundown. Iolaus ultimately agrees. Hector hands Iolaus the ring from Orestes' hand.

Hector and Linus tutor Iolaus in what he has to do. If he makes a mistake during the coronation Zeus has decreed that he be beheaded.

The coronation begins and Iolaus presents himself and promptly trips on his robe. Hector helps him up. Iolaus continues and says his lines perfectly with a little help from Linus' cue cards. He is crowned King and then Niobe is brought in and they are married. They wave to their subjects while Niobe informs him that she is here because it's her duty and that is all. She can't stand him but he's better than his brother who she really hates.

Hector and Iolaus go to see Orestes and find that Archias has taken Orestes. Hector expects Iolaus to stay where he is and continue pretending to be the king until they can rescue Orestes.

Menaus only wanted Archias to delay Orestes so that he could claim the throne. He didn't want his brother rotting in the dungeon. Now, Archias plans to kill the imposter, bury him in a state funeral, crown Menaus, and then he will take care of Orestes. Menaus doesn't agree. Orestes is his responsibility. Archias sends Pylon to take a message to Iolaus.

Iolaus finds Niobe practicing her archery. He asks what he had done her to to deserve this treatment. She reminds him of his bad mouthing her, drinking, the women and that if she wasn't saving Attica from rebellion, she wouldn't be there.

Iolaus takes the bow and splits her arrow in the center of the target. She is amazed and he informs her that sometimes what she has heard has been exaggerated. He wants her to get to know the real him.

Hector interrupts them. Iolaus thinks that they should go get Orestes even though they know it's a trap for him. He doesn't want to be king forever.

Iolaus approaches a cloaked man, Menaus, and they are attacked. Menaus assures Iolaus that Orestes is still alive. He won't kill his own brother but he will kill his imposter. They join in the fight and defeat Archias men.

Archias and Pylon discuss that they can't kill Orestes outright, it would upset Menaus but that he could die of a long illness. Menaus overhears it.

Hector walks Iolaus to the throne room where he is to make legal judgements on behalf of Orestes. Iolaus would rather be rescuing Orestes but he does well making decisions and mediating arguments and his wisdom impresses Niobe. Especially when he hears that Menaus and Archias have been brutal about collecting the taxes.

Niobe asks him to go walking with her. She is changing her mind about him.

Menaus asks Orestes to give up the throne and let him rule. Suddenly, Orestes cares about being king and refuses. Menaus is angry. Archias pours more poison down Orestes throat.

Niobe shares a few ideas about how he could help the people. She wants to give everyone rights. He agrees. They kiss. Iolaus is falling for his cousin's wife...

Menaus sneaks into the royal chambers and Iolaus grabs him. Menaus tells him about Orestes being poisoned. Niobe overhears from the doorway.

Hector and Iolaus and the troops head to where Orestes is being held. Iolaus scales and walls and when he can't climb the side, Niobe shoots arrows for him to step on.

Iolaus barges in and takes out the guards in the dungeon. Orestes weakly follows him. Archias and Iolaus fight. Iolaus cuts the rope and drops the drawbridge and Hector's men rush in along with Niobe and join in the fight. Even Orestes takes on a few of them with his brother who is stabbed. Orestes holds his brother as he dies. They are reconciled in the end.

Niobe sees the real Orestes just before he punches a guy about to hurt Niobe and collapses. She kneels by him as Iolaus finally takes out Archias when the chandelier falls on him Iolaus orders the rest of them to drop their weapons and take Orestes to the palace healer.

He approaches Niobe who realizes that he is not Orestes.

Hector and Linus thank Iolaus for his help and Iolaus goes in to see Orestes and Niobe in the throne room. Orestes thanks him for healing their kingdom and for teaching him the value of family. Orestes hopes that his can rule with the wisdom that Iolaus displayed. Iolaus has to go. Orestes asks Niobe to see him off.

She walks him to the city gates. They are both uncomfortable as they admit their love for each other. He leaves.

Iolaus waits for Hercules at the crossroads. Hercules runs in and is ready to leave. The obsessed girl is chasing him and leaps on him. Hercules can't control her. Iolaus uses his royal voice and tells her to leave and seek a man whose love equals hers. She leaves. Hercules is amazed.

Disclaimer: No slightly soused Kings-to-be who finally pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and realized the true meaning of leadership were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Protean Challenge

(Apr 21, 1996)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Ashley Laurence, Paul Gittins
Written By: Brian Herskowitz
Directed By: Oley Sassone

Hercules and Iolaus dig a ditch so the run off won't flood the valley when it rains. They are doing it for a farmer, Thanas who is a sculptor. He's waiting for the rock to tell him what it wants to be. Iolaus goes into Bolas with him and helps load the wagon. He sees Thanas rob a man and run off. Then, Thanas came walking back from the other direction oblivious to what's happened. Thanas proclaims his innocence but even Iolaus saw him do it.

They plan to stone him and Iolaus tries to talk the villagers out of it. Just as the first stone is thrown Hercules catches it.

Hercules and Iolaus take Thanas to the Magistrate who intends to chop off his hands to make a statement to the people about all the petty crime in the community. They talk him into delaying his sentence for one day.

Thanas has no alibi, the fabric merchant wasn't there when he went to see him. Iolaus goes back to the farm to tell Thanas' daughter, Daniella what's happened while Hercules goes to talk to the merchant, Trelos, who was robbed.

Trelos agrees that it makes no sense for Trelos to rob him but he saw him do it.

Iolaus finds Daniella taking a bath. He hands her dress to her and admits that he's crazy about her. He tells her about her father and that he saw it. She says it wasn't her father.

A seer offers to tell Hercules' future and tells him to leave that there is nothing there for him but misery and that tragedy is in the air. Then, she disappears.

Iolaus asks Daniella to tell him about the local crimes. She wants to talk to Hercules. He tells her about the 24 hour reprieve. They look at the statue that her father made for the village. Hercules calls Iolaus and tells him that they have trouble.

Daniella goes to see her father. She says that it's all her fault and that there is so much she wants to tell him. Another man comes and says he knows that he didn't commit the crimes. This man has volunteered to carry out the sentence.

Iolaus has lost Hercules in the crowd. Hercules finds Daniella and tells her that Iolaus asked him to look after her. She tells Hercules that he is in danger. He holds her hand and tells her that he is a god and she has nothing to worry about. He gives her his word that her father will be fine. He kisses her. Iolaus sees and walks away.

Iolaus goes to the tavern and throws his knife. Hercules comes in and tells Iolaus he's been looking for him. Iolaus is mad and Hercules doesn't understand. Iolaus tells him that he saw him kissing Daniella. Hercules denies it. Iolaus leaves and Hercules follows him out. He can't find Iolaus now.

Iolaus is hiding behind some brush and attacks Hercules with his sword. Hercules trips him and they fight. Iolaus pulls a knife and cuts Hercules who grabs him just as the real Iolaus walks up to them. The other Iolaus runs off.

Hercules tends his wound at the tavern. Iolaus realizes that it wasn't the real Hercules kissing Daniella. Hercules tells him it was Proteus, the shape shifting god.

Hercules tells him that he knew Proteus when they were kids and that he made fun of him just like the other gods did because he was funny looking. Until his mother taught him that he should respect everyone regardless of their deformities. Iolaus helps him bandage the cut on his arm.

Daniella knew it was Proteus kissing her because he was cold and it was like kissing a frog. She tells them that she's the reason Proteus is causing all these problems. She chased him away when he was spying on her bathing. Proteus pretended to be a gallant warrior and she was flattered until she saw his real reflection in the water and she ran away. Proteus is punishing the whole village for her rejection.

Hercules goes after Proteus. He ends up chasing a chicken that is Proteus. Hercules finally catches him but he's not Proteus.

Iolaus waits with Daniella. She worried about her father and she admits that she is crazy about Iolaus, too. He promises that whatever happens he'll be by her side.

They bring Thanas out to receive his punishment. The magistrate tells Thanas that he thinks the sculptures are beautiful. Boras doesn't understand, he just wants to carry out the sentence.

Hercules goes to Trelos and tells him that it was Proteus whose angry that he can't get Daniella to fall in love with him. Hercules wants him to get the Magistrate to further delay the sentence.

Daniella arrives and wants to talk to Hercules. She tells him that Iolaus tried to kiss her on the way here and he flew into a rage because she told him that her heart belongs to Hercules. Hercules doesn't buy it. He grabs Proteus before he can stab him with the knife.

Hercules takes Proteus to the square. Iolaus promises her that they will save her father. Proteus becomes Hercules and starts fighting Hercules.

Iolaus asks that Daniella be allowed to speak. She tells them about Proteus and they don't believe her. Iolaus tries to help her explain by pointing out that Proteus could be there among the spectators. The magistrate tells her she has to have proof.

Hercules and Proteus continue to fight. Boras is told to carry out the sentence and Iolaus attacks him and starts a fight with the soldiers. He is quickly overwhelmed and held by them.

Hercules shows Proteus his reflection in a shield and he surrounds Proteus with his own reflection forcing him back into his original form. All he wanted was to love and be loved in return. Hercules tells him he has to be who is is and not someone else. Hercules points out that his looks never stopped them from being friends. Hercules was one of his only friends. Hercules tells him that there is still time to make amends.

Iolaus tells Daniella to faint. It gives Iolaus a diversion to break free and start another fight until they grab him again.

They are about to cut off his hands and Hercules stops the blade. He tells them that he has Proteus as proof and Proteus joins them on the stage. He admits his guilt and they don't believe until he shows them the proof by changing into Thanas and Boras

The magistrate orders Thanas released as well as Daniella and Iolaus.

The people start talking about Proteus and Iolaus defends him. Hercules tells them that it took a lot of courage to tell the truth when Proteus knew that they would laugh at him. They should judge him by his actions and not his looks.

Proteus apologizes for what he's done to Her family and village. He just wanted to win her heart. She thanks him for what he's done today. Hercules tells Proteus that he can go and some day someone will see him for who is truly is. He vanishes into the form of a dove and flies away.

Thanas tells Hercules that he's going to carve a statue of Hercules and he's also found a perfect stone for Iolaus' statue, too.

Disclaimer: No slightly discoloured and Impish Gods who vaguely resemble any candidate in the 1996 Presidential Election were harmed during the production of this motion picture. (H. Ross Perot)

The Wedding of Alcmene

(Apr 28, 1996)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Liddy Holloway, Jeffrey Thomas, Nathaniel Lees, Lisa Chappell
Written By: John Schulian
Directed By: Timothy Bond

A man with a wagon is giving Alcmene a lift. She is on her way to find Hercules. He drops her off and as she walks into town two men leer at her. Another man bursts out the wall of a building and she enters knowing her son is there. A brawl is in full progress. While the fight is ongoing she tells him that she is getting married. He sits her down and finishes the fight. Hercules is so determined to finish it quickly that Iolaus doesn't have anyone left to fight.

Iolaus tries to leave with the innkeeper and Hercules won't let him. Evidently, Hercules wants the moral support. She is marrying Jason.

As they walk, Alcmene explains to an upset Hercules that she's been seeing Jason off and on since he brought her the news of Amphitryon's death. She admits that she should have told him sooner. Iolaus seems pleased about the whole thing.

Jason is informed by his advisors that if he intends to marry a commoner, he must give up the throne and he can not have the wedding in the palace. If he marries her before the next full moon he can name his successor. He has three days before his advisor takes over.

Jason rides out and meets Alcmene and family. He sees that he needs to talk with Hercules but Hercules does not want to talk. He's too upset about it.

Hera's blue priest has returned and meets with Jason's enemies. He has been sent by Hera to arrange Hercules' death.

Alcmene picks out her wedding fabric. She meets Sarah who offers them a place to get married, the gardens on her Uncle's estate.

Iolaus tells Hercules he has to get over this. Hercules has a problem with his mother and his friend getting married. He's upset about not being told. Iolaus points out that Hercules has a few secrets himself.

They walk back into town and into a fight among the Argonauts. Seems someone said something bad about Jason. They are told that Jason is giving up his crown for her. Hercules apologizes. Jason offers him this throne as king of Corinth.

Hercules refuses politely. Jason asks Iolaus to help with the invitations.

The blue priest inspects the disreputable bunch that Petronius gathered to kill Hercules. Once he has the throne he plans on marching into Flagra where Iphicles rules.

Jason sends Iolaus to get his successor. He whispers it to him and Iolaus runs off laughing. He sends the other Argonauts off to gather more friends to share the joy.

Iolaus runs into Falafel's stand where he's selling tacos. Dirce is also there. She's eating a taco. Iolaus tells her not to eat it. Their eyes lock but he doesn't have time for this. He invites her to the wedding. She accepts his offer of a date and they nearly kiss as Falafel decides to make the food for the wedding. She runs off with Iolaus to get the special guest.

Alcmene and Jason like the gardens. Sarah is thrilled to meet Hercules. Hercules offers to help her. Alcmene thinks that Sarah is daughter-in-law material. They are attacked on the return trip to Corinth. Even Alcmene jumps in and beats one up. As Hercules and Jason discover when they momentarily can't find her.

Iolaus and Dirce continue running even though Dirce has to stop and throw up.

Hercules runs into the 50 daughters of King Thespius who have come to the wedding and are still looking for someone to father a few children. Alcmene arrives with news that there is a very strange man in the kitchen. Hercules extricates himself to check it out. He is going to make ambrosia, a salad with marshmallows.

The daughters ask Alcmene about how to bring Hercules out of his shell. He's just too shy around them.

The blue priest summons a sea monster.

Hercules greets Deric who tells him that Lyla and their son are at home. Sarah is reassured that the earlier ambush won't ruin the wedding. Deric thinks that he recognizes Sarah but dismisses it.

Alcmene opens a gift from Salmoneus. His delivery girl said that he was in Athens closing a big deal.

The blue priest, Petronius and Sarah meet at the wedding site. The monster reveals itself.

Falafel serves food at a party. Deric is still watching Sarah. Archivus and Phoebe return with news that Echidna can't come because she's pregnant. Amphyon arrives with Leah, he will perform the ceremony. Hercules is concerned that Iolaus hasn't returned with the new king. Sarah reassures him.

Alcmene and Jason arrive and Sarah and Hercules lead everyone to the wedding site.

The blue priests men are set up as servants until the monster attacks.

The procession arrives at the gardens.

Jason walks up the steps to address the crowd. Just as Iolaus returns with Iphicles and Rena. Iphicles accepts the crown of Corinth from Jason.

Deric remembers where he knows Sarah from and he tells Hercules that Sarah is a spy for Hera. The ceremony begins and the sea monster rises. People run in panic. The servants attack and a fight breaks out. The sea monster eventually swallows Jason. Hercules leaps in after him. The monster heads back to the sea.

Hercules tells Jason he's been inside one of these creatures before, only this one's a lot bigger. Alcmene punches Sarah and sends her flying into the cake.

Another creature is following the monster. Jason swings across the chasm to where Hercules is. The other creature attacks the monster and the two behemoths fight.

The fight continues at the wedding site until all the ruffians are defeated.

Hercules and Jason find the spinal cord. Hercules plans to short circuit it's nervous system.

Iolaus confronts the blue priest who is beating up Iphicles personally. Petronius ends up getting stabbed by one of his own men for his trouble.

Hercules uses Salmoneus' wedding gift (some sort of corn cob skewers) and drives it into the spinal cord.

The Blue Priest asks Hera to protect him as they are losing the battle. He jumps off the ledge as Iolaus, Iphicles and Alcmene arrive. They look to the sea.

Hercules finally ends up severing the monster's spinal cord and it floats to the surface, dead. They emerge from the creature after it washes up on the shore and the wedding continues.

Salmoneus finally arrives after it's all over.

The Power

(May 5, 1996)

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Bruce Phillips, Grant Bridger, David Drew Gallagher, Greer Robson
Written By: Nelson Costello
Directed By: Charlie Haskell

A couple walk on the beach. Dionne is a fisherman who wants to travel and be a hero. She is Cyrene and wants to go with him. They are attacked by a group of ruffians in some sort of sail wagons. Hercules just happens to be on the same beach and they attack him as well. They pelt him with rocks from a big slingshot.

Meanwhile, the others chase the the couple.

Hercules sets it up so that the two vehicles crash together. He hears the girl screaming and goes after them. They are about to cut his throat when he hollers for them to stop and they do. So tells them to release him and they do.

Dionne's Uncle Caras makes money escorting shipments through the bandit country. He is about to gather some men to guard the boy's father's next load of goods.

Hercules and the couple arrive and Dionne informs them that they were attacked by bandits. They tell how the bandits just left. The townspeople are not convinced that Dionne chased the bandits away and so to prove it he tells Salmoneus to dance like a chicken and he does. Hercules throws water on him.

Dionne is at a loss to explain how he did it.

Caras asks Jekobus, Dionne's father, if what he told him years ago is true and that the boy doesn't know? Jekobus nods yes.

Hercules and Salmoneus go to the tavern for a drink. Salmoneus was paid by the Titus Brothers, the richest farmers in the district, to come here. Jekobus invites Hercules to stay with them. He accepts and Salmoneus inquires if there are any other rooms.

Hercules and Jekobus walk and talk about Caras and how Dionne admires him for his travels and exploits. Jekobus explained that he knows where Dionne's power comes from. It has something to do with his mother.

Salmoneus asks at the tavern about the Titus brothers and the place empties out. The brothers arrive and they reek of manure. They don't have time to wash. They want Salmoneus to be the chief distributor of the Official Titus Family Manure.

The bandits can't explain what happened with the boy. Caras arrives and informs them that they attacked his kin. He knows about Dionne's power and wants to use it to them them. Evidently, Caras is leader of the bandits.

Dionne's father asks him to come in and Hercules reassures him that he is doing the right thing by telling Dionne the truth. Jacobus explains that the story about his mother dying is a lie. He met his real mother on the beach about 20 years ago and they spent one night together and he didn't see her again until she returned with a baby and left again. Hercules explains that she's not the maternal type. His mother is Aphrodite.

Hercules talks to Dionne on the beach. He's a little confused and overwhelmed. Hercules also explains that Aphrodite is his half-sister which makes him Dionne's Uncle. He tells Dionne about his mother.

Salmoneus turns out to be a really good manure salesman. The more he sells the less of it he has to smell. He has a clothespin on his nose. They think that he is afraid of manure and the Titus brothers throw him in. Salmoneus screams and Hercules hears him. They investigate and find Salmoneus about to be dropped in the manure. Hercules can't stand the smell, so, Dionne tells them to put him down. He also tells them that Salmoneus will come with him but he'll be back tomorrow and they'll all be friends. Salmoneus hugs them.

Dionne finds Cyrene in the market. He tells her about his mother. She is concerned that this will change things between them. Caras calls Dionne over. Caras gives him a necklace to give to Cyrene. Caras tells him that women are attracted to power. He really just wants Cyrene. Caras tells him that he needs a job where he can give Cyrene the best and offers him a job with them.

Salmoneus plans to give up his job. They enter the tavern and Hercules sees one of the men who tried to run him over the day before. Hercules wants to know who he works for. A fight is started. Hercules eventually gets them to tell him who their boss is.

One of the bandits arrives at Caras' house via the wall with Hercules not too far behind. Caras talks his way out of it in front of Dionne. Hercules warns him that the robberies better end.

Hercules helps Jekobus fix his boat. Dionne is not convinced that Caras is a bandit but his father is. Dionne thinks that if Caras is family they have to stand by him. Jekobus won't defend thievery and he apologizes for not telling Dionne about his mother sooner. Dionne runs off angry.

Dionne goes to Cyrene. She tells him to talk to his father. She wants to help. He is confused.

The Titus Brothers find Salmoneus. He explains that his reputation will suffer if he continues to sell manure. He sits them down and runs away. They chase him.

Caras' bandits raid a wagon of goods. Dionne stops them and orders all of them to drop their weapons. Caras rides up behind him and tells him that there will be no more need for bloodshed. Dionne realizes that Caras really is a bandit and orders the others away and let the wagon pass. Caras tells him that the silver in this shipment is the product of slave labor. He appeals to Dionne's wanting more in life than being a fisherman. He tells him that he can be a hero like Hercules. Caras wants another chance to be a hero and tells Dionne he should do it because they are family.

Hercules finds Salmoneus, he and Jekobus are looking for Dionne. Salmoneus saw them at the tavern. Jekobus wants to go in alone. Jekobus tells him that he is coming home. Dionne is tired of being ordered around. Jekobus tells his brother that he won't allow his son to become a thief. He draws his sword. Caras knocks it out of his hands and then pulls his own sword but he knocks out his brother. He knows that Dionne would never forgive him if he killed his father.

Hercules talks to Dionne and tells him it's wrong and he knows it. Dionne rides off with Caras. Hercules won't get out of his way. So Salmoneus is ordered to move Hercules with whatever means are necessary. Salmoneus attacks him with a sword. Hercules holds him a bay until he wars himself out and falls in a trough. Hercules and Jekobus go to find Dionne. Salmoneus hides from the Titus Brothers in the trough. They go back to the farm.

Dionne goes to see Cyrene and tells her that he's joining Caras. She doesn't think that Caras is turning a new leaf. She doesn't want to be with him if he's with Caras. He almost tells her to love him and come with him but he stops himself, he can't make her love him, he loves her too much. He runs off.

Cyrene tells Hercules that Dionne's run off with Caras. Caras shows him a trunk full of riches. Dionne sees Cyrene hugging Hercules. Caras twists it the wrong way and tells him that he has to take her from Hercules.

Hercules sends Cyrene home where she will be safe but before she can leave Caras and Dionne arrive to stop him. He tells Hercules to stop and he stops moving but he can speak. He tells Dionne not to do this. Dionne plans to take Cyrene and leave. Caras attacks him and Hercules defends himself. Caras orders his men to kill him. They fight. Dionne is knocked to the ground and rises just in time to see Caras about to kill his father. Dionne jumps on him. Caras slaps him. Caras is about to kill Dionne when Jekobus throws his sword and kills Caras. Dionne understands. Hercules finishes up with the others.

They bury Caras. Dionne vows to use his powers for good. Cyrene invites Hercules to the wedding. Hercules accepts the invitation and tells Dionne to look him up if he ever needs to talk.

Disclaimer: No Manure was harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Centaur Mentor Journey

(May 12, 1996)

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Tony Blackett, Julian Arahanga, James Townshend, Marcia Cameon
Written By: Robert Bielak
Directed By: Stephen L. Posey

A boy, Thesius, goes into a cave and meets an old centaur, Ceridian, who sends him to the city to find Hercules.

Hercules and Salmoneus are in the market. Salmoneus has another scheme. He wants Hercules to endorse air sandals. These are shoes with a squirrel bladder sewn inside that you blow up and then you can walk on them.

A couple of men try and get the message away from the boy who runs away. Salmoneus walks around in the sandals which make very rude noises. The boy runs by and Hercules stops the men who are chasing him. Hercules has to fight the big guy while Salmoneus tries to stop the other one from attacking from behind. The guy whacks Salmoneus instead and the boy jumps on the guy's back. The big guy ends up falling over on the little guy. They help Salmoneus up and Hercules recognizes Thesius who gives him the message.

The message tells Hercules that Ceridian is dying. They travel to Ceridian's cave. Hercules tells Salmoneus that Ceridian was his mentor and taught him all about fighting, medicine, and philosophy.

Ceridian invites them to dinner and tells them that his greatest joys have been from tutoring young men. He taught Jason as well. He is concerned that one of his students may be going bad on him, a centaur named Casius. Ceridian would like Hercules to put Casius back on track. Hercules agrees to try and help.

Hercules and Salmoneus talk to the owner of the local forge and the magistrate about Casius. The magistrate makes the laws and the people have to obey them. He doesn't think that Centaurs and humans should mingle. The centaurs should know their place. The smith tells them if they want to find Casius to talk to Mira his old girlfriend.

Ceridian is getting worse.

Salmoneus is still trying to get Hercules to endorse the sandals. They meet one of Salmoneus' old buddies on the road, Noxius. This is the guy who sold Salmoneus the air sandal franchise. Hercules goes on to the school where Mira teaches.

Hercules waits until class is over. She tells him that they are having a problem with some of the parents who don't like the company she keeps. Hercules tells her that he wants to find Casius. She replies that Casius doesn't want to be found by humans. He thinks that all humans are inferior to the centaurs. Her father also declines to help but his helper, Locas takes Hercules to the centaurs.

Salmoneus and his friend discuss other types of bladders. Noxius has a coat full of wrist sun dials.

Locas warns Hercules not to get involved because blood is about to be spilt. The magistrate has said that the fountain in the village is for humans only. The centaurs are threatening to take up arms.

Hercules enters the compound where the Centaurs are training. They want equal rights. As a courtesy to Ceridian, Casius deems to speak with Hercules. Hercules sympathizes with their cause but Casius is having none of it. He thinks that they must take their rights back by force. He doesn't want to hear Hercules' talk about a better way and tells him that next time he comes here, he better come armed.

Salmoneus and Noxius are doing well selling their wrist sun dials. But people are not sure they are the great thing Salmoneus says that they are.

Hercules makes medicine for Ceridian who had hoped that Casius would take over for him when he was gone. Thesius refuses to accept that Ceridian is dying and runs away. Hercules goes after him. They talk.

Casius visits Mira. It was his idea to stop seeing her, not her fathers. she wants to be at his side, helping him in his cause. He is afraid that she would get hurt and won't allow her to.

The magistrate speaks with locas and he is ready and waiting for the fight as well.

Salmoneus and Noxius run into a couple of the centaurs. Noxius runs off but Salmoneus doesn't he has no prejudices against centaurs. He explains the wrist dial. They hassle him and push him around. Hercules arrives and picks up Salmoneus off the ground. Hercules fights the centaurs until Casius arrives. Hercules tells him that he doesn't have a fight with him. Casius thinks that he does. They fight. Hercules finally makes him yield. Casius is angry that a human beat him.

Thesius comes and tells Hercules that Ceridian is having trouble breathing. Hercules thinks that Casius should be there as well. Casius scorns Ceridian for living among humans and refuses. Hercules tells him that he has a lot to learn and follows Thesius.

Hercules sends Salmoneus and Thesius for Eucalyptus leaves. He tells Ceridian that he spoke longer with Casius this time. He assures Ceridian that it will all work out.

Casius works in the forge and Mira comes and wants to know why Casius isn't with Ceridian at this time. She tells him that not all humans are against him. She want him to be happy.

Hercules makes another potion. Ceridian tells him that there is no cure. Hercules says goodbye to him and tells him how much he appreciated everything that he taught him. Thesius comes and tells them that Casius is outside. Ceridian asks to see him alone.

Thesius runs off and Salmoneus goes to follow when Hercules stops him.. He thinks Thesius needs some time alone.

The magistrate speaks with Locas again. He reassures him that if they can kill Perdidas, Mira's father, and blame it on Casius, they can get his families ancestral lands back. If Hercules gets in the way, they will have to kill him as well.

Casius runs out of the cave. They had a difference of opinion. He has a fever. Ceridian insists that Hercules go after Casius and stop him before lives are lost. Salmoneus offers to stay with Ceridian.

The centaurs gather and prepare to attack. The centaurs and humans face off. Perdidas doesn't allow armed men or centaurs to cross his land. Hercules arrives and informs the group that he doesn't believe equal rights should be had by spilling blood. He points out that each side wants to start the fighting so they can wipe out the other.

Hercules convinces the centaurs that if they drop their weapons, Perdidas will allow them to pass and Hercules will walk with them them. They can enter the town defenseless and show everyone their bravery. He also goads Perdidas and his men into joining them by living up to his principles. He believes in educating everyone no matter how poor. He joins them and the walk begins.

Locas takes Casius' bow to town with him.

They enter the town. The people begin to throw rocks at them. The magistrate and his men and lined up at the fountain. Casius is hit by a rock but they continue on. Locas uses the crossbow to shoot Casius in the shoulder as he tries to help Perdidas up after he is hit by a rock. Thesius takes out Locas with his slingshot. Casius stops his people from taking action. Hercules and Thesius pick up Locas and the march continues to the magistrates' men.

The magistrate tells his men to kill the first centaur to step forward. Hercules arrives with Locas and he tells the people what's really going on. Hercules lets the magistrate have the choice of resigning and leaving or being turned over to the crowd. He resigns. They all drink from the public fountain.

They go back to Ceridian. Hercules tells him that they have solved the problems. Casius apologizes, he has realized that violence is not the way. Ceridian tells Thesius to listen to his mentor. Casius will take care of him. Ceridian dies. They all stand at Ceridian's grave as Hercules and Salmoneus take their leave.

Disclaimer: No centaurs were harmed or discriminated against during the production of this motion picture.

Cave of Echoes

(June 23, 1996)

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Owen Black
Written By: John Schulian and Robert Bielak
Directed By: Gus Trikonis

Hercules and Iolaus are on their way to help a girl in trouble. Hercules doesn't seem to have much more information than that.

A man who wrote something the town council didn't like is about to be hung without benefit of a trial and Iolaus jumps out and cuts the rope. They save the guy. They take the guy with them. He is very grateful. His name is Parenthesis and he wrote about how the council was looting the royal treasury in Macedonia.

Hercules and Iolaus reluctantly take him with them. They arrive at a cave entrance and are greeted by a man who tells them that the cave is full of sounds that can destroy your mind. No one's ever come out alive. He didn't think that Hercules would come to help his daughter, Melina, if he knew there was a monster in the cave. Iolaus informs him that "Monster's R Us".

They head into the cave leaving Parenthesis outside but he follows anyway.

Iolaus has brought string into the cave to mark their path. The cave shakes as though it's a little unstable. They hear her cry out. Iolaus yells her name in answer and is bowled over by the echo of his own voice.

Parenthesis finds them and brings back all the string he's gathered along the way. So now they can't use it to get back out. Hercules is not really concerned.

As they travel Parenthesis recites an epic poem he wrote about Hercules fighting Antaeus the Giant. He has some of his facts a little off and Hercules tells him the real story. (clips from "Hercules and the Circle of Fire")

Then, Iolaus tells him about the Hydra. (clips from "Hercules and the Amazon Women")

Parenthesis is taking notes. He wants to explore the existential force that carries Hercules and Iolaus through these challenges. They hear the monster and wonder if it's hungry. Parenthesis tries to leave but Hercules won't let him. It's safer for him with them.

Parenthesis asks how big the biggest monster they ever fought was. Hercules tells him about the sea monster that ate him. (clips from "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom")

Hercules tells Parenthesis that size has nothing to do with courage. He has never seen Iolaus back down from anything. (Clips from "The Wrong Path" and "Pride Comes Before A Brawl" and "Siege at Naxos")

Iolaus admits that he was scared but had to learn to deal with it. Hercules tells Parenthesis that the trick is to keep your wits and not let your fear paralyze you. Parenthesis thinks that it might be a giant. Hercules tells him that not all giants are bad and uses Typhon as an example. (clips from "Cast A Giant Shadow" and "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom")

They tell Parenthesis not to worry about it. The surprises make these adventures more interesting. The cave shakes again and this time rocks fall from the ceiling. Hercules gets buried under the rocks. His hand comes out to tell them where he is. Iolaus and Parenthesis help dig him out. They explain to Parenthesis that this isn't the first time. (clips from As Darkness Falls" and "Unchained Heart")

Hercules moves a boulder and they find head into the passage behind it. Hercules tells Parenthesis that if you've lived a good life, death is nothing to be afraid of. He tells him of his journey to the Otherside. (clips from "The Otherside")

Parenthesis asks about fun and women. Hercules defers to Iolaus. (clips from "Highway to Hades" and "Pride Comes Before A Brawl" and "King of Thieves" and "Cast A Giant Shadow")

Parenthesis says that women think he's a coward. Hercules explains that he's seen scared people do amazing things. He mentions Salmoneus being his eyes when he was blind. (clips from "As Darkness Falls")

Hercules finds one of Melina's gauntlets on the cave floor. Parenthesis yells her name and gets bowled over by the echo. The torch goes out and Parenthesis whimpers. He can't stand the dark. He's rapidly panicking. Hercules tells him to get over it. Parenthesis calms down. Hercules strikes his gauntlet against a rock and makes a spark.

They set out again. They can hear her more clearly now and feel they are getting close. They hear a scream and Hercules thinks that it sounds like Echidna. He tells Parenthesis about her. (clips from "Mother of All Monsters" and "Cast A Giant Shadow")

They find Melina and she's hanging from a cliff. she says her foot is caught on something. Hercules and Iolaus exchange looks and Hercules tells Iolaus there is nothing he can do and to back off. They are putting on a show for Parenthesis. They tell Parenthesis is the only one who can help her. They will lower him down but he has to deal with what's holding her, himself. Iolaus gives him his knife.

He decides that he can do it. They lower him down. Her foot is caught in a root. He cuts it and Hercules hauls him up. The, he lifts her up. Hercules tells her that she should thank Parenthesis. Iolaus asks why she's in the cave. The monster roars again. She tells them that's why she's here and that this part of the cave can turn even the smallest sound into a loud one. She heads off into the passages. She seems to know where she's going. They follow. The roaring is coming from a tiny kitten named Zeus. She shows them a secret passage out.

Her father is relieved to see them. She introduces her father to the man who rescued her, Parenthesis. He thanks Hercules and Iolaus for the new material.

A woman runs in out of breath. A warlord named Attila has taken a village on the other side of the valley. Off our heroes go to help.

Disclaimer: No vicious tabby cats were harmed during the production of this motion picture. However, the pre-Hellenic litter box is in dire need of a change.

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